A Bitter Truth detailed transcript

Episode 2.04: A Bitter Truth

Original air date: July 30, 2015

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Previously on Dominion

Gabriel – You can bring back a souvenir, the head of Claire Riesen.
Claire – The only thing that spared your life is your service to this city.
David – You think you’re gonna get away with this? You won’t get away with this.
Claire – Gates, I need you to find someone for me. Zoe Holloway. She’s a V-1, wants to overthrow my government.
Gates – Give me an hour, and I’ll see what I can do.
Julian – A few days ago an angel stole a key from me, and I’d like you to bring it to me.
Alex – That is General Edward Riesen of Vega, part of the pact between our two cities, which you now owe me.
[Lyrae tossing ax, Julian tossing ax]

Michael – I banish your spirit to the outer sphere.
Lyrae [stabbed] = Aah!

[Julian eight-ball]


[An unconscious Noma comes to. She is strapped to a chair. We get her POV as she tries to get her bearings, then see her look up at the ceiling and start to struggle against her bindings.

Noma – No, no. No! No! Aah! Aah! [We see a glowy angel soul face descending towards her. It bears its teeth as it gets closer]

[Cut to black. White letters read “5 hours earlier”]

[In New Delphi. Julian is taking Alex, Pete, and Noma to a gun merchant. Julian likes one particular rifle]

Julian – Ooh, that’s pretty. Come to daddy. [Julian examines the gun. He clicks gu and holds up to his eye to look through the sight.
Alex – How many?

Julian – A cache of 20. [To the two dealers] 100 credits, find more. See, this is the key, Alex. This is the key to winning this war.
Alex – A few guns won’t stop Gabriel.

Julian – No, no, no. Angels and humans working together will. Look at the big picture, Alex. Huh? [The three of them stroll though the stockpile of armaments] After Gabriel, then what? I mean, there are millions of angels on earth. You’re never gonna kill them all.
Noma – You mean eight-balls living in human bodies they stole.

Alex – There’ll be no future for anyone if we don’t stop Gabriel. And he will come for me. You promised me an alliance, an army. But all I see as I look around is a scared city preparing for a siege.
Julian – Well, Alex, you know, I’m gonna protect my city first.
Alex – What about Vega? You sent my message. Did you hear anything back?

Julian – Oh, it’s gonna take at least a week for our trucks to cross the wasteland.
Alex – When we walked into this city, there were five trucks out front. There are still five there.
Julian – Mm, well, that’s not our only convoy, Alex.

Alex – I did what you asked. I got your key. When are you gonna honor your side of the bargain and give me the alliance? Hell, the army that you promised?

Julian – Now, we will help each other because that’s our way here in New Delphi. Okay? Excuse me. [He walks a way]
Alex [to Noma] – He’s stalling. He’s hiding something. We need to know why.
[In Vega, a bruised and battered David Whele is running]

David – Help me! Please! [He is punched and falls to the ground]

[Female soldier] – Dirty Davey, you banged an eight-ball. We should’ve hanged you.
[Whele keeps running. He is in a daze. Miscellaneous ragged V-1’s stare at him. He imagines he hears their accusations in his head]

Voices – You banged an eight-ball. We should have hanged you. We should have hanged you.
Voice – Here he is. [Whele, thinking they are looking for him, ducks behind a crate] Come on! Go, come on!

William [from behind David] – Oh! Nice and cozy down here, isn’t it?

David – Of course you’re here.
William – Where else would I be? [David gets up and tries to walk away but William follows, mocking him] I mean, after all, Claire and Arika took our tower, froze your assets, hijacked your allies, ruined our family name.
David – Oh, you did enough to that.
William – Admit it, Dad, they got you good.
David – No. You don’t have the blood of a survivor, but I do. If the angels weren’t the death of me, then Claire Riesen certainly won’t be. [Someone puts a burlap bag over Whele’s head]
[Cut to Vega. It is sunrise (or sunset). We hear the buzzer at Gates’ front door. He is throwing baseballs into a batting net while listening to a sports broadcast. He buzzes open the door. Claire walks in.]

Gates – Claire, I wasn’t expecting company today. Or ever, really.
Claire – I’ve been standing out there for five minutes. You could see me. [She points to the security camera view on one of his monitors]
Gates – Yeah, hoping you’d go away. [He points to a baseball game on a tv screen] 2004 ALCS. Red Sox, Yankees. Down three games to zip. At this point, we had a 4. 9% chance to come back and win it all, which is impossible. [ Claire looks around. We see lots of baseball memorabilia and a bottle of prescription pills that Claire also notices] Until a homer turned it all around, thanks to this guy, [picks up a baseball card and shows it to her] “Big Papi.” She got this for me. I was there. My ma took me and we were up in the nosebleeds above Pesky’s pole, and at the end of the game, she elbowed her way down to the field to get this signed. I mean, there was no stopping that woman. It’s one of the last things Ma gave me. [He hands Claire thee card] What does it matter now anyway? They’re all dead. [He throws another ball] You know, I watch this game when I can’t fix a problem, and Zoe is a problem that I can’t solve. I don’t know what is in that crate. I’ve checked the armories. Nothing’s missing.
Claire – Okay, I need a list from you. All the condemned structures in this city, I want soldiers to search them. Rebels have got to be somewhere.
Gates – Okay, well, sure. I’ll get right on it. Things were bad enough with the angels, and now we have an enemy in our own walls.
Claire – I’ll deal with the rebels. If you want to help, great. And if you don’t, well, enjoy the rest of the game. [She puts card on a stool and turns to leave]
Gates [looking up at the security monitor] – Did you bring someone with you?

Claire – No! I followed the protocol you established with my dad. I just snuck right out. That is what you wanted. Nobody knows I’m here.
Gates – Okay, then who is that?

Claire [seeing someone on the monitor] – Shit. It must be one of Zoe’s people. He’s followed me here. [Claire cocks her pistol]
Gates – Oh, that’s really cute. Hold up. I got this. [He hits emergency buttons and blast doors seal them in. They watch on monitor as Briathos walks up]

[Cut to a country road. Janek is lounging in the back seat of a red convertible with the top down, listening to Patsy Cline and drinking booze. Gabriel strolls up and takes Janek’s hat off. He is not amused.]
Gabriel – Enjoying yourself, Janeck, hmm? A little music, a bourbon.
Janeck – Whiskey.
Gabriel – I was waiting at the gates of New Delphi for an army that never arrived, an army my herald was ordered to call. [He tosses the hat into the car and leans in to Janeck’s face] Tell me, Janeck, why was that?

Janek – ‘Cause I never summoned them. You failed with a human. You couldn’t unlock his markings. The aerie was bombed, good soldiers died. And for what? Father hasn’t come back, maybe he never will. [Gabriel grabs him and with one arm tosses him out of the car and onto the ground]. Aagh!
Gabriel – He will, and I’ll be the one to bring him home. But if you doubt me, Janeck, you won’t get to see it.
Janek – Like Uriel? We found her body, Gabriel. She was killed in the bombing.

[Gabriel is visibly shocked. He possesses Janeck whose eyes turn completely white. Like a puppetmaster Gabriel has Janeck walk over to the hood of the car and look at his reflecton in the windshield. But Janeck sees Gabriel’s face reflecting back at him]

Gabriel – Bourbon is whiskey. [Gabriel forces Janeck to slam his own head into the hood of the car over and over and over again] I am still alive.

Janeck – I’ll gather the army. [His wings come out and he flies away]
[Cut to the bowels of Vega where David Whele is being held prisoner. He slowly wakes up to find William is there taunting him]

William – Dad, you don’t want to sleep through your own death. Trust me, that last burst of adrenaline is killer. [laughs] [David manages to get bag off his own head. He is kneeling on floor with hands tied behind his back. We see that there is no one in the chair where William just appeared. Then we see William there again as camera angle switches] Aren’t you excited?

David – Excited about what?

William – To die. You finally get to be face-to-face with your maker. Oh, wait, that’s right, you lost your faith. [laughs] It’s ironic that when angels descend from heaven with concrete proof of God’s existence, you lose your faith.

David – I won’t believe in a God whose angels slaughtered my family.
William – You helped in that slaughter. I must say, I can’t wait to see how it all ends. I don’t think I’ll have to wait long.
David – These people won’t kill me. [We see the hole in the back of William’s head]
William – [laughs] That’s all you have left to offer, Dad. Just your life.
[The door suddenly opens and Zoe and Jasper walk in]

Zoe – Come on, get up. [She forces him into the chair]

David – Wait.
Jasper – Let’s shoot him in the head and throw his body in the streets.
Zoe – No. No, I’m not gonna waste this opportunity.
David – Zoe, right? You’re Zoe. I know all about you. We can make a deal, come on. We could we could come to an agreement.

Jasper – We don’t have time for this. We need to keep moving. They found our safe house, Zoe. We need a new place to hide.
Zoe [a small video camera is in her hands] – This will just take a few minutes. The death of David Whele needs to be recorded. With that and this [she stomps on a box with her boot], the V-1s will be lining up to join us.
David – Please, I can help you. [He is punched]
William [whispering in David’s ear] – Don’t think they’re really in the mood to talk.

[Back in New Delphi. There is activity in the city, but Alex, Noma and Pete are having a private discussion with Edward Riesen]
Pete – Dude’s gotta have more than five trucks in all of New Delphi, Alex.
Alex – Maybe, but I know he’s lying. He never sent that message to Vega.
Pete – But Julian gave you that New Delphi alliance thing.
Alex – No, he gave us a promise.
Riesen – Well, a promise isn’t much help to my daughter, or your baby she’s carrying.
Pete – What? You knocked up his daughter?

Noma – Pete, sit down.
Alex – Now listen, listen, this is our chance to end all of this, but we can’t do it on our own. Julian promised us an army. So where is it?

Noma – Maybe he lied, he doesn’t have one.
Riesen – No. Oh, he may be lying about the message to Vega, but he’s telling the truth about the power of New Delphi. Somehow this city has defied Gabriel for 25 years. Something Vega couldn’t do and we had Michael on our side. He has something formidable enough to keep them safe.
Alex – Then I’m gonna find it. General, I need you to buy me some time with Julian. Noma, you’re coming with me.
Pete – You’re not gonna leave me here, are you?

Alex – You don’t leave this room. We’re lucky we made it this far. But if anyone figures out you were possessed, they’re gonna ask how. No one here can know what I can do. You got it?

Pete – Yeah. [Alex affectionately pats his shoulder and Pete smiles as Alex and Noma leave]

[Meanwhile, back at the gates of Gates’ compound in Vega, Gates and Claire watch the intruder on the security camera]
Claire – It doesn’t seem like Zoe’s style to send someone to do her dirty work. [Gates changes the camera view and they see Vega soldiers approaching]

Gate – Here comes the cavalry.
[As they watch, Briathos moves so quickly that they know he’s not human]

Gates – Shit.

Claire – He’s an angel. [Briathos makes quick work of the soldiers and returns his attention to the door]. Gabriel must still be alive. He is the only one who would send an angel.
Gates – Why? Why here?

Claire – To kill me.

[Briathos punches his fist through a wall. Gates calls security]
Woman -Vega security, go ahead.
Gates- This is an emergency. We need you to send more so – [His call is cut off as Briathos rips out wires and the power goes out except for red emergency lighting]

[Michael lands outside New Delphi where Alex abandoned his truck. He looks inside and finds Alex’s knife. He walks away but stops as he senses Gabriel behind him. Gabriel enters]

Gabriel – Hello, brother. Why are you here?

Michael – Noma called to me. Where’s Alex?

Gabriel – Your friends in Vega bombed my aerie. Noma escaped, but Alex died there. Uriel was there, too. Our little sister, she’s dead.
Michael [shocked] – Uriel. [Gabriel tries to put a hand on his shoulder but Michael knocks his hand away] Don’t. [Pushes Gabriel] You’re lying about Uriel.
Gabriel – I’m not.
Michael [pushing Gabriel again] – And you’re lying about Alex. He’s alive!

Gabriel – Lying? [ Michael pulls out a sword and puts it to Gabriel’s throat] You think a human could survive something that killed one of our own? [Michael pulls the blade away and lets it fall to the ground. Gabriel laughs] Are you really going to do this? [Michael punches Gabriel several times but Gabriel does not fight back] Feeling better? [Michael his has fist raised but changes his mind and releases Gabriel]

[Back in Gates’ lair, he is rummaging around with a flashlight]

He can’t cut this power. The generator’s lines run inside. [He starts a portable generator
Claire – Is that safe?

Gates – No, but in a world filled with abominations, death by immolation seems almost a comfort. [He looks up at the security camera monitors] He didn’t cut the feed. He wants us to watch.
Claire – Is there any other way to reach outside?

Gates – No.
Claire – So tell me, Gates, is this place gonna hold against an angel?

Gates – That’s nine inches of reinforced concrete and steel. Even a higher angel can’t get through that. [Loud and ominous banging as Briathos punches the door]

Claire – You sure about that?

[Cut to elsewhere in Vega, we see the screen of a video camera as Whele is punched repeatedly by Jasper as Zoe voices his charges]

Zoe – You mutilated V-1s, amputated their hands for stealing food, you’re a deviant who kept an eight-ball as a sex toy. You killed our children.
William [behind David] – They know you well, Dad. Murdered one with your bare hands. What was that little girl’s name? Ah, ah, ah [flashback to David killing Bixby] Bixby.
Zoe – All right, Jasper, I know it feels good, but we got enough.

David – Thank God.
William – Seems a little late for that.
Zoe – They’ll sweep this area soon. We gotta go. Shoot him. [She shuts off camera]
David – No. Please please, God, no.
William – Better, but dig deeper, Dad. Can you find a spark of that faith that once burned in your heart?

David – Wait! I can help you! How how long do you think you’re gonna last in a walled city?

Zoe – [laughs softly] Longer than you.
David – No, I can show you a place to hide. You can’t stage a revolution running from tunnel to warehouse. It’s only a matter of time.
Zoes – Hold up, Jasper. You have ten seconds, Whele.
David – I used to be a preacher in a public access station in old Las Vegas. It’s safe, and there’s a generator.
Jasper – Zoe, he’s just spinning.
Zoe – Of course he is. But we can kill him now or in 30 minutes. Either way, he’s still dead. Take us there.
[Back to the Gates and Claire]

Gates – Under the sheetrock, this place is lined floor to ceiling with steel that was scavenged from old casino vaults.
Claire – He’s searching for a seam, looking for a flaw. Are there any?

Gates – Of course there are. Everything has a weakness.
Claire – Well, that’s not helpful, is it?

Gates – Well, it’s reality. And this is reality come to life. You know, you were born inside these walls. You don’t know war. [Gates points on the screen] That’s the basement. He’s headed down there. [The cameras go dark] It’s too dark for the cameras and him.
Claire – The dark’s not gonna slow him down anyway. Angel eyes are more sensitive than ours.
Gates – They are?

Clairee [smiling] – Oh, so there’s something the genius doesn’t know after all.

Gates – I bet I have something to fix those cameras. [Gates rummages around among the electronics bits and pieces and suddenly there is what appears to be an earthquake]
Claire – What the hell is that?

Gates – He’s trying to break through. [Shelving falls over onto him

Claire [running over to him] – Gates!

Gates – Claire!

Claire [grabbing a piece of wood to use as a lever] – Okay, listen, Gates, when I move this, pull your leg out, okay? Fast.
Gates – Okay.
Claire – Go! Go! Get up.

[Gates manages to wiggle free but can’t stand. He has a nasty wound in his leg. Clare cradles his head and looks at the wound]

Claire – Whoa, Gates! Shit.

[Back in New Delphi. Riesen is trying to distract Julian]
Riesen – Julian.
Julian – Hey, General. Or is it Edward now? ‘Cause when you left your post, you left your rank.
Riesen – I did. All these years as leaders of the Cradle, and we’ve never had the pleasure of meeting.
Julian – Well, now you understand why. We don’t share philosophies on the possessed.
Riesen – How well do you know Gabriel?

Julian – Ooh, better than you, I’d wager.
Riesen – I managed to keep him out of Vega for 25 years, as have you. But now, thanks to Alex, he’s coming here. We have to prepare for battle.
Julian – I have defenses in place.

Riesen – You don’t win wars with defense.
Julian – No. You do it with a trap.
Riesen – What trap? Let us help you. Gabriel’s been at the top of the food chain for thousands of years.
Julian – Well, hundreds of thousands.
Riesen – Which is precisely his flaw. He sees us as mites to be swatted. If we want to kill an angel, we had better think like one.
Julian – [laughs] Get General Riesen a drink. Some of the good stuff.
Soldier – Yes, sir.
Julian – Come on, let’s talk.

[Meanwhile Alex and Noma are snooping around by flashlights. They are down in the tunnels somewhere. There are barred gates, like in a prison]

Alex – I saw Julian come down here yesterday. He would want to keep anything important as close as possible.
Noma [looking through the gate at a door locked with chains] – Like that?

Alex – Exactly. [He tries to open the gate but can’t. Noma gently pushes him aside]

Noma – Move. [She easily kicks the door open]
Alex – Nice. [He finds a metal bar and hands it to Noma] Here. You’ll need a little leverage.
Noma – Wait, Alex. Something feels wrong here.

Alex – We need to find what Julian is hiding. [Noma uses the bar to break the thick chain.] Very nice. [They open the metal door labeled 34 and walk inside with a flashlight. They see countless numbers of standing, armed eight-balls in what looks like suspended animation, just standing there]
Noma – Shit. Alex.
[Alex finds a light switch and turns on a bank fo lights, revealing rows upon rows of eight-balls]

Alex – This isn’t a city of merchants. It’s a city of monsters.

[Back to the twins. Gabriel is sitting on the ground, a small metal flash in his hand. Michael is standing.]
Gabriel – Alex is alive.
Michael – And Uriel?

Gabriel – She was at the aerie when the bomb hit.
Michael – You were with her when the bomb hit and you’re alive. Maybe she –

Gabriel – No, no, no. I was closer to the surface. I heard the plane in time. I got out. She didn’t. Michael, we found her body. We’re losing our family.

[Back in Vega, Claire binds Gates’ wound. Briathos can be heard still trying to break in. Gates wakes up, groaning]

Gates – Am I still alive?

Claire – Yes, just.
Gates – Oh.
Claire – Welcome back. [Metal scraping noises. Claire is concerned. She helps Gates to his feet] Okay. Come on.
Gate – Oh!

Claire – You need to see this. [She hands a piece of wood] Here. Use this. [Gates manages to get up as Claire watches on the monitor. Briathos is using his wings to try and break down the door] He’s cutting through the door.
[Back in New Delphi, Noma and Alex return to their accommodations. Riesen is there alone]

Noma – Where’s Pete, huh?
Riesen – I don’t know. He wasn’t here when I got back. What the hell did you see?

Julian [walking in] – Yeah, what did you see, Alex?

Alex – Your army. That’s what that was, wasn’t it? All eight-balls, sleeping.
Julian – Well, no, it’s called stasis, actually. They’re preserving energy. I hope you didn’t disturb them.
Noma – Why did you take Pete?

Julian – Well, Pete was here, you weren’t. You were prying. You broke my trust. [The Uruk hai looking soldier grabs Alex. Noma tries to help him]
Alex – Noma! Noma, don’t.
Julian – Come on, let’s go see Pete. [Noma and Alex are led away. One soldier starts to lead Riesen away] No, not the general. I need his mind. [To Riesen]Take a load off.

[In Vega, outside the walls. An old abandoned tv station. Zoe, Jasper and David enter]
Zoe – Not bad, preacher man. Not bad.
William – You’ve fallen so far, V-1s don’t think you’re a threat. [laughs] Broken-down old man. I see your plan. But is it part of God’s plan?

David – God isn’t here. [He is kneeling by a lectern. He quietly slides open a drawer. There is nothing inside]
William – Neither is your gun.

[Back to Gates’ compound. As Briathos continues to chip away at the metal door, Gates hands Claire two electrical terminals, like jumper cables. We see sparks where they are connected to something]
Gates – What we have here is an amped-up version of a prank we used at MIT, electrifying our dorm doorknobs. Way amped up. This would kill a human twice over who touches that steel door. You’ll be okay, but just do not step off that rubber mat. [Claire looks down at the tiny rubber mat she is standing on. Electricity crackles as Gates hooks up the last terminal] It’s connected.

[Claire stands with a terminal in each hand, looks back at Gates, who nods, and she applies them to the door. We see sparks, and then on the other side Briathos is thrown backwards by the shock. He is unconscious. Claire pulls the terminals away from the door]
Gates – Good. [He nods at Claire, who rushes over to help him stand up and walk]
Claire – Okay?

Gates – Yeah. [They walk over to the bank of monitors. Gates smiles as he sees the prone angel] Claire, we did it. [His smile disappears as they see the angel pop up and walk up to the security camera]
Claire – No. We just pissed him off. [Briathos yanks off camera]

[Back to Wheleland]
Zoe – Thanks for the tip on this place. Love the decor, but it’s a little cramped, so [Jasper grabs Whele and shoves him, then points a gun at Whele’s face]

David – Wait.
Zoe – Did you really think we weren’t gonna kill you?

William – Actually, no. He thought he was gonna find a 35-year-old gun and shoot you both in the face.
David – Shut up! [Zoes looks up in surprise as Jasper grabs Whele by the collar]

Jasper – Who the hell are you talking to?

David – Wait, wait. I can still help you.
Zoe – You are, David. Your life was a waste, but your death will give our people hope, strength.
David – Strength? Starving people can’t fight. But I can get you food. I have the access codes to the storage warehouses. You can slip in and out unnoticed. And if they change my codes, I know all the other V-6s’. You can feed your people, Zoe.
Zoe [considers it, then orders Jasper] – Send someone to check it out.
[Jasper leaves, but Zoe walks up to Whele and puts a gun to his face]
Zoe – You just bought yourself another 30 minutes.
William – The anticipation is killing me.

[Back in New Delphi. Noma and Alex are gagged and bound and brought into a room where Pete is strapped to a chair.]
Julian – See, here’s your Petey. Safe and sound. [Noma and Alex are on their knees and under a guard each. They are gagged and have their hands tied] Early in our occupation of this facility, we were attacked by Rhais, a higher angel, one of Gabriel’s lieutenants. And she would have wiped us out but for a nest of what you call eight-balls hiding in these tunnels. They saved us. And together we founded New Delphi. And what I learned from these angels was something that no one knew. That 25 years ago every lower angel that was powerful enough to possess and inhabit a human, did. But that still left millions of lower angels lost in the darkness. And that’s where they were damned to remain, unless someone helped them find a human home. Rhais was special. Catching her was invaluable because she knew exactly how to use this [gestures to the amphora], the very thing that has made New Delphi great and something that could still make Vega great as well [He shows Alex the round metal “key” he had returned to Julian]. Thanks to you, Alex. Not a sword, or a gun, but an amphora made of empyrean steel was the first weapon of New Delphi. [As Julian goes to put the key onto the lid, Noma tries to lunge forward but is subdued] Ah, ah, ah, ah. [He fits the key into the hole] Now, we had a weak and untrained people, but we needed an army. And Rhais taught us how to create that army by pulling lower angels down from the ether. [One of those glowy light angel faces comes down through the ceiling and enters Pete’s mouth. He turns into an eight-ball again] Welcome, Menathas.
Pete/Menathas [looking at hand and touching face] – Skin.
Julian – Who’s next?

[Back to Gates’s place. The sound of metal scraping. Gates is sitting on the floor as Claire paces around]

Claire – I’m not leaving you here to die while I run to safety. Vega needs both of us, so both of us are gonna figure out a way to survive this.
Gates – Claire.
Claire – No, not negotiable. You listen to me. You need to start using that incredible brain of yours.

[Gates leans over and kisses her. She doesn’t protest]
Gates – Sorry, I don’t know why I did that. Maybe the possibility of dying or something. [laughs as he fingers a baseball] I was holed up like this the day that your dad found me in the library at MIT, I was hiding among a stack of books, living off Coke and Baby Ruths, and I was light years from being qualified for the job that he wanted me to do, but there was no one else.
Claire – And you did it. Because of you, Vega has food and energy.
Gates – All because of me. Yeah, that simple thought keeps me up at night. [More sounds of metal scraping and then ominous thuds] He’s found the air intake. He’s probably gonna set fire to the building with us trapped inside, smoke us out. That’s what I’d do.
Claire [seeming to get an idea] – Gates, you’re a genius.

[Back in New Delphi. Noma and Alex are knocked unconscious and then Noma is strapped to the same chair Pete was. A lower angel descends and tries to enter her mouth. But it is obviously not going as smoothly as it did with Pete]
Noma – Get off me! Aah! Get off me! [screams] Get off! Get off! Aah! Aah! [Noma breaks her bonds and reaches up and punches the lower angel away, then unties her feet and gets out of the chair. Alex knocks out a guard as Noma unfurls her wings and protects herself from gunfire, then knocks out the other soldier with her wing. Noma grabs the amphora and she and Alex run to a closet/warehouse area and brace the door behind them. They run down some stairs

Alex – What about Pete?

Noma – It’s too late, but if we can get to the main gate

Alex – No, this city’s the best chance we have of taking Gabriel out. We need Julian’s help.
Noma – How are we gonna make him do that?

Alex – I don’t know, but I know a place that’s safe until we figure it out.

[Back to the archangels]
Gabriel – I’m not sure how all this ends anymore.
Michael – Not with the extinction of the human race.
Gabriel – Father’s house was infested. When it’s clean, he’ll come back.
Michael – You’re a fool, Gabriel. We are his children, but so are they. Father made that very clear. The Chosen One is human.
Gabriel [getting up off the ground] – No. Father gave the markings to you. You went against his will and gave them to Jeep. Then they went to Alex. You chose Alex. You made him the Chosen One.
Michael – The markings were meant for Alex. That was Father’s will.
Gabriel – You keep saying that, Michael, but Father chose us to leave his final message. [We see that Michael has the flask now] Please, help me bring him home.

Michael [handing the flask back] – Where is Alex?

Gabriel – I’ll tell you, but you’re not going to like the answer.

[Back in the tv studio outside Vega. Jasper has his gun pointed at David]
Zoe [to walkie talkie] – Go ahead.
Man [on walkie talkie] – We’re at the warehouse. We’re in. The code’s good.

Zoe [to walkie talkie] – Grab and dash, don’t get greedy. We can come back.

Man – Yeah, heard you clear.
[David grabs the gun from Jasper]

David – Drop the walkie. And and the gun. [Zoe places her gun on the floor] The TV show I did from this studio was not very good, but some powerful moments that shaped my life happened here. [He walks up to the podium] Every week I had an hour to preach to an audience of maybe 50, all lonely and late-night insomniacs.
[Flashback to a young David’s broadcast. An icon on the screen shows praying hands and the prompt “Begin praying’]

Young David – I want you.
David – Now, we know God didn’t give a damn about my TV audience. He didn’t care about who won the Super Bowl. He didn’t care about any of us. But at the time, I believed he sent that boy to teach me a lesson.
Young David [flashback, trying to dissuade suicidal man who is holding a gun under his chin live in the studio] – Chad, you don’t want to die. Please, let’s pray. [David hugs Chad]
David – He wanted me to think big. So I listened, and I posted that clip of of Chad on the Internet and my audience grew from 50 to millions overnight.

William – Minus one. Chad hung himself when you kicked him out of church.
David – He was weak. A few months ago, I-I dropped my son off in a desert with a gun and six bullets. I’m assuming he killed himself, ’cause like Chad, he was weak.
William – Weak? I broke you. I made you believe in something again.
David – No, William, you distracted me. You made me blind to what Claire was doing behind my back. My love for you allowed it, but now I know what I have to do. [Zoe and Jasper know that something is wrong with Whele.]
William – Wait. Wait! No!

David [turning, he fires at Ghost William, who fades. Zoe and Jasper rush Whele, but he turns around] – I need to think big again.

[In New Delphi, Julian confronts Riesen]
Julian – Where is he, Eddie?

Riesen – How would I know? You took me prisoner first.
Julian – You knew she was an angel.
Riesen – Practically, everyone here is an angel, aren’t they? Noma was a soldier of mine. I wouldn’t tell you if I knew.
Julian – What will they do?

Riesen – Well, knowing Alex, he’ll make a run for it. He’ll leave New Delphi.

Julian – Double the men on the gates. Search everywhere! [Riesen smiles]

[Alex and Noma go back to where Julian’s army is. Just inside the first doorway. Noma is shaking]

Alex – Nomes.
Noma – I could hear that angel whispering at me while she tried to slither inside and take my body. What she tried to do was vile. I’ve never felt so contaminated. They’ve taken Pete’s body. Twice.
Alex – Hey, we’ll find him, and I’ll evict the angel from him.

Noma [gesturing with amphora] – Or I can open this, make them pay. Make Julian pay. Destroy him and his entire city right now.

Alex – What the hell is it?

Noma – Death.

[Back to Whele holding a gun on Zoe and Jasper]
David – Don’t you see, Zoe? I’m that man with a gun. I’m your opportunity right here, right now. I will help you. I will show you the way, but you need to listen.
Zoe – Help me? With more food codes?

David – Codes for everything. I know all this city’s secrets. How many rebels do you have, a hundred? With my help, you will have thousands. Thousands of people to follow you, believe in you. God isn’t here, Zoe, so you need to lead them. [He offers Zoe his gun] Choice is yours. You want to go on thinking small, [she grabs the gun and points it at him] kill me now. ‘Cause you two are dead. And I will be, too.
Jasper – And you, what do you get out of this?

David – A new beginning and a chance to help you destroy Claire Riesen.
[Back to the bowels of New Delphi]

Noma – It’s one of the archangel’s weapons, given to them by our Father. [We see the wall behind Noma has written on it over and over and over again “don’t let it in” ] This is the fifth Amphora, darkness. “And the fifth angel poured out its vial and his kingdom was full of darkness, and they gnawed their tongues for pain.”

Alex – And Julian uses it to possess humans.
Noma – It doesn’t work that way. I think that the lower angels are drawn to it because it’s the last remnants of God’s power. They find it, and Julian guides them into a human body.
Alex [taking it from Noma] – What would happen if I opened it?

Noma – You can’t. Only an angel can unseal one of the seven Amphorae. I still have no idea how Julian uses one of these.
Alex – So what would happen if we just unleashed this whole thing right now?

Noma – It’ll destroy the city and everything around it within 100 miles.
[Back in Vega, smoke is pouring in through the ventilation system in Gates’ quarters, Gates is apparently walking Claire through how to assemble something]

Claire – He’s smoking us out. What now, Gates? [coughs]

Gates – Put it in the tube.
Claire – Shit. Okay, we don’t have a lot of time. When he gets through that door and he’s all blinded and confused, you get out first, okay? I’m gonna be right behind you right after I press that button. Okay? [She lights a fuse]

Gates – All right.
Claire – Shit. [She runs to the big button that opens the blast doors] Okay, ready? [She hits the button and as the door slides open she runs back to Gates. We see that the fuse is burning towards gas tanks. Claire has something in her hand] Where is he?

[Glass shatters and Briathos crashes through a window]

Claire – He’s there! [She throws a small bomb at him. There is a bright flash and Claire helps Gates to the open window. She stops to grab a baseball and hands it to Gates] Game time.
Close that door.
[As Briathos watches, the ball travels across the room, hits the big button, closes the door and slowly closes the window entrance, but not before Claire and Gates get out. The room explodes and the blast pushes Claire and Gates forward. They fall about a storey and hit the ground hard.]

Claire – Gates, are you okay?

Gates – Oh, yeah, golden.
Claire – We did it. Nothing could survive that. Okay, we need to get you medical attention, and I need to alert my soldiers.
Gates – Hold on a second. I just need a moment to process that my life’s possessions have just been consumed by flames.
Claire [reaching into her back pocket, she draws out the baseball card] – Not all of them.
Gates – I don’t know what to say.
Claire – I bet that’s rare.

[Back to the Archangel twins]
Gabriel – New Delphi is a dangerous place for you to go alone, Michael. You’re strong, but [He takes Michael’s blade out of the ground and cleans it off]

Michael – Will you go with me? As my brother?

Gabriel – We want him for very different reasons.
Michael – But we both want him safely out of New Delphi.
Gabriel – Then it’s our methods unlocking those tattoos that’ll differ.
Michael – If you harm him, Gabriel, I will kill you.
Gabriel – Will that also be as my brother? My aerie wasn’t my only stronghold, Michael. I have angels all over the world to help me.

Michael – And a year to gather them.

Gabriel – [laughs] Fine, Michael. If it’ll bring Father back, I’ll do anything, even help you and Alex. Fighting on the same side? Oh, be careful.You might like it.
[Back in New Delphi]

Julian – Your intel was wrong, General. I don’t think they’ve left New Delphi. Have you misled me? ‘Cause everyone lies. But I did hope that you and me –

[Alex walks in holding the amphora]

Alex – Julian.
Julian – Oh, now, come on, Alex. If you know what that is, then you know that you can’t use that.
Alex – No. But she can. [Noma walks up and Alex hands it back to her]
Riesen – Alex, what is that?

Alex – It’s like a nuclear bomb.
Julian – Oh, it’s worse.
Noma – How do you have one of the Amphorae? Where did Rhais get it? Where did Rhais get it?! [

[Julian lunges at her at angel speed but she is quicker to pull away]

Noma – You move again, and I’ll open it! [Julian’s eyes flash black]

Alex – You’re an eight-ball.
Noma – No. He’s a dyad. Half human, half higher angel fused together, living in a single body. I never thought they existed.
Julian – Well, they do. Just be careful with that, Noma.
Alex – Why do you have it?

Julian – You saw it with your own eyes. It allows me to bring down my brothers and sisters from the ether. Fitting that it’s the plague of darkness that helps the lower angels who’ve suffered in darkness in a penal system created by the archangels. But if necessary, I can use it to kill Gabriel and Michael and their whole family.
Alex – Good, then we agree. You promised me a way to kill Gabriel. Well, now it’s time to fulfill that promise. Or Noma will unleash the Amphora, not only on Gabriel, but this entire city. He dies, or we all die. The choice is yours.


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