Detailed transcript for “Something Borrowed”

“Something Borrowed”
Dominion episode 1.5
Original broadcast date July 17, 2014
Version 1.1

Adapted from closed caption transcript posted at

Voiceover (Roxanne McKee): Previously on Dominion

David: Sleeping with an angel will make you a pariah. I was thinking, “What if we understood the archangel more?” I would like reports on your findings as you receive them.

Becca: Edward, I know you go outside the city walls every few weeks. Why?

Clementine: I’ve missed you.

Claire: What is it you’re not telling me?

Riesen: I’m sick, Claire.

William: Join me as we prepare our newest member, Brother Paul.
Paul being initiated.

Claire: I’ve made a deal with my father. He’s gonna stop detaining innocent people and draw up a basic bill of rights for every man, woman, and child in Vega.

William: How did you manage that?

Claire: I agreed to marry you.

Michael: Alex, I can help you. I can teach you, but only if you’re willing.

Alex: I want to learn, about everything.
Outside of Vega, in the desert, on a hot sunny day, we see Alex reloading his gun, with many, many spent gun casings at his feet. We hear wings, and Michael swoops in low as if to attack. This happens several times. Each time Alex fires and Michael easily passes by unharmed. Alex it blinded by the sun and can’t get a good shot in. On one run Alex loses his gun, and grabs a knife out of his boot.

Alex: Is that all you’ve got?

Michael swoops around again, and knocks Alex over from behind. Michael comes around and lands, retracting his wings.

Michael: You failed.

Alex: No, I got this. Let’s go again.

Michael: The lesson is over, Alex.

Alex: Yeah? Is it? Because we’ve been out here all day. I still don’t know what it is you’re trying to teach me. I know how to shoot.

Michael: So how do you explain this? [opens his jacket to show he hasn’t been hit by a single bullet]

Alex: I went easy on you. What did you expect? You gave me live ammo.

Michael: Because I was certain you’d have no chance of hitting me. You’re a soldier. You’ve spent years honing your skills, and in just a few hours, I made you forget them all simply by provoking you.

Alex: That is bullshit.

Michael: Each time I attacked you, I used the sun to blind you, but you kept firing. Your instincts were screaming at you. You didn’t listen to them. Look. [points to the ground, to their shadows] My shadow. If you weren’t so busy squinting at the sun, you could have used my shadow to track me for any number of counter-maneuvers.

Alex: I know what I’m doing.

Michael: If you knew what you were doing, that little girl would still be alive.

Alex: Hey! Bixby. Her name was Bixby.

Michael: You’re desperate to avenge those who’ve been taken from you, but desperation will only get others killed. You must learn to control your emotions, or they will be the end of you.
Watch the shadows, not the sun.

Cut to a flashback, the home of the Whele family, in the first days of the Angel war. David Whele, his wife, Peggy, and three children, are hiding in a closet. We hear a child whimpering. It is the youngest child, William. David looks out between the slats in the closet door and sees an eightball in the room.

Peggy (holding William in her arms): [Whispering] Our father, who art in heaven.

Peggy holds onto a necklace holding a single squarecut gem encircled in diamonds.

Peggy: David.

David: Shh Shh.

There is a crash in the room, and we can see an eightball scurrying on the wall opposite the closet. William starts to full out cry.

David: Make him stop. They’ll hear us. William. Shhhh.
A male eightball breaks down the closet door with a female eightball close behind. The female eightball attacks Peggy, and David starts hitting the eightball with a hammer.

David: Get off her, you bitch.

He kills the eightball, but Peggy’s throat is slashed and she is dead. He calls out for his older children.

David: Peggy! Charles

William: Dad? Mom. I want mom.

David (his voice cold): William.

David raises the hammer as if to strike William, his hand trembling.

William: Mom. Mama. [Crying]

We hear William’s voice in the present interrupting the flashback

William: Father? Father?

David: Sorry. What?

William: I was just asking if you’d like to say a few words – at the engagement party. [David laughs and stands up from the breakfast table] There must be some fatherly advice you’d like to share.

David: We’re survivors, William. We’re not immortal. Cherish your time together. (He walks out, leaving William puzzled).

Cut to the barracks. Alex is getting things out of his locker. Claire is sitting on a bunk bed, wiping away a tear. He turns to face her and we see he has some bumps and scrapes.

Claire: Alex, what happened?

Alex: Michael’s life lessons. (She looks down, utterly forlorn. He slowly walks over to her in silence). Did you – scatter Bixby’s ashes?

Claire: In the garden under a jacaranda tree. In the spring, it’s gonna be full of purple flowers.

Alex: I thought she was gonna make it through.

Claire: Yeah, we all did. The doctor said her injuries were just too severe.
Alex (cups her face): I’m sorry.

Claire (initially nuzzles into the touch and then pulls her face away): I can’t.

Alex: You’re gonna marry William, aren’t you?

Claire: It’s the right thing to do.

Alex: Get engaged to someone you don’t love?

Claire: Alex, I had a choice to make. I need to look out for the city.

Alex: [Whispers] Claire. (He pulls her head to his and they touch foreheads and noses but do not kiss. The agony is palpable). Oh, Claire. (They kiss, and then she pulls his hands away)

Claire: [Whispers] Stop. I’m sorry. (She walks away)
Cut to House Riesen. Claire is holding a bolt of very ornate white wedding dress up in front of her as she stares off into space. She is anything but the excited bride.

Noma: Miss Riesen? Are you okay?

Claire: Yeah. Uh Yeah, I’m fine. I was – It’s just all this lace and silk and a dress train a mile long are – It’s all too much.

Noma: But your wedding is all that the lower Vs can talk about.

Claire: I’m sure.

Noma: “The Princess and the Principate.”

Claire: Yeah, exactly what the senate wants to take people’s minds off their own problems, a grand old wedding.

Noma: Yeah. It’s like a real-life fairy tale.

Claire (forcing a smile): Yes. Yes, it is. We are very happy.

David (walking in, using a cane): It’s a match made in heaven back in the day when an eightball was something just to be avoided on the pool table.

Claire (clears her throat, as Noma’s cue to leave): Consul. How are you feeling?

David: Please call me David. We’re gonna be family. (Hands her a small black jewelry box) Wedding present. It’s early, I know, but, uh, I heard that a young bride is in need of something borrowed.

Claire: Thank you. (She opens it and it is the necklace Peggy Whele had worn)

David: It was my wife’s. She wore it on our wedding day.

Claire: I really don’t know what to say.

David: No, it’s nothing.

Claire: Thank you. (She kisses him on both cheeks) It’s beautiful.

David: How’s your dad? I heard about his heart. I’m sorry. You have my sympathies.

Claire: Oh, well, you know, they’re not necessary. He’s fine. He’s stubborn as an ox.

David: Yeah, an inspiration to us all. Yeah, more fight in him than most but, um, there are some who have their concerns.

Claire: Who? No one knows about his heart, so, unless you’ve said something to someone.

David: Somehow Senator Romero has sussed it out, and you know her. She’s like a dog with a bone. She’s pushing for a vote of “No Confidence” in the senate to force him to relinquish his seat.

Claire: How can she do that?

David: Putting our fondness for your dad aside, you must admit that she has a point. How prudent would it be to place the future of our city in the hands of a dying man?

Claire: You’re gonna support her vote, aren’t you?

David: It might be what’s best for Vega.

Claire: No. What’s best for Vega is a strong leader, like my father.

David: Yeah, well, we’ll have one in you.

Claire: Me?

David: I heard how you handled that whole ordeal with Senator Frost. Decisive, unflinching, but most importantly, you got the two of us out of there relatively unharmed. I’m confident you’re ready. Come on, the people worship you, Claire. They believe everything you say.

Claire: Why are you telling me this?

David: Because you may be Lady of the City sooner than you expect. Best be prepared, huh?
Cut to Vega markets.

Over P. A.: The marketplace is now open for all V-designated-

Clementine is shopping incognito. She has dark sunglasses covering her eyes. She looks in the window of a shop and sees a girl’s music box with a tiny ballerina. She enters the shop and picks up the music box. She shuts the lid and reopens and hears “Beautiful Dreamer.”

Shopkeeper: Hello there.

She shuts it and brings it up to the counter to purchase.
Shopkeeper: That’ll be $10.50. (He sees her eyes as she bends her head down and recognizes what she is).

Clementine: Please don’t say anything. (She sees him reaching for a handgun and grabs his neck, choking him).

Cut to the Stratosphere. It is night. Alex and Michael are sitting cross-legged with candles burning. Michael is teaching a shirtless Alex how to meditate.

Michael: When you were in prison, your markings spoke to you in the form of a vision. Why then? Because you were cut off from the world, from chaos and distraction. You were forced to focus. Close your eyes.

Alex (closes his eyes): Okay, now what?

Michael: Breathe. (closes his own eyes)

Alex: I’m breathing. Nothing’s happening.

Michael (opens his eyes): It might help if you stop talking. Now listen.

Alex tries again. He has a vision of falling white flakes and hears Bixby’s voice.

Bixby: Alex.

We see a bloodied Bixby.

Bixby: Alex.

We see Alex cradling Bixby in his arms

Alex: Bix.

Bixby: Don’t let them hurt anyone else.

A flash of light, to Alex waking up in the sunlight.

Michael: Alex.

Alex: What happened? Where’d I go?

Michael: Nowhere. We’ve been here for hours. What did you see? Alex, what did you see?

Alex: Who I’m fighting for. (Grabs his shirt and leaves)

Cut to the Luxor. Clementine is smelling a bouquet.

Riesen: I had one of the wall guards pick them for me in exchange for a night off.

Clementine: I wish that I knew you were coming by.

Riesen (buttoning shirt): Well, then it wouldn’t have been a surprise, now would it? (He kisses the side of her head and sees the music box on her dressing table) What’s this? This is new.

Clementine: No, I’ve always had that.

Riesen: No, no, I would recognize that. Have you been outside the hotel?

Clementine: I just went to the market.

Riesen: Inside Vega? How?

Clementine: The tunnels that you use to come and see me. I know that I promised, but I just needed some things.

Riesen: Did anyone see you?

Clementine: No. All these years I’ve been a very good girl, haven’t I? When you’re gone, how long is it gonna be until I run out of food or water? I need someone to take care of me. What about your daughter? Everything that you’ve told me about Claire, how kind, how caring she is, how she helps the V-1 children Maybe she could help me.

Riesen: No, that’s not possible.

Clementine: You’re so wise, General but you didn’t think about all of this, did you? Or did you just expect me to die of a broken heart? That would be so much easier for you, wouldn’t it?

Riesen: You know that’s not true.

Clementine: Well, what am I gonna do? My kind won’t take me back. They’d smell you on me, and your kind would shoot me on the spot. You made me believe that I was someone else, someone that I could never be, and now there’s nowhere for me to go.

Riesen: I’ll think of something. I will. (He hugs her)

Cut to the hallways of the Senate. Becca is walking and David ambushes her.

David: You knew, huh? About the general’s bad ticker? You knew, but you didn’t tell me.

Becca: I promised to give you information on Michael. This wasn’t relevant.

David: Oh, well, then perhaps we should add a clause to our little agreement. Well, no matter. Everyone’s gonna know about Riesen soon enough, once we’ve tossed him out of office. By the way, I need your support on that.

Becca: [Laughs] Please, you know I’d never support that.

David: Yeah, I do, but I thought you might reconsider. You don’t want everyone knowing about your little fling with Michael. Fallen angel, indeed.

Becca: No, that’s not gonna work. You already tried that threat once.

David: But there’s a cherry on top. Four of them, actually Emily, Gloria, Hannah and, uh, vuh-vuh-Veronica though I suppose they’re not really cherries anymore. Hmm. Good old-fashioned orgy, huh? Who knew Michael was such a love machine, huh? Shame you couldn’t satisfy his appetite. But let me tell you this. If you don’t want your little harem paraded out in front of the senate, ’cause they’d love to testify, you will do exactly what I tell you. (He looks at his watch, winks at her and leaves).

Cut to the outdoor Savior statue/park/church. People are standing around as William walks through the crowd, preaching. Some parishioners reach out and touch him as he walks by.

William: So to you newcomers of the church, what I’ll repeat is this, our trust, offered to a savior.
Our devotion, a sacred vow we promise. Our secret prayers, shared in his confidence. (He sees Paul, his newest Black Acolyte, standing in the crowd). May the chosen one protect you all.

All: May the chosen one protect us all.

William: Thank You.

Afterwards, a woman gives William a white flower.

William: Thank you. That’s very kind of you.

Paul: How could you preach this heresy?

William: I thought I told you never to approach me in public. Get out of here.

Paul (taking his acolyte mask out of his pocket and brandishes it): All this talk about vows. Have you forgotten your own to Gabriel?

William (clutching Paul in a tight hug, he hurts Paul’s still-tender ribs): This is my vow to Gabriel, to be his eyes and ears in Vega.

Paul (hoarsely): My rib

William: And you’re putting all of us in danger. If you ever dare question me again –

Claire (off screen behind him): William?

William (to Paul): Go. (Turns to meet Claire) Claire. What a pleasant surprise.

Claire: Yeah. So who was that?

William: Just some poor, ragged soul questioning his faith. I was just about to come and find you. I’m sorry to hear about your father, his heart. I had no idea.

Claire: Yeah, actually, that’s, that’s why I wanted to come and talk to you. There are people who are trying to use his condition against him to make him step down as Lord of the City.

William: Of course. I guess I wished it would be beneath him. I’m sorry.

Claire: No, you don’t have to be. I need to convince your father to stop doing what he’s doing. Is there anything that you can tell me about your dad that might help me?

William: You’re trying to blackmail my father.

Claire: No. Yes. I’m sorry, uh – You must think I’m horrible.

William: No, no, I don’t. I think you’re a good daughter. Look, I’ll go home and talk to him tonight before the party. I’ll tell him to back off. I can be pretty convincing, when I want to be. (He kisses her on the cheek).

Cut to the Stratosphere. Becca walks in as Michael is doing a shirtless kata with his two swords. When he sees her he sheaths his swords.

Becca: Michael.

He kisses her passionately but she pulls away after a few seconds.

That’s not why I’m here. (She turns her back to him) You said that I should go find a good man, a man that I could have a normal life with, and what we have together has to end. Well, you were right.

Michael: Yes.

Becca (turning around): I can’t see you anymore.

Michael (calmly): It’s for the best.

Becca: Is that all you have to say?
Michael: I don’t know what you mean.

Becca: Good-bye, Michael. (She gives him a sweet last kiss and then walks out)

Cut to the barracks. Noma is talking to Ethan at his locker, where he has his contraband store set up.

Noma: Hey. Got any lipstick?

Ethan: For who?

Noma: Who do you think?

Ethan: Autumn breeze. Goes with your eyes.

Noma (seeing Alex changing into street clothes at his own locker): Uh, I don’t think so. Alex. Hey, are you okay?

Alex: Fine.

Ethan: Yeah? You don’t look fine.

Noma: Hey, it’s about Bixby, isn’t it? Alex. Alex, I’m sorry.

Alex: Noma, leave it alone. What are you guys doing? There was an eightball attack in the city yesterday A shopkeeper. Found his body in a garbage bag.

Ethan: Yeah, I heard his head was found facing his back.

Noma: Yeah, and the troops just went out to search for it. They got this.

Alex (arming himself): They’re gonna need our help. I’m not gonna sit around if an angel’s inside the walls, waiting for it to kill again.

Noma (as Alex stalks out): I’m not sure it’s a good idea for you to go out in this state of mind, Alex.

Cut to House Riesen. Violinists are warming up to play at the engagement part. Meanwhile, in Claire’s room we see the music box and hear “Beautiful Dreamer.” Clementine is sitting there.

Riesen (walking into the room): Claire?

Clementine: Edward, I

Riesen: Get out of Claire’s room!

Clementine: I know that you’re angry, but I wanted to leave her a gift – just a little gift.

Riesen: Not another word. You murdered that man in the market.

Clementine: He was going to kill me.

Riesen (angrily): You stay away from my daughter.

Clementine: You don’t have long, my love, and when you’re dead, no one can stop me from coming back here. (Riesen goes to choke her, but she breaks free and leaves through the open window she came in from)

Cut to House Whele. William is pacing the floor. He tries to figure out what to do. He pulls Paul’s mask from his pants’ pocket. He tries to light the gas fireplace but it won’t light. He goes into a drawer for matches but his father enters and he quickly puts the mask in the drawer.
David: I thought that this day might come eventually.

William: W-what day?

David: The day when you ask me advice about your wedding night.[Chuckles] On how to tame your little filly. [Laughs] Better have a drink. (pours a drink)

William (pushing closed the drawer with his foot): I came to talk about General Riesen.

David: Yeah?

William: Bullying him out of office. Is that really necessary?

David: Necessary? No. Expedient? Yes. Opportunity knocks, William.

William: The man’s dying, and it won’t be long before Claire and I control this city, just like you want. She’s finally starting to warm up. She trusts me.

David: I’m doing what’s best for Vega.

William: Don’t talk to me like I’m the senate. You’re doing what’s best for yourself and no one else, especially not me.

David (angrily): I’m doing what’s best for the family, our family what’s left of it, anyway. Who the hell do you think you are telling me how to do my job?

William: That isn’t what I mean. What I

David : Yes, it is. You think you could do better? Well, let me tell you something, sonny. When you’re made Lord of the City, you’re gonna need my help. You’re gonna need me to hold your hand all the way, just like you always have. You know it, I know it, and Claire knows it. Warming up? Please. She’s playing you like a fiddle. You are nothing without me.

William: You’re wrong.

David: What I sacrificed for you would make your blood run cold, if you had any. You owe me, boy. Just how much, you’ll never know. (He pushes his lion-head cane up under William’s chin. William pushes it away, grabs his father’s head, and forcefully kisses the forehead).

William: I am the man I am because of you, father. (Pushes his father away)

Cut to the Stratosphere. Riesen walks in. Michael is getting his swords ready.

Michael: They still haven’t found the eightball. It’s time I join the hunt.

Riesen: I want you to cancel the search, right now.

Michael: What?

Riesen: Tell them it’s a false alarm. I need you to handle this yourself. It’s classified. Nobody in the city can know, not even the senate. I don’t want there to be panic, especially not tonight.

Michael: She must mean a great deal to you.

Riesen: You knew.

Michael: More of what goes on in this city than you’d imagine.

Riesen: What must you think?

Michael: You love her.

Riesen: I did, once. Now. [Sighs] It’s all my own doing.

Michael: I’ll capture her safely.

Riesen: No, no, look, this, this needs to end. I need her taken down.

Michael: But you said you loved her.

Riesen: Please, don’t let her suffer.

Michael puts a hand on Riesen’s shoulder, then does a dramatic swan dive out the window and flies off.

Cut to the streets. Clementine is running down an alley, searching for safety.

Over P. A.: Attention Citywide curfew now in effect. Repeat Citywide curfew is now in effect.

Richardson (shining a flashlight on her): Miss? Are you all right?

Clementine (trying to cover her face): Go away. Please go away.

Cut to another street.

Noma: Alex, you heard the radio. They called off the search. Let’s go grab a beer.

Alex: Noma, someone was killed.

Noma: Look, Alex, it’s like a wall’s up around you, and I’m on the outside. What aren’t you telling me?

Alex: Nothing.

Noma: Nothing.

Alex: You know what? It’s not like you haven’t shut me out before.

Noma: Yeah, not like this.

Alex: Oh, yeah, you have. Week after you came back from the desert, during basic?

Noma: Alex, you don’t want to go there.
Alex: You went away for maneuvers. You came back. All of a sudden, I was a stranger.

Noma: Forget I ever brought it up, okay?

Alex: You know, I still don’t know what the hell happened.

P.A. in background: Attention. Citywide curfew is now in effect. Repeat Citywide curfew is now in effect.

Noma: Finch found out about us, okay? Someone blabbed. I don’t know who. He was gonna toss you from the Corps, and I couldn’t let that happen.

Alex: Why didn’t you tell me?

Noma: The Corps was the only family that you had. I couldn’t let you lose it because of me, so I told Finch that I’d end it, and I did.

Alex: You thought the Corps was more important to me than you?

Noma: You met Claire right after, so it all worked out.

Radio: We’ve got a report on a body in section 22. Anyone local?

Alex: Lannon, just east of there. We’ll check it out.

Radio: Copy that.

They find an abandoned car with a dead body inside.

Noma: Alex. That’s Richardson.

Alex: It’s still inside these walls.

Conversation among Michael’s “harem” members in a large private “bath” (reminiscent of Roman baths)

Harem 1: My mom used to have them. Really sweet smell, very much like tuberoses.

Harem 2: Yeah, it’s really nice.

Emily: But why didn’t she want to meet up in the Stratosphere as usual?

Becca: Because, Emily, you’re no longer welcome there. You all have to leave Vega. I’m arranging your transport to Helena.

Harem members: What? Why?

Becca: Our nights with the archangel are over. And if anyone should ever ask you, they never happened.

Cut to House Riesen. The elevator opens, and William and David Whele plus bodyguard enter the party. A violin quartet is playing. Applause from the assembled guests for William.

Unidentified voice: William, I’m jealous!

David: It’s an engagement party, General. What is with the high security?

Riesen: Need I remind you we’re at war?

David: No.

Riesen: They’re here to make sure that doesn’t spoil a momentous evening. Welcome, William.

William: Thank you, General. Where’s Claire?

David: Yeah, where is the blushing bride?

Cut to House Whele.

Claire: Hello?

Ethan: I’m sorry, Miss Riesen, but there’s a rumor Consul Whele turned one of his maids into lion chow for stealing his silverware.

Claire: Don’t worry. No one’s turning you into lion chow just yet. I’m not stealing silver. William left his speech up here somewhere, so, you know, I said I’d get it for him. (Claire starts looking in drawers)

Ethan: You sure you don’t want me to take care of this? You’re gonna miss your party. Those little tiny snacks, usually better than the entrée. Probably almost all gone by now. (Ethan slips bottle of booze into his jacket. Claire opens bottom drawer and finds a paper with three children’s handprints with the message “Happy birthday Daddy from your here little duckings). She also finds the black acolyte mask William had stuffed there. She stuffs it into her purse.)

Cut to House Riesen. Claire arrives to applause, in a stunning red dress. She is wearing the Whele family necklace.

Claire: Thank you.

Riesen: Where have you been?

Claire: I’m sorry I’m late. I had to rush across town to fix my dress. Don’t be angry. (They hug) Everything is gonna be okay now, dad.

William: An engagement party without the bride. We missed you. (He kisses her on the cheek)

David: Some entrance, Lady Riesen.

Riesen: Everyone, this way. Dinner is served.

Claire: I’ll be along in a moment. Go. (William and Becca go into dinner arm in arm)

Claire: Shall we, David?

David: They say chivalry is dead. (He looks at necklace) My goodness, it truly shines.

Claire: Mm, yes. I’ll never do it justice, but I hope you’re pleased.

David: Very.

Claire: I wanted to thank you for telling me about the senate vote and Romero.

David: You understand there’s nothing personal against your father. I’m just a patriot who –

Claire: Yes, and so am I, which is why I feel the people deserve to know that one of their trusted dignitaries, a pillar of the community, is secretly working for Gabriel.

David: What? You can’t be serious. Who?

Claire takes black acolyte mask out of her purse and puts it into David’s jacket pocket.

Claire: You. Patriot, my ass. Everyone knows you’re a snake. I really never thought that you would betray your own.

David: This isn’t mine. Oh, frame me? Really? You’re better than that, Claire.

Claire: Oh, please, David. Nobody’s framing you. I found it in your study.

David: Nonsense. You haven’t a shred of proof to put this in my home.

Claire: “Happy Birthday, daddy, from your three little ducklings.” End table by the fireplace.

David: No one is going to believe this nonsense. I’m a consul.

Claire: And I’m the future Lady of the City. You said it yourself, David. The people worship me.
They believe every word I say. So if you go after my father with Romero, I swear I will expose you for the filthy traitor that you are.

David: You and I both know that this isn’t mine.

William: Father? You guys coming?

Claire: Yes, of course. Shall we, David? I’d put it away.

Cut to streets. We see Clementine, examining the blood on her hands. She is whimpering.
PA system: Attention, citywide curfew is now in effect. Repeat citywide curfew is now in effect.

Alex: Did you hear that? (We see Clementine hiding around the corner. She knows she is in danger and runs away) There it is. (He shoots at her and she throws garbage cans at Alex and Noma. Noma gives chase)

Alex: Noma, down! (He shoots at Clementine. She is hit, and scurries away. Alex and Noma cautiously follow her into a building. Alex figures out that Clementine is in a ventilation shaft and fires up into it, forcing her out and she enters a floor shaft/tunnel) Noma, cover the exit.

Alex drops down the same shaftway below the city and tracks Clementine. He sees blood in a pool of water and a reflection of her on the ceiling and turns to look up as she falls down. She starts beating him into the nearby tanks. She starts to choke him and he digs a fingernail into the bullet wound in her leg. She cries and releases him and he grabs his gun.

Clementine: Wait! Wait. Please? I don’t want to die.

Alex: You deserve to die.

Clementine: There’s only darkness, and I’m afraid. I’m so afraid.

Alex: You creatures, you’ve damned good people to that darkness. My friend. My father!

Clementine: No. I didn’t fight Gabriel’s war.

Alex: That body – That’s not your body. That’s some woman’s, some innocent woman! You killed her.

Clementine: I was wrong. Please don’t kill me. I have a family. I have a daughter.

Cut to House Riesen, a very long dinner table. A plate is tapped, getting everyone’s attention.

Riesen: Claire would like to say a few words.

Claire: [Stands and clears throat] Thank you all for being here tonight. William and I, we are honored that you would join us to celebrate Vega’s bright future, and, of course, the union of two of its founding families. There is one person who isn’t here at the table tonight, someone who I wish with all my heart could have lived to see this day. To my mother. (She raises her champagne glass and moves aside to reveal a family portrait of her as a young child, her father, and her mother – Clementine!)


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