Detailed transcript for “Beware Those Closest to You” (1.8)

Detailed transcript for episode 1.8, “Beware Those Closest to You.” Initially broadcast on August 7, 2014.

Version 1.1, 11/29/2014

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Voiceover: Previously on Dominion

Jeep: Gabriel’s massing for another war.

Michael: And like Gabriel, some of them have always hated man.

Jeep: You are the chosen one.

Uriel: It’s time for a family meeting. How could you keep the child a secret from us?

Gabriel: Does the child know about your colorful past? I’m taking the high road, waiting for the child to find his true nature and come to me on his own.

David: It is my great pleasure to announce the engagement of Claire Riesen to William Whele.

Claire: I am not marrying William Whele.

Riesen: Because you are in love with Alex.

Alex: You’re gonna marry William.

Claire: I need to look out for the city.

Arika: I know when someone’s hiding something, and you are guilty as charged.

Michael: I had no idea there were higher angels hiding within the city walls.

Alex: You told me you’d never lie to me. You just neglected to tell me that one of my closest friends is a higher angel.

David: The angels took everything from us, and there are idiots who still worship them.

William: We all have faith that you can be saved.

Claire: As soon as this wedding is over, you are gonna tell the city that you have done everything that you possibly can, and then you’re gonna step down.

Alex: Your brother told me things about you, things about your past. Is it true? We’re not done here!

Cut to outside Vega senate chamber. Alex is steeling himself before entering.

(Senator’s voice inside chamber): We have to engage this threat of higher angels in any and all ways available to us.
David: How can we spend the treasury funds on detection methods that may never exist? I mean, we have no way of knowing if there is a way to detect these archangels.

Alex bursts in.

Unidentified man: Whoa, hold up there, man.

Alex: I need to speak with the Senate.

David: What the hell is he doing?

Senator Romero: Guards! Guards!

Alex: It’s important. It’s important. It’s about Michael.

Riesen: It can wait.

Alex: I’m not sure it can, sir.

David: Let him go. I’d like to hear what he has to say.

Becca: He can say it somewhere else.

David: I have two minutes of time left. I cede my time to the soldier. I want to hear this information he has about the Archangel.

Alex: My name is Alex Lannon, Sergeant First Class, Archangel Corps. I’ve served under Michael’s command for the last 7 and a 1/2 years.

Riesen: What earth-shattering event gave you the feeling that you could barge into this chamber?
Alex: Michael has lied to the Senate.

[All murmuring]

Alex: To all of us. He has knowingly been keeping higher angels hidden in Vega –

David: I knew it.

Alex: Ever since the walls were built.

Becca: That’s absurd.

Female Senator: Where is his evidence?

Female Senator: Let him speak!

Alex: The maid in House Riesen

Male Senator: That’s preposterous!

Alex: The angel that killed a 10-year-old girl. Michael personally supplied her with a citizen I.D.
seven years ago.

Riesen: Are you suggesting that Michael was complicit in the attack?

Alex: Sir, I don’t know.

Becca: There must be an explanation for all of this. Michael’s dedicated his life to humans.

Alex: Then why has he killed so many of them? Michael didn’t always protect us. There was a time he massacred us.
[Overlapping shouting, chatter]

Riesen: Sergeant, do you have any proof?

Alex: Yes, his words. He opened up to me. He confessed to all of it. And there’s more. For the last seven years, Michael has hidden a higher angel in the Archangel Corps, someone who is supposed to protect all of us.

Female Senator: Give us a name.

Female Senator: Who?

Alex: Her name is Noma Banks.

Crowd gasping, murmuring. Alex takes a breath, uncomfortable with what he has just done.


Cut to the Stratosphere. Michael is looking out over Vega as Becca walks in.

Becca: Alex Lannon just testified before the Senate.

Michael: What did he say?

Becca: He told us things. Things even I never knew about you.

Michael: I should never have trusted him.

Becca: The Senate’s voted to begin hearings to remove you. There’s talk of forced exile.

Michael: I’ll save them the trouble. (He grabs his swords off his bed and sheaths them)

Becca: Is it true?

Michael: What do you think? I need you to continue to protect Louis. He’s a good soul. He’s done nothing wrong. If they expose him, he’ll only be executed by the Senate. Please, Becca, keep him safe.

Becca (looking him in the eye): You have my word.

Michael: You wondered if I was capable of love. I hope you know the answer to that now.

Becca looks uneasy. Michael leaps out the window and flies away. Cut to the market, where Alex is walking through. Michael lands and confronts Alex, grabbing him by the chest.

Michael: After all I’ve done for you.

Alex: Guards! Get off me.

Michael throws Alex into a vegetable stand.

Soldier: Archangel stand down!

Three soldiers approach Michael with their guns trained on him. He flies away.

Cut to Acolyte service.

William: When we join with Gabriel

All: He will have joined with us.

William: When we offer him solemn loyalty

All: He will save us.

William: When we are broken

All: We are made stronger in our broken places.

William: When we are stronger

(We see one of the blindfolded acolytes is David Whele)

All: We are worthy.

William: When we are worthy

All: We are safe.

Cut to House Riesen. Alex walks into Claire’s dressing room. She is wearing a red gown and a woman is helping her get ready.

Claire: It’s too much. Thank you. (She sees Alex) Could you leave us for a minute? Thank you. (Claire’s assistant leaves).

Alex: You wanted to see me?

Claire: Yes, I heard about Michael. I can’t believe it. Going up in front of the Senate can’t have been easy for you. You did the right thing, Alex.

Alex: I got to say, I, I never thought I’d see you in a wedding dress. You look really nice. I got to go.

Claire: I should have gone with you that night after the jubilee. You, me, and Bix, we should have gone to New Delphi, – but I screwed it up –

Alex: We’re past this.

Claire: and it’s because my father instilled this stupid sense of responsibility inside of me.

Alex: What do you want me to do, huh? Throw you over my shoulder and just sneak you out of the city?

Claire: No, of course not.

Alex: You’re the one who convinced me not to run away from who I am, from what I have to do.

Claire: What are you doing, Alex?

Alex: Trying to end this war.

Claire: Oh. How? By evicting eight-balls? How’s that working out for you? It wasn’t so great for my mother, was it?

Alex: I was just trying to help you.

Clare: Yeah, well, I didn’t ask for your help.

Alex: What did you invite me here for? Don’t you have somewhere to be? A wedding?

Claire: Yes.

Alex: To someone that you don’t love?

Claire: This is bigger than me and William. This is about the people.

Alex: The people? It’s not about the power?

Claire: Are you serious?

Alex: Lady of the City.

Claire: No. Do you honestly think I would want to sit in that senate if it wasn’t to change things?

Alex: I don’t know, Claire.

Claire: I can’t believe you.

Alex turns and leaves. Claire is confused.

Cut to helicopter landing. It is from Helena. Four red-robed and veiled women enter with a large box. Riesen is standing with Arika to receive them.

Riesen: Welcome to Vega, ladies.

Woman: We come bearing solemn news. (The box is opened, revealing a woman’s head. Arika glances away. Two of the women lift the pillow that the head rests on so the face can be seen)

Arika: Evelyn.

Riesen: You did what had to be done. You’ve earned Vega’s trust. You are a courageous woman, Arika.

Arika (sadly): Evelyn was courageous. In a world dominated by men, she built a city of women. When our faith was lost, she taught us to honor the divine feminine. I will miss her.

Cut to Alex driving out on the road beyond Vega. Michael flies up, opens the passenger side door and jumps in while truck is moving.

Alex: You’re late.

Michael: Head winds.

Alex: You know, my shoulder still hurts. You have claws.

Michael: It had to look convincing. Gabriel’s spies could be anywhere.

Alex: Well, it did.

Michael: Good.

Alex: Everyone from the Lord of the City to the V-1s on the street, they believe that I turned against you. You think it’s not gonna work?

Gabriel: My brother’s not easily fooled, Alex.

Alex: He wants the chosen one, that’s what he’s gonna get.

Michael: It won’t be that simple. I should do this myself.

Alex: No, he’ll never let his guard down with you. I’ll get him to trust me. I’ll get close enough to gut him.

Michael: If you get close enough to stab him, he’ll take you down with him. You’ll both be dead.

Alex: If it means ending this war, I’ll take my chances. My mother, Jeep they sacrificed their lives. Maybe everything you’ve taught me, all the training. It’s come to this.

Cut to Arika’s room. One of the women from Helena enters, still veiled.

Arika: Sometimes when it’s quiet, I imagine the sound of the waves crashing, spray against my face, the smell of salt. I miss home.

The woman removes her veil and headdress. It is Uriel.

Uriel: I missed you.

Arika: I missed you too, Uriel. (They kiss)

Arika: You do know how to make a woman wait. Where have you been?

Uriel: You know my brothers. Such a drain on my time. When do I get to meet Claire? (She helps Arika out of her dress)

Arika: Soon. When she’s alone.

Uriel: If you’re right about her (she kisses Arika on the shoulder) it changes everything.

Arika: When has my intuition ever failed you? Hmm? (She unfastens Uriel’s dress and it falls off her)

Uriel: You may not be the only intuitive one here. Does anyone suspect who you really are?

Arika: The men in Vega are no different than anywhere else, too arrogant to consider the notion that they’re being deceived. (She pushes Uriel onto the bed and as they both chuckle, she straddles Uriel on the bed)

Uriel: Still, if they found out who you really are, they’d string you up in the town square. You’d be the most beautiful martyr the Cradle has ever seen.

Arika: I’m not worried. They think they have Evelyn’s head on a pillow. They have no idea that I’m alive and well and living in their lord’s mansion. (They begin to kiss)

Cut to Claire and William’s wedding. It is in a beautiful tent, with trellises decorated with plants. The two fathers are standing beside their children as witnesses.

Minister: And do you, Claire, take the hand of William and promise to love, cherish, and nourish his every breath until you breathe your last?

Claire: I do.

Minister: Then by the power vested in me by the City of Vega and under the embrace of the Savior, I now pronounce you husband and wife. (We see Arika smiling while Becca looks uneasy. As the guests applaud Claire and William briefly kiss. There is no passion, and Claire pulls away looking troubled. She quickly returns to the façade of the smiling bride).


Claire walks through the reception holding William’s arm, a glass of champagne in her other hand. A string quartet is playing.

William: Claire, I want you to know that my expectations tonight are no different than they were last night. It’s okay.

Claire (looking relieved, she kisses him, a better kiss than their wedding kiss): Thank you. (William smiles, falsely thinking Claire is actually interested in him. She becomes more serious) No, really, thank you.

Cut to Michael and Alex driving into an abandoned water park. They get out of the vehicle and walk through the park.

Alex: Why here?

Michael: Gabriel will suspect a trap if we’re anywhere near Vega.

Alex: So I’m supposed to kill Gabriel and end this war at a water park?

Michael: Just keep your focus on the blade.

Alex: Those things Gabriel said about you, the Flood, I don’t believe any of it.

Michael: You should. So many lives, I’ve lost count. All cut short by my sword.

Alex: So it’s true.

Michael: My father would send me out to exact his wrath. I was carrying out his command.

Alex: Couldn’t you have said no?

Michael: I could have, but I didn’t. I never hesitated, not once.

Alex: Why?

Michael: Well, I’m loathe to admit it, but the blood, the violence It was intoxicating.

Alex: You weren’t always this way.

Michael: There was a boy, barely nine years old. I slew his father, and I was about to slay him when my brother and sister finally caught up with me. Gabriel and Uriel had been trying to stop my killing spree for decades. They thought father had gone too far, that I had gone too far. And they beat me within an inch of my life.

Alex: Wait. Gabriel defended humans?

Michael: I was lying in that field for days, too weak to move. And suddenly water trickled into my mouth. It was the same boy. He stumbled upon me while he was herding his goats. When I was well enough to speak, I asked him if he recognized me, and he nodded. Then I asked him why he saved my life.

Alex: What did he say?

Michael: He said, “Because it was the right thing to do.” That’s when I realized my father’s commands weren’t always straightforward. Sometimes they were a test. In this instance, a test I’d failed.

Alex: How do you live with yourself?

Michael: Your rise is my redemption, Alex. (He puts a hand on Alex’s shoulder) Don’t let me down.

Alex: No pressure.

Noma flies in and lands beside the two men.

Noma: Hi.

The three of them stand there, uneasy.

Noma: Please, don’t look at me like that.

Alex: Like what?

Michael: Where’s Furiad?

Noma: Pleasant View, 201.

Michael leaves to confront Furiad.

Alex: How did you get him there? (Noma looks away, and then reluctantly meets his gaze). You and Furiad? (She doesn’t answer, and he starts to walk away)

Noma: It was eons ago, Alex. I knew he’d agree to meet. I just didn’t tell him I’d be a little late.

Alex: Ever since I met you, it’s all been lies.

Noma: No. It wasn’t all lies, Alex.

Alex: So, in basic training, when we first met, and you switched bunks next to mine, it wasn’t because Ethan was a snorer. You were keeping tabs on me.

Noma: Ethan snored, like a dying whale. You heard him. Look. I’m sorry. I wish I could have been straight with you. I was just following Michael’s orders. He told me to take care of you.

Alex: Yeah, you took care of me all right.

Noma: He didn’t tell me to sleep with you. That was all me. (She starts to affectionately punch him in the arm and chest and slap his face). Come on, Alex. It’s me.

Alex (grabbing Noma’s hand to stop her): Hey. We have to work together. Fine. But let’s not pretend like everything’s back to normal. (They turn away and stare out over a balcony).

Cut to Furiad walking cautiously into a motel room.

Furiad (taking off his helmet): Noma?

Michael comes up behind him from outside and pushes Furiad against a wall, a blade at his throat.

Furiad: Show mercy.

Michael: Let me ask you, what would Gabriel do to you if he knew you were having a tryst with my lieutenant? Hmm? I’m sure your death would neither be swift nor painless.

Furiad: What do you want?

Cut to Becca in House Riesen, reading a report to Riesen.

Becca: It appears the Angel’s dorsal scapula, where the wings retract, contain tissue that’s penetrable.
Riesen: That’s the autopsy. What about Lab Two?

Becca: We just made an interesting discovery. Turns out their muscles are vulnerable to electric shock, just like ours. We can induce temporary paralysis. (Riesen walks away as this information sinks in)

Becca (trying not to sound too interested): Any word from Michael?

Riesen: After all he’s done for Vega, all the lives he’s saved, this is the way they show their gratitude. Run him out of the town he helped build.

Becca: I brought your medication. (She starts to take pill bottles out of her bag)

Riesen: No, no, I don’t need that. I’m, I’m leaving Vega.

Becca: What are you talking about?

Riesen: I refuse to spend the remaining years of my life cooped up in some attic making tables and goddamn chairs.

Becca: You don’t have to. You’re an elder statesman, Edward. We need your insight.

Riesen: Any insight I had has been imparted long ago. You’re ready, Becca. You and Claire, you’re ready.

Becca: Edward, we need you.

Riesen: Not like this, you don’t. I’ve never stood still. I’m not about to start now.

Becca: I take it you haven’t told Claire.

Riesen: She’d just try to talk me out of it.

Becca: Where are you gonna go? There’s nowhere safe outside of these walls. It’s suicide, Edward.

Riesen: If I can make it to New Delphi, I like my chances. Help her, Becca. Take care of her, for me. (They hug. Becca looks distraught)

Back at the water park, Noma reacts to the sound of wings.

Alex: You heard him?

Noma: His wings. Furiad’s on board. They’re waiting for me at the peak. (She takes a flask out of her jacket and takes a swig, then hands it to Alex) Here.

Alex: What’s this?

Noma: Scotch, 18-year-old single malt. You can make a toast at my funeral.

Alex: I love the confidence.

Noma: Gabriel’s not gonna be throwing me a welcome home party. There’s a chance I might never make it out of his aerie.

Alex: Noma. Noma. Noma!

Noma (she finally stops walking and turns around): What?

Alex: If you don’t want to go through with this, I totally understand.

Noma: I’ve come this far. You think I’m giving up now? You have to promise me, if things go sideways, don’t try to protect me. Whatever you need to do to take Gabriel down, you do it.

Alex: What’s that supposed to mean?

Noma: Just promise me.

Alex: I promise you. (They kiss, then Noma flies away)


Cut to Claire walking into Arika’s chambers. Two soldiers are inside keeping watch. Uriel is back in her red robe but without the veil.

Claire: Madame Arika, I am so sorry to hear about Evelyn.

Arika: Though it pains me, I know Helena will be better for it. Our holy priestess Laurel has just arrived from Helena. She would like to offer you a prayer of matrimony.

Claire: Well, I would be honored.

Uriel: Lady Riesen, everyone in Helena celebrates your ascension to power. One day soon, we hope you will come and visit us.

Claire: Well, I would love to. (Uriel takes Claire’s hands). Oh, thank you.

Uriel sinks to her knees

Uriel: May the loving tides carry you both in her arms. She presses her ear against Claire’s abdomen.

Claire (as though it tickles): Hmm.

Uriel pulls away and Claire touches her stomach as Uriel stands up.

Uriel: Bless you.

Arika and Uriel enter their bedroom and shut the door behind them.

Uriel: You were right. She’s carrying the chosen one’s child.

Arika: Nuclear power seems almost trivial now.

Uriel: We have plenty of time to get their energy. For now, we just need to spirit Claire and the unborn child to Helena.

Arika: And if Alex is like other men, he’ll follow them wherever we take them.

Uriel: And when he’s able to translate the markings, I will learn how to defeat my brothers, end the bloodshed once and for all.

Arika: A world at peace.

Uriel: Just as my father wanted.

Cut to Gabriel’s aerie. Furiad arrives and walks in to the main chamber. General debauchery is afoot. Gabriel is making out with an eightball. Furiad takes off his helmet, and Gabriel pays attention to him. As Furiad steps aside we see Noma.

Gabriel: Look who’s here, Michael’s loyal lieutenant.

Noma (kneeling): Archangel Gabriel.

The eightball walks away from Gabriel’s lap, with palpable disdain for Noma.

Gabriel: Bold move, showing up within my blade’s reach.

Noma: I have nowhere else to turn. Michael attacked Alex. He’s reverted back to his old ways.

Gabriel: Only a matter of time.

Noma: The child has lost complete faith in Michael. And honestly, so have I.

Gabriel: So why come to me?

Noma: Alex wants to meet you.

Felicia: I don’t believe her.

Furiad: She’s speaking the truth.

Gabriel: Oh, really, Furiad?

Noma: He’s found out about Michael’s past, and he’s furious. He wants to hear your side of the story.

Gabriel: Very well. I’ll meet with the boy.

Noma: Thank you, Archangel.

Gabriel (grabbing Noma from behind): What? You didn’t expect I’d just walk into some trap. Lock her up, Felicia.

Cut to early morning in House Riesen. Claire is walking through the house searching for her father.

Claire: Dad? Have you seen my father?

Ethan: No, ma’am, I haven’t.

Claire: Okay.

Cut to the gates of the city. Riesen is in a huge armored vehicle.

Soldier (knocking on the driver’s side window): Sir, you’re not supposed to leave the walls without a security detail.

Riesen: Watch me. (He starts the engine and drives off)

Cut to Alex laying on the bottom bunk in the barracks, absently playing with a knife. Someone walks up and sits beside him. He is startled – it is Jeep.

Alex: Jeep?

Jeep: Shh.

Alex: How did you get here?

Jeep: Quiet. No one can know I’m here. Come on.

They walk into a training area. Jeep hands Alex a sword.

Jeep: Beat me pretty good before. Any better now? Take it.

Alex (confused): What are you doing?

Jeep (sticking the end of his sworda gainst Alex’s chest): What would you give up to bring me back? To bring Bixby back?

Alex: Anything. Everything.

Jeep: You haven’t learned a thing. (He swings his blade at Alex and Alex raises his sword to meet it) It’s your destiny to save humanity, all of us, not some of us.

Alex: I don’t understand.

Jeep: It’s time to cut yourself free, son. (He attacks Alex and they engage in a swordfight) You have to be alone in this, Alex. It’s the only way. You’ll never be the chosen one.

Alex: I am the chosen one!

Jeep: No, you’re not. Not yet.

Jeep drops his sword and begins punching Alex. Alex returns the blows, then they engage in swordfight again. Alex swings at Jeep and Jeep stands there, his arms at his side, and lets Alex slash him in the neck. He bleeds profusely and collapses into Alex’s arms.

Alex: Oh, no. Oh, Dad Dad. Dad. Dad! No! He awakens in the waterpark.

Alex (to Michael): What are you doing here? He’s coming.

Michael: Gabriel’s not coming. He should have been here by now. Something’s off. Let’s go back to Vega.

Cut to sunrise over Vega. We hear alarms as the gate opens.

Alarm: Warning – Perimeter Breach. Warning – Perimeter Breach.

Three armed soldiers meet a hooded Gabriel, who is casually strolling up to meet them.

Soldier: Halt! Got I. D. ?

Gabriel: I do. (He shrugs his shoulders and his wings unfurl. He warps his wings around himself as armor)
Soldier: Oh, shit. Open fire! (More soldiers arrive, and they all open fire. There is no damage to Gabriel).

Gabriel (removing his hood and retracting his wings after the firing stops): My name is Gabriel. (Unsheathing his sword, he kneels and offers it) I surrender.

Cut to a private meeting between the Wheles, Becca, and Claire.

David: Where’s Riesen?

Claire: He’s gone.

David: What?

Claire: We need to focus on the task at hand.

Becca: Every minute Gabriel is alive is an opportunity for him to strike. He needs to be executed immediately.

David: He’s an archangel. Do we even know how to kill him, short of a nuclear bomb?

Becca: I can only infer, based on the autopsies of higher angels, but their bodies will shatter with a large enough concussive blast. I have no reason to believe that an archangel would be any different.

William: You want to blow him up?

Becca( to William): Yes. I propose we seal him in a concrete vault surrounded with as much C4 as we possibly can, and we detonate.

William: Claire, I think your first instinct is the right one. Let’s interrogate him. Let’s learn everything we can. We have him in custody.

Claire: It does seem like a wasted opportunity if we don’t try, after what happened with Felicia.

Becca: The risk is too high to wait.

William: But think of the reward. We could uncover every higher angel in the city, securing Vega’s future.

David: Yes. Killing Gabriel now would be shortsighted, Consul.

William: They won’t stop attacking just because he’s dead.

Becca: You’ve wanted to banish Michael for as long as I’ve known you, David. And now you want to keep Gabriel alive inside our walls for intelligence?

Claire: William, Becca, could you leave us for a moment?

William (nervously looking at his father): Of course. (He and Becca leave)

Claire: David, Gabriel killed your wife, your kids. Why do you not want his head on a stick?

David: I detest him, but I can’t allow my emotion to cloud my judgment. He has information we need, and we won’t get another chance like this.

Claire: You know, after I went to your office and I found that acolyte blindfold, I didn’t really believe that it was yours. I just wanted to blackmail you. Politics, sorry. But now I have to wonder.

David: Wonder all you want. I’ve investigated it myself. I traced it back to one of my staff, a handyman.

Claire: Who?

David: Paul Sanchez. There was an altar to Gabriel in his quarters. It’s handled. I’m surprised. I could no more be an angel worshipper than you or your dad, Claire.

Claire: Okay. So we learn all we can today, and then we kill him tomorrow.

David: Sure. May he rot in whatever there is left of hell. (They toast)

Cut to Claire strolling into a detention center where Gabriel is being held in a special metal and glass enclosure shaped somewhat like a geodesic dome.

Claire: Surrender seems out of character for you.

Gabriel: What would you know about my character?

Claire: A great deal, actually. I was raised by the man who defeated you in battle.

Gabriel: Shame he’s not here to greet me. I’m a big fan.

Claire: The irony being it’ll be his daughter who puts you to your death.

Gabriel: This is how you play war? Your opposing general lays down his sword, and in appreciation you have him executed.

Claire: A general who ruthlessly slaughtered my people. I can’t say it would be difficult. But I’m not here to talk about your execution. I want to know how many higher angels you have hidden in Vega, and I want names.

Gabriel: Ooh. A woman who knows what she wants. I like that.

Claire: Answer the question.

Gabriel: Whether or not I have more personnel inside these walls is irrelevant, is it not? I’ve surrendered, and I’d like to see my brother.

Claire: Why?

Gabriel: He’s my family. Are you going to refuse me a visitor on my last night?

Claire: Whatever you’re planning, it was a mistake to come inside these walls.

Gabriel: My plan is simple, Claire. I’ve come to end the war. All I’ve ever wanted is my father back. At first, I thought the way to do that was to cleanse the planet of all the humans that have repeatedly let him down. But now the chosen one has arrived. He holds my father’s final writings on his body. He can make things right again, without any more bloodshed.

Claire: Shame you’ll never find him.

Gabriel: What, you mean Alex? You’ve seen the markings up close, haven’t you? You say you know me. Well, I know you too.

Claire: You don’t know anything about me.

Gabriel: Let’s see. How about something small, personal, like your favorite flower? Desert sage. My father gave his archangels many gifts, Claire, one of them being heightened senses. I can hear every breath, every movement, every tiny heartbeat.

Claire is startled/unnerved by that last comment. We see Michael and Alex walking into the area just outside the detention room. There are many armed guards around.

Alex: What the hell is he doing?

Michael: Calling our bluff.

Claire turns and walks away from Gabriel. She pauses when she sees Alex. She walks past Ethan, who has his weapon aimed too directly in Gabriel’s direction, and pushes the barrel down.

Claire: Stand down. (She walks over to Alex). What the hell are you doing here?

Alex: I could say the same thing about him.

As Claire follows Alex she sees Michael and is stops.

Alex: He’s on our side, Claire. Always was.

Claire: Well, Gabriel wants to see him.

Michael: Me?

Claire: Yes.

Alex: I don’t trust him. Let me go in.

Claire: No, it’s too dangerous. Alex, he knows your name.

Alex: He’s the one in a cage, not us.

Michael: I’m the one he wants to see. I’ll go inside.

Alex: Michael, we both know this is a trap. Let me go in. Let me end this once and for all.

Claire: No, absolutely not. This city is on lockdown, and that cell has half a million volts running through it. Until we understand the dangers that we face, you are not to go anywhere. Alex, I am the Lady of the City now, and that is an order. Are we clear?

Alex: Yes, we’re clear.

Claire: Good. (She walks off)

Alex: I’m going in. This ends now.

Cut to House Whele

William: What do you think you’re doing?

David: Is there something wrong?

William: ? I saw you in that meeting. You were wavering, thinking about voting to have Gabriel executed immediately.

David: What should I have done, made some impassioned argument to keep him alive when Claire Riesen suspects I’m a traitor? She found the blindfold here in our house, remember? I was protecting us.

William: Or were you trying to protect yourself? All the while, pushing Gabriel under the bus.

David (pouring yet another drink): You can believe what you like. It’s not your doubts about my loyalty that worry me. It’s that you’re blinded by your devotion to Gabriel.

William: I’m not blinded. I trust him. Because he values me in a way you’ll never understand.

David: Then why didn’t he tell you he was coming to Vega? Why not whisper to the leader of your acolytes that you’re gonna walk through the gate and surrender? Are there others that he trusts more?

William: He’ll reveal his intentions when he feels the time is right.

David: William, believe me, it is my hope that Gabriel has been honest, but we have to allow for the possibility that he could expose us.

William: My faith in Gabriel is as strong as it has ever been. And it’s not him that I am worried about. I’ll expect you to do everything in your power to prevent his execution.

Cut to Alex walking into the detention cell. A soldier raises one of the windows of Gabriel’s enclosure and Alex walks inside. The window is shut behind him.
Alex: Where’s Noma?

Gabriel: In safekeeping. Sending your friend to earn my trust? I was impressed, Alex. But now I’m disappointed to see you’re still as close to my brother as always. (Michael is watching from a safe distance) You’re still not learning.

Alex: There’s nothing you can teach me, Gabriel.

Gabriel: Oh, there is, if you’ll only listen. I am what I am. I own all my mistakes. But I’m the only one that’s never lied to you. All those closest to you, Jeep –

Alex: You think you know me.

Gabriel: Michael, even Claire.

Alex: You think you know who I am? You have no idea.

Gabriel: They all use you for their own ends.

Alex: You have no idea who I am! (He grabs Gabriel by the face)

Gabriel: Come with me, Alex.

Alex head butts Gabriel back against the wall of the enclosure and electricity surges through Gabriel. We see sparks and lightening surge through Gabriel. He staggers to the middle of the enclosure, on his knees, and Alex raises a blade to his throat.

Gabriel: Think about Claire. I have acolytes everywhere, Alex. If I die, she dies, along with your unborn child inside her.

Alex: What did you say?

Gabriel: That’s right, Alex. You’re going to be a father.

Later in the enclosure we see Gabriel laying on the floor.

Gabriel: I can sense you hovering.

We see Michael standing just outside the glass enclosure.

Michael: What did you say to stay Alex’s hand?

Gabriel: [Laughs] He did leave quickly, didn’t he?

Michael: You only delayed the inevitable, Gabriel. (He walks over and bends down next to the enclosure, a wistful smile on his face). I remember yours was the first voice I ever heard. The first moment, I was alone in darkness, but I remember you, your essence there with me.

Gabriel (pushing up on his elbows and meeting Michael’s gaze) – I remember.

Michael: It comforted me, gave me hope. The day we were made, my other, my twin Archangel Gabriel. Only Uriel and Raphael know what it is to be joined as we are. Even the son of morning was born alone. Our bond always allowed me to know what you were thinking. And now you only baffle me.

Gabriel: My yin, my better half. (Michael’s momentary expression seems to say he debates whether he really is the better half). You broke the bond first, Michael, when you stopped listening.

Michael: I felt I had no choice.

Gabriel: You know what I’m doing, Michael? I’m illuminating you, just like I tried centuries ago. Tell me, brother, (rising to his knees) have you ever doubted these humans? I mean, they’re intelligent. I’ll give them that. I mean, this, this impressive wing restraint. (He stands and Michael stands as well). I mean, this must have been in the works for quite some time. What do you think it’s made from? It actually it feels like Empyrean steel. (Michael is visibly shocked). They’re up to no good, Michael.

Michael: Whatever keeps you in line, it’s good in my book.

Gabriel: Louis doesn’t have to be kept in line. He’s done nothing wrong. Except of course when I possessed him.

Michael: What does Louis have to do with this?

Gabriel: Well, I had another look at the world through his eyes, and I was surprised by what I saw. A large room, high ceilings, white halls, sterile. Skylight was a nice touch, but what I remember the most was what I saw around him, the white symbol on red.

Michael: How do I know any of this is true?

Gabriel: You don’t. But one of our kind is being mistreated by your humans, Michael. The ones you love, the ones who turned you into a traitor. It seems they returned the favor. (Michael is visibly angry as he turns to leave. Gabriel’s face becomes quite sad as he watches Michael leave). Brother.


Cut to House Riesen, as Alex walks past two guards and lets himself in to confront Claire.

Alex: Is it true?

Claire: What?

Alex: The baby. Is it true?

Claire: I’m I’m sorry, Alex.

Alex: Claire

Claire: Look, the truth is, I wasn’t actually going to tell you. I thought it would be better if you didn’t know.

Alex: How could that ever be better?

Claire: Because you can’t be a father to this child.

Alex: That isn’t your choice to make. (We see William is watching them from another room. He is visibly troubled by what he is hearing). You have no idea what kind of father I’d be.

Claire: Yes, I do, Alex, and so do you. Alex, both of us grew up missing a parent, and neither of us wants that to happen again. This child, our baby, is gonna grow up safe and cared for.

Alex: By William?

Claire: Yes. You said it yourself. Anyone close to you has a target on their back, especially your baby, the chosen one’s baby.

Alex: Gabriel knows you’re pregnant.

Claire: Yeah, well, he’s not gonna –

Alex: There’s acolytes everywhere.

Claire: I don’t care. He’s not gonna be a problem any longer.

Alex: Until he’s dead, Claire, we need to move you to a bunker. Surround yourself with as many guards as we can trust.

Claire: What are you talking about? Alex, no, I’m not just gonna disappear underground, not while the city is at risk.

Alex: I’m not taking any risk. (Gesturing to Claire’s two guards) Call in the Corps. We need another dozen guards up here right now.

Soldier (off screen): Copy that. Control

Alex (into his earpiece): Michael. Michael, can you hear me?

Cut to Michael’s point of view. He is walking down a corridor that has the symbol of House Thorn on the floor.

Alex: Michael.
Michael: What?

Alex: I need you at House Riesen right now. Claire needs your protection. Michael, where are you?

Michael: House Thorn. (He rips out his earpiece and throws it on the floor).

Alex: Michael. Michael! (To Claire) Something is wrong with Michael. I got to go. Stay here. (They kiss. Alex leaves.)


Alex (To guard): Don’t take your eyes off of her.

Soldier (as several other soldiers enter the room and take up position): Yes, Sergeant. Take cover.

Soldier: Got it.

Cut to Michael continuing to walk down corridors. There are pipes along the walls. It looks industrial. Suddenly the corridor opens up into a scientific laboratory that is bathed in eerie green light. We see the results of the aforementioned experiments. Pieces of angel tissue, organs, arms, feet, etc. are displayed in jars or hung on walls. There are also photographs and xrays of angel anatomy and other graphic displays. Alex walks in behind him. They are both deeply disturbed by what they are seeing, with Michael becoming more angry with each passing moment.
Alex: Michael, what is this place?

Michael: Louis is here.

Alex: What? Why?

Michael: They’re dissecting us. Be ready. Gabriel can still possess him. (They go down another corridor, Michael unsheathing one blade as he walks. They enter another lab, where we see bloody bits of cotton and a full set of angel wings hung on a wall.)
Louis (faintly off camera): Michael

Alex (looking up): Michael.

We see that Louis is strapped to a gurney hung from the ceiling.

Michael: Louis. (Michael uses a control paddle to lower the gurney so he can attend to Louis. We see a Y-shaped fresh scar on Louis’s chest, like one would see after an autopsy. He has obviously been vivisected).

Louis: Michael.

Cut to Gabriel’s enclosure

Gabriel: It’s time.

With exquisite precision, two of the guards kill the other guards, open the enclosure, remove the wing restraint vest from Gabriel, then kill themselves as Gabriel calmly walks out.


Back at the lab

Michael (undoing the restraints): We’re going to get you out of here.

Louis: Michael. No, leave it. (Michael lifts him up and we see his back. It has been cut open and his wings cut off, leaving raw stumps at the back of his shoulders. He groans in pain). Michael, look at me. Look what’s left of me. As my friend, please. Please. Please.

Michael gently sets Louis back down onto the gurney and places his blade just above Louis’s chest.

Michael: When Father returns.

Louis: When Father returns.

Michael quickly plunges the blade into Louis’s chest and removes it, killing Louis almost instantly. Becca unwisely picks this moment to stroll in, wearing a plastic lab coat. She knows she is in trouble when she sees Michael’s expression and the blade in his hand.

Michael: You lied to me.

Becca: I need to keep Vega safe.


Michael grabs Becca by the arm and drags her over to look at Louis’s corpse.

Michael: Look at the extreme measures you’ve taken to do so.

Becca: It’s complicated, Michael.

Michael grabs her be the hair and forces her to look at the evidence of the vivisections that is displayed around the room. All the while Alex is trying to defuse the situation with zero success.

Alex: Michael!

Michael: This whole time you’ve been using me.

Alex: Michael, hey, hey!

Becca: No.
Michael: Gathering information on on my kind! (Michael pushes one of the displays)

Alex: Michael! Michael!

Becca: That’s not why I was with you. I did care about you.

Michael shoves her face close to Louis’s.

Michael: Look at him!

Alex: Michael, calm down!

Becca: You don’t have to believe me, but my feelings for you were real. (She breaks out of his grasp and faces him) Protecting the people of this city is more important to me than anything, and I’m sorry if you can’t understand that.

Michael sees the shard from Furiad’s blade and gingerly picks it up.

Michael: You kept Furiad’s blade the entire time. (He drops it with a clang). What were you going to do, kill me with it?

Becca (coming up behind him): Michael, I –

Her explanation is cut off as Michael turns and grabs her by the throat, strangling her.

Alex: Michael! Michael, let her go. (Raising his gun) Hey! Michael! Let her go. (Michael lifts Becca off the floor, choking her further) Michael, put her down!

Alex gets too close to Michael and the archangel shoves Alex across the room with one stroke of his hand. Michael has reverted to his “Flood” persona.

Becca: I was protecting us.

We hear bones snap as Michael breaks her neck and then drops her to the floor.

Alex: No! Michael, what have you done?

Door opens and two soldiers enter.

Soldier: There’s Michael. He’s killed the Senator!

Michael walks towards them and raises a wing to protect himself from their gunfire. He kills one soldier with his sword and raises his blade to the second soldier’s throat as Alex begins shooting at him.

Alex: Michael, please! No! Michael, stop! Stop! Michael! Michael, that’s enough.

Michael responds by slashing the second soldier’s throat, then slowly walking toward Alex, his bloody blade still in his hand.

Alex: You’ve gone too far.


Alex takes a sword from the first soldier, who is still barely alive, and begins fighting with Michael. The first soldier tries to attack Michael and gets a blade in the stomach for his troubles. Michael slashes Alex across the chest and then shoves him across the room. Meanwhile Louis’s corpse is eerily laying silent in the foreground as the two former friends fight to the apparent death. Alex finally gets the upper hand and slashes Michael across the stomach. This breaks something in Michael, and he realizes when he has done. He looks at his wound, then Alex, then Becca’s corpse on the floor, and he is visibly stunned.

Alex: Everything you’ve taught me. Everything you’ve taught me. Everything! And this is how it ends.

Michael’s wings unfurl and he flies upward, breaking through a glass ceiling and escaping. Gabriel strolls in, pauses to look at Becca’s corpse, then carefully walks over it.

Gabriel: To be fair, I did try to warn you. My brother’s rage knows no bounds.

Alex: You stay away from me. And you stay away from Claire.

Gabriel [Laughs]: Claire. Is that all you’re worried about? My acolytes are everywhere in Vega. The ivory towers, the nuclear plants, your military. I mean, how do you think I walked out of my cell? Come on, Alex! Put your faith in me. Give me a chance to guide you. The only way we can end this war and bring Father back is through your markings.

Alex: It’s never gonna happen.

Gabriel: Yes, it will. Otherwise I’ll burn this city and everyone in it to the ground. And I’ll kill Noma, too. All that blood, all those lives, will fall on you. Choice is yours. (Gabriel’s wings unfurl and he leaves the same way Michael did, as Alex silently contemplates what has happened).

Cut to House Riesen. William walks in as Claire looks out a window.

William: I’m so sorry about Becca. It’s horrible.

Claire: The radar tracked Gabriel going east. We’ve lost him. He’s gone.

William: It’s not your fault.

Claire: I was so stupid thinking we could hold him, even if it was just for a few hours. My father wouldn’t have hesitated.

William: Hey. It’s my fault too. I supported the decision to have the execution delayed. It’s okay. (They share a tender albeit chaste embrace) We’ll get through this, as a family.

Claire: You know?

William: I overheard you and Alex, and I’m not going to stand here and pretend it doesn’t hurt. But I have a forgiving heart, Claire, especially for the ones I love. And I will proudly raise this child as if it was my own. I’ll protect it with my life.

Claire (crying): William

William (we see he has been hiding flowers behind his back): Probably silly to think flowers would cheer you up in a moment like this, but I thought I’d give it a go.

Claire: My favorite flowers. (She apparently remembers what Gabriel said earlier and is visibly disturbed)

William: Well, at least they used to be.

Claire: Desert sage. (She takes a step back away from William) Why did you want to delay Gabriel’s execution?

William: I didn’t. I don’t – What do you mean? For the same reason you did.

Claire (as the pieces start to fall into place): The blindfold I found in your house, it was yours.

William: Claire, you’re not making sense.

Claire: You know who made perfect sense today? Gabriel, when he told me that you were an acolyte.

William: Claire, you can’t listen to Gabriel. He’s a liar. He’s just trying to get under your skin.

Claire: How would you know that? You’ve never met him, right?

William: No, of course not.

Claire: I held your hand. I-I prayed with you. I trusted you. (She begins crying)

William: Claire, this is a misunderstanding.

Claire: No, don’t touch me (pushing him away)

William: You’re not making sense.

Claire: Guards!

William: Claire.

Claire: Don’t touch me.

William: You’ve got this wrong.

Claire (to one of her guards): Take him to the servant quarters, and do not breathe a word of this to anyone.

William (as he is dragged out by two of her guards): No, Claire, hear me out! – Just let me explain!

Soldier: Go!

Claire: Bye, William.

Later, David Whele and Claire are in private conversation in House Riesen.

David: It’s a father’s worst nightmare.

Claire: The public can’t know the Principate was an acolyte.

William: Today, William was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He got in the way of Gabriel as he escaped.

Claire (with palpable disgust): I don’t want him made a hero in death. He was a coward.

David (calmly): I’ll handle the announcement, and the details.

Claire (coldly): And I’ll mourn him appropriately.

Cut to the desert outside Vega. We see a road sign that has been used for target practice. Gabriel stands by the sign as Uriel flies in and lands on the road.

Uriel: You always knew how to push brother’s buttons.

Gabriel: Just as I had predicted, he’s fallen back into his old ways.

Uriel: Is the chosen one coming too?

Gabriel: I’m cautiously optimistic about his loyalty. (He purposefully puts his hand on his still-sheathed sword) How about yours?

Uriel (pulling out her sword): As promised. (She kneels before Gabriel and offers her sword). My sword is yours. (Gabriel takes it. It is a regular sword, not the fancy folding sword she normally uses).


Cut to the Acolyte church. David Whele is leading the service. He and the others are blindfolded as usual.

David: In the absence of my son, Gabriel has asked me to lead this sacred congregation. Let us pray, all of us together. When we join with Gabriel

All: He will join with us.

David: When we offer him solemn loyalty

All: He will save us.

David (removing his blindfold): When we are broken

All: We are stronger in our broken places.

David: When we are stronger

All: We are worthy.

David: When we are worthy

All: We are safe.

David: When we join with Gabriel (We see him pouring gasoline on the floor)

All: He joins with us.

David: When we are stronger,

All: We are worthy.

David: When we are worthy

All: We are safe. (Unbeknownst to the acolytes, David lights a match and throws it into the gasoline, then leaves the service as the flames race towards the still blindfolded acolytes). When we join with Gabriel, he joins with us. When we offer him solemn loyalty, he will save us.

Coughing and screams as the flames reach the acolytes. David opens the door and escapes, locking the door behind him and then casually walking away as we hear the screams of people burning alive.

Cut to the barracks. Ethan is washing his face. He sees Alex walk in.

Ethan: Alex. Gabriel’s escaped. I’m hearing all kinds of crazy rumors about Michael. What the hell happened?

Alex: Ethan, I need to ask you a favor. I need you to give this to Claire. (He hands Ethan a letter in an envelope. There is apparently a sealing wax on the back).

Ethan: Come on, man, tell me what’s going on.

Alex: Someday I’ll explain everything to you, but right now, I need you to promise me you’ll look after her.

Ethan accepts the letter, and they hug.

Alex: Thank you, brother.

Ethan: Can you at least tell me where you’re going?

Alex: You know I can’t. (Alex affectionately cuffs Ethan’s face and then turns to leave)

Cut to the desert outside Vega. A Hummer driven by David Whele comes to a stop. He opens the back seat door, where William is sitting, his hands bound and a burlap bag over his head. He helps William out of the car.

William: Dad? What are you doing? (David takes the bag off William’s head and cuts his wrist ties) Where are we?

David: Claire wants you executed as a traitor.

William: Well, just give me a chance. I just need to explain to her. She doesn’t have any evidence.

David: She doesn’t need evidence. She’s Lady of the City. And you indicted yourself. (He checks his gun to see if there are bullets).

William (assuming the worst, kneels on the road): Ahh. Just make it quick.

David: You could have implicated me. You could have told Claire that I was involved, but you didn’t because you are loyal. You are strong. I may be broken, but I’m not gonna shoot my own son.

As William looks up, he is handed the gun. He stands up and looks around as David returns to the car to fetch a bag of supplies.


David: Food, water, supplies for two, maybe three days out here. (He hands the bag and a knife to William) Whatever you do, you can never come back to Vega. (He hugs William tightly to him, then affectionately ruffles his hair) Go.

William (as his father returns to the car): Will I see you again?

As David drives away, William walks into the desert scrub.

Cut to House Whele. Claire reads the letter Ethan gave her.

Alex (voiceover): My name is Alex Lannon. I’m your father. And these are the hardest words I’ve ever written.

Cut to the snowy cliffs outside Gabriel’s aerie, where Alex is climbing.

Alex (voiceover): When I was a boy, I was given a letter by my dad, a note that took me years to understand. My hope here is that the message is clear.

Flashback to Jeep hugging a young Alex

Alex (voiceover): Your father loved you and never wanted to leave you.

Cut to Michael flying

Alex (voiceover): It breaks my heart to say good-bye without ever meeting you. It’s what I had to do

Cut back to Claire reading the letter, crying

Alex (voiceover): not just for you, but for all of us. I do this to give you what I never had, a normal life, a family, happiness. Things in short supply.

Cut back to Alex climbing the cliff.

Alex (voiceover): But if you’re reading this, then chances are everything I’ve done will have been worth it. I love you. (He reaches the top and stands at the doorway to Gabriel’s aerie). More than you’ll ever know. Your father, Alex.
Taking a deep breath, Alex slowly walks toward the entrance. As the camera pans back we see many, many angels flying back to the aerie.


Detailed transcript for “Ouroboros” (1.7)

Detailed transcript for Episode 1.7, “Ouroboros.” Initially broadcast on July 31, 2014.

Version 1.1, 10/30/2014

Based on closed captioning posted at

Note: “GLouis” refers to lines spoken by Louis’s body when Gabriel possesses him, whether the audience sees the POV of outsiders seeing Louis or the audience sees Gabriel himself speaking the lines.

Voiceover: Previously on Dominion

Michael: Our brother’s learned a new trick. He knows how to possess the lower angels.

Gabriel: Does the child know about your colorful past?

Michael: Is that a threat?

Michael: I need your help, Louis. I understand you not wanting to go against your fellow angel.
Stand with me or leave Vega.

David: These angel-worshiping traitors when I find them, I will end them.

William: My acolytes need protecting at all costs.

Claire: As soon as this wedding is over, you’re gonna step down.

Alex: That isn’t just any eightball in there. That’s Claire’s mother. I’ve read the texts. I know about evictions.

Clementine: Shut your mouth!

Alex: Sanctify this vessel.

Clare: Do something!

Alex: Michael!

Michael: I can’t. No one can.

Claire suffocating Clementine


Subtitles: Babylonian Desert, 1900 BC

We see remains of a great battle. Smoke rising, bloody bodies and body parts as far as the eye can see. A massive slaughter has taken place. A young boy wakes up amidst the horror and begins to run. An angel flies overhead and lands. It is Michael, in Babylonian armor. His hair is long and matted. He extends a bloody hand to the boy and speaks in an unknown language.

Michael (subtitled): Don’t be afraid. [He smiles at the boy.]

The boy reaches out his hand to take Michael’s.

Cut to Gabriel’s aerie. Gabriel walks in and pours himself a drink.

Gabriel: Give me the room. [His angels leave as he takes a drink. He takes off his sword, resting it by the side of his chair, and settles into the seat. He loosens up, waving his hand to an unknown music as if conducting an orchestra.] Little pig, little pig

Cut to the Vega market.

Louis: This old V-5 lady, she gives me 100 chip

Customer: for a half-dozen peaches? Must be good peaches.

Louis: Well, she thought it was a 10. When I go to correct her – [cut back to Gabriel’s aerie]

Gabriel: Little pig let me in.

Louis: to rip [Louis stiffens up, as if having a mild seizure, and begins to breathe heavily]

[Gabriel opens his eyes and then we see Louis starting to catch his breath as he looks at his own hand. Gabriel has possessed Louis.]

Customer: Louis? Louis, you okay?

[Glouis picks up a peach and smells it. We see Gabriel there instead of Louis]

GLouis: Never better. I don’t know what came over me.

Customer: You work too hard.

GLouis: Mmm. You’re right. I think I have earned some “Me Time,” haven’t I? [Bites peach]

Cut to outside Vega, what looks like abandoned trailers. Two rotted/mummified corpses are sitting in lawn chairs. They committed suicide long ago. We hear a commotion inside one trailer, like someone is rifling around looking for something. We see it is a male eight-ball. He laughs and emerges with a pack of cigarettes.]

Dirge: I win. [He puts one in his mouth and tosses one of the corpses out of a chair to sit down. He takes out a match and strikes it against the other corpse’s head to light it. He relishes the first drag.]

Michael (off camera): Those things will kill you.

Dirge laughs at Michael.

Cut to the outskirts of Vega, an abandoned building with the sign “Nude & XXX Shop.” Alex has Dirge chained up and locked in a peep show booth inside. Dirge is growling and generally displeased.

Alex: Sanctify this vessel. [Michael sits nearby, holding the Apocrypha]

Dirge: Don’t you know who I am?

Alex: Your name is Jonathan Reese.

Dirge: His name is Jonathan Reese. My name –

Alex: Dirge, we know.

Dirge: Ha ha ha ha!

Alex: Sanctify this vessel.

Michael: Perhaps the Apocrypha. [He offers the book to Alex]

Alex: I don’t need to read the damn book anymore.

Michael: Says who?

Alex: Says the markings.

Michael: You might have told me that. That signifies progress.

Alex: Yeah, and I’m trying to build on that progress. Save human lives. [more softly] Sanctify this vessel.

Dirge (mocking): Sanctify this vessel.

Alex gets frustrated and kicks furniture.

Michael: I applaud your enthusiasm, but overconfidence is a trap.

Alex: I know how this works. I burned the angel out of Claire’s mom.

Michael: Clementine was a unique case. For want of a better word, she was domesticated by the General. It might have had an effect.

Alex: Yeah, well, what about this one? [reaches down into a pile and pulls out a driver’s license and hands to Michael] Florida. Wasn’t anywhere near domesticated. Brought him back to the surface for five minutes.

Michael: Five minutes, and then he went into convulsions and died. And these are the only ones who carried I.D.s. [Grabs another one of the licenses] What about Nevada? I believe I was out when you worked on her.

Alex: Yeah, you don’t want to know about Nevada.

Michael: Yes, I do.

Alex: Snapped her own neck before I could finish.

Michael: Spiritual matters have never been an exact science.

Alex (referring to Dirge): He’s a lost cause, isn’t he? This poor son of a bitch.

Michael: Don’t pity him. Those who knew the body have long since mourned.

Alex (picks up his gun and points it at Dirge): Sorry.

Dirge: Oh, are you?

Alex: Wasn’t talking to you, Dirge. (He shoots the eightball through the glass)

Michael: I agreed to let you hone your skills, but this is becoming a fool’s errand.

Alex: Better a fool who tries and fails than a coward who sits around and does nothing. (he laughs) We’ve been hanging out too much.

Michael: You can’t keep doing this to yourself.

Alex: I can, and I will until I get it right.

Cut to House Whele. David is in bed, nursing his broken rips. William is trying to get his father to eat soup.

William: You have to eat.

David: You’re insane.

William: You need your strength.

David: Worshiping Gabriel, that despicable piece of shit.

William: I’m looking out for myself, okay? Something you taught me from a very young age. And now I’m looking out for you.

David: Don’t patronize me.

William: I’m trying to save you.

David: That’s what I used to tell people on TV, usually accompanied by a 1-800 number.

William opens up David’s shirt, exposing a very red, nasty bruise.

William: Yes, but I’m not you, am I, Father? Because I’m telling the truth. [He begins to rub ointment on the bruise. His father winces in pain] When the end comes there will be humans who are spared, and the ones I care about will be among them.

David: I’m not of your acolytes, and I never will be.

William: I teach one thing. That the chosen one will save us.

David: Oh, please. [He slowly sits up and swings his legs out of bed]

William: But my sheep from the savior church don’t need to know their time is near. They’re comforted by those words. But we wise and fortunate followers of Gabriel know that he will only bring about their end.

David: Will you listen to yourself? You’re delusional.

William starts to spoonfeed the soup but David knocks it away.

William (swinging his father’s legs back into bed as David complains in pain): Says the man who thought building a wall around a city would keep him safe. When all he actually ever needed was Gabriel.

David: You can go on as much as you like about Gabriel. This is about how I mistreated you, isn’t it?

William: Gabriel teaches us where one breaks, one becomes stronger. And you, Father, have given me more strength than I can measure.

David: I never thought you had the balls for revenge.

William: This isn’t about revenge. This is about love.

David weakly laughs as William leaves.

Cut to elsewhere in House Whele. Claire is waiting for William.

William: Claire. I’m so sorry to keep you waiting. Is everything okay? Your father?

Claire: Yes, he’s fine. Actually, I’m here with good news.

William: I was beginning to wonder if there ever was such a thing.

Claire: Mm-hmm, there is. I want to move the wedding forward.

William: That’s, uh. That’s great news.

Claire: Yes, it is. (she hugs him)

William: How soon did you have in mind?

Claire: Next week.

William: Claire, I’m thrilled, but why the rush?

Claire: I’m gonna level with you, William. I fought to keep my father in office when the Senate went after him, and I’m just not sure it was a good idea. I feel if we get married sooner, then I can take the burden of running the city off his shoulders quicker. How’s your father?

William: He’s taken a bit of a turn, actually, with his pneumonia.

Claire: Shouldn’t he be in the infirmary?

William: Yeah, but you know him. He can’t have anyone see him weak, even if it means he suffers.

Claire: Well, tell him his future daughter-in-law – says “Get well soon.”

William: I will. Thank you. (he kisses her on the cheek)

Cut to the barracks locker room. Alex is showering. We see the tattoos in all their glory. Noma comes in, Alex can’t hide his tattoos. She seems to ignore them as she starts showering.

Noma: We missed you at the bar tonight.

Alex: Otherwise occupied.

Noma: Yeah, uh-huh. I made a toast in your honor. If you were there, you would have killed me. About Claire moving up the wedding.

Alex: Old news.

Noma: Then why do you look like someone killed your dog?

Alex: Since when are V-2s allowed dogs, hmm?

Noma: Oh, poor guy.: I’d offer you some Scotch, but someone drank it all.
Alex: It’s been a rough few weeks.

Noma: It’ll be a lot less rough if you loop me in. Or Ethan. Or anyone.

Alex: There’s nothing to be looped in about.

Noma (she turns off the water): Look, if you don’t cheer up, you’re gonna leave me no choice. (she sticks out a hand as if to slap him)

Alex: Nomes –

Noma: Hmm?

Alex: I’m not playing this game. (She slaps him and they both laugh)

Alex: No, don’t, okay? Please (She slaps him again) Ah! – [Both laughing]

(Alex slaps her butt)

Noma: Stop! It’s just your face every time I’m sorry, just it’s sad that I have to hurt you to make you laugh. (she slaps him again, but more gently)

Alex: [Chuckling] Okay, okay.

Noma (seriously): I guess the chosen one can laugh, huh? (She goes to touch him and he puts a hand over his chest to block her touch)

Alex: Ah –

Noma: What? I’m not blind. Jeep passed them on to you, didn’t he? (She begins touching his body all over as she examines the tattoos) Maybe they mean you’re something special. Maybe they don’t mean anything at all. To me, you’ll always be plain old Alex. I’ve known you way too long to be impressed by a couple of tattoos.

Alex: And I’ve known you too long to believe you. (She begins stroking his skin and kisses his back) Things are different now, Nomes.

Noma: Why? Can the chosen one still have a good time?

They kiss. Cut to them pushing their way into a storage closet while kissing passionately. They quickly shed their clothes and get down to business.

Cut to the Infirmary where we see Gabriel walking up to Jeffrey the medic.

GLouis: Brother Jeffrey.

Jeffrey: Louis. You can’t be here. For a million reasons, but mainly because I’m tired of you asking me about this Michael thing. I’m still neutral. Becoming some operative for Michael isn’t in the cards.

GLouis: Then you should align with Gabriel.

Jeffrey: That maniac? I’m not stupid.

GLouis: You know, he’s not such a bad guy, once you get to know him.

Sunrise in Vega. Becca is taking a run through Vega with her bodyguards in tow. She stops for a break.

Becca: Take five.

Bodyguard: You got it, Senator.

As Becca stretches, she sees blood on the sole of one sneaker.

Becca: What the (She sees her bloody footprints. She sees a pool of blood and her bodyguards rejoin her.)

Bodyguard: What is it?

Becca and the bodyguards look upward and see three higher angels strung up from the rafters of a tall building, including Jeffrey. They are all dead.

Becca: Get Riesen on the radio.

Bodyguard: Yes, ma’am. (Into radio) Control, we need General Riesen down here now.

A crowd gathers and soldiers keep order as Michael and Becca (now in her regular clothes) look up at the dead angels.

Becca: Did you know, Michael, that they were higher angels that were living inside our walls?

Michael: A medic, a bank clerk, an engineer. By all accounts these men and women were ordinary citizens of Vega seeking asylum at a dangerous time. No different than you.

Becca: You didn’t answer my question. You stood in front of the Senate, and you told them –

Michael: I told them what they wanted to hear so they wouldn’t go after innocent citizens.

Becca: Like General Riesen’s maid?

Michael: How was I to know she’d side with my brother?

Becca: The people have faith in you, Michael. And you lied to us – all of us.

Michael: You’re right to keep your distance from me.

Becca: Riesen’s blowing the rest of the tunnels and activating the guns. If any more of your kind attempt to leave, they’ll be torn to shreds.

Michael: Then we’ll all be that much safer, won’t we? (He turns and walks away. As he does, Riesen walks up behind Becca.)

Soldier: [Over bullhorn] Return to your homes. Return to your homes.

Riesen: Did he know they were higher angels?

Becca: No. He’s as surprised as we are. Before you burn the remains, I want time with them in the lab.

Riesen: Find out everything you can about them. And work on that poker face. I can always tell when you’re lying. Careful, Becca. (He leaves)

Noma, Alex, and Ethan watch as they lower the dead angels from the rafters.

Noma: That’s awful.

Ethan: Awful? The person who did this should get a big fat reward.

Alex: You think this is a good thing?

Ethan: Angels dying? Yeah, I do.

Alex: All this is gonna do is make people paranoid. Everyone’s gonna be looking at each other differently now.

Ethan: Good. We all need to be on the lookout.

Noma: For what? – These people never hurt anyone.

Ethan: Angels are not people.

Noma: That medic stitched up your face when you totaled the rover, Ethan.

Ethan: Since when have you gone soft on the enemy?

Alex: I don’t like anyone innocent getting killed.

Ethan: Don’t fall for it, Alex. I told you. They’re not people. They just look like it. Trust me. The first ones that came down they were animals. The shit I saw –

Michael: Sergeant Lannon. A word.

Soldier [Over bullhorn]: This is your final warning. You must vacate the premises. Anyone not [Continues indistinctly]

Alex (following Michael into a corridor): Michael. (Michael shoves him into a wall) Hey!

Michael: Did you do this?

Alex: Michael, I had to set Felicia on fire and kick her out of a window just to barely walk away from that fight. These guys all look like they just let someone cut them up. (Michael releases Alex and turns away. He is obviously frustrated, angry) You knew them.

Michael: They were neutrals. I gave them the choice to stay in Vega or leave. I shouldn’t have left them an option.

Alex: There’s more of ’em? Why didn’t you tell me?

Michael: You didn’t need to know. The others need to be warned. They’re in danger.

Alex: Well then what the hell are you talking to me for?

Michael: My presence will only draw attention to them.

Alex: I’ll do it. You’ve been catching eight-balls for me. I owe you a solid.

Michael: Yes, you do. (He writes something on a piece of paper) Go and see a higher named Louis. This address. Tell him to warn the others. Though their true nature can be discerned, they must not attempt to flee or they’ll be gunned down.

Alex: I thought higher angels couldn’t be detected.

Michael: Not without help. (He stalks off)

Cut to House Whele. David is locked in his room. He gets dressed, despite the pain. He takes apart a lampshade, removing a stiff wire, which he uses to pick the lock on his door and open it. He sees one of his house guards.

Lieutenant Halloran: It’s nice to see you on your feet, sir.

David: How much do you know?

Lieutenant Halloran: More than the others.

David: Will you help me?

Lieutenant Halloran: If you promise not to shiv me.

David: [Laughs] Well, don’t give me a reason.

Lieutenant Halloran: This way, sir. (He takes David to an elevator)

David (tying his tie): Once I’m out, have the house secured and have my son arrested and brought down through the streets in handcuffs. None of this back-alley limo stuff.

Lieutenant Halloran: Yes, sir (While David’s back is to him, Halloran pushes a different button on the elevator panel).

David: He may have drugged me, but this sure as hell doesn’t look like the garage.

Lieutenant Halloran (grabbing David): That’s because it’s not. (As they walk we see it is the floor with the lion enclosure)

David: You ungrateful prick. If it wasn’t for me, you’d be down on the island eating bread crusts with the other V-1s.

Lieutenant Halloran: What’s my name, Mr. Whele?

David: Lieutenant Halloran. You’ve been in my employ for six years.

Lieutenant Halloran: What’s my first name? William asked me on Day One. (He shoves David to the ground and walks away. We hear Samson snarling and see him through the bars of his enclosure)

Cut to Uriel’s abode. The place has been ransacked. Everything is smashed. A disheveled Uriel is drinking champagne out of the bottle to drown her sorrows.

Michael: Uriel?

Uriel: Too late. You missed all the fun.

Michael: Is that Champagne?

Uriel: Mm. [Laughs] Special occasion. Getting my ass kicked. It’s a Juglar. Two hundred years at the bottom of the sea. Thought I’d treat myself while my wounds healed. (She shows Michael the painting he had given her – it too is smashed. She tosses it away).

Michael: Gabriel laid hands on you for the ledger.

Uriel: Each and every higher angel’s name and nest. Which, unfortunately for me, only lives up here (She touches the bottle to her head). You said I was being too sentimental. But somebody had to keep track of the family – after the diaspora. Guess the joke’s on me. Brother threatened to cut off my ears so I’d never hear Chopin again. (Turns off the old Victrola that had been playing piano music) Bastard.

Michael: Uriel. How many neutrals did you reveal to Gabriel?

Uriel: Only the ones hidden in Vega. That’s all he wanted. For recruitment, I assume.

Michael: He’s murdering them.

Uriel: How?

Michael: Someone they knew got close enough to them to be able to kill them without a fight.

Uriel: Perhaps he recruited another higher to do his dirty work?

Michael: And what about possession?

Uriel: [Scoffs] With a lower? Absolutely. But a higher angel? He’s not that strong. Did you try summoning him?

Michael: Words are no longer an option.

Cut to Alex at an apartment at Treasure Island in which GLouis is looking at a book.

Alex: Not the best neighborhood to keep your door open, especially after what happened in the marketplace this morning.

GLouis: Tragic. I’m Louis, by the way. But I’m sure you already knew that. And you’re right. I should be more careful. You’re Michael’s boy, right? Mankind’s final savior. Miracle made of flesh and all that. When I saw those bodies, I had a feeling Michael would send you to see me. Beer?

Alex: No. Tell the other angels they cannot flee, or they’ll be shot down.

GLouis : Did Michael send you on this errand and not tell you that we already know about you? [Laughs] Oh, well he’s been keeping secrets for so long, I’m sure even he has a hard time remembering what’s fact and fiction.

Alex: Listen, Michael told me to tell you to stay put and to warn the others. The General’s armed the anti-air guns. You try to go over the wall, you’re gonna get shot down.

GLouis: Well, I appreciate Michael’s concern. He truly has grown as a person.

Alex: What’s that supposed to mean?

GLouis: Ah, you know Michael. Doesn’t like to talk about himself much. I sure wouldn’t if I were him. But he and I go way back. I knew him before he changed.

Alex: Changed from what?

GLouis: How familiar are you with something called The Book of Genesis? (He tosses a Bible to Alex) Or any of the older creation myths?

Alex: Not much of a reader.

GLouis: Most have a common thread. There was a Great Flood that cleansed the Earth of all the sinners and ingrates and hedonists and generally everything worth anything.

Alex: The Noah story. I’ve heard of it.

GLouis: Exactly. Just like with Noah. Except Noah, the real story, he wasn’t saving animals.

Alex: What’s this got to do with Michael?

GLouis: You humans. You can’t wrap your minds around things, so you make up metaphors like giant floods. Then those metaphors stick, and you take them literally. But trust me. It wasn’t an ark Noah built. It was a bunker to protect people.

Alex: Protect people from what?

GLouis: The real question is from whom? (Alex takes the offered beer)

Cut to lion enclosure. David is inside the enclosure area while William is on the balcony above.

William: Ouroboros.

David: Gesundheit.

William: Ancient cultures worshiped the symbol Ouroboros. It’s an image of a snake eating its own tail.
Devouring itself. Compelled by a hunger it can’t control.

David: See, insights like that tempt me to say the money used on your education was well spent. But feed me to my own lion? Really? Use your imagination.

William: You’re the snake, Father. And the only way for you to survive now – is to end your hunger. Check the box. (Camera pans to the box that Arika’s gift gun was in) You need to remove that which you cannot help but pursue and devour David Whele. (The gun is inside. David grabs it and points it up at William) You might want to check the cylinder before you pull that trigger.

David (opening barrel): A single bullet. Quite the dilemma. (Samson is let out of his cage) Come on, this is ludicrous! (Samson walks around David, roaring)

William: Illumination will lead you to elevation, Father. You’re a man who lost everything. Who had to prove to the world that he wasn’t just a survivor, but he could cage the king of the jungle. But then he became your sigil, your brand. Samson is David Whele’s ultimate act of self-deification. You spent your entire life chasing this idea consuming and devouring yourself like Ouroboros.

David: Come on, William. Get me out of here!

William: It’s time to let go, Father. Only then will your soul be open to salvation.

David: I don’t need saving!

William: We all need saving.

David: You can break my ribs, starve me, feed me to the lions, but I will not bow down before any man.
Not to any angel! I’d rather be torn apart and eaten alive! (David starts crying) Your mother would be ashamed.

William: Yes. She would.

We hear a gunshot and no more lion sounds. David begins to sob. We see Samson’s dead body.

Cut to the barracks.

Noma: Hey. Where you been? Finch is on my ass about you. I’m running out of cover stories.

Alex: Running errands for Michael. I’m on shift in 30.

Noma: Okay. Wait. (She grabs the book) The Bible? Was I really that bad that I drove you to religion?

Alex: No.

Noma (seriously): Hey. You know you can always trust me.

Alex: Yeah. You know it’s just something someone said. This guy earlier.

Noma: What?

Alex: Have you ever thought, how well do we really know Michael? I mean, really.

Noma: What do you mean?

Alex (uncovering his wrist): This tattoo. It reads, “Beware those closest to you.” And with everything this guy said –

Female soldier: Noma, we have to go.

Noma: I – Uh –

Alex: Go, go.

Noma: Can we talk about this later?

Alex: Yeah.

Noma: Sorry, Alex. (She leaves)

Cut to Ethan and Alex on duty in the city streets.

Ethan: So, uh, you and Nomes. Like a “Back How It Used to Be” serious thing, or a “Much Needed Romp After Claire” kind of thing?

Alex: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Ethan: I’m talking about those noises coming from the supply closet last night.

Alex’s earpiece beeps

Alex: Lannon

GLouis (over earpiece) : It’s Louis.

Alex: How’d you get this channel?

GLouis: Please. I need you to meet me at the Stratosphere. It’s an emergency. And please come alone.

Ethan: Everything all right?

Cut to the Stratosphere. Alex enters.

Alex: Louis? Louis? What’s the emergency?

GLouis (sitting in a chair,very much making himself at home): I needed to see Michael, but he isn’t here.

Alex: Well, he’ll be back soon, but you shouldn’t be here.

GLouis: Oh, don’t you get it? This is the safest place for me to be.

Alex: Why?

GLouis: Because I know who the killer is.

Noma (walking in): Louis? Louis, you shouldn’t be up here.

Alex: Noma? What are you doing here?

Noma: Alex.

GLouis: I called her. Don’t you see? She’s here to teach you a lesson.

Alex: Teach me a lesson about what?

GLouis: Why none of you should trust Michael.

Noma: Louis. Louis, don’t.

GLouis: I suppose the proof is always in the pudding, isn’t it? (He pushes Noma out the open window)

Alex: No! (He shoots at GLouis. He looks out the window in horror) Noma! (GLouis chucks in the background. We see wings – she’s an angel! Alex sighs in relief).

Cut to Michael sitting in the Stratosphere with Alex and GLouis.

Alex: You told me you’d never lie to me.

Michael: I didn’t lie to you.

Alex: Right. You just neglected to tell me that one of my closest friends, one of the last people I really cared about in this damn place, the one person I really trusted the one person is a higher angel.

Michael: You can still trust her.

Alex: Did your spy know who I was before I did?

Michael: She wasn’t a spy. I simply needed you protected.

Alex: Protected from who?

Michael: Yourself! (GLouis chuckles) You wouldn’t need looking after if you weren’t such a reckless mess.

Alex: I may be a reckless mess, but at least I know who I am! Who the hell are you?

Michael: I’m the one that’s been watching over you your entire life. Waiting for you to step up to the promise that’s been woven into every ounce of your being by divine will. And here we are on the precipice, on the brink of everything we’ve been working for, struggling for, and you question my motives?

GLouis chuckles.

Alex: You shut up! (To Michael) It’s hard not to.

Michael: This isn’t about humans versus angels. This is about what’s right and what’s wrong.

Alex: This is about guilt, isn’t it?

GLouis: Bravo.

Michael (grabs GLouis by the throat): You murdered them.

GLouis: I did.

Michael: They were neutral.

GLouis: Neutrality is a myth propagated by those of thin conviction [purposefully Gabriel’s voice] And even weaker constitution.

Michael: Gabriel.

GLouis: Hello, brother.

Alex: He can possess higher angels now?

GLouis: Well, I’ve been practicing. You’d be surprised at what you’re capable of if you set your mind to it.

Michael: You’ve sunk to a new low, brother.

GLouis: It’s the only way I could tell the chosen one the truth about you. (Michael throws GLouis across the room) Your path should not be led by a misguided archangel, Alex. It should be led by me!

Michael: I’d kill you right now if you weren’t using an innocent body as a shield.

GLouis: Innocence is in the eye of the beholder. This body was happy to sell produce while a war was waged in his behalf.

Michael: You slaughtered them because they were pacifists.

GLouis: They were sacrificed for a greater cause, to finally shake this city’s blind faith in you. (Michael puts a blade to his neck) Yeah, he’s a deceitful bastard, Alex, who’s been hiding you from me.

Alex: Sanctify this vessel. Sanctify this vessel.

GLouis: An eviction? What year is it again?

Alex: Sanctify this vessel.

GLouis: [Laughing] Oh, this is adorable. It truly is.

Alex: Sanctify this vessel.

GLouis: [Breath hitches] – Ha ha –

Alex: Sanctify this vessel. Sanctify this vessel!

GLouis: I love your ambition.

Alex: Sanctify this vessel.

GLouis: But you do know who I am?

Michael: I believe he does.

Alex: Sanctify this vessel! Sanctify. Sanctify. (Louis collapses into Michael’s arms)

Cut to Gabriel’s aerie. He is abruptly forced out of Louis and tumbles out of his chair onto the floor in a quite inelegant faceplant.

Uriel: Back so soon?

Gabriel: It seems Michael has taught the boy how to perform an eviction.

Uriel: So he truly is the chosen one, isn’t he?

Gabriel: Yes.

Uriel: And the dead? Was killing three of our own worth it?

Gabriel: It certainly wound up Michael. Won’t be long until we have another flood on our hands. (Laughs as he takes a drink)

Cut to House Whele. A catatonic, broken, David is finally letting William feed him soup.

Cut to a Vega hanger/warehouse/garage where the bodies of dead angels are laid out under sheets/drop cloths. There are many bloody bodies.

Michael: They knew the guns were trained on them, yet they fled, shot down before they could clear the walls.

Alex: Something tells me Gabriel didn’t deliver your message. Are these all of them?

Michael: With the exception of Noma, yes.

Alex: Michael. Your brother told me things about you. Things about your past. About the Flood. Is it true? Michael. Is it true?

Michael: Don’t listen to my brother. (He stalks off)

Alex: Hey, I’m still talking to you! We’re not done here! You hear me?

Cut to Babylon, where the beginning flashback left off. Michael extending his hand to that boy.

Michael (in foreign language with subtitles): Don’t be afraid.

The boy takes Michael’s hand. Gabriel lands behind them. His hair is longer as well.

Gabriel: Let the boy go!

Michael raises his sword menacingly and the boy cowers. Gabriel attacks Michael and tosses him away from the boy.

Gabriel (in foreign language with subtitles): Run boy, run. (The boy runs)

Gabriel: Father’s Great Flood, sent to cleanse the Earth. Let every nation tremble before his might.

Michael: They’ve begun to worship our kind over Father. He’ll never let that abide.

Gabriel: So you kill them? Every man, woman, and child?

Michael: It’s what he asked me to do. Father always taught us never to leave our chores unfinished.

As they threaten each other with swords, Uriel lands between them, blades raised to both of them.

Uriel: Stop.

Gabriel: Of all the pleasures this world makes available to us, he chooses murder?

Michael: I’m just ensuring the natural order of things. (He walks closer to Uriel’s sword, resting his neck against it as he smiles evilly) And what’s more natural than death?


Detailed Transcript of “Black Eyes Blue”

Detailed transcript of Dominion episode 1.6 “Black Eyes Blue.”

Version 1.1

First broadcast July 24, 2014.

Based on closed captioning transcript found at

Voiceover: Previously on Dominion

Arika: You need me.

David: I need Helena’s air force. She’s pushing for a vote of no-confidence in the senate to force him to relinquish his seat.

Claire: You’re gonna support her vote, aren’t you?

David: It might be what’s best for Vega.

Clementine: You made me believe that I was someone else.

Riesen: Have you been outside the hotel?

Clementine: I wanted to leave her a gift.

Riesen: You murdered that man in the market.

Riesen: This needs to end. I need her taken down.

Clementine: Please don’t kill me. I have a family. I have a daughter.

Claire: To my mother.

Sunrise in Vega. Michael is walking with purpose down an internal hallway. He meets up with Alex, who opens the (conveniently) see-through door.

Michael: An old casino vault.

Michael looks around the trashed room and we follow the camera up a heavy chain to see Clementine on the ceiling, the chain attached to a metal band around her waist. She initially snarls at Michael, then scurries down the wall and cowers in the corner.

Clementine: Please don’t hurt me.

Michael: What on Earth have you done? (Michael and Alex leave the room) You radioed in and confirmed the eightball had been executed.

Alex: It was a way to buy time.

Michael: It was a lie.

Alex: I made a judgment call.

Michael: A bad one.

Clementine: Please let me go. Please?

Alex: That isn’t just any eightball in there. That’s Claire’s mother.

Michael: Vicious and unpredictable all the same.

Alex: Wait. You already knew it was her mother.

Michael: Riesen asked me specifically to handle the situation. And he’s under the impression she’s been taken care of. She’s a threat to the city.

Alex: This is different. She knows things about Claire, things that only Claire’s mother could know. I think she’s still in there.

Michael: No, she isn’t.

Clementine: Archangel, I’ll leave Vega. I’ll go. I’ll go right now.

Michael: You’re not going anywhere.

Alex: I’ve read the texts. I know about evictions. It says the possessed will find salvation at the hands of the chosen one.

Michael: Those are just the words of scared men. Now, go in there and end this, or I will.

Alex: You keep telling me I’m destined to lead, to save mankind. And here I am incapable of helping this one possessed soul. I won’t accept that. I know you’re trying to protect me, but that’s not what I need.

Michael: Then what do you need?

Alex: Your help. Claire was robbed of her mother. The only memories that she has are from the stories she’s been told. What if I can help bring her mom back?

Michael: Alex, I have seen evictions attempted many times before. Believe me, the dangers not only to the host but to you are indescribable.

Alex (Looking at Clementine): It’s a risk I’m willing to take.

Cut to House Riesen. Claire walks into her father’s study, her hands behind her back. She clears her throat to get his attention.

Riesen: I hope I don’t say something to ruin that smile.

Claire: Oh, no, it won’t. This one’s here to stay. I found your gift. Must have fallen off the night stand.
It was next to my bed. (She pulls out the music box). It’s so beautiful.

Riesen: I was surprised you didn’t mention it last night at the engagement dinner. Now I know why.

Claire: Aw, were you sitting there the whole time thinking I hated it?

Riesen: Not the whole time. All right, the whole time.

She opens the box and we hear “Beautiful Dreamer.”

Claire: This song, mom used to sing it to me, didn’t she? (Riesen nods slightly) Sometimes I forget just how much I miss her.

Riesen: Yeah. I miss her too.

Claire: It is the perfect gift. (She kisses him) I love it. Thank you so much, Dad. I’m gonna go listen to it. (She begins to leave)

Riesen: Claire. I need your help with David Whele. This no-confidence vote.

Claire: What no-confidence vote? I thought he was dropping that.

Riesen: No, he’s moving forward, and quickly. He’s managed to convene a meeting for later today. That said, I’d like you to attend a meeting with me today at the house.

Claire: Yes, of course.

Cut to the Savior park/statue/outside church. William is walking around among the empty white folding chairs rehearsing a sermon. His father approaches unnoticed.

William (to himself): The work of God is simply this, the belief in the one –

David: Principate.

William: Father. What a pleasant surprise.

David: Is that how you would describe it?

William: An unexpected surprise. You know, I can’t remember the last time you attended my service –

David: I don’t plan on staying. This was found in our home (takes out black acolyte blindfold/mask. He pauses as William looks uncomfortable. Then he smiles and claps William on the shoulder). I’m impressed, William. You’ve discovered yet another one of these. Your investigation into Gabriel’s under-church is really coming along.

William: Yes, sorry, I forgot to mention.

David: You’re getting closer to exposing these angel-worshipping traitors.

William: Yes, I am.

David: These, uh. What do you call them? – These

Both: Black acolytes,

David: yeah. I think they’ve infiltrated the upper V’s.

William: What makes you say that?

David: I don’t know. Just a hunch. When I find them, I will end them. (dramatic pause) Have a wonderful service, son. I’m with you in spirit. (David leaves)

Cut to Uriel’s home. She is doing ballet. She turns and Michael is sitting there unannounced.

Uriel: Can’t you knock? Or flap your wings or something?

Michael: Well, then I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the show.

Uriel: You need something from me.

Michael: I’d like to offer you a trade. (He shows her a small painting)

Uriel: Vermeer’s ‘Lady with a Flute.’ I’ve been searching the world for one of his works. Where did you find it?

Michael: The Wynn Hotel.

Uriel: What do you want?

Michael: The Apocrypha.

Uriel: As far as I know, the Apocrypha is only used for one thing. Tell me that’s not what you’re planning to do. Is a human soul more important to you than one of your own kind?

Michael: The chosen one is demanding it. You said to train him. Well, this is part of his training.

Uriel: Have you forgotten that even with the Apocrypha, trying to save a possessed is futile?

Michael: No, but failure is a grand first lesson.

Uriel: Gabriel would be very upset if I handed the book over to you.

Michael: This has nothing to do with him.

Uriel: [Scoffs] Don’t think I’m an idiot. We both know that the eviction of one eightball could open the door to saving many others, and that has everything to do with Gabriel.

Michael: Do we have a deal or not?

Uriel: Keep the painting. There’s something else I want.

Cut to the stratosphere. Alex is sitting, shirtless, on Michael’s bed. Uriel is carefully examining the tattoos.

Uriel (rather lasciviously): I am starting to get a much clearer picture of why you’ve been keeping him all to yourself.

Alex: Your sister is making me uncomfortable.

Michael: Welcome to my world.

Alex: You realize I’m the only one who can translate them, and I’m not even having much luck.

Uriel: I’m not so interested in their translation at the moment.

Michael: Then why the need to see them?

Uriel: Artistic merit. These markings are a divine creativity, handed down by my father. (She strokes one of the tattoos on the back of his shoulder and Alex squirms)

Alex: All right. All right. Show’s over. Where’s the book?

Uriel (Hands it over to Alex): Careful. She’s seen better days.

Alex (unwraps cloth covering an old leather-bound book): So you said I need this to save her. Now what?

Uriel: Have you not told him about the book’s wonderfully complicated history?

Michael: Seemed premature seeing as though we didn’t have the book in hand, nor was I sure we ever would.

Uriel: Well, you have it now.

Alex: What’s she talking about?

Michael: Alex, you’re holding the writings of the first and only prophet to ever conduct the eviction of an angel. Many have held that book, attempted its prayers. All have failed.

Alex: Are you saying there’s been angel possessions for thousands of years?

Michael: The only kind of possessions I know of. Humans have always failed to see them for what they really were.

Alex (thumbing through the pages): I don’t know, maybe, maybe the evictions have always failed because no one could read it. Look. I mean the pages are faded. (He shows it to Michael. Michael is surprised, but when he looks at Uriel he sees her smiling)

Michael: The only way to save Claire’s mother is to figure out that prayer.

Alex takes deep breaths and concentrates. We see tattoos flowing up his back onto his arms and then letters (Ancient Greek?) materializing onto the pages.

Michael: You can read them.

Alex: Yes, I can.

Cut to market. William is winding his way through the crowd.

William (to random person): Good morning

William enters a small open air café. Paul, his recent acolyte, rushes over to greet him.

Paul: Table for one?

William: Please.

Paul (pulls out William’s chair for him): Welcome, Principate. (Hands him a menu)

William: My father found that blindfold you forced into my hands. Gather the acolytes. Tell them you’re speaking on my behalf and let them know they need to disband for the time being.

Paul: Disband? Do we really need to go there?

William: My father is a dedicated and resourceful man. He’s close. If he exposes us, we’ll be dragged outside the city walls and shot. Do what I say and do it now.

Cut to the bank vault. Michael enters and confronts Clementine, who is cowering in a corner.

Michael: Come here. (More loudly) Come here!

Clementine (blowing before him): Have mercy, Archangel. Spare me, and I’ll disappear.

Michael: To where? You’re an eightball.

Clementine: Don’t call me that.

Michael: It’s what you are, and always will be. Let’s not forget you murdered two people in Vega.

Clementine: I had no choice. They were going to hurt me.

Michael: You made your choice long ago with the other lower angels. You could have stayed out of this war, remained out there with the others. But instead you chose to take a body, a life, and by doing so, became part of Gabriel’s army.

Clementine: I panicked. And as soon as I realized what I did, I regretted it. I tried to fix it.

Michael: By doing what? By living as a human.

Clementine: What did you expect us to do? Just wait out there in the nothingness? I didn’t have the luxury of a body like the higher angels. I have done nothing but respect this vessel. I have lived an honest life, a life of love. A life of redemption. You believe in redemption, don’t you, Michael?

This apparently hits a nerve with Michael and he puts a blade to her throat, then turns away and leaves

Cut to House Riesen

Soldier (letting Arika in): The General will see you.

Riesen: Madam Arika, thank you for accepting my invitation.

Arika (walking right past Riesen to his daughter): Lady Riesen, what a pleasant and welcome surprise.

Claire: Yes, well, I insisted.

Riesen: Claire will be guiding Vega into the future very soon.

Arika: How exciting. Another city in the cradle to be governed by an intelligent and inspiring woman.

Claire: Yes. Unfortunately, there is a very disruptive influence in Vega. Poses a real threat to our future plans.

Arika: Well, David’s influence is of little importance to me. What I value are the promises he’s made.

Claire: And how confident are you that he’ll keep those promises?

Female soldier interrupts: Pardon, Miss Riesen. Urgent message. (Hands Claire a piece of paper)

Claire: Thank you. (Reads note) I apologize. I will just be a moment.

Riesen (to Arika): Change of venue?

Claire walks out to the corridor, where Alex is waiting.

Claire: Alex, what are you doing here?

Alex: You need to come with me.

Claire: Well, I can’t just come with you. I’m in the middle of –

Alex: Listen to me, something has happened, and it’s best you just come with me and I’ll show you.

Claire: Whatever it is, it’s just gonna have to wait.

Alex: Claire, this can’t wait.

Alex takes Claire down to the bank vault.

Claire: Alex, where are we going?

Alex: In there.

Claire looks inside bank vault and sees the eightball. Clementine sees Claire and recognizes her.

Clementine: Ah, my little girl my little girl. [Laughing and crying] – Claire! – Oh! Claire! (Claire backs away, in shock)

Clementine: Oh, my baby.

Claire (confused): What is happening, Alex?

Alex: Let me explain. I was just protecting Vega from another eightball attack. I didn’t know who she was until I had her trapped. There was an order to take her down, and I just couldn’t do it.

Clementine: Baby, Claire.

Claire [Whispering]: Does my father know about this? (Alex nods) Alex, how much does my father know?

Alex: Everything. He’s been keeping her for years. Outside the walls, in the Luxor.

Claire: Why? Why would he do that?

Alex: Because he’s been having a relationship with her.

Claire: [Laughs] That’s ridiculous. Who told you that?

Alex: She did. She did, Claire, and I believe her. She knows too many details to be lying.

Claire: How could he do something so disgusting?

Alex: Because he doesn’t see her that way. He still sees your mother.

Claire: How would you know?

Alex: Because I’ve seen her , too.

Claire: You’re crazy. You’re all crazy. (She turns to leave but Alex stops her)

Alex: No, Claire, Claire, listen.

Clementine: Claire!

Alex: Claire, listen to me.

Claire: Get off of me, Alex.

Alex: Claire, I’ve talked to her. I’ve talked to her. That eightball in there is not like the others. It makes me think there’s a chance that your mother is still trapped in –

Claire: It doesn’t work like that, Alex, and you know it.

Alex: I don’t know anymore, Claire

Claire (Angry and distraught): That is not my mother in there. That is the creature who stole my mother from me, so go ahead. Follow your orders. Execute her.

Alex: Please don’t leave, without at least talking to her.

Claire: Why?

Alex: Why would I ever want you to see this, huh? Why? I love you. Why would I destroy that? You know I would never put you through this if I didn’t think there was hope.

Claire: Alex, there is no hope for my mother.

Alex: There might be, Claire. (lifts sleeve to show his tattoos) I think these can help us. Just see for yourself. But if you still want I’ll carry out the original order. I’ll shoot her. I promise.

Cut to the secret church of the Black Acolytes. Brother Paul is explaining William’s orders to them.

Paul: Remember, remember, this is for our own protection. William has promised that this is only temporary. And we may –

Acolyte: Brother Paul. Where did he say we could safely worship?

Paul: It’s being handled. For the time being –

Soldier: Die, traitors!

Soldiers burst in and start killing acolytes. Chaos ensues.

Cut to House Riesen. Riesen and Arika are having drinks.

Riesen: I lost a lot of comrades during the war. Great leaders. Men like Colonel Russell Moore. That name ring a bell to you?

Arika: Should it?

Riesen: He was the commander of the 452nd air transport wing at Hill Air Force Base, which is where Helena acquired her aircraft, if I’m not mistaken.

Arika: You’re not.

Riesen: Near the end of the war, I was gonna send a squadron to assist him with an angel attack. In the end, he didn’t need my help. He won that battle anyway. But I do remember what he lost in that fight. All of his aircraft. Apart from one lone B-52 bomber and a pair of Bell-9 choppers. Helena doesn’t have an air force. All your city has is what little remains of the Colonel’s fleet.

Arika: A legend is more powerful than the truth. This one kept Helena safe for 25 years. General Riesen, is this an indictment or a negotiation?

Riesen: We have a common enemy. Today, Gabriel’s waging war against Vega. Tomorrow he could turn his eye to Helena.

Arika: I don’t have any illusions about that.

Riesen: Good. Because as you are well aware, Vega has the capability to make a catastrophic bomb.

Arika: And Helena has the B-52 to drop it on Gabriel’s compound.

Riesen: We can start building the weapon tomorrow.

Arika: I think I’ll take that other drink now, General. There’s only one problem. Evelyn is Queen. She has the power in Helena, and unfortunately she doesn’t share my concerns about Gabriel. Until the threat comes to Helena, she’ll refuse to enter the war.

Cut back to bank vault. Claire enters vault to see Clementine, with Alex behind her.

Clementine: I’ve waited so long to see you.

Claire (coldly): You’re fooling everyone, right? And now it’s my turn to be tricked, isn’t it, Mom?

Clementine: I didn’t want to hurt you, and I didn’t mean to upset your father. I just I just wanted to see you. And I took it too far.

Claire: What are you talking about?

Clementine: I should never have gone to your room. It was a stupid and selfish decision.

Claire: It was you. Oh you left the music box.

Clementine: Yes. Do you remember? We used to hum that song together when you were little.
[Humming] You remember?

Claire: No, because you’re not my mother. You didn’t hum anything to me. And the only reason you remember is because my father told you.

Clementine: I thought all the years that I spent with your father and the love that we shared would count for something.

Claire: Well, it doesn’t.

Clementine: Claire, you need to know that the relationship that I had with Edward was built on trust and loyalty. Just like the one that I had before this happened to me.

Claire: Please stop talking like you’re my mother.

Clementine: But I can love you. I can love you, and I can protect you, like she could. I want a relationship with you. Your mother is here. She’s here, we’ve been together for a long time. And you need to know that there is a hole inside of her, because all those years, she never had her whole family. She desperately missed her little girl. Her Izzie.

Claire (startled): What did you just call me?

Clementine: What your mother always called you – Izzie. Edward didn’t tell me this. Your, your father and your mother, they could never agree on a name. Your father insisted on Claire, but your mother loved Isabel after her mother. And she lost the battle as she often did with your father, but she took peace in knowing that it was your middle name. And it drove him crazy that she never once called you Claire, not once. She always called you Izzie. Always Izzie. [Whispers] Izzie. (Reaches out her arms towards Claire, who finally allows Clementine to touch her) [Laughs] Izzie.

Claire (outside the vault): I don’t know if you’re right, Alex. I don’t know if my mother is still in there, but I do understand why you couldn’t kill her.

Michael (walking down hall): And so do I.

Claire: Well, so if my mother is still trapped inside there, can the tattoos help?

Michael: That’s the hope. But that’s not all you’ll need (holds out the book).

Claire: What is that?

Alex: These words could be the key to freeing your mother.

Cut to Black Acolyte church. William rushes in to see the dead and dying. Paul is wounded.

William: What happened?

Paul: Your father’s guards. They must have followed one of us. They opened fire. They kept firing until we overpowered them and killed them. When these men don’t return, your father will send more. He’ll kill all of us.

William: No doubt.

Paul: Gabriel needs to know.

William: Gabriel doesn’t need to hear anything about this. He’s my father. I can take care of this.

Cut to vault. Michael, Alex, and Claire enter somberly.

Clementine: Claire! (Clementine reaches out to Claire but Claire does not allow Clementine to touch her. Alex lifts up the book in his hands and slowly opens it) What is that?

Claire: We’re gonna help you.

Clementine: What are you doing? I don’t understand. (Michael’s face is especially grim) Claire?

Alex (reading from the book): Every shadow has its light. Banish this spirit that inhabits Clementine.

Clementine (wailing): Oh, no. No! (backs away)

Alex: Protect this body and soul.

Clementine: No, no, no!

Alex: Sanctify this vessel.

Clementine: Stop!

Alex (raising one hand towards Clementine): Leave this body. Burn away.

Clementine: Please – listen –

Alex: Leave this body. I command you.

Clementine (to Michael): Traitor!

Alex: Leave this body.

Clementine (to Claire): How could you let them do this to me?

Alex: Burn away. Come into the light.

Clementine: Please. I’ll do anything. I’ll do anything.

Alex: Come into the light. Burn away.

Clementine: Please!

Alex: I command you, leave this body.

Clementine: You’ll kill us both.

Alex: Sanctify this vessel. Every shadow has its light.

Claire: I’m sorry.

Alex: Banish the spirit that inhabits Clementine.

Clementine (lunging at Alex until Michael yanks back her chain): You, you shut your mouth!

Michael: Focus, Alex. (Clementine scurries up the wall to the ceiling)

Alex: Protect this body and soul. Sanctify this vessel.

Clementine: Why are you letting them hurt me, Izzie? Why? (Claire looks away and closes her eyes)

Alex: Every shadow has its light. Banish the spirit that inhabits Clementine.

Clementine: Izzie.

Alex: Protect this body. Burn away.

An unearthly sound comes out of Clementine and she falls to the floor, hitting a cart on the way down. She starts to seize as Claire initially rushes towards her.

Michael: Again, Alex, again.

Alex: Every shadow has its light. Banish the spirit that inhabits Clementine. Protect this body and soul. Sanctify this vessel so this soul can live on. Leave this body. Burn away.

Claire: Michael, what’s happening to her?

Michael: Be patient.

Alex: Come into the light. I command you. Burn away. Leave this body. Burn away. Sanctify. Sanctify. (Clementine stands up and has a distant expression on her face) Sanctify. Sanctify.

Clementine: Forgive me. (She arches her back and exhales. Then she starts to change back into human form while laughing. Her skin lacks the veins, her teeth are no longer jagged, and her eyes turn from black to blue.)

Clementine: Baby. Oh, baby. My baby. (She stands to face Claire)

Claire: Mom?

Clementine: My baby. [Laughs] Izzie. Izzie. Izzie.

Claire: I can’t believe you came back. I can’t believe you came back.

Clementine: [Laughs] You are beautiful. You are beautiful. (They hug)

Claire: Thank you. Thank you. (Michael looks away)

Both women are sniffling and laughing until Clementine suddenly starts gasping for air. Alex rushes over to help her.

Alex: Michael, Michael.

Claire: What’s happening? What’s happening to her? She can’t breathe.

Alex: Michael.

Claire: Alex? Michael, help her. Do something! (They gently lower Clementine to the floor)

Alex: Michael!

Michael: I can’t. No one can. Your mother’s spirit is gone. This is all that will ever be left. (Clemetine’s eyes become cloudy)

Claire (to Alex): This is your fault!

Alex: Claire, I I’m, I’m sorry.

Claire (pushing Alex away): Get off of me. (To Michael) You

Alex: Claire, I’m sorry. I couldn’t. I tried, Claire. I tried.

Cut to David entering the senate chamber. Only Riesen is there, sitting in his chair, looking over paperwork)

David: Where are all the others?

Riesen: I pulled the session forward an hour. Sorry, did you not get word?

David: I’m torn. Should I stand, or should I sit for this? (Riesen ignores David and continues with this paperwork) Please. The suspense is killing me.

Riesen: David, you negotiated quite a deal with Arika. Good for both sides.

David: Thank you.

Riesen: But information can never compete with knowledge. You overpromised, and she embellished. Helena’s air force is nowhere near as formidable as you were told. All the other members of the senate were relieved that I found out in time, thankful that we didn’t give away our invaluable technology for one B-52 bomber.

David: I think if you investigate further –

Riesen: It’s over, David. She conned you.

David: What about her? Arika?

Riesen: We need her. She needs us. Our deal is she goes back to Helena.

David: To do what? She’ll jump straight back into bed with Evelyn, literally, and stab you in the back.

Riesen: There will be no Evelyn. It’s time for a leadership change in Helena, and as you know, Arika has many loyalists in her homeland. I don’t want just an alliance. I want influence, control. Once Arika has got rid of Evelyn, our agreement is that Vega will help govern them.

David: Yeah, well, I hope your sick heart beats long enough to enjoy your new city of crazy women. (David stalks toward the door)

Riesen: Consul Whele, there is one other order of business before you go. We did hold the no-confidence vote, yours being the only vote that wasn’t cast. If you wish to do so now, I’ll make sure that it’s recorded accurately.

David: Well, I vote confidence of course.

Riesen: Then it’s unanimous. Thank you, Consul. (Riesen walks out, passing David, who still has his back to Riesen)

Some time later, in House Riesen. The general is eating dinner, chuckling to himself as he drinks his wine, looking very smug. Claire comes in, looking drained, distraught, angry.

Riesen: I’ve been trying to call you all day. Where were you? You should’ve seen what happened at the senate. (He sees her expression and the music box in her hand) You okay?

Claire: I know.

Riesen: Sweetheart –

Claire: I know. I spoke with her. I held her in my arms. You didn’t want to let her go. Neither did I.

Riesen: Where is she?

Claire: She’s safe. (Pause) I understand. I think I understand. But the people of Vega won’t.

Riesen: Well, people don’t need to know.

Claire: People don’t need to know anything, do they? No. And they never will. But they wouldn’t want you as their leader. They wouldn’t trust you, and neither can I. As soon as this wedding is over, you’re gonna get up there, and you are gonna tell the city that you have done everything that you possibly can, and then you’re gonna step down.

Riesen: Claire, I don’t think –

Claire: No. This isn’t negotiable.

Riesen slowly sits down and Claire dumps the music box loudly onto the table before leaving.

Cut to House Whele. David is nursing his defeat with a drink. William enters, looking determined.

David: William, is it not painfully obvious that I want to be alone? (He notes his son’s expression) Something wrong?

William: Yes, Father. Something is wrong. Those guards you sent won’t be returning.

David: What did you do?

William: My acolytes need protecting at all costs.

David: From the day you were born, the first time I held you in my arms, I knew you were destined to be nothing but a curse. Weak, useless in every conceivable way.

William: Are you finished?

David. No. You’re finished. Beg, plead, sell your infected soul. It won’t matter. Nothing you can do will save you from this betrayal. (He turns away from William and walks away until he hears the distinctive click of the gun William has raised in his direction. He stops, takes a drink, then turns back) I can’t believe this, William. For the first time, I can honestly say I’m proud of you. Son, you come across a wounded animal, you got to put it down. You almost did it when you sent the soldiers into the agri-tower. But if you want to make sure a job’s done, you got to do it yourself, huh? (William walks closer) It’s what you’ve always wanted. Take your best shot, son. (David spreads out his arms with the gun only a few inches from his chest, goading his son to shoot him) But let me give you a word of advice. If you do have the balls to do this, you better not miss. (William raises the gun higher, right between his father’s eyes) That’s my boy. Show me how strong you really are. (He smiles as he leans his head forward so his forehead rests against the gun. He smiles and laughs as William hesitates. William pulls back the gun and with two hard blows knocks out his father with it)

Cut to Uriel’s home. Michael watches as Uriel manically tries to recreate the tattoos on large sheets of paper spread out around her on the floor .

Michael: Just like a stream or a river, constantly changing, the stream you draw is a stream long gone, no longer relevant. But don’t let me discourage you.

Uriel: When have you known me to be discouraged? Do you really think the child is the only one who could ever read these? From what I know of Father, he’s never been that predictable.

Michael: Which is why I’m asking for discretion, secrecy. Confine these images to memory only. In return, the Vermeer is yours.

Uriel: Deal. Now, stop looking at me like that.

Michael: Your word is the only thing stronger than your mind. I’ll be needing it now.

Uriel: Gabriel will not see the markings. You have my word. (Michael dumps the painting on the floor and leaves)

Cut to the Black Acolyte church. David Whele has what looks like a burlap bag over his head. He can see faintly through it.

David: What’s going on? What William?

William: Father. Your time of darkness has ended. I will help bring you into the light.

David: What, what light? What are you talking about? (The bag is lifted from his head and he tries to readjust his vision. He is kneeling on the dais/altar and his hands are tied behind him)

William (we see the acolytes behind him, with their initiation blindfolds on): The light of Gabriel.

David: Where am I? What is all this? Talk to me, son. Please.

William: I want to save you, Father. We all have faith that you can be saved.

David: Son, I I know I’ve I’ve I’ve made mistakes. I-I-I’ve and I’m sorry for that.

William (standing his father up and untying his hands): Shh, quiet now. Quiet. (He hands the two ends of his father’s bindings to assistants so David is forced to stand with his arms tightly outstretched)

David: Uhh! Ah! You little son! You want to talk about being saved? I saved you! I’ve been saving you your entire life! [Panting, he sees the initiation sash being passed to William and he begins to get very nervous] What’s that? I’m sorry. Sorry. Just trying to get get through to you, that’s all. (Sash is wrapped around his chest) What are you do Please, William, William. I Please. [Panting, murmuring] Please, don’t. Don’t do this. (The tightening stick is inserted into the back of the sash. He starts screaming at William) Please, William, stop it right now!

William: My hope is that you will one day learn to accept the love of the Archangel Gabriel.

David: [Groaning as the tightening stick is turned] Son, there must be another way.

William: There is only one way.

All: Where one breaks, one becomes strong. Where one is strong, we are all strong.

David is crying out in pain as William tightens the sash around his ribs.

William: In Gabriel’s name.

All: In Gabriel’s name. In Gabriel’s name. In Gabriel’s name. In Gabriel’s name.

We hear David’s ribs crack, and he begins sobbing in pain. He collapses into William’s arms.

William: It’s okay, Father. It’s okay. You’re gonna be okay.

Cut to the bank vault. We see Claire walk in.

Alex: Claire. You all right? (She does not acknowledge him) Claire, I’m so sorry. (She stops at the entrance to the vault. Clementine is lying on the floor, still gasping for air)

Claire kneels down and takes up Clementine’s catatonic body in her arm.

Claire: [Whispering] It’s okay. It’s okay.

She begins humming “Beautiful Dreamer“ (the song from the music box) then, without looking down at her mother, pinches Clementine’s nose and covers her mouth, suffocating Clementine. Clementine struggles at first, then goes limp. Alex watches in silent resignation. Claire removes her hand from her mother’s face and then looks down at her.


Detailed transcript for “Something Borrowed”

“Something Borrowed”
Dominion episode 1.5
Original broadcast date July 17, 2014
Version 1.1

Adapted from closed caption transcript posted at

Voiceover (Roxanne McKee): Previously on Dominion

David: Sleeping with an angel will make you a pariah. I was thinking, “What if we understood the archangel more?” I would like reports on your findings as you receive them.

Becca: Edward, I know you go outside the city walls every few weeks. Why?

Clementine: I’ve missed you.

Claire: What is it you’re not telling me?

Riesen: I’m sick, Claire.

William: Join me as we prepare our newest member, Brother Paul.
Paul being initiated.

Claire: I’ve made a deal with my father. He’s gonna stop detaining innocent people and draw up a basic bill of rights for every man, woman, and child in Vega.

William: How did you manage that?

Claire: I agreed to marry you.

Michael: Alex, I can help you. I can teach you, but only if you’re willing.

Alex: I want to learn, about everything.
Outside of Vega, in the desert, on a hot sunny day, we see Alex reloading his gun, with many, many spent gun casings at his feet. We hear wings, and Michael swoops in low as if to attack. This happens several times. Each time Alex fires and Michael easily passes by unharmed. Alex it blinded by the sun and can’t get a good shot in. On one run Alex loses his gun, and grabs a knife out of his boot.

Alex: Is that all you’ve got?

Michael swoops around again, and knocks Alex over from behind. Michael comes around and lands, retracting his wings.

Michael: You failed.

Alex: No, I got this. Let’s go again.

Michael: The lesson is over, Alex.

Alex: Yeah? Is it? Because we’ve been out here all day. I still don’t know what it is you’re trying to teach me. I know how to shoot.

Michael: So how do you explain this? [opens his jacket to show he hasn’t been hit by a single bullet]

Alex: I went easy on you. What did you expect? You gave me live ammo.

Michael: Because I was certain you’d have no chance of hitting me. You’re a soldier. You’ve spent years honing your skills, and in just a few hours, I made you forget them all simply by provoking you.

Alex: That is bullshit.

Michael: Each time I attacked you, I used the sun to blind you, but you kept firing. Your instincts were screaming at you. You didn’t listen to them. Look. [points to the ground, to their shadows] My shadow. If you weren’t so busy squinting at the sun, you could have used my shadow to track me for any number of counter-maneuvers.

Alex: I know what I’m doing.

Michael: If you knew what you were doing, that little girl would still be alive.

Alex: Hey! Bixby. Her name was Bixby.

Michael: You’re desperate to avenge those who’ve been taken from you, but desperation will only get others killed. You must learn to control your emotions, or they will be the end of you.
Watch the shadows, not the sun.

Cut to a flashback, the home of the Whele family, in the first days of the Angel war. David Whele, his wife, Peggy, and three children, are hiding in a closet. We hear a child whimpering. It is the youngest child, William. David looks out between the slats in the closet door and sees an eightball in the room.

Peggy (holding William in her arms): [Whispering] Our father, who art in heaven.

Peggy holds onto a necklace holding a single squarecut gem encircled in diamonds.

Peggy: David.

David: Shh Shh.

There is a crash in the room, and we can see an eightball scurrying on the wall opposite the closet. William starts to full out cry.

David: Make him stop. They’ll hear us. William. Shhhh.
A male eightball breaks down the closet door with a female eightball close behind. The female eightball attacks Peggy, and David starts hitting the eightball with a hammer.

David: Get off her, you bitch.

He kills the eightball, but Peggy’s throat is slashed and she is dead. He calls out for his older children.

David: Peggy! Charles

William: Dad? Mom. I want mom.

David (his voice cold): William.

David raises the hammer as if to strike William, his hand trembling.

William: Mom. Mama. [Crying]

We hear William’s voice in the present interrupting the flashback

William: Father? Father?

David: Sorry. What?

William: I was just asking if you’d like to say a few words – at the engagement party. [David laughs and stands up from the breakfast table] There must be some fatherly advice you’d like to share.

David: We’re survivors, William. We’re not immortal. Cherish your time together. (He walks out, leaving William puzzled).

Cut to the barracks. Alex is getting things out of his locker. Claire is sitting on a bunk bed, wiping away a tear. He turns to face her and we see he has some bumps and scrapes.

Claire: Alex, what happened?

Alex: Michael’s life lessons. (She looks down, utterly forlorn. He slowly walks over to her in silence). Did you – scatter Bixby’s ashes?

Claire: In the garden under a jacaranda tree. In the spring, it’s gonna be full of purple flowers.

Alex: I thought she was gonna make it through.

Claire: Yeah, we all did. The doctor said her injuries were just too severe.
Alex (cups her face): I’m sorry.

Claire (initially nuzzles into the touch and then pulls her face away): I can’t.

Alex: You’re gonna marry William, aren’t you?

Claire: It’s the right thing to do.

Alex: Get engaged to someone you don’t love?

Claire: Alex, I had a choice to make. I need to look out for the city.

Alex: [Whispers] Claire. (He pulls her head to his and they touch foreheads and noses but do not kiss. The agony is palpable). Oh, Claire. (They kiss, and then she pulls his hands away)

Claire: [Whispers] Stop. I’m sorry. (She walks away)
Cut to House Riesen. Claire is holding a bolt of very ornate white wedding dress up in front of her as she stares off into space. She is anything but the excited bride.

Noma: Miss Riesen? Are you okay?

Claire: Yeah. Uh Yeah, I’m fine. I was – It’s just all this lace and silk and a dress train a mile long are – It’s all too much.

Noma: But your wedding is all that the lower Vs can talk about.

Claire: I’m sure.

Noma: “The Princess and the Principate.”

Claire: Yeah, exactly what the senate wants to take people’s minds off their own problems, a grand old wedding.

Noma: Yeah. It’s like a real-life fairy tale.

Claire (forcing a smile): Yes. Yes, it is. We are very happy.

David (walking in, using a cane): It’s a match made in heaven back in the day when an eightball was something just to be avoided on the pool table.

Claire (clears her throat, as Noma’s cue to leave): Consul. How are you feeling?

David: Please call me David. We’re gonna be family. (Hands her a small black jewelry box) Wedding present. It’s early, I know, but, uh, I heard that a young bride is in need of something borrowed.

Claire: Thank you. (She opens it and it is the necklace Peggy Whele had worn)

David: It was my wife’s. She wore it on our wedding day.

Claire: I really don’t know what to say.

David: No, it’s nothing.

Claire: Thank you. (She kisses him on both cheeks) It’s beautiful.

David: How’s your dad? I heard about his heart. I’m sorry. You have my sympathies.

Claire: Oh, well, you know, they’re not necessary. He’s fine. He’s stubborn as an ox.

David: Yeah, an inspiration to us all. Yeah, more fight in him than most but, um, there are some who have their concerns.

Claire: Who? No one knows about his heart, so, unless you’ve said something to someone.

David: Somehow Senator Romero has sussed it out, and you know her. She’s like a dog with a bone. She’s pushing for a vote of “No Confidence” in the senate to force him to relinquish his seat.

Claire: How can she do that?

David: Putting our fondness for your dad aside, you must admit that she has a point. How prudent would it be to place the future of our city in the hands of a dying man?

Claire: You’re gonna support her vote, aren’t you?

David: It might be what’s best for Vega.

Claire: No. What’s best for Vega is a strong leader, like my father.

David: Yeah, well, we’ll have one in you.

Claire: Me?

David: I heard how you handled that whole ordeal with Senator Frost. Decisive, unflinching, but most importantly, you got the two of us out of there relatively unharmed. I’m confident you’re ready. Come on, the people worship you, Claire. They believe everything you say.

Claire: Why are you telling me this?

David: Because you may be Lady of the City sooner than you expect. Best be prepared, huh?
Cut to Vega markets.

Over P. A.: The marketplace is now open for all V-designated-

Clementine is shopping incognito. She has dark sunglasses covering her eyes. She looks in the window of a shop and sees a girl’s music box with a tiny ballerina. She enters the shop and picks up the music box. She shuts the lid and reopens and hears “Beautiful Dreamer.”

Shopkeeper: Hello there.

She shuts it and brings it up to the counter to purchase.
Shopkeeper: That’ll be $10.50. (He sees her eyes as she bends her head down and recognizes what she is).

Clementine: Please don’t say anything. (She sees him reaching for a handgun and grabs his neck, choking him).

Cut to the Stratosphere. It is night. Alex and Michael are sitting cross-legged with candles burning. Michael is teaching a shirtless Alex how to meditate.

Michael: When you were in prison, your markings spoke to you in the form of a vision. Why then? Because you were cut off from the world, from chaos and distraction. You were forced to focus. Close your eyes.

Alex (closes his eyes): Okay, now what?

Michael: Breathe. (closes his own eyes)

Alex: I’m breathing. Nothing’s happening.

Michael (opens his eyes): It might help if you stop talking. Now listen.

Alex tries again. He has a vision of falling white flakes and hears Bixby’s voice.

Bixby: Alex.

We see a bloodied Bixby.

Bixby: Alex.

We see Alex cradling Bixby in his arms

Alex: Bix.

Bixby: Don’t let them hurt anyone else.

A flash of light, to Alex waking up in the sunlight.

Michael: Alex.

Alex: What happened? Where’d I go?

Michael: Nowhere. We’ve been here for hours. What did you see? Alex, what did you see?

Alex: Who I’m fighting for. (Grabs his shirt and leaves)

Cut to the Luxor. Clementine is smelling a bouquet.

Riesen: I had one of the wall guards pick them for me in exchange for a night off.

Clementine: I wish that I knew you were coming by.

Riesen (buttoning shirt): Well, then it wouldn’t have been a surprise, now would it? (He kisses the side of her head and sees the music box on her dressing table) What’s this? This is new.

Clementine: No, I’ve always had that.

Riesen: No, no, I would recognize that. Have you been outside the hotel?

Clementine: I just went to the market.

Riesen: Inside Vega? How?

Clementine: The tunnels that you use to come and see me. I know that I promised, but I just needed some things.

Riesen: Did anyone see you?

Clementine: No. All these years I’ve been a very good girl, haven’t I? When you’re gone, how long is it gonna be until I run out of food or water? I need someone to take care of me. What about your daughter? Everything that you’ve told me about Claire, how kind, how caring she is, how she helps the V-1 children Maybe she could help me.

Riesen: No, that’s not possible.

Clementine: You’re so wise, General but you didn’t think about all of this, did you? Or did you just expect me to die of a broken heart? That would be so much easier for you, wouldn’t it?

Riesen: You know that’s not true.

Clementine: Well, what am I gonna do? My kind won’t take me back. They’d smell you on me, and your kind would shoot me on the spot. You made me believe that I was someone else, someone that I could never be, and now there’s nowhere for me to go.

Riesen: I’ll think of something. I will. (He hugs her)

Cut to the hallways of the Senate. Becca is walking and David ambushes her.

David: You knew, huh? About the general’s bad ticker? You knew, but you didn’t tell me.

Becca: I promised to give you information on Michael. This wasn’t relevant.

David: Oh, well, then perhaps we should add a clause to our little agreement. Well, no matter. Everyone’s gonna know about Riesen soon enough, once we’ve tossed him out of office. By the way, I need your support on that.

Becca: [Laughs] Please, you know I’d never support that.

David: Yeah, I do, but I thought you might reconsider. You don’t want everyone knowing about your little fling with Michael. Fallen angel, indeed.

Becca: No, that’s not gonna work. You already tried that threat once.

David: But there’s a cherry on top. Four of them, actually Emily, Gloria, Hannah and, uh, vuh-vuh-Veronica though I suppose they’re not really cherries anymore. Hmm. Good old-fashioned orgy, huh? Who knew Michael was such a love machine, huh? Shame you couldn’t satisfy his appetite. But let me tell you this. If you don’t want your little harem paraded out in front of the senate, ’cause they’d love to testify, you will do exactly what I tell you. (He looks at his watch, winks at her and leaves).

Cut to the outdoor Savior statue/park/church. People are standing around as William walks through the crowd, preaching. Some parishioners reach out and touch him as he walks by.

William: So to you newcomers of the church, what I’ll repeat is this, our trust, offered to a savior.
Our devotion, a sacred vow we promise. Our secret prayers, shared in his confidence. (He sees Paul, his newest Black Acolyte, standing in the crowd). May the chosen one protect you all.

All: May the chosen one protect us all.

William: Thank You.

Afterwards, a woman gives William a white flower.

William: Thank you. That’s very kind of you.

Paul: How could you preach this heresy?

William: I thought I told you never to approach me in public. Get out of here.

Paul (taking his acolyte mask out of his pocket and brandishes it): All this talk about vows. Have you forgotten your own to Gabriel?

William (clutching Paul in a tight hug, he hurts Paul’s still-tender ribs): This is my vow to Gabriel, to be his eyes and ears in Vega.

Paul (hoarsely): My rib

William: And you’re putting all of us in danger. If you ever dare question me again –

Claire (off screen behind him): William?

William (to Paul): Go. (Turns to meet Claire) Claire. What a pleasant surprise.

Claire: Yeah. So who was that?

William: Just some poor, ragged soul questioning his faith. I was just about to come and find you. I’m sorry to hear about your father, his heart. I had no idea.

Claire: Yeah, actually, that’s, that’s why I wanted to come and talk to you. There are people who are trying to use his condition against him to make him step down as Lord of the City.

William: Of course. I guess I wished it would be beneath him. I’m sorry.

Claire: No, you don’t have to be. I need to convince your father to stop doing what he’s doing. Is there anything that you can tell me about your dad that might help me?

William: You’re trying to blackmail my father.

Claire: No. Yes. I’m sorry, uh – You must think I’m horrible.

William: No, no, I don’t. I think you’re a good daughter. Look, I’ll go home and talk to him tonight before the party. I’ll tell him to back off. I can be pretty convincing, when I want to be. (He kisses her on the cheek).

Cut to the Stratosphere. Becca walks in as Michael is doing a shirtless kata with his two swords. When he sees her he sheaths his swords.

Becca: Michael.

He kisses her passionately but she pulls away after a few seconds.

That’s not why I’m here. (She turns her back to him) You said that I should go find a good man, a man that I could have a normal life with, and what we have together has to end. Well, you were right.

Michael: Yes.

Becca (turning around): I can’t see you anymore.

Michael (calmly): It’s for the best.

Becca: Is that all you have to say?
Michael: I don’t know what you mean.

Becca: Good-bye, Michael. (She gives him a sweet last kiss and then walks out)

Cut to the barracks. Noma is talking to Ethan at his locker, where he has his contraband store set up.

Noma: Hey. Got any lipstick?

Ethan: For who?

Noma: Who do you think?

Ethan: Autumn breeze. Goes with your eyes.

Noma (seeing Alex changing into street clothes at his own locker): Uh, I don’t think so. Alex. Hey, are you okay?

Alex: Fine.

Ethan: Yeah? You don’t look fine.

Noma: Hey, it’s about Bixby, isn’t it? Alex. Alex, I’m sorry.

Alex: Noma, leave it alone. What are you guys doing? There was an eightball attack in the city yesterday A shopkeeper. Found his body in a garbage bag.

Ethan: Yeah, I heard his head was found facing his back.

Noma: Yeah, and the troops just went out to search for it. They got this.

Alex (arming himself): They’re gonna need our help. I’m not gonna sit around if an angel’s inside the walls, waiting for it to kill again.

Noma (as Alex stalks out): I’m not sure it’s a good idea for you to go out in this state of mind, Alex.

Cut to House Riesen. Violinists are warming up to play at the engagement part. Meanwhile, in Claire’s room we see the music box and hear “Beautiful Dreamer.” Clementine is sitting there.

Riesen (walking into the room): Claire?

Clementine: Edward, I

Riesen: Get out of Claire’s room!

Clementine: I know that you’re angry, but I wanted to leave her a gift – just a little gift.

Riesen: Not another word. You murdered that man in the market.

Clementine: He was going to kill me.

Riesen (angrily): You stay away from my daughter.

Clementine: You don’t have long, my love, and when you’re dead, no one can stop me from coming back here. (Riesen goes to choke her, but she breaks free and leaves through the open window she came in from)

Cut to House Whele. William is pacing the floor. He tries to figure out what to do. He pulls Paul’s mask from his pants’ pocket. He tries to light the gas fireplace but it won’t light. He goes into a drawer for matches but his father enters and he quickly puts the mask in the drawer.
David: I thought that this day might come eventually.

William: W-what day?

David: The day when you ask me advice about your wedding night.[Chuckles] On how to tame your little filly. [Laughs] Better have a drink. (pours a drink)

William (pushing closed the drawer with his foot): I came to talk about General Riesen.

David: Yeah?

William: Bullying him out of office. Is that really necessary?

David: Necessary? No. Expedient? Yes. Opportunity knocks, William.

William: The man’s dying, and it won’t be long before Claire and I control this city, just like you want. She’s finally starting to warm up. She trusts me.

David: I’m doing what’s best for Vega.

William: Don’t talk to me like I’m the senate. You’re doing what’s best for yourself and no one else, especially not me.

David (angrily): I’m doing what’s best for the family, our family what’s left of it, anyway. Who the hell do you think you are telling me how to do my job?

William: That isn’t what I mean. What I

David : Yes, it is. You think you could do better? Well, let me tell you something, sonny. When you’re made Lord of the City, you’re gonna need my help. You’re gonna need me to hold your hand all the way, just like you always have. You know it, I know it, and Claire knows it. Warming up? Please. She’s playing you like a fiddle. You are nothing without me.

William: You’re wrong.

David: What I sacrificed for you would make your blood run cold, if you had any. You owe me, boy. Just how much, you’ll never know. (He pushes his lion-head cane up under William’s chin. William pushes it away, grabs his father’s head, and forcefully kisses the forehead).

William: I am the man I am because of you, father. (Pushes his father away)

Cut to the Stratosphere. Riesen walks in. Michael is getting his swords ready.

Michael: They still haven’t found the eightball. It’s time I join the hunt.

Riesen: I want you to cancel the search, right now.

Michael: What?

Riesen: Tell them it’s a false alarm. I need you to handle this yourself. It’s classified. Nobody in the city can know, not even the senate. I don’t want there to be panic, especially not tonight.

Michael: She must mean a great deal to you.

Riesen: You knew.

Michael: More of what goes on in this city than you’d imagine.

Riesen: What must you think?

Michael: You love her.

Riesen: I did, once. Now. [Sighs] It’s all my own doing.

Michael: I’ll capture her safely.

Riesen: No, no, look, this, this needs to end. I need her taken down.

Michael: But you said you loved her.

Riesen: Please, don’t let her suffer.

Michael puts a hand on Riesen’s shoulder, then does a dramatic swan dive out the window and flies off.

Cut to the streets. Clementine is running down an alley, searching for safety.

Over P. A.: Attention Citywide curfew now in effect. Repeat Citywide curfew is now in effect.

Richardson (shining a flashlight on her): Miss? Are you all right?

Clementine (trying to cover her face): Go away. Please go away.

Cut to another street.

Noma: Alex, you heard the radio. They called off the search. Let’s go grab a beer.

Alex: Noma, someone was killed.

Noma: Look, Alex, it’s like a wall’s up around you, and I’m on the outside. What aren’t you telling me?

Alex: Nothing.

Noma: Nothing.

Alex: You know what? It’s not like you haven’t shut me out before.

Noma: Yeah, not like this.

Alex: Oh, yeah, you have. Week after you came back from the desert, during basic?

Noma: Alex, you don’t want to go there.
Alex: You went away for maneuvers. You came back. All of a sudden, I was a stranger.

Noma: Forget I ever brought it up, okay?

Alex: You know, I still don’t know what the hell happened.

P.A. in background: Attention. Citywide curfew is now in effect. Repeat Citywide curfew is now in effect.

Noma: Finch found out about us, okay? Someone blabbed. I don’t know who. He was gonna toss you from the Corps, and I couldn’t let that happen.

Alex: Why didn’t you tell me?

Noma: The Corps was the only family that you had. I couldn’t let you lose it because of me, so I told Finch that I’d end it, and I did.

Alex: You thought the Corps was more important to me than you?

Noma: You met Claire right after, so it all worked out.

Radio: We’ve got a report on a body in section 22. Anyone local?

Alex: Lannon, just east of there. We’ll check it out.

Radio: Copy that.

They find an abandoned car with a dead body inside.

Noma: Alex. That’s Richardson.

Alex: It’s still inside these walls.

Conversation among Michael’s “harem” members in a large private “bath” (reminiscent of Roman baths)

Harem 1: My mom used to have them. Really sweet smell, very much like tuberoses.

Harem 2: Yeah, it’s really nice.

Emily: But why didn’t she want to meet up in the Stratosphere as usual?

Becca: Because, Emily, you’re no longer welcome there. You all have to leave Vega. I’m arranging your transport to Helena.

Harem members: What? Why?

Becca: Our nights with the archangel are over. And if anyone should ever ask you, they never happened.

Cut to House Riesen. The elevator opens, and William and David Whele plus bodyguard enter the party. A violin quartet is playing. Applause from the assembled guests for William.

Unidentified voice: William, I’m jealous!

David: It’s an engagement party, General. What is with the high security?

Riesen: Need I remind you we’re at war?

David: No.

Riesen: They’re here to make sure that doesn’t spoil a momentous evening. Welcome, William.

William: Thank you, General. Where’s Claire?

David: Yeah, where is the blushing bride?

Cut to House Whele.

Claire: Hello?

Ethan: I’m sorry, Miss Riesen, but there’s a rumor Consul Whele turned one of his maids into lion chow for stealing his silverware.

Claire: Don’t worry. No one’s turning you into lion chow just yet. I’m not stealing silver. William left his speech up here somewhere, so, you know, I said I’d get it for him. (Claire starts looking in drawers)

Ethan: You sure you don’t want me to take care of this? You’re gonna miss your party. Those little tiny snacks, usually better than the entrée. Probably almost all gone by now. (Ethan slips bottle of booze into his jacket. Claire opens bottom drawer and finds a paper with three children’s handprints with the message “Happy birthday Daddy from your here little duckings). She also finds the black acolyte mask William had stuffed there. She stuffs it into her purse.)

Cut to House Riesen. Claire arrives to applause, in a stunning red dress. She is wearing the Whele family necklace.

Claire: Thank you.

Riesen: Where have you been?

Claire: I’m sorry I’m late. I had to rush across town to fix my dress. Don’t be angry. (They hug) Everything is gonna be okay now, dad.

William: An engagement party without the bride. We missed you. (He kisses her on the cheek)

David: Some entrance, Lady Riesen.

Riesen: Everyone, this way. Dinner is served.

Claire: I’ll be along in a moment. Go. (William and Becca go into dinner arm in arm)

Claire: Shall we, David?

David: They say chivalry is dead. (He looks at necklace) My goodness, it truly shines.

Claire: Mm, yes. I’ll never do it justice, but I hope you’re pleased.

David: Very.

Claire: I wanted to thank you for telling me about the senate vote and Romero.

David: You understand there’s nothing personal against your father. I’m just a patriot who –

Claire: Yes, and so am I, which is why I feel the people deserve to know that one of their trusted dignitaries, a pillar of the community, is secretly working for Gabriel.

David: What? You can’t be serious. Who?

Claire takes black acolyte mask out of her purse and puts it into David’s jacket pocket.

Claire: You. Patriot, my ass. Everyone knows you’re a snake. I really never thought that you would betray your own.

David: This isn’t mine. Oh, frame me? Really? You’re better than that, Claire.

Claire: Oh, please, David. Nobody’s framing you. I found it in your study.

David: Nonsense. You haven’t a shred of proof to put this in my home.

Claire: “Happy Birthday, daddy, from your three little ducklings.” End table by the fireplace.

David: No one is going to believe this nonsense. I’m a consul.

Claire: And I’m the future Lady of the City. You said it yourself, David. The people worship me.
They believe every word I say. So if you go after my father with Romero, I swear I will expose you for the filthy traitor that you are.

David: You and I both know that this isn’t mine.

William: Father? You guys coming?

Claire: Yes, of course. Shall we, David? I’d put it away.

Cut to streets. We see Clementine, examining the blood on her hands. She is whimpering.
PA system: Attention, citywide curfew is now in effect. Repeat citywide curfew is now in effect.

Alex: Did you hear that? (We see Clementine hiding around the corner. She knows she is in danger and runs away) There it is. (He shoots at her and she throws garbage cans at Alex and Noma. Noma gives chase)

Alex: Noma, down! (He shoots at Clementine. She is hit, and scurries away. Alex and Noma cautiously follow her into a building. Alex figures out that Clementine is in a ventilation shaft and fires up into it, forcing her out and she enters a floor shaft/tunnel) Noma, cover the exit.

Alex drops down the same shaftway below the city and tracks Clementine. He sees blood in a pool of water and a reflection of her on the ceiling and turns to look up as she falls down. She starts beating him into the nearby tanks. She starts to choke him and he digs a fingernail into the bullet wound in her leg. She cries and releases him and he grabs his gun.

Clementine: Wait! Wait. Please? I don’t want to die.

Alex: You deserve to die.

Clementine: There’s only darkness, and I’m afraid. I’m so afraid.

Alex: You creatures, you’ve damned good people to that darkness. My friend. My father!

Clementine: No. I didn’t fight Gabriel’s war.

Alex: That body – That’s not your body. That’s some woman’s, some innocent woman! You killed her.

Clementine: I was wrong. Please don’t kill me. I have a family. I have a daughter.

Cut to House Riesen, a very long dinner table. A plate is tapped, getting everyone’s attention.

Riesen: Claire would like to say a few words.

Claire: [Stands and clears throat] Thank you all for being here tonight. William and I, we are honored that you would join us to celebrate Vega’s bright future, and, of course, the union of two of its founding families. There is one person who isn’t here at the table tonight, someone who I wish with all my heart could have lived to see this day. To my mother. (She raises her champagne glass and moves aside to reveal a family portrait of her as a young child, her father, and her mother – Clementine!)

Detailed transcript of “The Flood”

Dominion episode 1.4 “The Flood”

original broadcast date July 10, 2014

transcript version 1.1 by Kris (@dominionv5)

based on closed captioning transcript posted at

Voiceover (Tom Wisdom): Previously on Dominion:

Michael fighting Furiad and being injured.

Michael: Don’t remove it. I’ll bleed to death.

Alex: What am I supposed to do?

Claire: You’re leaving?

Alex: You and Bixby almost died because that thing came after me. If anything ever happened to you, I couldn’t live with myself.

Claire: So what? This is good-bye?

Alex: For now.

Medical staff rushes an unconscious Michael into the emergency room on a gurney. Alex is by his side.

Alex: Hang in there, Michael. Hang in there.

Discussion among medical personnel as they take Michael’s vitals and assess the situation.

Medical personnel: Let’s just try to keep him steady.

Female medical attendant: He’s losing too much blood.

Alex: He’s gonna be okay.

Female medical attendant: Get him out of here. Get him out of here.

Alex: I’m right here, Michael.

Medical staff leads Alex out of the emergency area

Medical staff: Come on. Let’s go.

Alex: I’m right here.

Medical staff: Just wait out here.

She draws a curtain so Alex can’t see what is happening. A small group of soldiers enters the area from behind Alex.

Lieutenant: Lannon.

Alex: Yeah?

Lieutenant: You’re under arrest.

Alex: What? What for?

Lieutenant: Desertion of duty.

Two soldiers grab Alex’s arms and drag him off.

Alex: No, I got to be here. I got to be here. No. No. Michael! Michael!

Cut to oxygen being given to Michael with a mask/breathing bag, then cut to Alex having his mug shot taken at the Vega Detention Center.

Photographer: Front.

Soldier: Yeah, walk him through on the gate.

Cut to crowded prison area, Alex is being walked through the throng.

Alex sees another prisoner resisting the instructions being given to him.

Soldier (to other prisoner): Strip. Forward. Strip.

Prisoner: No.

Alex watches the other prisoner resisting the instructions being given to him. He covers his wrists to hide tattoos.

Soldier (referring to Alex): Scan him.

Alex’s hand is forced down on a possession scanner. He’s still watching the other prisoner’s actions, getting an idea.

Two soldiers are now trying to get the other prisoner to comply, but he is still defiant.

Soldier: Strip. I said strip! You strip, or you go into the hole. (He is clubbed and doubles over.) Get him out of here.

Prisoner is taken away.

Soldier: Next. (To next prisoner) Strip.

We see Alex tugging down his sleeves trying to hide the tattoos.

Soldier escorting Alex to a prisoner: What are you looking at?

Soldier: Strip.

Prisoner: Okay.

Alex is brought into caged off room.

Captain Henderson: Lannon. AWOL. Theft of government property. You got something against Vega? You’ll speak when spoken to. And I’m speaking to you.

Alex headbutts him. Chaos ensues. Alex is beaten with police clubs and kicked.

Captain Henderson: Throw this piece of shit in solitary.

Soldier: Let’s get him out of here. Go.

Alex is put in a solitary confinement cell.

Cut to infirmary. Michael is unconscious and Becca is at his bedside, sleeping in a chair with her head resting on his arm. An unidentified figure in black, wearing gloves, silently enters the room, and carefully pulls back the bandage covering Michael’s wound. He or she takes what looks like a black angel feather and heats the tip over a lighter flame until a liquid begins to ooze out of it. He or she pushes out a few drops, which fall into the wound. The wound immediately begins to heal. Michael stirs and opens his eyes just a tiny bit.

Cut to the stratosphere. Michael awakens to find Becca lying next to him, watching over him. Michael removes the bandage. He has a scar.

Becca: You’re alive.

Michael: It appears so.

Becca: We couldn’t stop the bleeding, so I brought you here.

Michael: The blade is Empyrean steel. It should have killed me. (He looks around) Where is it?

Becca: I don’t know. I never saw it.

Michael: We must find that blade. I need to see Alex.

Becca tries to reassure him.

Becca: You need to rest. I thought I’d lost you.

Michael: Would that be such a bad thing?

Becca: Michael.

Michael: You deserve better, Becca. You shouldn’t have to live a life cloaked in secrecy. There are good men in Vega, men you could have a normal life with.

Becca: I don’t want a good man. I want a great one, a man who I love.

Michael: What makes you think I’m capable of love?

Becca: I know you are.

Michael says nothing, but then kisses her and they fall back onto the bed.

Apparently some time later, a blonde female dressed in leathers enters the room and flashes a blade. As she walks towards the bed, she gives the blade a flick and a second blade emerges and locks into place 180 degrees away, ala a Swiss Army knife. She slowly strolls up to the bed, and looks at the sleeping couple. She folds one blade back to meet the other, then pulls back her arm to strike, only to have Michael stop her. He grabs her arm and throws her to the floor, then recognizes the intruder. His wings come out and he throws them both out the window, wrestling midflight until they land on a rooftop. He kicks away her sword.

Uriel: You must really like her.

Michael: Haven’t you learned your lesson yet?

Uriel: [Laughs] Relax. I was only trying to scare her.

Michael: No doubt you would have been spotted on radar. Soldiers will be en route.

Uriel: Oh. [Laughs] You do like her.

Michael: Uriel, enough. Why are you here?

Uriel: You’ve been keeping something from the rest of us.

Michael: What might that be?

Uriel: Don’t play dumb. (Reholsters her sword) You found the chosen one. (Walks to the edge of the roof) We need to talk, little brother. Meet me up north. Falls backwards off roof and flies away.

Daylight. Cut to hospital. Claire enters the recovery ward to visit Bixby. She has a purple stuffed bunny hidden behind her back.

Claire: Bixby.

Bixby: Hi.

Claire: They told me you were finally out of surgery, so I brought you a friend to keep you company. [Gives Bixby a purples stuffed bunny] Cute, huh?

Bixby: Yeah. He was here.

Claire: Who was here?

Bixby: The chosen one.

Claire (looks around to see if anyone heard Bixby): Um, when?

Bixby: Last night. He brought in Michael.

Claire: He was here in the infirmary? Was he all right?

Bixby: Soldiers took him in handcuffs. They have no idea he’s the chosen one.

Nurse: Hi. Excuse me.

Claire: Okay. Um, so I have to go now, but I am gonna come back, and I’m gonna check on you. You are gonna feel so much better real soon, okay? He’s (bunny) gonna look after you.

Bixby: Okay.

Nurse to Bixby: You look much better today. You’ll be going home soon.

Two beds over Senator Frost is looking at Bixby. He heard everything she said. Jeffrey the medic is finishing up adjusting the Senator’s arm sling.

Jeffrey: You’re all set, Senator Frost.

Frost: Thank you. May the Savior bless you.

Cut to the Senate. Riesen bangs a metal ball gavel

Riesen: We have a long agenda. Let’s begin with Senator Blake’s proposal for increased defense spending.

Frost: Actually, General, all this time, money, and energy might be put to better use if the chosen one would simply reveal himself. Might make our defense budget obsolete.

David: Well, yes, and if the tooth fairy should visit our pillows tonight, that would solve our budget issues too.


Riesen: Moving on.

Frost: I’d rather not.

Becca: We’re in a crisis, Frost. Please.

Frost: Rumor has it that the child is here in Vega. Our time of waiting may well be over.

Unidentified Senator off camera: Back to business.

David: Yes, Senator Frost is right. The chosen one is here. It’s me. [Laughter]

Riesen: Your hope is inspirational as always, Senator. Let’s keep our prayers in our hearts and move on with the business of running Vega.

Romero: Hear, hear.

Other senators: Agreed.

Frost: I cede the floor.

Cut to San Francisco Bay, and the ruins of the Golden Gate Bridge, then to interior of Uriel’s house (more like a mansion, library, or museum, with many books and works of art). Gabriel and Michael are there as well.

Michael: You ordered Furiad to kill me.

Gabriel: Oh, I’ve wanted to, even dreamed about it, but good old Furiad acted on his own. So hard to control that temper of his.

Michael: Well, it’s getting increasingly hard to control mine.

Uriel: Boys, calm down. Take a deep breath. It’s time for talk, not a fight.

Michael: You should know better than to stick us in the same room.

Uriel: First off, you, kill all the humans you want, but when it comes to Michael, you don’t touch him.

Gabriel: I told you I had nothing to do with the attack.

Uriel: Furiad’s your soldier, and he almost killed our brother, although I don’t blame him. How could you keep the child a secret from us?

Michael: An odd question coming from the sister who won’t tell us where she’s been for the last 25 years.

Uriel: Father’s markings were meant for all of us, not just you.

Michael: I had to protect him from Gabriel.

Gabriel: Didn’t Father teach us to share our toys? (squeezing breast of a statue)

Uriel: Quiet, Gabriel. You idiots have fought a thousand times, but never like this. You’ve got to end it.

Michael: You could end it.

Gabriel: Is that why you’re gracing us with your presence, Uriel? You’ve finally chosen a side.

Michael: Uriel, you love mankind as much as I do, so protect them.

Uriel: I’m here to remind you we’re all we’ve got left. That’s why I never choose sides. I love you both.

Gabriel: Even Michael? Who spent the last two decades soaking his steel in the blood of angels?

Michael: Don’t pretend you care about the eightballs. You use them as cannon fodder.

Uriel: What’s that supposed to mean?

Michael: Our brother’s learned a new trick. He can possess the eightballs.

Uriel: That’s disgusting.

Gabriel: It’s no different than what Michael does with the child.

Michael: I’ve never forced him to do anything.

Gabriel: But you will. Does the child know about your colorful past?

Michael: Is that a threat?

Gabriel: I’m taking the high road, waiting for the child to find his true nature and come to me on his own, like he’s destined to do.

Michael: Stay away from him, Gabriel.

Gabriel: [Chuckles] Enjoy some quality time with the boy while you can. (He flies away)

Cut to solitary confinement. Alex is having a vision. In the vision he is lying on the floor, shirtless (to show tattoos) and is awakened by water falling on him from above. It falls on his right wrist tattoos and he sees flashes. Black letters appear on the floor, saying “She died for you.” There are flashes of Alex kneeling, with water pouring over his head, drowning him. He awakens with a start.

Soldier: Lannon. (we hear door opening) You got a visitor.

Alex: What?

Claire walks in.

Claire: You can leave us now.

Soldier: Lady Riesen, you have no idea what this man is capable of.

Claire: I’m okay.

Soldier: Close it up.

Alex and Claire embrace and kiss.

Alex: Claire.

Claire: What did they do to you, Alex?

Alex: Nothing I didn’t deserve. I had to keep the tattoos hidden.

Claire: I wouldn’t have even known you were here if it wasn’t for Bixby.

Alex: How is she?

Claire: She’s okay.

Alex: And Michael? –

Claire: Yeah, he’s fine. Listen, Alex, I’m gonna speak to my dad, and I’m gonna get you out of here, okay?

Alex: No. No. It’s safer if I’m in here. People around me get hurt. You, Bix, Michael. I don’t want to find out who’s next.

Claire: So when Bixby asks to see you, what, what do you want me to say to her?

Alex: You tell her to always listen to her Aunt Claire, and you tell her I miss her.

Claire: Why don’t you just write her a letter, Alex? You know, like your dad did for you.

Alex: That was different.

Claire: How? (She walks over to the door and knocks on it) Release him. (She walks out)

Soldier: Yes, ma’am.

Cut to House Whele. Noma is guarding Arika, who is making herself a drink (scotch on the rocks)

Arika: Has my company really been that unpleasant?

Noma: No, not at all.

Arika: Then stop watching for your shift change and come join me for a drink.

Noma: He keeps the good stuff at the back.

Arika smiles and reaches for the back bottles.

Arika: You’re not like other soldiers, are you, Sergeant?

Noma: No, I’m not. I have a functioning brain, ma’am.

Arika: [Chuckles] Yes, but there’s something else. Something deep inside. I’m intuitive. Makes me a shrewd negotiator. I know when someone’s hiding something, and you, my dear, are guilty as charged.

Noma: All right, you really want to know? I’m scared of heights.

Arika: (chuckles). I understand if you don’t want to share. I’m from Helena, after all.

Her replacement arrives and Noma starts to walk out.

Noma: Happy drinking. Fingers crossed Whele doesn’t feed you to his lions.

Arika: You know, when I eventually return home, I’ll need someone at my side to protect my interests.

Noma: Why would I ever leave Vega?

Arika: Why would you ever stay?

Cut to infirmary. Nurse gives Bixby a cup of jello.

Nurse: Here you go, sweetie. Enjoy.

Bixby: Thank you. [She lights up when Alex arrives at her beside] Alex.

Alex: Bix. Hey. Easy, easy. You’ll pop your stitches. What flavor did they stick you with?

Bixby: Red.

Alex: You know, there used to be more colors.

Bixby: What did they taste like?

Alex: Red. [Both chuckle]

Bixby: It’s not your fault.

Alex: Yeah, it is. It is my fault.

Bixby (reaching under mattress): Here. I saved an extra. You take it.

Alex: All right. [Takes a bite and makes a face] They don’t make it how they used to. [She laughs]

Cut to the agritower. Whele walks into a balcony area and sees Riesen looking out over the plants.

David: Hey. Frost has been begging to show off this irrigation system for weeks. Where’s the rest of the senate?

Frost (entering): It’s time the three of us had a private conversation.

David: Oh, this isn’t about more silly rumors, is it?

Frost: You know I’ve never been a religious man, never believed in anything I couldn’t see with my own eyes. Then one day a being came down from the sky with wings on his back, came to our defense, protected our city, told us he’d saved a baby, and that baby would one day save us all. That hope is what got us through the war, what gets me through every day, what gives so many people in this city something to live for.

Riesen: I’m sorry to disappoint you, Thomas, but we’re the only ones here.

Frost: Don’t lie to me, Edward. I know that the chosen one’s here and that you’re hiding him because you know that once the people have their Savior, your power means nothing.

David: Oh, Frost, come on. Haven’t we been through this?

Frost: Don’t patronize me, David. A little girl in the infirmary told his daughter that the chosen one had been arrested. And Claire Riesen seemed to know exactly who he was.

David: What’s that in your hand?

Frost: This is a wireless control unit. It has a biometric lock that responds only to my thumbprint. Covers the entire tower. I can lock all the doors (hear and see doors lock), open the irrigation tanks (hear water flowing), all of them, 600 gallons of water rushing into the tower all at once. We’ll drown. All the crops will be destroyed. The people of Vega will starve.

David: What is it you want?

Frost: I want to meet the chosen one.

Cut to the barracks

Ethan: Wait, she asked you to go back to Helena?

Noma: Um, not in so many words.

Ethan: Word of advice, run.

Noma: Ethan.

Ethan: The woman had a body in a box delivered to her doorstep.

Noma: Don’t worry about me.

Ethan: Yeah, I’m sure that’s what the woman in the box said.

Noma: You know what I think? I think a strong, regal woman like Madam Arika, I think she threatens you. Huh?

Ethan: I think you’re right.

Noma: Besides, what good am I really doing here anyways?

Alex (walking in): Noma, you saved my ass at least once.

Ethan: Lannon, where you been, bro? Been looking all over for you.

Alex: Took a drive. Needed to clear my head.

Noma: I get it.

Ethan: Uh, I don’t. What’s going on, guys?

Alex & Noma (share a look, then say together): It’s nothing.

Ethan: You go outside the walls, disappear for an entire day to clear your head, and you’re all, “I get it.” Guys, come on, that’s not nothing.

Alex: Ethan, I’ve been seeing Claire Riesen.

Ethan: As in the same Claire Riesen whose father orders executions?

Conversation is interrupted by soldiers rushing through

Lieutenant: All right, let’s saddle up. Hostage situation at the agri-tower in progress. Prep for a raid. We’re up in five.

Ethan: What’s going on, Lieutenant?

Lieutenant: Our entire food supply is at risk of being destroyed, as well as the lives of the general and Consul Whele. Look alive, troops.

Cut to senate chamber. The room is in an uproar.

Becca: We can’t simply walk in there and start shooting. We need an executive order from Riesen.

Senator (off camera): Well, he’s not here.

William looks out of his element.

Becca: The message Frost sent us made it clear that all security systems in the agri-tower have been placed on lockdown.

William: So call in the engineer and unlock them.

Senator Blake: Frost is that engineer.

Romero: Our grains are in that tower. The food supply is at risk. We have no choice but to use force.
Don’t you see that?

Claire (rushing in): Becca, I got your message. Is my father okay?

William: He’s fine, Claire.

Becca: By the power vested in me as Second Consul, I appoint you Lady of the City Pro Tem.

Claire: Oh. (she tries to protest, but sees that they are serious about this)

Becca: Please take a seat.

Claire slowly, uneasily ascends the stairs and takes her father’s seat on the dais between William and Becca. Lots of chatter amongst senators.

Claire: So what are we doing? What’s our response?

Becca: The corps are in a holding pattern, awaiting our decision to enter and liberate the hostages.

Claire: What are Senator Frost’s demands?

William: He’s gonna flood the tower, unless he’s given an audience with the chosen one.

Claire: What?

Female Senator: Let’s vote on sending the corps in.

All: Yes.

More senate chatter

Claire: (under her breath) No. (to all) Wait. Before we vote, I’d like a moment to confer with my consuls.

Cut back to the agritower.

Riesen: Frost, if you know me at all, you know the food supply for this city is not negotiable.

Frost: Oh, I do know you. I know both of you. And I can’t allow a few politicians to control the destiny of the entire human race just because they feel their grip on power is threatened.

Riesen: Why would we be threatened by a myth?

Frost: Why would Gabriel attack Vega after ten years of peace?

David: Look, I know what it’s like to believe something so strongly that you’re, you’re blinded, Thomas. It blinds you to the simple fact that your faith is nothing but a crutch. It’s a band-aid for your own fears. Belief in something doesn’t make it real, nor will it save you.

Frost: My faith is made of stronger stuff than dime-store televangelism, David. I know that he will save the human race and that he will lead us against these monsters.

David: These monsters you’re talking about, they haunt my dreams to this day. I- I try to make sense of it, but for the life of me, I can’t. But after all my long nights, after all my heartache, you know what I came to realize? The chosen one, it’s us. It’s the people of Vega. That’s what’s gonna save us.

Frost: I wish that were true. You have 30 minutes to bring him to me.

Cut back to the Senate

William: You know how much I respect you, but stalling any longer is gonna get both our fathers killed.

Claire: William, raiding the tower will scare Frost into releasing the water.

Becca: The only alternative is to give him what he wants.

Claire: Yes. Would that be such a bad thing? I think the people of Vega deserve to know he’s finally arrived.

William: Claire, I share your faith, I do, but Alex’s safety is far more important. What if things go sideways and Frost pulls the trigger? He’ll kill both our fathers and the chosen one in the process.
What then?

Becca: Right now, we need to vote on sending in the corps. It’s our only option. They can be there in 15 minutes.

Claire: Fine. Fine. (To William) I give you permission to cast my vote with yours. Excuse me.

William: Claire, where are you going?

Becca: We have to vote.

Cut back to Uriel’s lair

Uriel: It’s always been like this with the two of you, fighting over a world that was never even created for us. How could Father just desert us like this?

Michael: Uriel, be patient. He will return.

Uriel: How do you know?

Michael: I know.

Uriel: I miss him. (her voice breaks)

Michael: Sister.

Uriel: Train your chosen one. Unlock the markings and help him fulfill his destiny, and I promise, you won’t face Gabriel alone. You’ll have my sword.

Michael: Thank you.

Uriel: Don’t thank me. (She rests her head on Michael’s chest )They were once Father’s greatest creation.

Cut to agritower. David and Riesen are having a private conversation while Frost waits by the door.

Riesen: Odds are the senate is authorizing an armed assault as we speak.

David: What, risk both of us and the tomatoes? Come on, Edward, you know Thorn needs the kids to pass that vote, and we both know they are not up to the task. It’s all because of that V-1 runt your daughter took under her wing. I should have dealt with her when I dealt with those techs.

David stands up and walks over to Frost.

David: Look, Thomas, despite all the unkind things I’ve said about you behind closed doors, in front of them as well, up until this afternoon, I’ve always known you to be a reasonable man. Look what you’re doing here. Come on. Let’s be reasonable. Open the doors.

Frost shoots David in the leg and David screams in pain.

Frost: I am tired of being reasonable, David.

Cut to outside the agritower. Soldiers are massing.

Soldier: Go, go, go! Go, go, go, go, go!

We see Ethan, Noma, and Alex in SWAT gear.

Lieutenant: We have confirmation. Consul Whele is down. Prepare to move.

Ethan: I don’t get it. Last time I was on Frost detail, the guy spent all his free time baking. I got to say, his butterscotch brownies, pretty damn good.

Alex: This is a hostage situation. Frost must want something. What aren’t they telling us?

Noma: Yeah, apparently, the senator’s demanding to see the chosen one.

Alex: What?

Noma: Yeah. Crazy, huh? The guy’s totally lost it.

Ethan: Cheer up, man. You know we don’t get to do shit like this anymore.

Cut back to agritower. Riesen is tending to David’s wound.

Riesen: Looks like it missed the artery. You’re gonna live.

David: Sorry to disappoint you. (Riesen looks winded and is in pain) I am the one who just got shot. How come you look like you’re gonna drop dead? It’s your heart, huh?

Riesen: My heart is fine.

David: What are you taking for it?

Riesen: Pills, for what they’re damn worth.

David: What kind of pills?

Riesen: If I could pronounce the name, don’t you think I would have damn well said it?

David: [Laughs] You know, between the two of us, we’ve probably beaten death a hundred times, we’ve resisted the possessions, fought off how many black-eyed beasts, and now it’ll probably come to an end at the hands of Thomas Frost. Crazy son of a bitch.

Riesen: I wish I could say he was crazy.

Outside the locked room, soldiers get into position. Alex is thinking.

Lieutenant : Mack, Lannon, Banks, take forward position.

Soldier: Yes, sir.

Soldier: Sir.

Lieutenant : Gomez, Rogers, O’Neill, take flank.

Soldier: Sir.

Soldier: Yes, sir.

Lieutenant : You’re authorized to terminate the target.

Female Soldier: Sir, what about collateral damage, sir?

Lieutenant: The crops are our priority.

Alex: Wait. (takes off helmet and walks over to Lieutenant)

Lieutenant : You heard the order.

Alex: Lieutenant. Lieutenant. Lieutenant, let me go in.

Lieutenant: Get the hell back in line before I kick your ass.

Claire (walking in): He has my approval. Sergeant Lannon can negotiate.

Lieutenant : Ms. Riesen, with all respect, I have the orders from the senate.

Claire: I’m acting Lady of the City. This is an executive order.

Lieutenant : You and your negotiator have five minutes. All points, hold position.

Claire and Alex walk over to the door.

Ethan: They’re getting Lannon to do the talking? I’m the talker.

Cut to inside room.

Lieutenant : Senator Frost, we are complying with your request.

Frost raises his gun toward the door.

Cut to outside door. Soldier is setting a charge on the door.

Lieutenant : Please back away from the door.

Frost: Only one person comes in. Only one man.

Door blown open and Alex slowly enters with his hands up. Frost has his gun to Riesen’s head

Alex: I’m the one you want to see. (Takes off his shirt to expose the tattoos) I’m the chosen one.

Frost: Is this some kind of joke?

Alex: I’m afraid not, sir. Please, let the general and the consul go, and we’ll talk.

Frost: You’re a V-2. I’ve seen you guarding House Riesen. What did they do, paint those things on you? What the hell do you take me for, Edward?

Riesen: Just take it easy, Frost.

David (weakly): Come on, Frost. This is what you wanted.

Alex looks through grated floor and sees water rising.

Alex: Sir, please. Please. I swear. I’m the one. I’m the baby Michael saved.

Frost: Prove it.

Alex has a flash of the vision he had in solitary confinement again – the words “She died for you” written on the floor.

Alex: She died for you.

Frost: What did you say?

Alex: She died for you.

Frost: Yes, she did. My daughter Abby, she died for me. (He lowers his gun) It was the first night of the war, and because of Abby, I was able to survive.

Alex: Please, Senator, turn off the water. (Water is lapping through floor).

Frost: You can change things. Now we are gonna go outside and let the people know that things are gonna be different now.

Alex: We will. We’ll tell everyone. We’ll tell them together. Please, just turn it off.

Frost shuts off the water with his device, then hands it over to Alex.

Frost: Thank you, Savior. (He kneels in front of Alex) Thank you. (Throws away gun)

Riesen picks up gun and shoots Frost in the back of the head.

Alex: What did you do that for?

Riesen: Put your shirt on.

Cut to House Whele. David is in a chair, in his bathrobe. William and a female medic are there with him.

Female medic (hands pills to David): These should help with the pain, but you’ve got to stay off your feet.

William: Thank you. (She leaves. William addresses his father) You shouldn’t be drinking.

David: And you shouldn’t have sent the corps into the agri-tower. A remarkably poor decision even for you.

William: I did what’s best for the city.

David: No, Claire did that, by sending in the only man capable of defusing the situation. You, you let your faith interfere. You put the life of your precious chosen one before the city, before your own father.

William: Alex Lannon, he’s the one destined to save mankind, not two old men past their prime.

William turns and walks out as Arika walks in.

William (to Arika): Have fun.

Arika: Praise the Mother of All. David, you could have been killed.

David: Forgive me if I’m not really in the mood.

Arika (putting a hand on his forehead): You’re burning up. There’s a Helenic remedy that’ll take the fever down. I’ll have a guard fetch the ingredients.

David: I’ll stick to bourbon (pours himself another drink).

Cut to the outside Savior sculpture (empty hands in V formation)/worship center/park

Claire walks in and sees Alex sitting there.

Claire: Wow. This is the last place I thought I’d find you.

Alex: Twenty years Frost served Vega. One of the city’s founding fathers, and now he’ll be remembered as a madman.

Claire: Mm-mm. My father has become an expert at rewriting history. Frost is gonna get a state funeral.
He’s gonna be remembered as a hero, a hero who saved the agritowers from an accidental flood at the cost of his own life.

Alex: He didn’t die for nothing.

Claire: You came forward, Alex.

Alex: I had to. People’s lives were at stake. But when I was in there, these words came to me through my markings. Those words made Frost believe in me.

Claire: Maybe Frost was right. Maybe the people do deserve to know about you.

Alex: I don’t know what I’m doing, Claire. I got lucky this time, but I I don’t know what any of this means.

Claire: So maybe it’s time you start figuring it out. (Michael lands) I’ll leave you to it. (She leaves)

Alex: Where have you been?

Michael: Family emergency.

Alex: Yeah, I had an emergency of my own. I could have used your help.

Michael: Alex, I can help you. I can teach you, but only if you’re willing.

Alex: I want to learn, about everything.

Cut to view through a scanning microscope. We see some crystalline structures and read out that says “Base metal iron oxide (magnetite)/ 10.8% Nickel/ 9.2% Manganese/ 12.4% Vanadium/ 67.6% unknown alloy”

We see Becca is the one using the microscope. She is looking at the shard of Furiad’s blade.

Cut to Gabriel’s aerie. Uriel and Gabriel are alone.

Gabriel: What do you want?

Uriel: I don’t want to fight.

Gabriel laughs as he pours himself a drink

Uriel: That’s never what I wanted with any of this. I thought I could fix things between you and Michael, but I’m afraid Michael’s lost his way.

Gabriel: I’ve been telling you that for centuries.

Uriel: Well, now that the chosen one’s here, I can’t just sit back and do nothing. You say you can sway him, that he’s fated to you and not our brother.

Gabriel: As Father wanted it.

Uriel: Then prove it to me. Help him help the humans to their own destruction, and I promise, you won’t face Michael alone. You will have my sword.

Gabriel hugs her

Gabriel: Thank you, sister. (He kisses her hair. We see her smiling)

Cut to infirmary, Bixby’s bedside. She is sleeping with the stuffed rabbit and there is a vital signs monitor beeping. David sits by her bed. He stands up and grabs her IV line.

David: You won’t feel a thing. (He injects something into line)

Monitor beeping quickly. David brushes her head and then holds her hand. Monitor and alert beeping quickly. Bixby’s eyes flutter. Monitor shows flatline. David turns off monitor, gently lets her hand fall back to the bed.
RIP Bixby.


Detailed transcript for “Broken Places”

Dominion Episode 1.3 “Broken Places”
Original air date: June 23, 2014

Version 1.1 by Kris (@DominionV5;

Adapted from the closed captioning transcript found at

Voiceover: Previously on Dominion

Gabriel: The humans don’t need you to protect them, Michael. They have the chosen one now.

Michael: Gabriel knows about you.

Alex: What does he know? If I’m the one that’s gonna save the human race, I must be pretty damn powerful, right?

Alex fighting Felicia

Riesen: 25 years and you never told me about this new type of angel. Vega’s not prepared for that.

Michael: The higher order of angels never wanted any part of this war. I didn’t consider them a threat.

Jeep getting stabbed.

Claire: I am not marrying William Whele.

Riesen: Because you’re in love with Alex.

Claire: Yes.

David: The angels took everything from us, and there are idiots who still worship them.

Gabriel: My son.

Arika: I’m still Evelyn’s consort.

Coral: She will not react well to this disgrace.

David: What have you done?

Arika: More importantly, David, what have you done?

Claire: You’re leaving. You need me. I’m coming.

Alex: No, you’re not.

Clementine: I’ve missed you.


Gabriel lands next to a dive of a diner and retracts his wings. He enters and sits down at a table with William Whele.

Gabriel (picking up a menu): What’s good here?

William: Uh, this is my first time.

Gabriel (sees two men at the counter): Oh, they have pudding. I wonder if it comes from a can or if it’s homemade. [Bites his lip]

William: Archangel, I know you’re busy, but –

Gabriel: Ugh, place like this must be canned. I hate food wrapped in a tin. Tastes like metal. (Studies menu while seeming to ignore William)

William: Claire Riesen was badly hurt in the angel attack on Alex Lannon. If I’d have known, I could have prevented her from getting in your way.

Gabriel: Do you think I don’t care about you?

William: Of course not.

Gabriel: I can’t bring my father back without the aid of one loyal man. And of all the men in the world, I chose you. Do you know why? Because when you speak, people listen.

William: Thank you. But Claire, she’s the woman I plan to marry. She didn’t have to suffer like that.

Gabriel: Her pain, it’s difficult for you to stomach, isn’t it?

William: Yes, it is.

Waitress: What can I get you boys?

Gabriel stabs her in the eye with a fork, then unfurls his wings and attacks everyone in the diner while William watches in horror. He rips off someone’s head and holds it by the hair, before leisurely tossing it aside.

Gabriel (his face is bloodstained): Blood and death, men are rendered weak by the sight. It’s a reflex Father gave them to help them behave. But there was a flaw in the design. The sight of blood makes the weak weaker. But the strong, the strong feed off it, become stronger still. You are one of the strong, William. You see blood and death as commonplace.

William: Yes.

Gabriel: Go back to Vega. Strengthen your acolytes. Tell them that the one has been revealed. Their time is near.

William leaves, slipping on blood as he stands up. Gabriel helps himself to the pudding on the counter.

Gabriel: Oh, it’s not bad.

On the road, Alex and Claire driving in Alex’s truck.

Claire: You know the one thing I can’t do, I can’t cook.

Alex: It’s easy. You put a fish on a stick and hold it over a fire.

Claire: [Laughs] I can’t fish either, Alex.

Alex: I’ll teach you.

Claire: You can fish?

Alex: Yeah, I can fish. In New Delphi, the rivers are so full of salmon, you can catch ’em with your bare hands.

Claire: You know what I do really well?

Alex: What’s that?

Claire: Call you on your bullshit.

Alex: [Laughs, then sees Claire looking at him with a sad expression] What?

Claire: No matter how fast you drive, Alex, you can’t run away from your own skin.

Alex looks over at passenger’s seat – it’s empty. He was imagining her.

Cut to the Luxor. Riesen is getting dressed.

Clementine (off screen): You’re doing that thing again.

Riesen: What thing’s that?

We see Clementine is naked, still in bed.

Clementine. Your eyebrows they furrow when you get upset. Like that.

Riesen: Hmm.

Clementine: What’s wrong, Edward?

Riesen: [Sighs] Higher angels disguised as humans. We’ve had two attacks in the last 24 hours.

Clementine: That’s not good.

Riesen: We don’t know how many there are inside the walls. Have you seen any?

Clementine: How could I? [Laughs] I spend my days here. These conversations, our lovemaking, these wonderful luxuries. [eats a very suggesting fingerful of honey] You’ve spoiled me into almost believing I’m human. Now, come here. I’m getting an itch.

Cut to Arika looking at Whele’s lion enclosure.

David: You were told not to roam around unaccompanied.

Arika: I was restless.

David: Oh.

Arika: You take pleasure caging things that were once free.

David: Only beasts that can kill me.

Arika: It must make you feel so masculine, to take a predator from the very top of the food chain and dominate it, lord over it.

David [pouring them both drinks]: I saved that animal from certain death. I’m saving his entire species from extinction. Of course, I don’t expect gratitude from him. [Hands drink to Arika] You, on the other hand, I think you understand the debt you owe me.

Arika: I think you have it backwards.

David: I could’ve had you executed.

Arika: But you didn’t. You need me.

David: I need Helena’s air force. The only chance we have of ridding ourselves of those abominations is by blasting Gabriel’s aerie.

Arika: And what do we get in exchange for our squadron?

David: Six uranium rods, full technical specifications, and the loan of one of our top nuclear scientists. Female, naturally.

Arika: And has the Lord of the City approved these terms?

David: Riesen knows what’s needed.

Arika: I asked you if he sanctioned this deal.

David: I don’t need his approval. The senate –

Arika: The senate? We both know they’re nothing but a rubber stamp for Riesen. I’m beginning to think that I’m negotiating with the wrong man.

David: Riesen can only delay his fall from power for so long. So why don’t you run along back to Evelyn and broker a deal, before I change my mind about you and make his day [gesturing to Samson]?

Cut to Senate chambers. Michael is standing in the center of the circular room, answering questions.

Riesen: You assured me that only you and Gabriel could look perfectly human.

Michael: The corporeal higher angels never wanted any part of Gabriel’s war, nor did the other archangels, Uriel and Raphael. I respected their neutrality. Only the lower angels joined with my brother and possessed human bodies.

Riesen: Yet now, that’s all changed.

Michael: Yes, and it distresses me as much as it does you. Back in our home, all of the angels were aware of each other. Our vision was not dependent upon our eyes nor upon light. But that celestial perspective ended for all of us the moment we came down to Earth. Now we can only see as far as these eyes enable us.

David: Yeah, that is absolutely fascinating. But –

Michael: So to answer your question once again, Consul, No. I had no idea there were higher angels hiding within the city walls.

David: I see. And we’re supposed to simply take your word as faith.

David walks down from his seat and gets in Michael’ face.

Frost: For Savior’s sake, show some respect, Whele.

David: Thank you, Senator Frost.

Michael: I care little about your faith. Whether you take my word or not is not my concern.

David: What exactly is your concern?

Michael: Protecting and advising this city in its war against the angels.

David: Oh, and how many people died in the attack?

Riesen: Consul, Michael is not on trial here. And I think we’ve heard enough from you today.

Becca: I know I have.

David: I would like the senate to consider Michael was a deserter. He was a soldier who turned his back on his own kind.

Frost: Give it a rest, Whele.

David: Who’s to say he won’t turn again? Who’s to say he was ever really on our side?

Michael: Consul Whele makes a good point. What if I were a traitor? What if I slaughtered everyone in this room? [Senators look very uneasy] What if I killed you, David, right now? No one could stop me. Murder is a crime for men. Is it a crime for angels? Good to ponder such questions. It will help you to understand the real danger you face. [Michael leaves].

Cut to Alex on the road. He comes upon an overturned SUV. He grabs his gun and cautiously investigates. He sees human and eightball corpses.

Alex: Damn eightballs.

Alex starts to siphon gas out of the car and a hand falls out. A man inside the wreck is still alive – barely.

Man: My wife. My wife, is she okay? Is she alive?

Alex looks over – she is dead on the road.

Alex: Yeah. Yeah. Just shaken up.

Man: We were making a dash for Vega. Angels came out of nowhere, man. You shouldn’t be out here. No one should. Please, take care of my wife.

Alex: I’ll make sure she’s safe, okay? [Alex puts him out of his misery with a single gunshot]

In Gabriel’s aerie, Gabriel enters his throne room where Furiad and Irin await him. He pours himself a drink.

Furiad: You met with the priest.

Gabriel: As with all evils, necessary. He’s spreading the good word.

Furiad: If you could walk among them unnoticed, why not cross the wall and claim the chosen one for yourself?

Gabriel: Always so anxious, Furiad. If I force him to come, he’ll do nothing but rebel. He needs to come of his own free will.

Furiad: Two of my high guards are in preservation. How many more must be sacrificed while we wait for his arrival?

Gabriel: Well, I hate to quote the humans, but patience is a virtue.

Furiad: Lannon will never join us with your brother sitting on his shoulder.

Gabriel: I have faith that the chosen one’s path will lead him to me. You don’t?

Cut to barracks locker-room. Ethan is dealing contraband cologne from his locker to another soldier.

Ethan: Straight from the personal dressing room of a V-6, a man I guarantee only wears the finest. See that little guy on the horse with the mallet?

Soldier: Yeah.

Ethan: Means it’s the good stuff.

Soldier: Nice. [Pays Ethan and leaves with his cologne]

Ethan: Nomes, I haven’t forgotten your Scotch. I got my eyes on this sweet bottle in House Romero.
She drinks this stuff like it’s water.

Noma: Alex is gone.

Ethan: Ah, another joyride outside the walls.

Noma: Even all of his stuff his duffel, his AR-15 it’s all gone.

Ethan: Maybe he’s finally doing some spring cleaning.

Noma: Ethan, he was a no-show for his security rotation. This isn’t Alex. Something’s wrong.

Ethan: You know, I saw him with Michael after the funeral. Now, I didn’t hear what they were saying, but I’ve never seen Alex look at him that way.

Noma: I don’t think this has anything to do with Michael.

Ethan: I’m gonna go to talk him.

Noma: To an archangel? You really want to do that?

Ethan: My friend disappeared. Got to do something. [He walks out]

Noma: Yeah.

Cut to Vega market. Claire is walking around by herself.

Loudspeaker: You are prohibited from selling merchandise to anyone below a V-3 status.

Claire (to passerby): Good morning.

Flower vendor: Lady Riesen, for you. [hands her a pink carnation]

Claire: Thank you. You’re so sweet.

Flower vendor: Thank you.

William catches up to her.

William: There you are. Where are your guards?

Claire: The attack was on Alex, not me. I’m not gonna hide under my bed.

William: Any news from Alex?

Claire: No. He, um, I don’t think he’s coming back.

William: Maybe not. Maybe his destiny lies outside these walls. That doesn’t mean to say he still can’t save us. Look, Claire. About the jubilee, I had no idea our fathers were gonna make that announcement. If I –

Claire: William. It’s fine, okay?

William: My point is, I never had any friends apart from you, and I don’t want it to break up our friendship.

Claire: William, I’m still your friend.

William: It doesn’t have to stop there.

Claire: I have to go. I’m sorry. I’m sorry, okay? [She walks off]

Elsewhere in market we see a woman buying fruit from Louis. Michael strolls up to Louis’ booth. Louis looks uneasy, but pretends to pay little attention, restocking as Michael browses.

Michael: Louis.

Louis: You have to believe me. I had no idea Felicia was siding with Gabriel. None of us did.

Michael: I’m not accusing you. I need your help to keep an eye out for infiltrators.

Louis: I can’t tell an angel from a human any more than you can.

Michael: Then keep an eye on the ones you do know. I understand you not wanting to go against your fellow angel. You’re refugees from a war you had no part of. That’s why I respected your neutrality. I kept your secret. But times have changed. Tell the others. Stand with me, or leave Vega.

Michael turns to leave but Ethan walks up to him.

Ethan: Archangel?

Michael: Sergeant.

Ethan: Mack.

Michael: I know who you are.

Ethan: Sorry to bother you. I really don’t know why I’m sweating so much. Are you sweating? Do angels sweat? [Pauses] Alex is a good kid. A little hotheaded, sure. But if you sent him away somewhere –

Michael: Why would you think that?

Ethan: He’s been gone for 12 hours, missed his security rotation into Whele, hasn’t even checked on Bix.

Michael: Sergeant Lannon’s left the city? You didn’t know that?

Michael shoots straight up in the air and out of sight.

Cut to a hotel room that has been ransacked.

Claire: Hello? Sophia? Tobias?

Female Soldier: Lady Riesen, the Principate sent us to find –

Claire: Two of my students live here. Look at this place. What the hell is going on?

Female soldier: If the Blues are gonna toss the place, they could at least clean up after themselves.

Claire: The Blues did this? How do you know that? Sergeant, I want to know what happened to my students, and I want to know now.

Female soldier: Anyone who had contact with Felicia Aldreen has been taken in for questioning.

Claire: Who gave these orders?

Cut to House Riesen

Riesen: I will not wait till the next attack to find out who our enemies are.

Claire: So you’re rounding up innocent families, children?

Riesen: Jeep’s assassin was a child.

Claire: Yes, but people are already on edge, scared of their neighbors, not sure who they can trust. Do you really think this helps?

Riesen: Absolutely. It shows that we are taking steps to protect them.

Claire: This isn’t about protection. This is politics. You’re under fire for allowing a higher angel to hide in our home. So to divert attention, you order a massive response. The great General Riesen comes to the rescue again.

Riesen: Those families are back home by now, questioned and released.

Claire: Well, that makes me feel much better.

Riesen: You were within inches of being killed. I will not sit back and –

Claire: No! Don’t you dare use me to justify the detention of innocent V-1s. Don’t you dare!

Riesen: What do you want me to do, Claire?

Claire: I want you to treat them like people, not numbers.

Riesen: If you want to change the way things are done, marry William.

Claire: What is it you’re not telling me? You can fool your friends in the senate, Dad, but you can’t fool me. What is it?

Riesen: I’m sick, Claire.

Back on the road, Michael stands in the middle of the highway, blocking Alex’s way.

Alex: You’ve got to be kidding me. [He guns it, then swerves to avoid Michael and slams on the brakes. He gets out of truck and storms over to Michael.]

Michael: Where are you going?

Alex: I thought I made myself clear. Leave me alone!

Michael: I’ve done that for far too long.

Alex: Michael, I never needed your help. I don’t need it now.

Michael: You don’t have a choice. [He walks over to the truck and opens passenger’s side door]

Alex: What the hell do you think you’re doing?

Michael: Calling shotgun.

Alex (opens the door and puts a pistol to Michael’s temple]: Get out of the car, now.

Michael: That’s not going to happen.

Alex: I’ll ask again.

Michael: Shame for you to lose that hand.

Alex: Is that a threat?

Michael: A warning. I’ve been shot many times. Bullets have a way of doing more damage to the person firing them than they’ve ever been able to do to me.

Alex turns around, and takes a few steps away from the truck, frustrated.

Alex: I’m going to New Delphi, and I’m going alone.

Michael: You have no idea what awaits you there.

Alex: Want to know what awaits me there? A life. My life away from you, away from anyone telling me who I’m supposed to be. So let’s figure it out right now. What’s it gonna take for you to leave me alone?

Michael: One stop.

Alex: One stop where?

Michael: Better you learn when we arrive.

Alex: Okay. I make this stop with you, this one stop, and then you let me go on my way. Alone.

Michael: Deal.

Alex: Deal.

Cut to Senate room

Becca [Gavel banging]: Committee adjourned.

David (speaking to Becca alone): Consul Thorn, I heard your proposal for a subcommittee to review food supply contingencies. Way to go. And, Becca, one more thing. About our friend Michael, I understand he’s not able to I.D. these higher angels. But I was thinking, Michael has the ability to appear perfectly human too. What if we understood the archangel more, his vulnerabilities? It would prepare us better to counter this new threat, don’t you think? As a scientist, I mean.

Becca: Michael’s not gonna put himself under a microscope.

David: Oh.

Becca: But why don’t you ask him yourself? I’m sure he’d love to sit down for coffee.

David: Did you miss the part where he threatened to murder me today?

Becca: No, I caught that.

David: I was actually thinking you could run point. You know, in your position, I figure you might have access to privileged information.

Becca: I’m far too busy for any of this. [Becca turns and walks away]

David: Multitask, you know, during one of your late-night stargazing sessions [Becca stops in her tracks] in the stratosphere.

Becca (takes a breath, then turns to face him): I get it. Michael’s one of Riesen’s greatest allies. Going after Michael weakens him.

David: That’s very perceptive, just like your mother. She too had a penchant for thinking with the wrong part of her anatomy. Sleeping with an angel will make you a pariah. I would like reports on your findings as you receive them. I know they’ll be thorough, just like your usual high standard of work.

Alex drives up to the house where he and Jeep played basketball. We see him remembering playing with Jeep. He enters the deserted, slightly trashed house. Walls are covered with Jeep’s attempts to decode the tattoos. He begins to have visions of Jeep and flinches as the tattoos begin to move on his arm. He has flashes of a manic Jeep, scribbling, reading, looking in the mirror.

Jeep: I just want to read one. Just one!

Vision of Jeep drinking Jack Daniels out of the bottle, and finally playing Russian roulette.

Michael: What did you see?

Alex: He lost his mind. I’m done. [He begins to leave]

Michael: Your father didn’t come back here to hide. This place was his sanctuary.

Alex: Hey! A deal’s a deal.

Michael: This house meant something to Jeep. It’s where your mother died, trying to protect you.

Cut to helicopter flying over desert, a parachuted box jettisoned from it.

Helicopter pilot on radio: Vega Patrol, this is Helena One. Package away, 3 miles southeast of your position.

Knock on Arika’s door. Ethan enters

Ethan: Your transport’s waiting, ma’am.

Arika: You’re from Archangel Corps, yes?

Ethan: Yes.

Arika: You may know a gentleman by the name of Alex Lannon. Last time I was in Vega, he was my guard. Handsome young man. How’s he doing?

Ethan: Let me take your bag for you.

Arika: You prefer the company of men, don’t you? It’s the way you look at me, absent of desire. But you don’t fancy Alex.

Ethan: No, that’d be weird. We’re like brothers.

Arika: Well, please, send him my regards.

Two soldiers enter with large box.

Soldier: This just got delivered downstairs for Arika of Helena.

Ethan: Want me to open it?

Arika: Please.

Ethan opens box. There is a young female body inside.

Ethan: Who is she?

Arika: My sister.

Back at Jeep’s house. Alex is looking at the bathtub.

Michael: I found her here, her body wrapped around you.

Alex: What happened?

Michael: Your mother and Jeep barricaded themselves in here to keep you safe, but the eightballs would stop at nothing to get to you. After I fought them off, Jeep went to bury her body, and I held you in my arms. You wouldn’t stop crying, as if you were mourning her death. And now you were Jeep’s responsibility.

Alex: You know, I used to think he was the greatest dad. He used to take me out here and let me drive his car and teach me to shoot guns. We’d shoot the shit out of that tree out front. [Michael begins to tear up] Little did I know it was all so when he dumped me on the street, I’d have a chance of survival.

Michael: Jeep never wanted to leave you. He fought me, told me it was cruel.

Alex: It was you? You told him to abandon me.

Michael: You had to be on your own, to struggle and fall, so you could rise.

Alex: I needed a father.

Michael: That’s what Jeep said. You were the most important thing in his life. He loved you more than anything, yet he gave you up because he believed in you. I believe in you, Alex, and as I promised Jeep and your mother as she lay dying, I will do anything I must to protect you [Tears roll down his face].

Cut to the road. Furiad and three companions take stock of Alex’s skid marks.

Furiad: They’re headed north. [They take flight]

Back in Arika’s room. The body is lying in state on her bed. Arika burns incense as she prays. David walks in.

Arika: Mother of Life and Mercy, take this soul to your breast. Let her find peace in the hereafter. To the All-Mother I pray, let it be so. [Washes body with a wet cloth]

David: In Vega, we burn our dead.

Arika: So that the angels don’t claim them? Superstitious nonsense.

David: When in Rome. [He tosses a book of matches to Arika]

Arika: You’re a cruel man.

David: Only to those who have outlived their usefulness. [He takes off his jacket and rolls up his sleeves]

Arika: And have I?

David: Your wife delivered your sister dead in a box.

Arika: A warning to keep the secrets of Helena sealed.

David: Something tells me that both the air force and the virgin brides you promised are off the table.

Arika: Her body’s barely cold, and still you pursue this deal.

David: Oh, I’m sorry. Was that insensitive? [He takes a cloth out of the bowl of water and briefly wipes down the corpse]I believed the deal was all there really was between us.

Arika: Where will I go?

David: You’re an exceptionally clever woman. You’ll figure it out. [Puts back on his jacket]

Arika: I have loyalists within Evelyn’s inner circle.

David: A coup?

Arika: As you said, I’m exceptionally clever. If you provide me with amnesty, let me strategize from this safe haven, I assure you, once I’m in power, our deal will be my highest priority.

David: I’ll see to it her body is transported to the ocean. [He leaves, as Arika ponders what just happened]

Cut to Jeep’s house. Michael looks out window as Alex dribbles basketball. He slowly walks out to Alex.

Michael: You’re still here.

Alex: A lot of babies were born that day. You just randomly picked me.

Michael: You weren’t like the others born that day.

Alex: Yes, I was. Flesh and bone. What aren’t you telling me?

Michael senses Furiad approaching and slowly slides out his swords. He looks upward in time to see Furiad and his associates landing over them. Michael kills two eighballs, then fights Furiad. He is distracted by the sight of another eightball attacking Alex, and Furiad stabs him in the abdomen. A piece of the sword breaks off as Furiad withdraws his blade. Alex shoots the eightball. He then shoots at Furiad, but the bullets bounce off the metallic wings that are now wrapped around Furiad’s body.

Furiad [in angelic language]: We will see you again soon. [He flies off]

Alex rushes over to help Michael.

Michael: Don’t remove it. I’ll bleed to death.

Alex: What am I supposed to do? [Michael passes out] Michael, what am I supposed to do?

William hurries down the stairs of his house. His father is sitting by the fireplace.

David: Where are you off to so late?

William: Church business.

David: Services aren’t for another 12 hours. Please tell me that you’re sneaking out in order to romance Claire. How are the plans for the wedding coming along?

William: Now’s not the time. Claire needs me as a friend.

David: A friend. Is that what you are to her?

William: Yeah. Her oldest friend. It’s a good thing.

David: You know I’m breeding Samson.

William: Great, Vega’s in crisis, and you’re concentrating on the mating habits of a lion.

David: Nature calls. We put him in with a lioness in heat in the north enclosure. You should’ve seen Samson, 500 pounds of raw power, as he mated with his Delilah. He knew what he wanted, and he took it. It’s what he does. It’s in his blood, as it was in his father’s before him.

William: Good for Samson, and good for those cubs. Surely they’ll be raised by their mother and not actually know their father. Nature is kind once in a while, isn’t it? [William stalks off]

Cut to acolyte service. William is preaching.

William: Our time of darkness has ended. Hear me, for now, we step into the light. The light of Gabriel.
For it is he who has charged me to share the knowledge that at long last, the chosen one has arrived.
Join me as we prepare our newest member to accept the love of our Father Gabriel. Brother Paul, please, come.

A man steps forward. An assistant wraps a golden sash around Paul’s ribs as the rest of the acolytes put on their blindfold masks.

William: This golden thread represents Gabriel’s promise. Our allegiance may be difficult and painful in its binding, but it is his mark that will save us. [Inserts a fancy stick into the knot in the back of the golden sash. He begins twisting it, tightening the sash] Where one breaks

All: One becomes strong. Where one is strong, we are all strong.

William: We are not the weak! No! For it is this pain that makes us stronger! [Paul collapses as his ribs are heard breaking. Smiling, William yanks out stick and hands back to his assistant.]

Cut to a balcony, Arika takes off her earrings and sets off a beacon. We see a light flashing in the distance in response. She smiles.

Back at House Whele, William is holding his hand too close to the fireplace, proving that he can handle the pain. He is interrupted by Claire entering and yanks his hand back.

Claire: William.

William: Claire, what are you doing here so late?

Claire: I made a deal with my father. He’s gonna stop detaining innocent people and draw up a basic bill of rights for every man, woman, and child in Vega.

William: How did you manage that?

Claire: I agreed to marry you.

Cut to Gabriel’s aerie. He is playing his trumpet when Furiad returns. Irin rushes in.

Furiad: The child will not be influenced by Michael any longer. I left Alex as you requested.

Gabriel: You laid your sword on my brother?

Furiad: It’s what was required. I couldn’t let any more of our angel brethren fall into amber.

Gabriel [obviously disturbed, puts down his trumpet, stands from his throne, and without taking his eyes off Furiad, says]: Irin, come.

Furiad and Irin exchange a worried look, then she slowly obeys Gabriel. He reaches out a hand as if to stroke her face, and, smiling, grabs her by the throat, lifts her off the floor and begins choking her.

Furiad: Gabriel, please. I beg you.

Gabriel: Give me your sword. Hand me your sword! [Furiad obeys and Gabriel stabs Irin, dropping her body to the floor] My brother is not dead! Not by the hand of a wild dog. But if you’d like to try again, my blade will go through you next. [He hands Furiad back his sword and turns away]

Cut to Alex driving as fast as he can back to Vega with an unconscious Michael in the passenger’s seat.

Alex: Hang in there. We’re almost there.


Detailed transcript for Episode 1.2 “Godspeed”

Dominion Episode 1.2 “Godspeed”
Original air date: June 16, 2014

Version 1.1 by Kris (@DominionV5;

Adapted from the closed captioning transcript found at

[voiceover]: Previously on Dominion

Claire: In the war, the entire lower rank of angels joined Gabriel, and they couldn’t visit earth without a body. So they stole ours. Then came whispers of a chosen child.

Alex: You need to speak to your dad.

Claire: I’ll tell him about us, and I will get his permission to marry.

Jeep: Alex?

Alex: Dad? You basically left me to die.

Jeep: Gabriel’s massing for another war.

Michael: And like Gabriel, some of them have always hated man. The powers are far more dangerous than the angels that possessed mankind during the extermination

Scenes from Furiad’s attack

Alex: That’s the delegation from Helena.

Ethan: You think that kid’s the one?

Alex: The chosen one’s a myth.

David: Helena has the only air force in the cradle. The cripple Riesen won’t be an obstacle much longer, once you’ve been made Lord of the City.

David: It is my great pleasure to announce the engagement of Claire Riesen to William Whele.

Scenes from Jeep’s death

Arika: Believe me, David we had no part in this.

David: Round up her entourage.

Jeep: You are the chosen one.

David: No one here is gonna breathe a word of this to anyone until we’ve figured out what it all means.

Michael: Jeep held the tattoos on his body for when you are ready. They will lay out the path through which mankind can be redeemed and Gabriel and his legions pushed back.

Gabriel: My son.

William: We found him.


Flashback to a young Alex playing basketball with Jeep at a house in the countryside.

Jeep: Oh.

Alex: Hey.

Jeep: And he shoots! Next shot wins the game, hotshot.

Alex: I know why you don’t bring me here more.

Jeep: Yeah? Why is that?

Alex: ‘Cause you always lose. Ha!

Jeep [Chuckles]: Oh.

Alex: Yeah!

Jeep; Damn! Nice shot. So what do I owe you?

Alex: The jerky, the fuzzy dice, and your Glock.

Jeep: I’ll give you the jerky, and I’ll give you the Glock, but there’s no way I’m giving you my dice!

Jeep grabs Alex affectionately. They hear crows cawing and Jeep is alarmed. Eightballs are seen scurrying on nearby rooftops.

Jeep: Go inside. Alex! Inside! Now!

Alex runs inside, Jeep draws his guns. He shoots and kills a female eightball. Inside the now-locked house Alex opens a safe and pulls out a large gun. Cut back and forth between Jeep being attacked and Alex listening to attack from inside house. Suddenly there is silence. Alex looks through the peephole and sees a dead eightball.

Jeep’s voice: Alex.

Alex: Dad?

Jeep’s voce: Get the med kit.

Alex opens the door and a male eightball tackles him.

Eightball (in Jeep’s voice): Hello, Alex.

Jeep enters and shoots several bullets into eightball until it dies.

Jeep: You’re okay. You’re okay.

Alex: I thought you left me.

He gathers Alex in his arms and holds him tightly.

Jeep: I’ll never leave you. Promise.

Cut to present-day Alex watching Jeep’s funeral from a doorway. William is officiating.

William: We pray that our Brother Jeep may take safe passage in his journey. We are comforted by the words of our founder. The chosen one is near. His hope will unite us. His faith will bolster us. His strength will bring us our time of peace.

Jeep’s body is burned on a pyre.

Senate chamber is in chaos. A gavel banging quiets them down.

Riesen: Senator Romero, what’s the status of our reactor?

Romero: Using all available resources, I should have the city back to full power within days.

David: Not fast enough. The walls are barely functional. The radar is down. Our first priority should be defense.

Becca: Defense? From the man who brought an eight-ball into our city?

Frost: You have blood on your hands, Consul. Your recklessness put us all in danger.

David: Look, I am the first to admit I had a lapse in judgment, but I was doing it for Vega. Yesterday morning that eightball was discovered inside our city walls. And when my men captured it, my first instinct was to destroy it. But then I decided that we could use the eightball to remind Vega of the enemy we face. Tragically, it backfired, and for that, I am sorry. But I was doing it to strengthen the city, not to endanger it.

Becca: The consul decided to teach us all a lesson in secret.

Frost: I call for an audit of House Whele.

Becca: I second that.

Romero (worried): I oppose. It is a waste of precious time and resources.

Frost: It is not a waste of time! It is necessary!

Riesen (bangs gavel): I agree with Senator Romero. Consul Whele made a mistake for which he has been admonished. Good night, Senators.

Riesen leaves. Becca gives David a knowing look and then leaves. Frost looks downtrodden.

Frost: May the chosen one save us.

In barracks, Alex is drinking. He looks at tattoos in a mirror and tries to scratch them off. He stumbles into House Riesen.

Noma: Alex, what are you doing here?

Alex: I need to see Claire.

Noma: It’s the middle of the night.

Alex: It’s none of your business, Noma.

Noma: It is now. You’re drunk.

Alex: And you’re jealous.

Noma: Go home. Sober up.

Alex: Noma.

Noma puts him in a hold.

Noma: You’re about to end up in the infirmary.

Claire opens door to her bedroom: Noma, it’s fine. Let him in. [Alex enters] Thanks.

[Door closes]

Alex: Let’s go.

Claire: Alex, I looked for you at the funeral.

Alex: Let’s do it. Let’s go right now. Let’s get out of here. Let’s get out of here right now.

Claire : You’ve been drinking.

Alex: We’ll be in New Delphi before you know it, Claire. Let’s just go right now.

Claire: Alex, we can’t leave.

Alex: Yesterday you were dying to get out of here.

Claire: Yesterday I had faith there was a chosen one. Today I have proof walking around in front of me.

Alex: Claire, the tattoos aren’t proof.

Claire: Yes, they are, Alex. I was in that bunker. We both heard what Michael said. You, you are gonna unite all of us and end this war. Vega needs you.

Alex: What about when I needed Vega, huh? When I was a V-1, struggling to survive in the tunnels?

Claire: A V-1 who became a soldier to protect the people.

Alex: I became a soldier so I could get three meals a day! [Pause] You’re afraid. I know it.

Claire: No, Alex. I have never been afraid a day in my life.

Alex: Then come with me, Claire. Let’s go right now.

Claire: No.

Alex: Why?

Claire: Because we have just been attacked. The people are terrified. That’s why, Alex!

Alex: What do you care? You live in a tower! You go down to the island every two weeks and pass out sandwiches. You’re a spoiled princess, Claire.

Claire: And you’re an ugly drunk.

Alex: Yeah. But at least I’m not a hypocrite. I’m not a fake.

Claire: Are you finished?

Alex: Yeah.

Claire: Good. Get out. Get out now, Alex.

Alex leaves and slams door.

Cut to House Whele. David is pouring himself a drink. The door opens and Riesen enters.

Riesen: Quite a performance. We both know that eightball was caught outside the city.

David: The creature’s location was not the salient point.

Riesen: The salient point is that you screwed up. Damn it, David. The only thing bigger than your bank account is your ego.

David: I’ll take that as a compliment, General. By the way, thank you for stepping in this afternoon.

Riesen: I can’t have my slick-haired bureaucrat in jail, can I?

David: No, you can’t, because this bureaucrat keeps every department in the city running, some I’m sure you’ve never even heard of.

Riesen: Yes. You’re very talented.

David [Slurps]: Hmm. [Swallows] What can I do for you, Edward?

Riesen: Vega does not need a religious fervor to break out over the chosen one. The city is too unstable.

David: My thoughts entirely.

Riesen: There were other people in that bunker.

David: Techs.

Riesen: Yes.

David: They’re being spoken to.

Cut to security room. A soldier comes up to one of the aforementioned techs.

Soldier: Consul Whele wants to see you.

Tech: Me?

Soldier: Yeah.

Cut to lion enclosure. Male lion is pacing. Now-dead tech (bullet in forehead) is tossed onto the ground. David watches as lion eats.

Cut to Gabriel’s aerie where a celebratory funeral is taking place. Glasses are raised in toast. Cheers go up. Roan is in background behind Gabriel. Roan is not celebrating.

Gabriel: To our fallen comrades! They sacrificed their lives in the attack on Vega. And Brother Janax, you ballsy son of a bitch! We preserve you in amber until Father returns and the gates reopen! [pours more very viscous amber on body]. We drink!

Gabriel pauses – he senses something.

Furiad (seeing change in Gabriel): Gabriel?

Gabriel (walking out of party): Enjoy your bodies!

Party turns into an orgy as Gabriel leaves.

Cut to sunrise. Michael stands on a small jetty at the ocean shore. His wings are flapping. Gabriel flies to join him.

Gabriel: There’s no shame in surrender, Michael.

Michael: That’s not why I summoned you. Why attack now? You already lost the war.

Gabriel: I only lost a battle. Didn’t Father always teach us not to rest until our work was done?

Michael: He would be ashamed of you.

Gabriel: Well, he’s not here, is he? You know why. Because he realized that this creation of his, his pride and joy, was a failure of epic proportions. He couldn’t stand the sight of them. He just didn’t have the heart to wipe them out himself.

Michael: Are you that jealous of Father’s attention, his love for them over his angels? Over you?

Gabriel (pulls out sword and presses blade close to Michael’s face): I should finish you right now.

Michael (pulls out his own sword and puts blade to Gabriel’s neck): Try.

Gabriel: If the humans knew you were here talking to me, they’d kill you themselves.

Michael puts away his blade.

Gabriel: It doesn’t make you angry? They were given our birthright, gifted a paradise, this earth, these bodies. And what did they do? They turned the planet into a pit. When they’re gone, the last of them a bad memory, maybe then Father will come back.

Michael: You’re still nothing more than a frightened child lashing out. Your quarrel is with a father who left you, not with mankind.

Gabriel: My quarrel is with humans and anyone foolish enough to stand with them.

Michael: I won’t allow you to hurt another soul.

Gabriel: Oh. The humans don’t need you to protect them, Michael. They have the chosen one now.

Michael’s expression becomes serious, and Gabriel flies away, having made his point.

Cut to Vega’s prison. Arika and her party are stripped to their underwear and sharing a single cell.

Coral (Arika’s handmaiden): If you hadn’t acted like a mud woman, letting Whele have your body, maybe you would’ve noticed that Roan was an infiltrator. Maybe we could’ve stopped him before he killed a hero of Vega.

Arika: I’m still Evelyn’s consort. Remember your place, Coral.

Coral: I do, and so should you.

Arika: The boy fooled Evelyn, and she’s not easily fooled.

Coral: She will not react well to this disgrace. They’ve humiliated us.

Arika: Maybe so. They might have taken our haikas. But they’ll never learn the secrets of Helena.

Soldiers come to collect Arika.

Soldier: Arika.

Arika proudly strolls into David’s office in her underwear.

David: The first time I met you, I thought, “Now, there’s a woman who will go far in this world.”

Arika: Really? Why is that?

David: It was back when we still did business with those New Delphi cretins. I was bidding against you for fuel. That Delphi oil man remember him? Truly repulsive human being. I figured you must have slept with him without blinking an eye because you got to go home with the contracts, and I returned empty-handed, but with a newfound respect for your will to do anything to win. Then two weeks later, he was found dead, gutted like a tuna, and I was even more impressed.

Arika: Thank you, though I had nothing to do with that.

David: [Chuckles] I trust you and your handmaidens are being well treated.

Arika: Our haikas were removed. For us, that’s cultural savagery.

David: My apologies, but after what happened with the boy, security is our first priority.

Arika: Roan fooled us. Think of it, David. Gabriel’s responsible for pushing the human race to the brink of extinction. Helena will never side with him.

David: There are black acolytes in this very city who secretly worship Gabriel as a God. Who’s to say that Evelyn is not doing the same thing?

Arika: Evelyn believes in the divine feminine. We have no place for a male deity like Gabriel. But you didn’t bring me here to discuss culture. What do you want?

David: Helena has the only air force left. I need it.

Arika: Evelyn will never enter a new war with Gabriel if Helena isn’t threatened.

David: But I have you. Tell me what she’ll think if her consort is put to death for treason.

Arika: She will mourn me, and then she will bomb Vega into oblivion.

Cut to House Riesen. A cleaned-up Bixby is wolfing down breakfast at Claire’s table.

Claire: Good, huh?

Bixby: Mm-hmm.

Felicia (bringing more pancakes): [Chuckles] Reminds me of you – a bottomless pit.

Claire: Thanks, Felicia.

Bixby pauses, worried that she did something wrong.

Claire: [Chuckles] No, she’s teasing. Eat as much as you want.

Bixby grab more pancakes. Riesen enters.

Riesen: Good morning.

Claire: Felicia, can you take Bixby to get a glass of milk?

Felicia: Of course. [She and Bixby leave]

Riesen: Is that the little girl from the bunker?

Claire: I said she was under our protection, and I meant it. [Pauses] I guess it’s old-fashioned to think a bride should be the first one to know about her own wedding.

Riesen: If I went to you first, you never would’ve entertained the idea.

Claire: Why would I? I don’t love William.

Riesen: In the world we live in, we have to think about more than just ourselves.

Claire: So wanting to marry a man that I have feelings for is selfish?

Riesen: Claire, when these walls went up, the city was in a shambles. Refugees were pouring –

Claire: Pouring in by the thousands. We could barely afford to feed ourselves. Yeah, I know. You’ve told me this story a thousand times. You created the V-system so that everyone had a job to do. But what you did was you trapped people into a life that they had no way out of.

Riesen: You know it was supposed to be temporary. As soon as we were back on our feet, we were gonna transition to a republic.

Claire: So what are you waiting for? You’re Lord of the City. If you want things to change, change them.

Riesen: The senate is stuck on the status quo. You and William, you’d be new blood.

Claire: I’m not a politician, though. I’m a teacher.

Riesen: Well, now that we’ve been attacked, I can’t step down, not now. But eventually you will inherit my seat, and when that happens, David Whele will be on you like a wolf on a lamb.

Claire: I am not marrying William Whele.

Riesen: Because you’re in love with Alex.

Claire: Yes. And I know what you’re thinking. He’s not just a V-2 soldier. He’s the chosen one.

Riesen: I have no idea what that means, nor does anyone. You and William could run this city.

Claire: Oh, stop talking about William.

Riesen: Claire. [She storms out] Claire!

Riesen feels a pain in his chest and sits down, breathing heavily.

Cut to barracks locker room. Noma is changing. Alex is putting things in his locker.

Noma: So how long you been banging Claire Riesen?

Alex: No one knows about this, Noma.

Noma: Hope not.

Alex: Hey. You need to keep it quiet.

Noma: You know you can trust me.

Soldier: Lannon?

Alex: Yeah.

Soldier (handing piece of paper to Alex): New orders.

Noma: What is it?

Alex: Security detail reassignment – House Whele.

Alex leaves barracks. Michael is waiting for him.

Michael: We need to talk.

Alex: I’m done talking.

Michael: You’re in danger. Things have changed.

Alex: For you, maybe, not for me. Leave me alone.

Michael grabs Alex from behind, unfurls his wings, and flies upward with Alex in tow. Michael brings him to the stratosphere.

Michael: Gabriel knows about you.

Alex: What does he know, that I have the tattoos?

Michael: He’s more dangerous than you think. You’re a target, Alex.

Alex: But I’m the chosen one, right? If I’m the one that’s gonna save the human race, I must be pretty damn powerful, right? If I’m gonna unite mankind, I’m gonna have to fight angels like you.

Michael: I’m not your enemy.

Alex: It didn’t feel that way when you were whipping me.

Michael: Things are different now. You’re gonna have to trust me, Alex.

Alex: Trust you? [Chuckles] Why would I ever do that? Everything you ever told me was a lie. I was able to read one of the tattoos last night. You know what it said? “Beware those closest to you.” You stay away from me.

Alex storms out. Cut to House Whele.

Ethan: What are you doing here?

Alex: I just got reassigned.

David: Mr. Lannon, a word.

Ethan: He knows your name? [Ethan leaves room]

David: You know what I did before the war?

Alex: No, sir.

David: I was a televangelist. I sold religion on television. I was very, very good at it. I was a true believer.
The message would differ from preacher to preacher, but the point was always the same. You need me to connect you to him. Since then, I’ve learned the error of my ways. Everything I believed in was wrong.
But what I do know, better than anyone in this city, is the psychology of faith. I have seen firsthand what true believers are capable of. They’ll open up their wallets and bow at your feet. They’ll tear each other apart just to touch you, or they’ll nail you to a cross. But either way you could bring ruin to our society.

Alex: You don’t have to worry. None of this means anything to me. I won’t say a word.

David: Smart man.

Alex: Consul, I’ve been with House Riesen for four years now, and today of all days, I get transferred to House Whele. Why?

David: I didn’t order your transfer. General Riesen did.

William enters, and kneels before Alex with exaggerated flourish.

David: William, please.

William: I’m sorry to intrude.

David: No intrusion. Sergeant Lannon has just been assigned to our detail.

William looks uncomfortable. Cut to he and Alex walking through the markets of Vega.

William: I apologize for my father. He’s a narcissist of the highest order. What did you both talk about?

Alex: He warned me about the pitfalls of fame.

Woman: Principate – Bless you.

William: And you, Sister. Here, take this.

Man: May the savior bless you, sir.

William: And you, Brother. Here.

William (to Alex): Extra rations, medical care for those in need.

Alex: I didn’t know you did that.

William: Well, uh, House Whele isn’t the big bad wolf Lord Riesen makes us out to be.

Alex: Your father’s idea?

William: No. Charity’s not his strong suit. Alex, um. Can I call you Alex?

Alex: Sure.

William: I can only imagine what it must be like to walk in your shoes, the, um the burden that’s been placed upon you. If you ever want to talk to anyone about anything at all, I’m here. And I’ve always been here, waiting to be of service to you.

Cut to House Riesen. He is buttoning his shirt back up. Becca comes back with a glass of water.

Becca: You can’t keep your condition a secret much longer.

Riesen: You are the only one I can trust, Becca.

Becca: You can trust Claire. She’s your daughter, Edward. She deserves to know.

Riesen: So she can worry herself sick?

Becca: So she’ll know why you want her to marry William.

Riesen: I don’t want her thinking that her father’s got one foot in the grave.

Becca: You have congestive heart failure. You could live another ten years.

Riesen: Or die tomorrow.

Becca: Well, keeping secrets isn’t healthy, and I’m not just talking about your heart.

Riesen: What are you talking about?

Becca: Edward, I know you go outside the city walls every few weeks. Why?

Riesen: That will be all, Consul. [Riesen walks away without looking at Becca]

Cut to prison. Arika’s women are scratching their fingernails on the floor, reducing them to a greenish powder

Coral: What will they do to us?

Arika: The sentence will be death. But I know David. He’ll torture first, try to make us confess. All the way down to the nail bed – we need as much poison as possible.

Coral: What will you tell the guards?

Arika: That I’m ready to talk with David Whele.

Coral: It gives me great peace to know that we’ll be the instrument that causes that man to die.

Cut to House Riesen. Alex collides with Felicia, who is carrying a coffee service. Everything crashes to the floor.

Alex: Oh! Sorry.

She bends down to clean up and Alex bends down to help her. She sees his tattoos.
Alex: Are you okay?

Felicia: I’m fine. Um, my apologies.

She leaves for another room, puts the coffee set onto a table and catches her breath. Wings unfurl from her back, and she sneers in Alex’s direction.

Cut to Michael and Riesen looking out over the city from House Riesen.

Voice outside over megaphone: Curfew is now in effect. Curfew is now in effect.

Riesen: You were missed in the senate yesterday.

Michael: I was out surveying the Western cradle, making sure the threat was gone.

Riesen: The threat could be right under our noses. Twenty five years, and you never told me about this new type of angel like Roan. Vega’s not prepared for that.

Michael: The higher order of angels never wanted any part of this war. I didn’t consider them a threat.

Riesen: And Lannon, how does he factor into this war?

Michael: My hope is decisively. He has a destiny, but it’s not etched in stone. There are many paths he could choose, not all of them for the best. He’s in a difficult place. I don’t know how to reach him. Do you?

Riesen: How would I know how to reach him?

Michael: You’ve always had great insight into the ways of your kind. And you’re a parent. You have a child.

Riesen: If I knew how to reach my daughter, maybe I could give you some advice. Sometimes you just have to wish them Godspeed.

Michael: Alex’s decisions have repercussions for everyone on this planet.

Riesen: So do ours.

Cut to Claire’s bedroom. She is writing in her diary. Alex walks in and knocks on the wall.

Alex: You’re not a spoiled princess.

Claire: No, actually, that’s the one thing I am.

Alex: You want to stay in Vega. I get it.

Claire: Really?

Alex: We’ll work it out, together.

Claire: Thank you.

They kiss, and then make love. Afterwards, they lie entwined in bed and she admires his tattoos.

Claire: They are so beautiful. This one looks almost Aramaic. Aren’t you even curious?

Alex: I’d burn ’em off if I could.

Claire: No, you wouldn’t.

Alex: Hell, maybe I can.

Claire: Alex.

Alex: Are you worried about me, or them?

Claire: That’s not fair.

Alex: Fair? You’re not the one with graffiti scribbled all over your body.

Claire: It’s a gift, Alex.

Alex: For who?

Afterwards, Claire is walking Alex to the door and Bixby comes down the hall.

Bixby: Alex!

Alex: Bix! [He picks her up and hugs her] You’re looking good. Beats living life in the tunnels, huh?

Bixby: Any day.

Claire: Bet there’s no bedtime in the tunnels either.

Bixby: Oh.

Claire: Come on, come on.

Bixby: Ah.

Claire: I’ll see you later.

Alex: Yeah.

Claire walks Bixby to her room. Alex walks down the hall and is attacked by Felicia. They fight.

Soldier: Hey!

Another soldier comes to help but Felicia knocks him down easily. Bixby and Claire hear the commotion and come running out.

Claire: Alex.

Felicia lifts Claire by her throat, choking her, then throws her across the room. Bixby is sliced in the stomach by Felicia’s wing and crumples to the floor.

Alex: Claire! No!

Felicia and Alex fall into elevator and continue to fight.

Alarm: Attention security breach. Attention security breach.

They end up in kitchen, Alex pulls out a natural gas line, then lights a lighter, setting Felicia on fire. He kicks her out the window. Cut to Alex watching as Claire and Bixby are attended to.

Cut to Whele and soldier walking down a corridor in the prison.

David: What the hell happened?

Soldier: We’re not sure. She said she’d only talk to you.

They arrive at the cell. All Arika’s women are dead. They have blood coming from their eyes, and green powder on their lips.

David (to solder): Leave us. (to Arika) What have you done?

Arika: More importantly, David, what have you done? Before you answer, consider your options.
You can claim that you had no choice but to kill these women after you interrogated them and found they’re in league with Gabriel. I will be absolved of any involvement and see to it that Evelyn makes no reprisals. Or, after you failed to elicit a confession from Helena’s sacred handmaidens, you flew into a rage and killed them. You will be known as the person who single-handedly started an all-out war with Helena, one that Vega will surely lose. The choice is yours, David.

Arika smiles like the cat that ate the canary.

Cut to barracks. Alex rushes in and starts packing. He looks at the picture of his mother. Claire follows him in.

Claire: Alex. I asked the medics if they treated you, and no one knew where you were. (They hug) I’ve been going out of my mind. I’m so glad you’re okay. Why are you dressed like this? You’re leaving.

Alex: You and Bixby almost died because that thing came after me. It’s not gonna change, Claire. I’m a target now.

Claire: Right. Okay. Okay. So I will be a target with you. I’m coming.

Alex: No, you’re not.

Claire: I am. And it’s not because you’re the chosen one. It’s not even because I love you. It’s – you’ve got a terrible sense of direction. Who else is gonna keep you from getting lost? You need me. (She kisses him)

Alex: I’m sorry.

Claire: I’m not afraid. I can handle this.

Alex: Well, I am. I’m afraid. I need you to stay alive, Claire. Listen to me. If anything ever happened to you, I couldn’t live with myself. I’m going alone.

Claire: So what – this is good-bye?

Alex: For now. (He turns to leave)

Cut to Gabriel’s aerie. Felicia flies in. She’s hurt.

Felicia: William was telling the truth. Alex Lannon is the chosen one.

Gabriel: Were you injured?

Felicia: He was strong, stronger than expected.

Gabriel (affectionately cupping her head): You did well, little one. (To Furiad) Take care of her.

Furiad scoops her up in his arms and carries her out.

Out on the road, Alex is driving and his tattoos start to itch and move. He stares at them.

Cut to Riesen walking up the stairs in the ruins of the Luxor Hotel outside Vega.

He enters a room full of knickknacks, where an old fashioned record player is playing “As Time Goes By.”

Clementine (off stage): Edward?

Riesen: I brought your favorite.

He places a jar of what looks like honey on the table and sits on the bed. A scantily clad woman enters from another room, strolls over and sits in his lap.We see she is an eightball.

Clementine: [Sighs] I’ve missed you. (kisses him passionately)