“Lay Thee Before Kings” – detailed transcript

2.7 Lay Thee Before Kings

Original air date August 20, 2015

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Michael – Previously on Dominion

Riesen – You’re an eight-ball.
Noma – No. He’s a Dyad. Half human, half higher angel.
[Noma screaming as she rips her wings off]

Alex – No!

Zoe – My whole life I’ve been invisible. Just like all V-1s. People of Vega, [continues over PA] this is war. Now, this is our city.
David – What [shot in the hand] aaah!

Zoe – Now you’ll never point a gun at me again.
Alex [running with Noma] – Come on. We’ve got to keep moving. We need a needle and thread. There’s a town nearby. Once we get to Vega, you can rest.
[Julian kicks an unconscious Michael to a chained Gabriel’s feet]

Gabriel – Michael.


[In New Delphi. Gabriel is chained and seated. Michael is seated a short distance away, facing him. We see electrical sparks over them]
Gabriel [chains rattle] – Michael. [electricity buzzing] Now’s not the best time for sleep.
Michael – I wasn’t sleeping.
[The doo opens and Julian strolls inside. The lights are turned on.]

Julian – Brothers.
Gabriel – If you hoped to frighten us, Julian, you must know it will take more than a homemade toaster to do it.
Julian [chuckles] – Oh, I want to do so much more than frighten, archangel. You know, being a Dyad has advantages that no angel can imagine. I get to tap into the very nature of the beast. Human nature, the thing that separates us truly from them.
Michael – And what is that?

Julian – Hatred. Oh, they have the capacity to despise one another in a way that we angels just can’t comprehend. And they’ve honed that hatred through centuries of practice. Torture being one of its crowning achievements.
Michael – Seems Julian was more human than angel. Even at Sodom.
Julian – [chuckles] Oh, I see you, Michael. Smug. You think ‘I am the greatest of all archangels. This is all beneath me.’ And I was. Always, below you. Your life, your rank, the great gifts you were given freely through no work of your own. I’ve earned everything I am this day. Can you say the same?

Gabriel – Last I heard, madness has always been free.
Julian – Well, it’s true, as Lyrae I was exploring that darker side of man’s nature. I carried out Father’s justice, and you didn’t approve because you wanted all the blood, all the vengeance for yourself.
Michael – I held a sword. You, a sadist’s grin.
Gabriel – Oh, please. If I am to die, I’d prefer not to hear Julian pontificate about how events didn’t favor him.
Julian – Right you are, Gabriel. Why banter when it will soon be over anyway? So, this torture is beautifully simple and given that electricity is one of an archangel’s few weaknesses besides Empyrean steel, it is perfect for my purposes. You know, ironically, it was first used in Stalin’s Russia to force traitors to confess as they sat across from a loved one. Above each of you are two live wires I’ve connected to the power grid of this facility. Each has enough volts of electricity to destroy even your powerful bodies. [A huge sizzling spark is sent between the electrodes] That metal pipe between you controls whether or not the live wires descend or stay in place. And to stop from being killed, each of you will have to take turns grasping it. The pipe delivers an electrical charge that will wear you down.
Gabriel – Seems like a lot of work to kill us. You have Empyrean steel in New Delphi.
Julian – I don’t want to kill you, Gabriel. I want to break you. And then I’ll take one of your bodies and make it my own. Any questions? [He walks over to an electrical panel and turns a knob. There is a power-up hum. The wires start to slowly descend and electricity zaps as Gabriel stares upward at it]. Michael looks up and then grabs the pipe. The noise of the wires descending stops, but at the cost of electricity sparking through Michael. Julian turns to leave.] Have fun. [As the door closes Michael and Gabriel grimly access their predicament]

[Opening credits]

[In the deserted building, Alex awakens in the morning, along on the couch. Apparently a sensation in his markings has awakened him. He pulls up the sleeve of his right arm and watches as the markings move, especially the ones Michael explained represented Vega and Lyrae. He stands up and notes that he appears to be alone.]

Alex [in a loud whisper] – Noma.

[She is outside, walking but hides behind an old truck when she sees eight-balls. A man sneaks up behind her and grabs her shoulder, spinning her around. He is curiously dressed, with a wide-brimmed hat and a rifle slung across his back]
The Prophet – Is he really the Chosen One? He wears the markings? [Noma tries to protest but he cuts her off] East. Bring him East.
Noma [turning to look back at the house, seeing eight-balls swarming around it] – Alex.
[Indistinct Lishepus. Suddenly Noma is grabbed from behind again and spins around. It is Alex]

Alex – Shh. Shh! [He notes eight-balls are looking for them] We’re running out of time. [He grabs Noma’s hand and leads her away.]

[The eight-balls continue to look for them, speaking Lishpus with no subtitles. Suddenly The Prophet strolls into view and stretches out a fist toward one of the eight-balls. It is spontaneously set on fire. Alex and Noma escape and The Prophet turns to leave]

[Back in New Delphi. Michael is still holding on to the pipe. It is draining him. Gabriel stoically watches, conserving his strength. Noting Michael’s discomfort he reaches out and grabs the pipe and Michael settles back in his seat, relieved]

Gabriel – Admittedly, I don’t know everything, Michael, but how would he steal our bodies?

Michael – I’m not interested in finding out.
Gabriel – You know why we’re here, brother. Because Alex is a wrecking ball. Had you let me take him at the start, our family wouldn’t be in shambles, and Father, maybe I could have reached him.
Michael – I know you miss him. We’ve all lost his presence. Why does it torment you more than the rest of us? It’s warped you.
Gabriel – Don’t change the subject. Alex, and your misplaced devotion to his kind, is the reason we’re both here. About to die. Is this situation finally enough for you to realize that the boy’s not who or what you think he is?

Michael – Because of what I’ve experienced these last months, I’m more convinced than ever.
[Gabriel scoffs]

Michael – You were in my position once. Watching over a child that had been chosen. Do you remember him?

Gabriel – It’s not the same.
[Flashback to a desert area. A long-haired Gabriel is dressed like an ordinary man, walking beside a curly-haired boy. They come upon destruction]

David – What did this?

Gabriel – Soldiers. On their way to Allah. But you don’t need to worry about that. [He playfully tossles the boy, David’s, hair, and David smiles, causing Gabriel to smile back. He sees a rabbit and quietly points it out to David. He gives a stone to David, who throws it at the rabbit. He misses and the rabbit scampers off as Gabriel laughs]
Gabriel – [laughing] Perfect!

David – I missed. Why is that funny?

Gabriel – Losing is part of winning. Every time you fail, you’re better for it. Besides you’ve won enough, hmm? [opens a bag and shows contents to David] We feast tonight.

David – Can I have the fat one, Papa?

Gabriel – [laughing] Fat one it is.
[They continue to walk to a village and we see Michael standing outside their home]

Gabriel [to David] – Go inside.

[David runs to the door and passes right through Michael, who apparently isn’t corporeal at this moment]

[Cut back to New Delphi and Gabriel’s face as he remembers]

[Vega, outside House Riesen]
PA announcement – Security clearance checkpoint now in effect.
[Inside House Riesen, Claire is looking at a stuffed teddy bear and seductive music is playing in the background. Gates walks in and smiles at the sight of Claire and the bear. Camera pulls back and we see that she is standing next to a crib. She puts the bear into the crib, and as Gates walks up to her we sense the attraction as they kiss and tenderly caress each other. A soldier walks in and there is no hint of embarrassment]

Soldier – Sorry, Lady Riesen, we have a situation.

[Cut to somewhere in the house. A number of Claire’s household staff are dead]
Arika – The rebels are sending you a message. There are sympathizers everywhere, even your servants. Those you trust the most.
Claire – Message received.
Gates – Whatever we do, we better do it fast. They have the Agri-towers. While they feast like kings, we have about three weeks left of food.
Claire – We’re all gonna die if this bloodshed doesn’t end. I need to speak to Zoe face to face without David Whele as the go between. I think we could make a deal. End this rebellion once and for all.
Gates – I might know a way that we can get Zoe’s attention.

[Cut to the other side of Vega, Zoe’s HQ. Zoe is talking to one of the rebels while David sits silently, staring at his watch]
Pearson – We split everything east of the trench in thirds, and go our separate ways.
Zoe – Not gonna happen.
[Pearson looks over at Whele] – What are you looking at?

David Whele – Nothing.
Pearson – Is he your pet? What the hell is he doing here?

Zoe – He’s the one who gave us the codes to the Agri-towers. The same ones you’re using for extortion now.
Pearson – I’m not extorting anyone. I’m taking advantage of a resource that I control.
Zoe – But I have the support of the people and Ramirez has armed us. We’re an army now [Several of Zoe’s soldiers step closer to the table]. You can either join us, or I’ll remove you and take back the towers. The food belongs to the V-1s. [Pearson stands up to protest but the power suddenly goes out and just as suddenly goes back on]
Zoe – What the hell is going on?

[Whele puts his watch on the table and Pearson picks it up and puts it into his pocket]

David – Claire just said hello.
[In New Delphi, Riesen is having his condition monitored. We see an oxygen meter on his finger and hear the EKG machine beeping. He coughs and takes the monitor off his finger. He rips off his blood pressure cuff as Julian enters the room and slinks into a chair]

Julian – Now death’s sweet embrace is close, is it not?

Riesen – Not close enough.
Julian – Oh, come on, Edward, you know what I want, my Amphora. I’d torture you for its location, but it’s clear you wouldn’t last. And you’re just stubborn enough to let it die with you.
Riesen – [chuckles] My wife used to say I was stubborn as a junkyard dog. You’re wasting your breath and what little time I have left. You’re never going to see that Amphora again.
Julian – You know, you think I’m going to use it to destroy Vega, but I’ve had that Amphora for over 20 years. If that were true, then you wouldn’t be sitting here now, would you? I have other purposes for it.
Riesen – Ah, exactly.
Julian – Every great man has his weakness. What’s yours?

Riesen – Dying men don’t have weaknesses. They got nothing to lose. [coughing]

Julian – One thing I’d love to know, and I-I don’t think it steps on your vow of silence, what brought you to New Delphi? And who’s Clementine? I overheard you say her name to Alex.
Riesen – Clementine was my wife’s name. When the angels fell, she was possessed. The angel, the one that took her body, also took her name. I captured her. Over time, we became close. Coming to this hellhole was her idea, not mine. She had heard that eight-balls and humans could live together.
Julian – It’s a beautiful story. Don’t wish for darkness, Edward. You have so much life in you. [He leaves as Riesen watches]

[Down in the dungeon, it is Michael’s turn again to hold the pipe. Gabriel turns around and sees a red laser dot on a machine. He starts chuckling]
Michael – You’ve always found humor at the strangest times.
Gabriel – Because there’s always something to laugh about, Michael. Most of all, death. And that said, I haven’t felt this weak since

Michael – Since you were a man? When you were your best self.
Gabriel – No. My worst.
[Flashback. Gabriel tucks in a sleeping David and kisses his head. He goes back to the table where Michael is seated]

Michael – You’ve done well here.
Gabriel – No, he’s a good boy. So kind. He has the heart of an artist. [He picks up a small animal – horse perhaps – that David has apparently carved]
Michael – It’s time.
Gabriel – No. It’s too soon.
Michael – The invading army is massing, and has put forward the same beast of a warrior every day for 40 nights. Every sun up and sundown he waits. Every able-bodied soldier is needed. So too, your son.
Gabriel – But what of the King? His army?

Michael – The coward hides in his castle. Only the farmers are left to face his enemies now.
David – Papa? Who are you speaking to?

[We see the table from the perspective of David’s bed. Michael is not there, again proving that he is not in corporeal form]

Gabriel – Nobody, little one. Back to sleep with you. [He adjusts the blanket] War is coming, poppet. Tomorrow, you need to be brave. [He gently strokes the boy’s hair. David looks worried]
[Noma and Alex duck down beside an abandoned car near a deserted store – Finns. They are both out of breath]

Noma – Alex, medical supplies were one of the first things looted in the War. That, and booze. No way anything’s left here.
Alex – There better be. Either that or you bleed to death. And that’s not happening. Come on. We’re getting what we need. Let’s go. [He helps her up and they run to the store.

Noma – Be careful.

[Alex opens the door and ducks down as he enters. We hear a distorted male eight-ball voice]
Cashier Eight-ball – Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

[Noma and Alex cautiously follow the noise. We see it is a cashier in a uniform at a cash register. He keeps swiping a small item in front of the scanner as if he were ringing up purchases]
Cashier Eight-ball – Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

[Noma and Alex sneak behind him and duck down behind another checkout lane]
Cashier Eight-ball – Beep. Beep.
Alex – Holy shit.
Eight-ball [close-up on his face. He appears as if in a trance] – Beep. Beep.

[Alex and Noma turn around as another uniformed eight-ball pushes a broom.]
Broom eight-ball – Cleanup on aisle three.
Alex – What are they doing?

Cashier eight-ball – Beep.
Broom eight-ball – Clean-up on aisle three.
Cashier eight-ball – Beep. Beep.
Broom eight-ball – Clean-up on aisle three.
Cashier eight-ball – Beep.
Noma – Lower angels aren’t that different from humans. Each one has a personality. Some are smart, evolved, some primal, dumb as a box of rocks, but all of them –

Eight-ball – Beep.
Noma – Are obsessed with the lives they took. Maybe this is where they were happy.
Female eight-ball – Hello, sunshine! [A short female eight-ball dressed in the store uniform strolls in, smiling at Noma and Alex] You came to the right place. Everything’s on sale. Prices are plummeting. Let me know if you need any help, okay? [She walks away]

Noma – We should go. There’s too many of ’em.
Alex – But they’re not attacking. I don’t think they’re going to. I mean, look at this place. It’s stocked. [We see lots of goods strewn around] I bet there’s first aid, maybe guns. We’re gonna need some with that crew out there.
Noma – Okay. What should we do?

Alex – Get a cart.

[Back at Vega, House Riesen]
Gates – What? Where?

Claire – The message came about an hour ago. Zoe wants to meet behind the back of Harrah’s.
Gates – That is a terrible location. There’s too many ways in. The buildings are close and high.
Claire – Which is why my soldiers are sweeping the area now, securing the location, and I’m going with Arika.
Gates – Arika?

Claire – Yes.
Gates – She’s one of the people from that room that knows that I was in those tunnels. All of them have security clearance. Guess who doesn’t.
[Meanwhile in Julian’s Little Shop of Horrors, Gabriel is watching as Michael holds on to the metal bar and accepts the subsequent electrical shocks]

Gabriel – I know you, Michael. You don’t do anything without intent. Why bring him up to me now?

Michael – Because it’s good to remember where we come from, and the moments that shape us.
[Back to the flashback. Gabriel is standing near the front of lightly armed farmers and peasants. Many of their weapons are farm tools. His face is grim. In front of them is a well-armed army several times the size of the village force. It is a stand-off. The soldiers begin rattling their spears and yelling, trying to intimidate the villagers. David looks up at Gabriel, a worried expression on his young face. A giant of a man walks through the crowd of soldiers and takes several long strides toward the villagers. It is Goliath.]

Goliath – Who will fight me? Days I’ve waited. No one?

Gabriel [to David] – Today you must be brave, David.
Goliath – Where is the king? Hiding behind the skirts of his many wives? [the soldiers laugh] Today will be your last. If no one will fight me, we will take Saul’s pride and his wives!

Soldiers (in unison) – Yeah!

[As Gabriel watches, David walks out from the crowd of villagers to confront Goliath. The soldiers laugh in derision, as does Goliath. David, his expression calm and determined, drops his small hatchet and takes his simple hand sling from his belt. We see Michael walking up behind David. He has a rock in his hand. He throws it at David’s feet and smiles. As the soldiers taunt David with a war chant, Goliath charges at the child, armed with a sword and shield. The young boy bends down and picks up the stone and sets it into his sling. He looks back at Gabriel, and then twirls the sling and lets the rock fly. It pierces the giant’s forehead and bursts out the back of his head, and Goliath falls dead at David’s feet. The soldiers nervously look at each other in disbelief as the villagers cheer and then charge at their enemy. Gabriel is visibly relieved.

Soldier – Retreat!

[The soldiers retreat as some of the villagers chase them and others herald David as a hero]

[Back in New Delphi, Julian is watching Michael and Gabriel on a video monitor. He turns to face someone]

Julian – Hello again. [He walks over to a woman, a female eight-ball] Welcome back.[She smiles widely]

[Cut to Noma and Alex going through the warehouse-like aisle of the department store getting items for their shopping cart. They stop at the sight of an eight-ball employee stocking a shelf. The eight-ball senses their presence and pauses, but he walks away. Noma throws a few items into the cart]
Noma – This is bat-shit. We need to hurry.
Alex – What about guns? The case back there was empty.
[They see a sign that says “STAFF ONLY” behind the eight-ball pushing the broom]

Noma – In back. Maybe there’s more. [She winces] Ow.

[The broom-pushing eight-ball pauses as they walk by him but he does not attack. Noma and Alex enter the back room and find a large pile of human corpses.]

[In Vega, a large covered parking area. Gates and Claire arrive in an armored vehicle. Zoe is already there with David and a few of her people.]

David Whele [to Zoe] – She’s here.
Gates [to Claire] – The perimeter is secure. We swept a five-block radius. There are eyes on you from every vantage point.
Claire – I’m ready.

[Claire and Gates walk toward Zoe. Two of Claire’s soldiers walk to Zoe first.
Soldier – I’m watchin’ you.

[Soldier pats down Zoe]

Soldier – She’s clean.
[One of Zoe’s female accomplices pats down Gates and Claire. Gates has a pair of binoculars in his hand. The soldiers gestures for Zoe to approach Claire and Zoe’s rebel does the same to Claire. After one final look exchanged with Gates, Claire slowly walks out to meet Zoe as Gates watches the perimeter through his binoculars]

Zoe – Nice move with the electricity. Did you really think that would stop us?

Claire – No, that’s why I restored the power. I just wanted to get your attention. When I decide to stop you, you’ll know.
Zoe – Well, I’m here. You got something to say?

Claire – Neither of us wanted this war. We’ve both lost so we could fight for other people’s happiness, but I can’t remember the last time I felt any. Can you? [Claire raises her eyebrows] You do that to David’s hand? [Camera cuts to David Whele standing next to Zoe’s truck, his hand bandaged. Zoe nods.] Next time, shoot him in the head. Don’t make the same mistake I did.
Zoe – Thanks, but I got this. Or is that all you dragged me out here to say?

Claire – I’m sending soldiers across the trench as soon as you drive out of here. That’s what I came here to say.
Zoe – You’re bluffing. You wouldn’t kill your own people.
Claire – I would to unite this city. Surrender, Zoe, and everything changes. You and me, we change it together, just like I promised when you were in my prison. You’re a leader now. It is your job to protect your people. You wouldn’t have come here unless you wanted the same thing I do, so let’s find it together as equals.
Zoe [pausing to think about it, then nods] – Okay.
[Claire is visibly relieved. Camera cuts to the view through Gates’ binoculars. A man with a gun suddenly appears in the distance]

Gates – Sniper! Claire, get down!

[Everyone ducks as gunfire erupts. Zoe and Claire run back to their respective vehicles]

Gates – Claire! Come on!

[Gunfire continues ]

Zoe [piling into her truck] – Get us out of here.
Gates [as he and Claire get into their vehicle] – Drive! Drive, drive, drive. Go now.

[We see a pained expression on Claire’s face. As Gates watches, she grasps her leg, blood seeping between her fingers. She gasps in pain]
Gates – Claire? Claire. It’s okay. You’re gonna be okay.
[Back in New Delphi, Gabriel is shaking as he struggles to continue holding on to the metal rod]

Michael – Gabriel, enough!

Gabriel [Letting go of the pole as he falls back against the back of his chair] – Ah!

Michael [calmly as he grabs the pole] – Rest. My turn.
Gabriel – And then, back and forth again? How long can we endure this pain?

Julian [walking into the room] – For eternity, I hope. Oh, on and on you both went about your great strength, so superior to a higher angel. I thought we’d never hear the end of it. Now let’s see how powerful archangels really are.
Michael – We won’t disappoint.
Julian – Love that attitude.
Michael – But eternity won’t be enough. Your device is broken. I don’t feel a thing. [Gabriel chuckles. Michael laughs as well] It’s worthless. No surprise really, considering its maker, I mean, you’re a failure.
Julian – Oh, the old girl is set at her lowest strength, but I’d be happy to show you what she’s capable of.
Michael – Do your worst. We can handle it. [Gabriel chuckles again]

Gabriel – Michael.
[Julian saunters over to the controls]

Michael – Show him, Gabriel. [quietly to Gabriel] It’s almost over.
[They both grab the pole as Julian turns up the power. The sparks increase and both archangels struggle against the pain]

[Cut to a back alley in Vega. David Whele meets with Pearson]

David Whele – All you had to do was kill Claire Riesen. You failed as you always fail me. Why am I surprised?

Pearson – That shooter was my best man.
David Whele – Oh, I’d hate to see the others. You botched this, Pearson.
Pearson – I did good work for you when you were Consul.
David Whele – Three times out of five, and even then I’m being generous. Can this be tracked back to us?

Pearson – No. My guy died.
David Whele – Good. You better hope Claire does too.
Pearson – If Zoe finds out what we did

David Whele – I will take care of Zoe. You just finish what you started.
Pearson – I want my money!

David Whele – You stop. I paid you half already, and I gave you the codes to all the Agri-towers. Until Claire is dead, you won’t see another chip. But do keep the watch. [As Whele turns to leave, Peason glances at his pocket]

[Back in the store, Noma is pushing the cart while Alex reads a magazine]
Noma – Alex, don’t tell me you’re actually pretending to shop.
Alex – It’s a really interesting article here on guns. [whispers] Maybe if we keep acting like we’re shoppers they’ll let us check out.
Noma – Some of those corpses were fresh. You really believe they’ll let us waltz right out of here?

Alex – You got a better idea?

[They walk towards the register as the eight-ball stops his beeping to stare at them. Ale]x and Noma start to put their goods on the belt.

Eight-ball – You find everything okay?

Alex – We did, thank you.
[Eight-ball begins to pretend to scan the items]
Eight-ball – Beep. Beep. Beep. You’re not forgetting anything?

Noma [grabbing a brush] – We’ll take this too. For my hair.
[Eight-ball swipes the brush but does not make his beeping sound. He repeats this several times and finally he beeps]

Eight-ball – Beep. Sometimes it takes a few tries. [Alex smiles at him] Paper or plastic?

[Noma looks at Alex. He pauses]

Alex – Plastic?

Eight-ball – Excellent choice. Plastic it is.

[We see the female eight-ball locking the front door as the broom-sweeping eight-ball also hovers close by and the stock boy enters. They menacingly all get closer to Noma and Alex]
Eight-ball stock boy – Price check on potato chips.
Eight-ball cashier – Cash or credit?

Female eight-ball – Everything’s on sale.
Eight-ball stock boy – Price check on price checks.
Female eight-ball – Let me see if I can help you with anything.
Eight-ball cashier – Cash or credit?

Eight-ball stock boy – Price check on potato chips.
Eight-ball cashier – Cash or credit?

Female eight-ball – Everything’s on sale.
[Alex grabs a wire brush with a sharp wooden handle]

Broom sweeping eight-ball – Attention, shoppers. The store is closing.
Eight-ball – Price check on oven mitts.
Eight-ball – Thank you for shopping with us.

[The cashier eight-ball suddenly jumps over the belt to attack but Alex stops him with a brush handle to the eye. The eight-ball falls dead.]
Alex – Maybe we should speak to a manager.

Eight-ball stock-boy – Manager [He makes a sudden move but camera cuts to black for commercial]

[In Vega, Claire’s armored vehicle hurriedly pulls in to a secure location. A medical team brings in a gurney to take Claire in to the medical facility]

Nurse – Lady Riesen

[Claire groans in pain as Gates scoops her out of the back of the vehicle and lays her on the gurney. Her hands are bloody]

Gates – I’m gonna find whoever did this to you, Claire. I swear it. [She yells out in pain as a cloth is pushed against the bullet wound in her thigh]
Arika [walking out of the lobby of the building] – Claire, I just heard. Are you okay?

Claire – [unintelligible, then] My baby [She grabs Gates’ hand]

Arika – My doctors are on their way.
Dr. Mitchell – The bullet entered near the femoral artery. We need to operate now.

Gates – He’s right. We can’t wait. She’s lost too much blood already.
Doctor – We’ll handle it from here, sir. [Claire is wheeled away]
Arika – Zoe lied. She never wanted peace.
Gates – No, you didn’t see her when the shot was fired. She was just as surprised as we were. Zoe didn’t set us up. Someone else did.
Arika – It must have been David.
Gates – Yeah. Most likely candidate. Well, we gave peace a chance. Now it’s time to try something else.
[In New Delphi, Edward is reading a book as Julian walks in]

Julian – Oh, good. You’re still alive.
Riesen – You need to learn to take no for an answer.
Julian – There’s someone here who’d like to meet you who I think would do your heart a lot of good. [We see the female eight-ball at the door. Julian takes her hand and leads her in] Come on, darling. I loved your story. Only I hate the ending, so why don’t we give it a new one?

Riesen – I don’t follow.
Julian – Once evicted from a human body, a lower angel doesn’t cease to exist. They return to the outer sphere, waiting in darkness for their next chance to possess. Your life isn’t over, General. And neither was the angel that you loved.
Female eight-ball – Edward. [She raises a hand and caresses the side of his face] I’ve missed you so much.
Riesen – Clementine? [She smiles]

[Back in Vega, Zoe is nervously playing with poker chips. She hears footsteps behind her. She turns to see Pearson]

Zoe – Do you have any idea what you’ve done? [Pearson turns and tries to leave, but is stopped by one of Zoe’s rebels] We could have had peace. If Claire dies because of you –

Pearson – Zoe.
Zoe – Not very smart wearing David’s watch around.
Pearson – Zoe, you gotta listen. I didn’t

Zoe – You know who I hate the most? People without conviction. How could we kill the scum on the other side of the trench if we don’t first deal with our own? [The rebel hits Pearson on the back of the head with his gun]

Pearson [Falling to the ground] – Aah! No!

[A disgusting crunching noise is heard as the rebel beats Pearson to death while Zoe calmly fingers the watch]

[Across town, Claire is back in her living room. She looks pale and sad]

Dr. Mitchell’s voice [In Claire’s head] – We were able to repair the artery, but the blood loss was severe. And with the added stress of surgery, it caused a spontaneous miscarriage. It wasn’t something we could prevent, but you will make a full recovery. I wish I had better news. I am sorry. [We see tears roll down Claire’s face]

[Back in New Delphi, Michael is holding on to the pole as sparks fly. Gabriel looks weakened – he must have just finished his turn. They are both in pain. Fade to flashback….]
Gabriel – David? David? Where is he? [We see a concerned Gabriel back in his house. The camera pulls back to show a devastated Michael apparently looking down at something] Where’s my boy? The crowd swept him away. I-I couldn’t find him. Michael?

Michael – Brother, you raised a hero. Your David protected Father’s flock. A mere boy felled a giant and proved to all the strength of our Lord. But King Saul, he was jealous. [Michael turns around and walks to Gabriel and we see that Michael was looking down as David’s bloodied corpse, now laid out upon his bed] If a peasant boy was the only one who could best a giant, what good then is a king? He threw your son from the palace ramparts. I, I was not swift enough to catch him. [muffled cheering while Michael gets more and more emotional] And do you hear them? They still cheer for him because they don’t know. They don’t know they carry another child on their shoulders and they dance in the streets. Saul put an impostor in his place. One he can control. Gabriel, I’m so sorry.

[Gabriel raises a hand to Michael as if to ward him off and instead goes to his son’s bedside]
Gabriel [holding his son’s lifeless head] – Poppet. Poppet. [His voice breaks] No. No. No. No. [sobbing as he gather’s up the boy’s body in his arms] No. [He is utterly heartbroken as he holds David’s lifeless body against his chest and sobs]

[Cut to outside the village. Gabriel is back to wearing his archangel armor. He is much more coldhearted, hardened by the experience, but at the same time visibly emotionally drained. We see here the beginning of the modern day Gabriel, the enemy of mankind. He and Michael look down at a grave marked with stones. Gabriel is kneeling]
Michael – You did all you could do. You played your part.
Gabriel – Not well enough. The loss of him, his life, is a stain on my soul. I-I can’t bear it.
Michael – Father has a plan. We must trust in that, Gabriel.
Gabriel – His plan is perfection, but they will pervert it. Destroy it. [Anger emerges in his voice and expression] Father thinks too much of them.
Michael – Careful, brother. You must stay your hand in all ways. We cannot judge these humans by their flaws, their mistakes. We can’t lose hope. Time will heal you.
Gabriel [Standing to face Michael] – Time will never heal this. [The bitterness in his voice is palpable. His wings emerge and he flies off, alone]

[Back in New Delphi, Gabriel is slumped back against his chair]
Gabriel – Alex won’t survive in this world without you. There are too many monsters. [We see the pain on Michael’s face as he struggles to keep his grip on the pole. Gabriel gives an ironic chuckle] Including me. If the angels don’t kill your Chosen One, the humans will. We need to move this thing along before it’s too late for him. [He looks up at the sparking overhead wire] “All perfect gifts come from above.” [He reaches upward toward the overhead wires that they have been trying so desperately to prevent from reaching them. With his hands shackled Gabriel strains to reach them]

Michael – What are you doing?

Gabriel – I’m giving you what I never had with David – a chance to save your Chosen One. [He pulls back] I don’t believe in Alex, Michael, but you do. Protect him. And if you can, bring our Father back. There’s no point to anything without Him [Gabriel is becoming emotional. Michael is weak – he won’t be able to hold on for much longer. Gabriel smiles and then kicks Michael back. As Michael releases his grip on the pole, the wires descend enough for Gabriel to reach them. He cries in pain as the electricity tears through his body. Michael reaches up and, as Gabriel essentially gets electrified, he uses the sparks to melt through his wrist shackles. Once freed, he runs to the control panel and turns off the current. Gabriel passes out. Michael reaches behind his back and pulls out one of his wing spikes, which he uses as a weapon to take out Julian’s men. He then uses the spike to free Gabriel, and then tries to half carry his brother out of the room. Gabriel can barely stumble with Michael’s propping him up]

Gabriel – You must go to him. Alex awaits.
Michael – I won’t leave you. [As the get to the door Michael grabs a weapon but Gabriel finds the strength to push his brother out the door and close it behind him.

Michael’s voice [on the other side of the door] – Brother, don’t do this! [pounding on the door]

Gabriel – I can’t leave anyway. I still have to kill Julian. [He passes out]
[Julian enters the room and finds Gabriel on the floor. He bends down to find a pulse]

Julian – No, no, no, no, no. I’m not done with you yet, Gabriel. Stay with me. Gabriel?

[Flashback. The same ancient land, but many decades later. It is night, and the king – the replacement for David – is in bed with several women. His crown is upon his head. Gabriel strolls in. Faux David awakens to find Gabriel at the foot of his bed, his face grim]

Faux David – Who in God’s name are you?

Gabriel – Shh. Do you know me? [The women awaken and scurry off]

Faux David – No.
Gabriel – Well, I know you. You have children, do you not? Five boys and three daughters?

Faux David – I do.

Gabriel – Lucius, Rona, Tebald, Corinth, Jessiah, Tusla, Winow, and Getrin. You’re very blessed. Such a large family.
Faux David – Yes, but I [getting nervous]

Gabriel – I too, had a son once, many years ago. He was a beautiful boy, so good. I raised him, loved him more than life itself. He died, fallen from a high place. I buried his body in a dirt field. My child was destined for great things, but an imposter stole his destiny, but didn’t fulfill it; tarnished it. [Faux David gets out of bed and tries to back away from Gabriel] My boy, the boy God chose to be King of Jerusalem, and the boy Saul murdered by throwing from a window was named David. The same name you bear with gluttony and dishonor. Saul is long dead, but I can stay the hand of revenge no more. Tonight, all your children will die, as will all their children. The streets of this city will flow with your blood. The name of David may live on, but your line ends this day forever, and there’s nothing you can do about it. [Gabriel gives a big push and Faux David screams as he is flung out of the window and falls to his death. Gabriel turns and unsheathes his sword before strolling out to fulfill his threat.]

[Back in the department store, we see the dead eight-ball with the brush sticking out of his eye socket. Stock boy is dead in a shopping cart. The female is bloodied and dead on the floor. Broom man is dead as well]

Noma – You can’t fix me, Alex. No one can. [We see Alex is stitching up Noma’s wounds]
Alex – I can’t change what you did for me, Noma. I wish I could.
Noma [becoming more emotional] – I don’t. I’m prepared to die in this war. I don’t know how to live like this. I mean, look at me. [sniffles] I’m not an angel. I’m not human. So what am I? I don’t know. I’m nothing.
Alex – Well, I still know who you are even if you don’t.
Noma – Oh, yeah? Who’s that?

Alex [smiling at her] – You’re Nomes.
Noma – [chuckles] Mm.
[Alex affectionately caresses her hair and then they kiss]

Alex – There’s a plan. I don’t know what it is yet, but you, me, Michael, we’re all part of it. [He slides her jacket on] Easy. When we get to Vega

Noma – Yeah.
Alex – We’re gonna figure out what it is. Together.
Noma – Three of us against the world, huh? [finally smiling]

Alex – World doesn’t stand a chance.

Noma – [chuckles] Mm. [She kisses him]

[Cut to outside the store, where many eight-balls are approaching. Noma and Alex hear them and turn in that direction. Through the door they can see the eight-balls, including one rather large one carrying a chainsaw. He yells at Noma and Alex through the wire-infused glass. He tries to rattle the door open]
Alex – They must’ve tracked us from the house.

[The eight-ball lowers goggles from his bald head to cover his eyes and then starts up the chainsaw. He shoves the blade between the doors and cuts at the deadbolt as the other eight-balls growl]

Alex – Shit.

The End


“Reap the Whirlwind” detailed transcript

Episode 2.6 Reap the Whirlwind

Original air date August 13, 2015

Based on closed caption transcript found at


Previously on Dominion

Riesen – Alex, what is that?

Alex – A nuclear bomb.
Julian – Oh, it’s worse.
Noma – How do you have one of the Amphorae?

Riesen – Get that thing out of here.
Noma – Where would I even hide it?

Riesen – You got wings, don’t you? [coughs loudly]

Julian – Oh, come on, Edward. The coughing, the sweating. You’re short of breath. If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were suffering from a serious medical condition.
Gabriel – New Delphi is a dangerous place for you to go alone, Michael. You’re strong, but –

Michael – Will you go with me? As my brother.
Alex [As Michael is captured] – I’m sorry.

[Gabriel being captured]
Julian’s soldier – Julian! He’s gone!

Julian – Find Michael!

Michael – Always look for the highest perch, Alex. High places keep you safe, allow you to see what’s coming.

[Claire, Gates, and Arika watch explosions in Vega]
Jasper – Holy shit.
Claire- He split the city in two. David Whele just started a civil war.

[Vega right after the explosions. General mayhem. The dead and wounded are laying in the streets. Many fires. Cries of pain and grief. Cut to Claire watching the tableau from her balcony. She is horrified and grief-stricken]

[David and Jasper drive back to Zoe’s HQ. Jasper is laying in the back seat of the SUV, nearly dead.]
David [to Jasper] – You did good, son. [A triumphant, smiling David gets out of the driver’s seat to greet Zoe] You’re welcome [She punches him] oof!

Zoe – Bastard.
David [gingerly touching the side of his face] – That was no way to thank me.
Zoe – What did you do, huh? This wasn’t the plan. [She looks in the back seat] Jasper.
Jasper – Zoe, just hear him out.
David – No, this was a better plan, trust me. Blowing up Riesen Tower would’ve gained you nothing. I did you a favor.
Zoe – You dragged him down there.
Jasper – No, I went on my own.
David – Congratulations, Zoe. You now own half of the city and all of the food production. You said you wanted a civil war? I just gave you one.
Zoe – You destroyed the city.
David – No, I divided the haves and have-nots. I told you to get them out of the tunnel. Thanks to me the V1s [Zoe cocks her gun and points it at his head] are mostly on this side of Vega.[sighs] The decisions you make in the next 24 hours will determine whether you succeed or fail. There is a tiny window for victory, and I know how to win.
Zoe – How?

[In the control room in House Riesen. Alarms are sounding]

Claire – What’s the damage report?

Arika – 37 casualties thus far. We’re still assessing the injured.
Gates – We need to get those people out of the streets. That foundation is not stable.
Claire – Yeah, no, I need emergency broadcast

Gates – I am working on it. It’ll take time, okay?

Arika – She doesn’t have it. It’s critical that people hear from their leader.
Gates – I’m trying to keep these people alive, okay? There’s a 30-foot trench in the middle of Vega. There the ruptured water mains. The power’s out. I mean, lucky for us the nuclear reactor’s on our side and there’s not a scratch on it.
Arika – David lost his mind.
Gates – No, that bastard used my failsafe [he pulls up a schematic of Vega on a computer]. It’s a backup plan I designed into the city’s infrastructure. If we were overrun by eight-balls, we could detonate this dividing line and defend a smaller portion of Vega, and David, he used it against us.
Claire – He didn’t just split our city, he split our resources. Did you manage to shut down the Agri-towers?

Gates – No, the V1s are already inside, but we have depots with weeks’ worth of food, and –

Arika – That’s not enough. They’re going to starve us out. Claire, send in your military.
Claire – No, absolutely not.
Arika – Lady Riesen, you’re at war.
Claire – Yes, with Gabriel, not my own people. His angels are coming, and if they attacked now, Vega would fall. I need to unite my city, but I am not going to use violence to do it. And spilling innocent blood won’t win me the love of my people. It would make me no better than the angels.
Gates – “He who has great power should use it wisely.” Seneca would be proud.
Arika – If Seneca was alive.

[Back at Zoe’s HQ]
David – Two words: hearts and minds. You get the love of the V1s, convince them to stand with you, you’ll be bulletproof, but you have to become a leader. I can make you one. Call me your campaign leader.
Zoe – [chuckles] You gotta be kidding me.
Jasper – Quit being so stubborn and listen.

David – Yesterday you were just an angry kid with a gun. Today, I made you a rebel, but power has its price. I’m prepared to pay it. If you’re not, you’re in the wrong game, sweetheart.
Jasper – Zoe, we can’t trust him. He’s a psychopath, but you know he’s right.
Zoe [pauses as she thinks it over, then lowers her gun]- When do we start?

David – Right now. Welcome to your revolution.

[Back in New Delphi. We see the pins in Gabriel’s back restricting his wings]
Alex – So where’s Michael?

Alex – Forget about Michael. We have the archangel Gabriel. Just kill him already.
Gabriel – Yes, yes, get on with it.
Julian – Your brother’s hiding but the city’s sealed. He’s not going anywhere. Has he called to you with his wings? Tell us where he is.
Gabriel – I’d rather you work for it. Well, why not ask Alex? He gave up Michael once. I’m sure he’ll do it again.
Noma – Oh, shut up.
Julian [turning toward Noma] – You. Where’s my Amphora?

Gabriel – He has an Amphora? Which one?

Noma – It’s safe, where you can’t find it. He’ll never use it to possess anyone again.
Julian – Well, it’s my city. I’ll find it.
Alex – You’re not gonna kill Gabriel, are you, Julian? You never were. So what do you want with him?

Julian – Michael and Gabriel stole everything from me: my body, my wings, my connection to our father. They damned me to the darkness, and you can’t comprehend what that means. [Quick flashback to Michael stabbing Lyrae in the back and his spirit being released]. But I’m going to make them suffer, Michael most of all.
Alex – How? You lied to me.
Julian – Oh. Truth, lies. God’s gone. What use is morality when there’s no piper to be paid?

Gabriel – Alex, if he lays a hand on Michael because of what you did, every hurt inflicted on my brother I’ll visit tenfold on Claire. You will reap what you have sown [Julian punches Gabriel]

Alex – We’re leaving New Delphi, Julian. There’s nothing left here for us.
Julian – Not before you bring back my Amphora.
Alex – Show me where you hid it, Nomes.
Gabriel – Wouldn’t do that, Alex.

[Alex looks at Julian before he turns and leaves with Noma in tow]
Julian [to Pete/Menathas] – Follow them. They’re going to lead us to Michael. [Turning his attention back to Gabriel] Now [swinging chain around] Where were we? [Gabriel braces himself for the torture]

[Alex hurriedly walks through New Delphi with Noma catching up to him]

Noma – Alex. Are you insane? We’re not giving Julian that Amphora.

Alex – It’s a way to buy time. Gabriel’s captured. He’s neutralized. At least for now. We need to save Michael and get out of here. I have an idea where he is, but [He sees Pete and a few other eightballs approaching].
Noma – Pete. I’ll take care of him.
Alex – Yeah.
Noma [intercepting Pete so Alex can leave] – Hey. Hey! You got some nerve, buddy. That’s not your body. Where’s Pete? He still in there?

[Back in Vega. David is setting up the equipment in his old broadcast studio. As he talks, Zoe tends to Jasper’s wound but it’s rapidly becoming too late]

David – By now, Claire should’ve given a statement, but she can’t, because I set a bomb under the only radio tower on that side of the city. Ours is still up. The studio’s tapped in. You’re going to talk to the people instead. Beat Claire to the punch. It’s a PR move she’ll never recover from [He hands Zoe a piece of paper]
Zoe – What’s this?

David – It’s your speech. I used to write Riesen’s, not that you’d care. That man could turn a rallying cry into a funeral dirge. What he never understood was that the angels destroyed everything, but they could not touch our words, which are strong as marble and rich as sweet cream.
Jasper – Zoe, you gotta do this.
[Zoe sighs. She is unsure.]

David – It’s now or never.
[Jasper groans in pain]

Zoe – Jasper. Jasper, don’t be scared. Okay?

Jasper [weakly] – I’m not, ’cause you’re here. When we were kids, I’d get lost in the tunnels a lot. She would always find me. When I heard your voice, I knew I was safe. Zoe, let them hear your voice. [She nods]
[Back in New Delphi. Alex is searching for Michael. He finds a trail of blood and enters the area where Michael is hiding.

Alex – Michael?

[He finds a bloodied Michael. Michael cringes and raises a hand as if to say “don’t hurt me’]

[Meanwhile Noma is still detaining Pete]

Noma – Pete? If you can hear me, we haven’t forgotten about you. Pete.

[An armed soldier approaches menacingly]
Pete – Higher angels aren’t welcome here. You had a pass. I’m revoking it. [Noma looks to see that she is surrounded on several sides]
Alex [softly] – Hey, hey, hey. [Michael tries to protect himself with his hands. He is obviously in pain and expecting Alex to harm him] It’s all good. Hey. [Alex gently bends over to inspect Michael’s wounds] Come here, come here. [He sees the chain links from the empyrean steel net still embedded in Michael’s neck and upper chest. He gently pushes back Michael’s hood] Let me take this off.
Michael – How did you find me?

Alex – “Always look for the highest perch.” That’s what you told me when you gave me this. [Shows Michael his knife. He gently digs the links out of Michael’s flesh]
Michael – Why are you doing this?

Alex – Because you’d have done the same for me. Back then, at least. Now, I’m not so sure.
Michael – I would die for you. I would’ve then, I would now. Nothing’s changed. [He hisses and groans in pain]

Alex – I sold you out. Gabriel was right there, and it blinded me to anything else. I screwed up. [He puts away his knife and sits next to Michael]
Michael – You’re not the only one.
Alex – Julian’s looking for you. The city is sealed. We’re trapped. We need to get out before he kills us.
Michael – I know how. But first, I need fire.

[Back in Vega, presumably the agri-towers or a related warehouse, V1s are helping themselves to food]
Anonymous voices – Thank you!

[A father runs up with a young girl in her arms]

Father – They’ve got water! [He puts her on the loading dock] Wait right here. [He gets an apple and passes it to her] Here.
[Cut to the studio]

David – You ready?

Zoe – I just my whole life, I’ve been invisible, just like all V1s. I tried to speak but no one listened. I [sighs] Even tried to pray but He wasn’t there.
David – [sighs] Huh.[Counts down fingers] Make them listen.[On Air sign comes on. Zoe takes the paper Whele had given her and begins to read]
Zoe [shot of her interspersed with views of the food-grabbing V1s] – People of Vega We have lived in fear. My name is Zoe, and I’ve given you a new city, the city we were promised, a promise broken by the Riesen dynasty, dictators who made themselves into new gods. [She pauses, looks at Jasper, and crumples up the paper. She speaks from the heart] I lost my family. I lost everything. We all did.

[Back outside. The V1s begin to notice the speech playing through the loudspeakers]
Man -Listen.
Zoe – But in Vega, I found a friend. And now, he’s dying because of the V6s, because of their cruelty. These walls aren’t a sanctuary. They’re a tomb. Help me. Help me make it right. Now this is our city. [David turns off the mic]
[Zoe’s message repeats, over loudspeakers, throughout Vega]

Zoe – People of Vega We have lived in fear.
[In House Riesen, Gates is drinking and listening to 80’s metal on his laptop. Claire arrives and a soldier lets her in]

Claire – Thanks.
Soldier – Ma’am. [He leaves the room]
Gates – Come on. Do I really need a guard?

Claire – Without you, the city would fall. David knows it. He’ll come for you.
Gates – Yeah, well, let him try. [He tries to pour himself more booze but Claire grabs the bottle]
Claire – I need you sober. Please tell me you’ve fixed it.

Gates – What, the broadcast? [He aimlessly punches a few keys on his laptop]

Claire – This city is being torn apart.
Gates – You know what? It has been for years. [Pours himself another drink] Your dad created the damn V-System, now you’re just cleaning up his mess.
Claire – But I could’ve prevented it. My dad would have executed David and Zoe in a heartbeat. I let them live.
Gates – Well, that’s not who you are.
Claire – Maybe it’s who I should be. If I send soldiers in, I can –

Gates – Oh, and slaughter innocent people, Claire? You’re not a killer, okay?

Claire – I’ve sent people to their death.
Gates – Yeah, traitors. That’s different. You’re not a killer. Don’t become one. You can’t un-ring that bell.
Claire – I’m starting to think about how much stronger I would be if I hadn’t grown up inside these walls.
Gates – But you are. You know, your dad, he wasn’t perfect, but he took charge when the people needed a leader. I had to follow him, but I want to follow you, Claire.
Arika [bursting in] – Are you hearing this?

Claire – What?

Arika – That’s Zoe, speaking to your people. [She opens a window]
Zoe [over loudspeaker – Now this is our city. [Claire is stunned]

[Back in New Delphi. Michael grunts as he pulls out a feather. The sound of an old fashioned lighter, and the feather bursts into flame, creating ash that falls into Michael’s hand. He puts it on his wounds and rubs it in and the wounds heal while Alex watches. There are voices outside their hideaway. Julian’s men are close]
Indistinct male voice outside – Get in here!

Alex – He used an angel to possess my friend.
Michael – And you saw him do it?

Alex – He has an army of eight-balls.
Michael – An army? But for what?

Alex – Julian or Lyrae or whatever, he’s got a bone to pick.
Michael – Well, he has good reason. I demoted him, made him into a lower angel. Now he’s found another body, he’ll want revenge, and he’ll get it at all costs.
[Loud clattering noise]

Eight-ball [Lishepus with subtitles] – Come on! No one’s in here. [We see several figures walk past the hiding place.]

Alex – That’s it. That’s his revenge. You took his body. Now he wants to give bodies to all the lower angels. New Delphi doesn’t have enough human vessels, but you know what does?

Michael – Vega.
Alex – He’s gonna attack, and we have to stop him.
Michael – Alex, you’re no match for a dyad.
Alex – I’m not going to fight him. I’m going to evict him.
Michael – It’s never been done. I don’t even know if it would work.
Alex – Why would the markings let me evict unless I was meant to use them to save humanity? Riesen can help me distract him.
Michael – Well, there’s a Command Office nearby. I saw an evacuation hatch inside. That could be our escape.
Alex – I’ll meet you there.

[Back at Julian’s private area, Riesen is reading a book hy copious candlelight. Alex walks in]

Alex – You okay?

Riesen – Yeah, I’m fine. But what’s going on out there?

Alex – I’m going to perform an eviction on Julian. When he comes in here, just keep him talking. I need his attention off me. We have one shot at this.
Riesen [slowly rises from chair and sighs] – I have misjudged you, Alex.
Alex – There’s something you should know. We tried to save Clementine.
Riesen – My wife?

Alex – Claire and I performed an eviction, but it didn’t work. She never made it through. I’m sorry.
Riesen – Claire said she’d gone. I just didn’t know how. You were trying to set her free. I couldn’t bring myself to let her go. [Alex puts a hand on his shoulder] She was my Clementine.

[Julian enters]
Julian – Hey, Alex. You brought my Amphora?

Alex – Noma has it. It’s on its way, but I just came to say good-bye, and to thank you. You were right. With Gabriel in chains, Vega is safe.
Julian – Well, ah, why don’t you have a drink before you go? Some of the special stuff. [He pulls a bottle out of an antique desk’s drawer]

[Night in Vega, overlooking House Riesen. Zoe’s message is still being looped on the loudspeakers. Zoom in to House Riesen command center]
Zoe [over loudspeaker] – These walls aren’t a sanctuary. They’re a tomb. Help me. Help me make it right.
Gates – I gotta admit, she’s persuasive.
Claire – She’s persuading people to overthrow my government, and it’s playing on loop.
Shut it down.
Gates) I can’t, not from here. Okay, they’re broadcasting it from a relay station on their side of the city, ten blocks behind the trench.
Arika – But this propaganda is being heard on both sides, and the longer it plays, the weaker your authority looks.
Gates – There is another way. Get me across the trench. I can manually override the broadcast from the tunnels under the station. I can cut off her speech, and play one that you record.
Arika – That’s very brave, Mr. Foley.
Claire – No! It’s a war zone. You’re not going over there. Vega couldn’t operate without you.
Gates – I am the only one who knows how to do it. They won’t even see me coming. Just send some soldiers with me.
Arika – No, that would attract too much attention.
Gates – Claire, I can go alone

Claire – Forget it. Just find another way. [She leaves]
[In New Delphi, Pete enters Michael’s hiding spot. He looks around briefly then leaves]

Pete – Nothing here.

[Michael quietly drops down from the ceiling and sneaks out]

[In Vega, Claire comes back to the command center with a guard]
Claire [to guard] – Find Gates. [He leaves and walks over to Arika] Arika. You were right. I’m sending soldiers in to destroy the tower.
Soldier – Lady Riesen? Mr. Foley is gone, and he left this for you. [It is an ear piece. She puts it on. We see Gates’ feet as he walks through the tunnels]
Claire [over radio] – Gates?

Gates – Hello, Claire? – [rats squeaking]

Claire – Where are you?

Gates – I’m defying orders. It’s been a while, so I’m a little out of practice. How am I doing?

Claire – You went under the trench? You’re going to the relay station to stop the signal yourself. Are you insane? Get back here.
Gates – No, I’m halfway there. I’m just about to pass the Venetian. [We see someone has sealed up an entrance] Or I was. It’s sealed off.
Claire – Good. Turn around.
Gates – No. We have to stop that speech.
Claire – Gates, I am serious. I don’t care who you are. You’ll be punished for this.

Gates [looking at his Ipad] – Okay, there’s a tunnel up ahead that’ll get me there, but it’s close to the trench. It’s not exactly safe. Here goes nothing.
Claire – Stop. [sighs] I know another way. You passed some graffiti about a mile back, right?

Gates – How’d you know about that?

Claire – Go back to it. There’s a secret passage there, a stairwell to a lower level. It’s a shortcut to your relay station.

Gates – There’s no passage there.
Claire – Not one that you know about.
Gates – Okay, I like a woman with a little mystery, so, all right, game on. Lead the way, Lady Riesen. [Arika leaves]

[At Zoe’s HQ. Jasper is hanging on by a thread, but Zoe is still trying to attend to his wound]
Jasper – Stop changing the bandages. There’s no point.
Zoe – I’m not going to let my best friend die.
Jasper – Zoe. Promise me you’ll finish what we started. [She pauses and slowly nods]

[Meanwhile, in New Delphi, Michael continues to elude the henchmen searching for him]
Male voice – Double back. Check the tunnels. [Indistinct Lishepus. Michael waits until they pass and sneaks off]
[In Julian’s sitting room. Alex, Riesen, and Julian are sitting and drinking]

Julian – He’s still in the city. [To henchman] Don’t come back until you find him [Henchman nods and leaves]. Michael’s always been clever, but we’ll find him, sooner or later.
Riesen – Tell me, what exactly do you have in mind for the archangels?

Julian – It’s complicated, but I’ve got all the time in the world.
[Alex mutters in some foreign language]

Julian – It’s one of the perks of immortality, you see [He suddenly slumps in his chair]

[Alex stands up and holds out a hand toward Julian ]

Alex – Sanctify this vessel! [Julian’s body jerks and snarls] Come into the light. [Julian’s body thrashes around room] Protect us, body and soul. [Speaks in some foreign language as Julian continues to struggle against the eviction and speak in Lishepus] Sanctify this vessel! Come into the light! [Lyrae’s spirit starts to come out of Julian’s mouth and rises toward the ceiling only to be drawn back in as Julian gasps. He jumps up and slams Alex into some furniture]

Julian – An eviction? Well, would you look at that? [He grabs Alex by the throat and lifts him off the floor, choking him] it’s not that easy, Alex, because a human has to want to be free, and we are very comfortable in here.

[Riesen smashes a chair into Julian’s back but Julian easily shoves him back without loosening his grip on Alex. Riesen falls to the floor]
Alex – General! [Riesen groans as he clutches his chest. Julian punches Alex and shoves him to the floor]

[Cut to Julian’s prison area. Alex is facing a cement pillar. His hands are shackled around it. Gabriel is chained with his arms outstretched. He’s obviously been tortured a bit. Noma is also in chains, laying on the floor, dazed]

Alex [to Gabriel] – Not exactly the face I wanted to wake up to.
Gabriel – You should’ve left when you had the chance.
Noma – Alex?

Alex – Noma.
Gabriel – Julian’s men have been torturing her for hours. He wants to know where she hid the Amphora. She’s a warrior, that one. She’ll never break.
Julian [strolling in with Pete] – Oh, I wouldn’t be too sure about that. I’m not done yet.
Alex – You son of a bitch.
Julian – Your markings are potent. I mean, they didn’t work on me, but they did work on someone, didn’t they? Little Petey! So familiar, and now I know why. He was born an angel right here in New Delphi by my hand. But now I know that you evicted him, and undid all of my good work. And I won’t allow that to happen again. [Pete goes behind Alex and holds him down. Julian has a rectangular brand in his hand]
Julian – Where is it, Noma?

Alex – Don’t tell him.
Noma – Don’t you dare touch him.

[In Vega, Zoe has a blank expression as David eagerly runs into the room]
David – Your speech is working. [He sees that Jasper is unconscious on the couch. he walks in slowly and we see Jasper’s head loll to one side. RIP Jasper. Zoe stares at David with utter hatred] I’m sorry, Zoe. Claire took my son from me. She ordered his execution, and I left him outside the walls to die. The pain never fades. But there’s something liberating. You’ve nothing to lose now. You can make her pay. [He puts a hand on her shoulder. A woman, Kat, walks into the room and signals to David. He leaves Zoe to her grief]
Kat – A friend wants to speak to you.
David – Who are you? How did you find me?

Kat – I’m part of the rebellion, David. [She hands him a radio and walks away]
Arika [over walkie talkie] – Hello, David.
David – Arika. Well, there are many words I would use to describe you, but “friend” would not be one of them.
Arika – [chuckles] Oh, but I come bearing gifts.
David – I’m sorry, how exactly is it that your little tentacles have reached as far as my rebellion?

Arika – Your rebellion? [chuckles] Civil unrest has been brewing for years, David. I sent a friend to join and take a closer look. Gates Foley is going to the tunnel under the relay station to shut down your protégé’s rousing speech. Nice move, by the way. Now, be a dear and stop Gates, won’t you? But take care not to hurt him.
David – Why are you telling me this?

Arika – Well, contrary to what you may believe, I like you, David. You always seem to land on your feet, and war is good for us both. [David shuts off radio as Zoe approaches]
David – Uh, we have a problem.
[Gates is walking through tunnel. We see anarchist V1 graffiti on a wall]

Gates – Claire, I found the graffiti.
Claire – Turn right.
Male voice – His name is Gates, brown hair, and about 180 pounds.

Gates [hiding] – Shit. Rebels. They’re looking for me by name. What the hell, Claire?

Claire – What? No one outside this room knows you’re there. Someone must have talked.
Gates – Okay, look, just, careful, don’t start the witch hunt just yet, okay? You spook them and you’ll never find them.
Claire – Okay, listen to me. There should be some wood pallets up ahead. They’re covered by a tarp. Get to it now. I’m gonna send backup.
Male voice – On the other side. [Gates hides in pallets. We see two rebels]
Female Voice – He must’ve gone this way. [They walk by Gates. He runs down the tunnel]
Gates – I think I lost them.
Claire – Good, stay there. My soldiers are coming.
Rebel – This way.
Rebel – It’s coming from down there.
Gates – Too late.

[He cautiously walks through tunnels, then stops.]
Gates – This is it. I’m right under the relay station. You did it, Claire! [Cut to her breathing a sigh of relief] I gotta do this fast. They’re right behind me. [He opens an electrical panel and gets to work. He plugs in his laptop to the panel.] Okay. I’m hacking the transmission.

[Gunshots are fired at him, he ducks down.]

Claire – Gates, get out of there!

Gates – No, I’m not done yet!

[Gunshots continue. Claire’s guards engage the rebels]

Guard – \We’ve located Gates, Lady Riesen. Engaging rebels.

[Gates continues to hack in while the gun battle erupts around him. Suddenly David Whele shows up]
David – Stop! Stop! Don’t hit him! We need him!

[Zoe joins the battle as Claire listens over the ear piece, powerless]

Rebel – There are too many of them! Let’s go!

Claire – Gates. Gates. [Arika strolls in and tries to reassure Claire]

[Back in Julian’s Torture-o-rama, Pete tears Alex’s shirt over the right shoulder blade to reveal a tattoo.]
Gabriel – Julian, please. Those are Father’s words. They’ll bring him home.
Julian -Why would I want that? He was no father to us. The humans were his children, but we were his slaves, and now those children are mine. [Noma struggles against her chains] My slaves. My bodies. I’ve heard the story, Alex. If I kill you, your markings might find their way onto another vessel, so I’m going to destroy them, one by one, until she talks, and then I’ll kill you. [Pete holds Alex down as Julian prepares to apply the hot brand to his flesh. He burns the shoulder blade, obliterating pieces a what appear to be a few different markings. Alex yells in pain].
Gabriel [Struggling against his chains0 – No! Aah!

Noma [horrified] – No!

Julian [to Alex, patting his cheek] – Stay with me now, can’t die until all of these are gone.
Noma [screaming] – Alex! [Pete walks over to her and unchains her] No, Pete. No. No! Pete, no!

[He picks her up by the throat and pushes her against the wall. Her wings unfurl but she is still choking.] Get off me! Get off me! [Julian saunters over with a big spike in his hand, whistling merrily. He winks at her and then pins one of her wings to the wall. She screams in pain]

Noma – No, no!

Alex – Noma!

[Julian pins her other wing to the wall with another spike, as she screams. Pete releases her and she is hanging from the wall by her wings. It is eerily reminiscent of Becca’s lab, with Lewis’s disembodied wings displayed]

Julian – Voila! Pretty as a picture. Do you feel like talking now?

Alex [calmly] – Noma – [she cries] Noma!

[Cut back to Vega. Claire goes out in her balcony, beside herself as Zoe’s transmission still plays]

Zoe [over loudspeaker] – People of Vega, we have lived in fear. My name is Zoe, and I’ve given you a new city, the city we were promised, a promise broken by the Riesen [sounds of electrical appliance shutting down. Arika walks in]

Arika – Claire. We have Gates. [She hands Claire a radio]
Claire – Gates?

Gates – Claire, I’m here. I’m fine. I don’t think my earpiece is going to make it, though. I broke the damn thing. [A soldier holds the radio as he works his laptop]
Claire [laughing and sniffling in relief] – You stopped Zoe’s speech.
Gates – I did you one better. I’m jacked into the emergency broadcast right now. Lady Riesen, your people need you now more than ever. Would you like to talk to them?

Claire – Yes. Yes, I’m ready.
Gates – You are live.
Claire – Citizens of Vega. This is Claire Riesen. It’s time to reunite our city and end this violence now together.
[Back to Julian’s Little Shop of Horrors, where Julian is reheating his brand]

Julian – You can stop all of this, Noma, you know it.
Gabriel – Tell him, Noma.
Alex – Noma, don’t you dare!

[Noma groans as she tries to reach one of the spikes in her wings. Pete holds Alex’s right arm still as Julian approaches with the brand. But when he tries to brand the arm, Julian goes flying backwards. Pete rushes over to him]

Pete – I’ll get help.
Noma – Run, Alex, run! He won’t stop until he kills you!

Alex – I can’t!

[Noma braces her feet against the wall and pushes off the wall with her hands, slowly, agonizingly, tears off her own wings to break free]

Gabriel – Noma, no!

Alex – No!

[Noma screams as we hear sickening tearing sounds. She is free, but at what cost? Gabriel is amazed at what she has done. She lays on the floor for a moment, then manages to work through the pain and crawls over to Alex]

Alex – What did you do?

Noma – What I had to! [Despite her tremendous pain – as evidenced by the gaping wounds on her back – she breaks Alex free]

Gabriel – Alex! Go! Run! Find Michael and get him out. [Alex helps Noma to her feet and then leave as Gabriel struggles against his chains]

[In House Riesen, Gates rushes into Claire’s livingroom]
Gates – Claire. Did you hear that cheering? What you said was incredible. I mean, everybody heard it. They loved it. Zoe has nothing on you. Claire, I’m sorry. I mean, I had to do it. I mean, th-these people needed to hear you. I needed to hear you. Come on – [Claire rushes forward and pushes him back, crying]

Claire – You could’ve been killed, Gates! And if you’re that stupid, maybe you should’ve been.

[An acknowledgement of chemistry between them, and Claire pulls him in for a passionate kiss. They pull apart and he starts to undress her. More kissing, more undressing…]
[Meanwhile, David and Zoe are moping around]

Zoe – How can I win over their hearts and minds if the damn speech only played a few hours?

David – It doesn’t matter. It did the job.
Zoe How do you know? [A door opens and people come streaming in]

Rebel – New recruits.

Rebel – And there’s ten times more than this outside.
David [smiling] – I know a born leader when I hear one. It’s only the beginning.

[In New Delphi, Michael is trying to shake open an escape hatch. Alex and a weak Noma enter behind him]
Alex – Michael! Please help!

Michael – What happened?

[Alex sets Noma into a swivel chair and shows Michael her wounds. He is shaken and looks around for something to help her wounds]

Noma – I’m okay!

Michael – Noma, who did this to you?

Alex – She did, to save me. Please. Can you save her wings? [Noma shakes her head as we hear the sound of tearing duct tape. Michael use it to try and bind her wounds]

Noma – Michael. Don’t worry about me. We have to go. Get out of here. [Alex cradles Noma’s face as Michael binds her wounds. He notices one of Alex’ markings is burned off]
Michael – Your marking. Father’s words. They’re gone. Gone forever.
Alex [offering his arm to Michael] – Not this one. It fought back.
Michael [examining the markings] – These are stars in the sky. It’s a constellation called Lyrae.
Alex – What are you talking about?

Michael – And this star. It’s called Vega.
Alex – Vega? [sighs] The markings. They were trying to warn me Julian would attack Vega. It was right there all along. Maybe if I’d just listened –

Michael – No, no, no, no. You couldn’t have known. Not on your own. We were meant to work together, but I left you.
Alex – What’s done is done. Now all that matters is saving Noma and getting back to Vega.

[As Alex help Noma with her leather jacket, Michael rips open the door to the escape hatch. A ladder leads upward. Alex puts Noma first]

Alex – I need you to climb for me, okay? Keep moving.
Noma [climbing] – Alex!

Alex – Keep climbing. Noma, go! Move, move! [pounding is heard – Julian’s forces are almost there!]

Michael – Alex, go now! Get Noma out!

Alex – Noma, go, go, go, go!

[As Noma climbs, Alex starts off, but sees Michael has no intention of following]

Michael – Go with her! Julian has an endless army. You’ll die here.
Alex – I’m not leaving you again.
Michael – Then we’ll both die, and Vega will be lost.

Alex – This isn’t the end. Our fates are tied.
[Julian’s forces are banging on the door and break in. Michael turns to face them as Alex begins to climb. Michael pulls out his short swords and gives Noma and Alex the time then need….]

[Cut to Noma and Alex running through the woods outside New Delphi with Julian’s goons in hot pursuit.]

Alex – Come on. Come on! Don’t let go of me. Come on. [Eight-balls speak in Lishepus] Come on, come on. [Alex sees a small wooden cage/structure. They slide into there to hide]. Come here. Quick, hide. Come on. [More eight-balls speaking Lishepus] We’ve got to keep moving.
Once we get to Vega, you can rest.

Eightball [Lishepus with subtitles] – They’re close. Keep looking.
Alex – Come on.
[In Vega, Arika is having a not-so-pleased conference call with David using walkie talkies]

Arika – You lost Gates.
David – Whose fault is that? You might’ve warned me about Claire’s soldiers.

Arika – I’m starting to fear I’ve bet on the wrong horse.
David [chuckles] – No, this stallion’s got plenty of kick in him. How do you know I won’t tell Claire what you’re doing?

Arika – [chuckles] Because you need me.
David – Oh, I seem to be managing just fine. I think it’s you who needs me. Why?

Arika – You’ll see.

[David takes out his earpiece. He sees Zoe and one of her soldiers walk in]
David [chuckles] – I said it would work, didn’t I?

Zoe – You say a lot of things. Are any of them true?

[David gets nervous when he is obviously surrounded]

Zoe – You said you want to heal Vega, to make a difference, but you know what I think? I think what you really want is to be king.
David – Zoe

Zoe – No, I see what you’re doing. You manipulated Claire and you think you can do the same to me, and you did. Jasper’s gone because you made me choose, but I won’t be your puppet anymore. You didn’t help me for me. You did it for you, and one day you were gonna put a bullet in my head and take over. That’s what you think, right?

David – No. I, wait!

Zoe – But that day’s never going to come.

[The V1’s grab his arms and hold his hand flat on a table. Zoe fires into the palm at point blank range. David collapses to the floor in pain]

Zoe – When the V1s stole food, you would chop off our hands. This is for Jasper. You stole him from me. And now you’ll never point a gun at me again. Because I’ll put a bullet in your head if you do. [Zoe leaves him to his pain]

[In the woods outside New Delphi}
Noma – We should never have left that Amphora back in New Delphi. It was a mistake.
Alex – It was either save the Amphora or save you. Wasn’t a choice.
Noma – That choice could destroy my kind.
Alex [seeing house] – We need to get inside that house. Buy some time.
Noma – We both know I don’t have any. I’m not healing, Alex. Something’s changed. I’m dead weight now.
Alex – Nothing’s changed. We’ll figure it out.

Alex – You’re the one not listening. [Noma sees a shadowy figure in a black hat] What? N-nothing.
Noma – Nothing, nothing.

[They make it into the abandoned building. Alex rips his shirt to make bandages for Noma. Afterwards she curls up and puts her head in his lap]

Alex – We need a needle and thread, matches. There’s a town nearby. We’ll rest an hour, and then we’ll head out. You’re gonna be okay, Nomes.

[Back in New Delphi]
Gabriel [shouting] – Julian!

[The door opens and Michael is dragged inside. Julian tosses Michael to the floor]

Julian – Get your rest. You’re gonna need it. [He whistles eerily as he locks the two brothers in together]

Gabriel – Michael? [Michael is unconscious]

Son of the Fallen Detailed Transcript

Episode 2.5 Son of the Fallen

Original air date August 6, 2015

Detailed transcript based on closed captioning found at http://www.springfieldspringfield.co.uk/view_episode_scripts.php?tv-show=dominion-2014&episode=s02e05

Previously on Dominion

[Gates and Claire escaping from Briathos]

Claire – We created the V-system so that everyone had a job to do, but they have no way out.
Gates – Zoe is a problem that I can’t solve. Now we have an enemy in our own walls?

David – How many rebels do you have, a hundred? With my help, you will have thousands.
Riesen – Alex, what is that?

Alex – A nuclear bomb.
Julian – Oh, it’s worse.
Noma – How do you have one of the Amphorae?

Julian – I can use it to kill Gabriel and Michael and their whole family.
Michael – I can’t save you, but there is someone I can. Alex, the boy is like a son. He needs me.
Gabriel – Maybe sparing Claire, Vega, your unborn baby was too much to offer.
Gabriel – New Delphi is a dangerous place for you to go alone, Michael. You’re strong, but –

Michael – Will you go with me? As my brother?

Gabriel – Fighting on the same side? Hmm, be careful. You might like it.

[In New Delphi chaos erupts as a body is thrown from several stories up down into the middle of the merchant area and Michael strolls in and unfurls his wings. An alarm sounds. Cut to Julian’s quarters]

Julian – Oh, that’ll be Gabriel. He’s come back for you, Alex, and after he kills you, he’ll go on killing every other human alive, including the ones in Vega you’ve been fighting so hard to protect. Is that what you want?

[Another body falls into the merchant area, and another and another, Cut back to Julian’s quarters]

Julian – I’m not your enemy, Alex.
Alex – Prove it. Tell me how to trap Gabriel in New Delphi, so I can kill him.
Julian – I’ll be glad to once you return the Amphora to me.
Noma – Or I could open this up. Release God’s wrath on all of us.
Riesen- We don’t even know who we’re talking , the angel or the human.
Julian – Technically, as a dyad, you’re talking to both. We’re fused, remember?

[Back in the merchant area, bodies continue to fall as chaos grows. Michael silently strolls through the throng. He smiles at a corpse]

Julian – Look, we all want Gabriel dead. I don’t see why we can’t work together on this.
Noma – He does have an army, Alex.
Alex – Yeah, of eight-balls that we can’t trust. Fortunately, your Amphora will destroy every living thing in this city, including Gabriel. See, Julian? We’re willing to die to kill Gabriel to end this war between angels and humans. Question is, are you?

[Bodies continue to hit the floor from above the merchant area. It is literally raining eight-balls. We see it is Gabriel, who is tossing over the railing any eight-ball who charges at him.]

Julian – All right. May I? [He stands up and walks over to a table. An Ipad is on it. He pulls up a map] At the far end of the trading floor, there’s an old medical facility. A caduceus marks the entrance. Winged staff, snakes.
Riesen – [coughing so hard that Noma is visibly concerned] Oh, is that – You mentioned a trap before. Is this the trap? [coughs]

Julian – It’s more of a secure space with the weapons necessary to capture Gabriel so that my men can go to work on him. I call it “the inner sanctum,” and it is our best shot.
Noma – Best shot? I’m afraid you’re gonna have to do better than that.
Julian – Well, no one’s killed an archangel before, so there are certain risks involved. But history always needs a first, eh, Alex?

Alex – Tell your men to be ready.
[Julian nods in understanding. Alex grabs a sword. Noma is concerned]

Noma – Alex, are you sure about this? [Alex grabs her head and kisses her]

Alex- No.
[Riesen coughs and Julian makes note of his condition. Alex leaves]

[Cut to the floor of the merchant area. Michael is surveying the carnage. Dead bodies everywhere. Cut to Alex walking through the carnage. He hears a sound and turns, his sword drawn. Michael lands in front of him. Alex is visibly stunned.]

Michael – Hello, Alex.

[Flashback. The corridors of Vega. Two boys are chasing a young Alex]

Bully 1 – You better run.

Bully 2 – We’re gonna get you.
Bully 1 – We’re gonna kick your ass.

[The bullies catch up to him and throw him against the wall. They start to beat him up. Someone walks down the corridor.]
Michael – Leave the boy alone!

Bully – Come on, let’s go. Let’s get out of here. Let’s go! [Bullies run away. Alex is laying on the ground, groaning in pain. Michael offers him a hand. Alex accepts it.]

Michael – Are you hurt? More rations for them if you’re dead.
Alex – Who are you?

Michael – Someone who wants you to live through the night.
[Back to the present day]

Alex – Where have you been?

Michael – I’m sorry, Alex.
Alex – Sorry? You just took off.
Michael – I had to leave. To protect you.
Alex – Protect me from what?

Michael – From me.
Alex – Well, a lot happened while you were away. Noma and I survived the aerie. Made it all the way to New Delphi. Hell, we even captured a dyad.
Michael – A dyad?

Alex- Yeah, Julian.
Michael – Alex, a dyad is far stronger than any eight-ball. Julian will want the markings for himself. Please, you must come with us.
Alex- Who is us?

Michael – Gabriel.
Alex [drawing his sword] – You came here with Gabriel?

Michael – He promised me he won’t harm you, Alex.
Alex – Michael, you have no idea what he put me through in the aerie.
Michael – Julian is the one you need to worry about. Please come with me.
Alex – No. You want to help me? Just stay out of my way. [Alex turns and leaves]
[Back at Julian’s residence…]

Riesen [to Noma, who is holding the Amphora] – Get that thing out of here.
Noma – Where would I even hide it?

Riesen – You got wings, don’t you? [Noma leaves. Looking at Julian,Riesen points a gun at him] – You call out to your guards, I’ll put a bullet in your skull.
Julian – Have to say I’m flattered. Edward Riesen, the once mighty general of Vega ordered to babysit me.
Riesen – I don’t take orders from anyone.
Julian – Well, take a seat. You need the rest.
Riesen – I prefer to stand. Thanks.
Julian – Oh, come on, Edward. The coughing, the sweating. You’re short of breath. If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were suffering from a serious medical condition. What what is the number one killer of men? Oh, yes, heart disease. After angels, of course.
Riesen – Been a long time since I killed an angel. The more you talk, the more I miss it.
Julian – Well, I’m only part angel, remember. Part of me is just like you, Edward. But unlike you, I’m not gonna die. Though, uh, I do get thirsty. [He points over to some bottles. Riesen allows him to get up out of his chair and go to them. He starts to pour a drink] What if I were to tell you I could make you a dyad like me? Once possessed, the body stops aging. Stops dying. And your human spirit can live in beautiful symbiosis with an angel who’ll provide the strength and vitality that you sorely lack. Oh, come on, Edward. Just think about it? I mean, I’d hate to see a great warrior like you die of a broken heart. [He places a glass of a clear liquid in front of Edward.]
Riesen – There is nothing beautiful about what you are. You are a monster.
Julian – [chuckles] Oh, you old flatterer, you.
[Back in Vega, at House Riesen, Arika, Claire and Gates are eating]

Arika – Still no word on Zoe?

Gates – No. Our rebel friends have gone quiet. Not even yours truly can find them. And Zoe made off with a crate, and we have no idea what was in it. [As Arika watches, Claire takes something off Gates’ plate and eats it. She notes the chemistry between the pair as they both laugh] What if we took a page out of Gabriel’s playbook? Stop chasing Zoe ourselves and let someone closer to her do the job for us.
Claire – Yeah, we plaster her face all over the Vega and offer a reward to anyone who brings her in.
Genius. Yeah. A bounty on Zoe’s head. Dead or alive.
[Speaking of Zoe, we cut to her HQ, where she is tossed a set of keys and a wooden box full of C-4 is carefully moved]

Man – One, two, three.
[Jasper walks in and looks at a military truck] – Sweet ride. How long before Claire notices it’s missing?

Zoe – Only 24 hours. She’s been keeping a close eye on the barracks since Mills got snatched up.
Jasper – Hey, if we’re gonna die, we might as well go out with a bang and a four-wheel drive, right?

David – Blowing up buildings, really? That’s the plan?

Jasper – Actually, my plan was to shoot you [pauses] but I’m not the boss.
David – In case you didn’t notice, they aren’t building mega casinos anymore. What’re you trying to do, turn Vega into a refugee camp?

Zoe – For some of us, it already is.

Suddenly a man bursts in and starts shooting.
Jasper – Zoe, get down! [He pushes her out of the way of the gunfire and returns fire. He is shot]

Zoe – Jasper!

[Whele gets a gun from a dead man and shoots the intruder, but one of Zoe’s men pulls a gun on Whele]
V1 – Hey. Stay. Stay there. Sit down. [Whele obeys. The V1 rolls over the body of the intruder]
V1 – He’s one of ours.
[Zoes tends to Jasper, who has been shot in the abdomen]

V1 [Pulling a flyer from the dead man’s clothes]- Zoe?

Zoe [to Jasper]- Hold pressure right there.
V1 – I think you better see this.
Zoe [taking the flyer away and reading it] – “Vega is offering a lifetime of food and shelter to the family of anyone who captures or ki kills Zoe Holloway.”

[Back in New Delphi, Noma returns to Julian’s quarters and finds Riesen a little roughed up]

Noma – What happened? Where’s Julian?

Riesen – Well, I don’t know whether it was the angel or the human part, but I think one of them just kicked my ass.
Noma – Are you okay?

Riesen – Yeah, I’m fine. Now, the Amphora is it safe?

Noma – Yeah, but Alex won’t be. Not with Julian free. I’ve got to find him before Julian does. Sure you’re okay?

Risen [weakly] – Yeah. [Noma rushes out]

[Back to Vega. Zoe lifts Jasper’s shirt to look at his wound]
Jasper – That bad, huh?

Zoes – We got to get you help fast.
Jasper – We can’t go out there. Everyone’ll be looking for you.
Zoe – It’s my face on that paper, not yours. [She starts trying to dress the wound]
Jasper – Zoe people die outside V-1 clinics every day just trying to get in. Even if I did, there’d be no doctors and no medicine. No, I’m better off here with you.
Zoe – Look, I’ll negotiate a cease-fire with Claire, use our weapons as leverage. Get you a doctor.
Jasper – You’re crazy. They’ll take you hostage. You want us both to die? [groaning] I’ll go. [He tries to get up]
Zoe – No.
Jasper – Come on, what’s the worst Claire can do? Shoot me again?

Zoe – Look, just try to stay calm, okay? I’ll find someone to send, don’t worry.
Jasper – Who? [panting] For a bounty like that, hell, I’d turn you in myself.
David – I’m available.
Zoe – Nice try.
David – Negotiating’s what I do. You said it yourself you got no one else to send.
Zoe – How do I know you won’t bolt?

David – And go where? Everyone in the city thinks I have a predilection for eight-ball sex. I’m a pariah, down here, up there doesn’t matter. The fact is, I’m probably safer with you than anywhere else in Vega. Come on, Zoe, look around. I’ve already given you food, a place to hide. Frankly, I think I’m the only one who’s keeping this little operation going. I just saved your life, didn’t I? Now, let me save his.
[Back at House Riesen, Gates enters where Arika and Claire are sitting]

Gates – Claire. We just got a message from Zoe. She wants to negotiate.
Claire – Any conditions?

Gates – She wants to sit down at a mutually agreed upon place and a few basic medical supplies.
Claire – Someone must have been hurt.

Arika – Zoe will send an emissary. So should you. I’m willing to go on your behalf.
Claire – No, it’s too dangerous.

Gates – Arika, you just got here.
Arika – To help Claire in any way possible I put down two rebellions in Helena. These radicals usually send whichever lackey draws the shortest straw. I’ll hear their demands and report back to you.
Claire – Okay.
[In New Delphi. Alex rounds a corner and finds Julian with one of his security guards]

Julian – Alex. Alex! You bring this kind of carnage with you wherever you go?

Alex – Where’s Noma and Riesen?

Julian – I needed to talk to you. Don’t worry, they’re fine. Now, my guards inform me that not one but two archangels have found their way into my city. That’s a 25-year record broken. Have you ever wondered why Michael hasn’t just killed Gabriel yet, hmm? Michael could end this war right now if he wanted. But he won’t.
Alex – What are you talking about?

Julian – They’re brothers, Alex. They’re twins. God created them out of darkness in the exact same moment. Can you imagine? [laughs] Even a dyad’s bond is nothing compared to theirs. Now, look, I know you and Michael are close; loyalty is an admirable quality in a foot soldier. But you came here to lead an army, win a war, and sacrifices must be made, my friend. Now, Michael trusts you. If you lure him into the trap, Gabriel will follow. You can save Vega, Alex, but it comes at a price. You trap Michael, you kill Gabriel, and you end this war.

Alex [draws his sword and puts it against Julian’s throat] – Or I could just kill you right now.
Julian – But you won’t because you know I’m right. I’ve waited thousands of years for this moment, and I can’t live with myself if Gabriel gets away. Can you?

[Arika enters the negotiation space as she sees David there with the V-1]

Arika – I’ve seen men go to great lengths to get my attention before, David, but this is extreme. [She tosses a bag onto the table] Even for you.

David – [going through the bag] The boy is dying, Arika. He needs a doctor, not a fistful of vitamins.
Arika – Antibiotics and painkillers are in short supply. A doctor can be arranged quickly when Zoe and her rebels turn themselves in.
David – Zoe sent me to arrange a cease-fire, not a surrender.
Arika [to the V1] – Excuse me, who are you?

V1 – Zoe sent me to keep an eye on him.
Arika – A one-on-one negotiation. Those were the terms we agreed upon. Let me know when your people get serious. [She starts to leave but stops once David explains]
David [to the V1] – She won’t talk with you here. Do you want Jasper to die because of you?

V1 – I’ll be right outside. [He leaves]
Arika – Now, where were we?

David – You have to get me out of here. Tell Claire I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get back to Whele Tower.
Arika – David, you slept with an eight-ball.
David – We both know that’s bullshit. Claire just has to release a statement exonerating –

Arika – David, shut up. Tell me about Zoe. The crate, what’s inside?

David – C-4. Maybe a few hundred pounds. They stole a truck this morning. Plan is to blow up Caesars Palace and Claire with it.
Arika – When?

David – Tomorrow morning.
Arika – Convince Zoe to turn herself in.
David – There’s not a lot of reasoning with an anarchist. They want everything to go bad. That’s the whole point.
Arika – Then you’re going to have to bring us the explosives yourself.
David – You can’t be serious.
Arika – Claire needs this little situation resolved, so she can focus on the real war, the one outside Vega. Bring us that truck in three hours, and we’ll return the favor.
David – What does that mean?

Arika – A comfortable life. V-3 or above. Your reputation restored.
David – How do I know Claire will keep her end of the deal?

Arika – You have three hours. [Leaving]

[In New Delphi. Gabriel and Michael inspect the carnage]
Gabriel – Have you found the boy?

Michael – Julian’s not a human. He’s a dyad. Only disembodied higher angels are powerful enough to form a dyad with a human soul.
Gabriel – All the more reason to bring this city to its knees. [To his lackey] Do it now. [Alarm sounds] Once in a while, humans come up with something quite clever. Military defense protocol designed to keep the enemies out or our enemies in.
Woman’s voice – Lockdown activated in ten minutes.
Michael – No. We need to get Alex out of here.
Gabriel – I’ll help you with Alex once I lay waste to this city. Julian’s been killing our brothers and sisters for decades, Michael, while we looked the other way. Not anymore.
Michael – It’s too dangerous. Protect yourself. Let me finish this.
Gabriel – I ran from this city once. I won’t do it again.
[Michael slices Gabriel in the heel – in his Achilles tendon]

Michael – Your recklessness has got us into trouble before. I can’t take that chance now. You’ll heal in time, but this is the only way to protect you from Julian and Alex from you. I can’t let either of you be harmed. If you can’t walk or run, you can’t be part of this. You can only fly, away from here.
Gabriel – Michael, don’t do this alone!

[Meanwhile back at House Riesen, Claire is watching Whele on a closed circuit camera]

Claire – I purged him to the V-1s two days ago, and now he’s speaking on behalf of a V-1 rebellion?

Gates – Gotta admit, I’m kinda impressed.
Arika – We all know David has certain underhanded tendencies, but in this case, he’s right where we want him.
Claire – Yeah, but he’s a politician, not a secret agent. Do you really think he can steal the explosives on his own?

Arika – David’s a man who gets what he wants. And right now, there’s nothing he wants more than to be back up here with us.
Gates – Oh, damn it. Our tail just lost David in part of the northwest quad where the surveillance cameras are down. They must have known. I mean, it narrows the search, but –

Claire – If Zoe detonates that much C-4, how much damage are we talking?

Gates – Four or five city blocks or more. We need to evacuate right now.
Claire – No, evacuation sends the wrong message.
Gates – Yes, “we want to live,” which is a message I am perfectly okay with.
Claire [to her guards] – I am not running away. Create a perimeter ten blocks wide. I don’t want any military trucks near this hotel. If David delivers for us, making him a V-1 could actually turn out to be the smartest move I ever made.
[Back at Zoe’s HQ she is giving Jasper something to drink. Whele and the V-1 walk in. She sees the bag]

Zoe – This is it?

David – Claire won’t send a doctor unless you turn yourself in.
V-1 – She put a soldier on us too. We had to take the crowded alley behind Circus Circus to shake him.
[Zoe opens the bag

V-1 [to David, handcuffing him] – Sit.
David – I thought we had an understanding.
Zoe – Yeah, and I thought you could get Jasper help. I guess we were both wrong. [Zoe looks at Jasper’s wound and is visibly concerned. She tosses keys to the V-1] Radio me if you need to.
Jasper – Zoe, what’s going on?

Zoe – I need to talk to our rebels in the Corps. I won’t wait until morning. We’re bombing Riesen Tower tonight. Vega will change, and I’m gonna make sure you live to see it. [Zoe leaves. Jasper pulls a gun on Whele]
[Cut to Michael in New Delphi, then a flashback. He and a young Alex are on a roof. Alex is looking through binoculars]

Michael – Always look for the highest perch. High places keep you safe, allow you to see what’s coming.
Alex – I wonder where my dad is right now. All he left me was a note.
Michael – My own father disappeared.
Alex – Did you leave you a note?

Michael – In a way. A message. But I can’t read it.
Alex – My dad has bad handwriting too. Those boys are gonna kill me.
Michael – Only if you let them.
Alex – They’re bigger than me. I’d be dead if you hadn’t stopped them.
Michael – This world is filled with monsters far worse than those boys, Alex. The blade I gave you [Alex opens a pocket knife] You must use it. We can’t wait for our fathers to return, Alex. We must fight our battles on our own.
Alex – Dad never taught me how.
Michael – Mine did. I’ll teach you. [Both smile]

[Present day, Alex is running through New Delphi with Julian’s men on his tail. Michael unfurls his wongs and takes out the men]
Alex – Michael, you were right about Julian. I should have listened to you.
Michael – But I abandoned you, Alex. I can’t change that.
Alex – You did what you had to.
[An alarm blares]

Women’s voice – System lockdown begins in five minutes.
Michael – The tunnels will be sealed in minutes. We need to get you out.
Alex – I’m not leaving Noma and Riesen here to die.
Michael – This way. Follow me. [They run out. We see a caduceus sign on the wall]

[Back at House Riesen. Claire is pacing around in the control room]
Gates – None of these chairs throne-like enough for the Lady of the City? Sit down. You’re making everyone nervous.
Claire – David is running out of time.
Gates – With no way of communicating with us. Didn’t Riesen ever teach you that patience is a virtue?

Claire – It is entirely possible that Zoe killed David the moment he got back to them and we’re standing around like idiots, waiting on a dead man. [Suddenly she gasps in pain and clutches her stomach]
Guard – Lady Riesen?

Claire – Call a doctor.
Gates – We need a medic in here.
Guard on radio- Medic to control room now.
Gates [carefully grabbing Claire’s arms] – What’s wrong? Talk to me.
[Back at Zoe’s HQ]

David (to Jasper) – May I help you? [He stands up and grabs a bottle of booze, which he passes over to a weak Jasper]

Don’t worry, Whele. I’m gonna make sure you don’t outlive me.
David – Well, that’s a relief.

[Back at New Delphi, Michael and Alex run into an empty room]
Michael – Where’s Noma and Riesen? [Blinding lights are turned on. Michael raises a hand to shield his eyes]
Alex – I’m sorry. [Michael is shot with a gun that covers him with an empyrean steel net] I meant what I said. I forgive you, Michael. Please forgive me. [Michael struggles against the net and is bleeding. Noma walks in]
Alex – Noma, get out of here! [Noma knocks out 2 of the guards]

Alex – Guards, stand down!

Noma – What are you doing?

Alex – 25 years. 6 billion people dead. It has to stop. Julian’s right. If we imprison Michael, Gabriel will come. This is my chance. Nomes, I gotta do this.
Michael – Alex, no!

Noma – You saw what that dyad did to Pete. Are you really gonna trust him?

Alex – No! But I have enemies to defeat, from the biggest to the smallest.
Noma – Alex

Alex – And they don’t get any bigger than Gabriel.
[Gabriel saunters in]

Gabriel – I’m standing right here, Alex. Why don’t you come and get me? I want a word with Julian, Alex.
Where is your new friend? [He unfurls his wings and knocks out a guard. Noma attacks another guard, who grabs her by the throat. Alex charges at Gabriel, sword drawn. They match swords, then Gabriel tosses Alex across the room. He lays on the floor, the wind knocked out of him. Gabriel walks over to Michael]

Gabriel – What has Alex done to you?

Michael – You promised you wouldn’t harm him. Get Alex out of here while there’s still time.
Gabriel – Is there anything this boy could do that could possibly turn you against him?

Michael – No. Our fates are tied.
[Alarm blaring]

Woman’s voice – Lockdown complete. Remain at your stations. Await further instructions.
Gabriel – How much of this must I endure? Look at us. You, me, Father. Our sister dead under a mountain. He’s tearing this family apart.
Alex – It’s not my fault your father left. I was a day old when you two started this war.
Gabriel – A coincidence? I don’t think so! You choose him over us every time. Well, Michael, I choose you. I’m going to save you, brother, by doing the one thing you can’t. [He looks at Alex menacingly]
[Back at Zoe’s HQ. Jasper is out of it. V-1 is loading his gun.]

Man on loudspeaker- Your attention. Curfew is now in effect.

[David takes this moment of inattentiveness to walk behind V-1 and choke him with his handcuffs. He picks up the rifle.]

[Back in House Riesen, Gates and Arika watch as the Helena doctor Daria attend to Claire]

Daria – If you come by the clinic, we can find out if it’s a boy or a girl.
Claire – Okay.
Daria – For now, best to get some rest.
Claire – None of us are getting any sleep tonight. Not with David out there. But I will take it easy. Thank you.

[Daria looks at Arika, who nods slightly. Daria leaves. Arika leans over and grabs Claire’s hand]

Arika – Everything’s going to be okay.
Claire – Thank you. [Arika walks out. Gates slowly walks over to Claire. He pours her some water]
Gates – Uh, a baby? Congratulations. Uh, If I’d known, I would never have

Claire – Kissed me? It’s okay. People do strange things when they think they’re about to die, right?

Gates – [chuckles] I know it’s not William’s. Claire, I saw a photograph of the two of you on your wedding day. I think the bouquet had stronger feelings for William than you did.
Claire – The father was a soldier. But he’s gone now, and I want to believe he’s still alive, but he can’t be because if he were, he – I’m sorry. [She stands up off the couch and paces]

Gates – Claire, I… Any man who loved you and loved your baby would be by your side right now if it were humanly possible. He was human, right?

Claire – All too human.
[Door opens]

Guard – Lady Riesen. A call just came in from the truck that went missing. [He hands her a walkie talkie] The man claims to be David Whele.
Claire – David? Whele, are you there?

David [sitting in a truck] – The explosives. I got them.
Claire – Tell us where you are and we’ll come get you.
David – Vega’s a beautiful city, isn’t it? We created something wonderful.
Claire – David, what’s going on? If you think I won’t honor our deal, you’re wrong. Just bring the C-4 to me, and you will never have to be a V-1 again. I promise.
David – No, no, I believe you.
Claire – So what’s the problem?

David – It takes so much to build something in this world, and so little to take it down.
Claire – Vega is not gonna fall tonight. David, we can make sure of that. We can do this together.
David – You could’ve killed me, Claire. Why didn’t you?

Claire – Because you’re a human being.
[laughing] Claire Riesen. Convinced she can save every person in this city all by herself. The V-1s taught me something, Claire. We’ve been dividing the people for years. Up there and down here. Vega’s like two different cities now. I’m starting to think that maybe it’s the way it should be.
Claire – David? David? [No response. She hands walkie to a soldier] I want Vega on lockdown, the whole city on high alert, every guard armed and ready for when David comes for us.

[Back in Zoe’s HQ, Jasper points a gun at David]
Jasper – Nice try. Any last words?

David – Get in.
Jasper – What?

David – I built this city when you were in diapers. You want to bring it down, I’m the guy who knows how. Come on, Jasper. You got a gun. Keep it on me, but get in the damn truck. You seem like a nice kid, and frankly you don’t have much time, so why don’t we go see you off with a bang? Come on.
Jasper [gets into truck] – Okay, old man. Where are we going?

David – Oh, straight to the top. [He starts up truck]

Back to New Delphi. Michael struggles against the net]
Michael – What would Father say?

Gabriel – I don’t know. Let’s bring him back and find out.
Michael – The markings on Alex’s body are Father’s final message. If you harm him, they’ll disappear forever.
Gabriel – What good is a message if nobody can read it?

Michael – Gabriel, please. Killing the boy won’t matter. All we ever needed was his skin.

[Alex pulls a sword on Gabriel but Gabriel clutches him by the throat]
Michael – If you kill him, you may as well kill me. I’ll never forgive you.
Gabriel [chuckles] – Oh, yes, you will.
[Julian’s soldiers come from behind and subdue Gabriel with a electric collar]

Julian – Put him down. Gently.
[One of the eight-balls speaks indistinctly in Lishepus. Gabriel unhands Alex, who falls to the ground]

Michael – Alex, are you okay?

Julian – Good work, Alex. Looks like you and I make a pretty good team. [His eyes flash black]
Alex – What are you waiting for? Kill him! Kill Gabriel now!

Julian – Patience, Alex. Patience. [He grabs a stool. Noma watches from a corner] So what do you think of this body of mine? It’s all right, isn’t it? Think it suits me. Much as I enjoy drifting in darkness, it is nice to be back on two feet again. You don’t recognize me, do you? Come on, Michael, think. All right, I’ll give you a clue. Last time you saw me, we burned two cities to the ground, but you looked down on my methods.
[Flashback to Sodom and Gomorrah]

Michael – Lyrae, you have broken the will of God and must be punished. [Blade plunges into Lyrae’s back and his spirit leaves]

Michael – Lyrae.
Julian – [chuckles] Mm. You banished me to the outer sphere for taking joy in delivering God’s punishment. But you were my inspiration, Michael. I learned it all from you.

Michael – I was wrong. I know that now.

Julian – It’s too late. You can’t escape the sins of your past, and you, too, must be punished.

[Gabriel breaks free and unfurls his wings to attack Julian’s men]
Alex -Use the Empyrean steel net! [A soldier fires the net at Gabriel

Gabriel – Come and get me.

[Another net is fired at Gabriel. Meanwhile Michael is using Alex’s knife to free himself]
Julian -Gotcha.
Soldier -Julian, he’s gone!

Julian – Find Michael! [We see the empty net]

[In Arika’s quarters, Daria is examining Uriel’s drawings of Alex’s tattoos]

Daria – These are beautiful. Who drew them?

Arika – An old friend. One foolishly obsessed with the Chosen One. [She gathers them up]
Daria – An old friend or a dead one?

Arika – A friend who outlived her usefulness.
Daria – You know I hate it when you’re cryptic. Please don’t treat me like I’m just another doctor of Helena. [She kisses the back of Arika’s neck]
Arika – I’ve always looked out for you, haven’t I?

Daria – I appreciate your protection, but I want your trust, too. I know you didn’t come back to Vega to play mentor.
Arika – I like Claire. She’s a strong and capable woman. Just the kind of leader the Cradle needs. Shame we have to take her city.
Daria – Then what are we waiting for? I should be cutting Claire’s throat, not caring for

Arika [sharply] – Careful, Daria. Even doctors can outlive their own usefulness.[She puts the drawings in a drawer]
Daria – You only spent a few days in Helena. It’s worse than you think.
Arika – I’ve heard the reports. I know the storms have worsened. Tiring our people. [She traces a finger seductively along Daria’s chest]. Weakening our defenses. Our city is running out of time. Soon Helena’s women will need a new home. That’s why we’re here, but we must first make room.

[Cut to New Delphi. Michael is trying to hide. He is in bad shape. He is weak and bleeding. ]

[Cut to flashback of Michael and young Alex]
Michael – I have to go.
Alex – Why? Wh Where are you going? You can’t just leave me here.
Michael – Trust your instincts. You will make the right choice.I have faith in you, Alex.

[Back to New Delphi. Alex looks at empty net]
Noma – What is it?

[Alex bends down and picks up his knife. Flashback to him and Michael sitting on roof, smiling at each other as Alex plays with the knife]

[Back to present]

Alex – What have I done, Nomes?

[Cut to Vega. Zoe returns to her HQ and sees David and Jasper gone and her V-1 on the floor]

Zoe [on walkier] – Jasper! Jasper, are you there?

David [carrying a box as he and Jasper count out their location in footsteps in tunnels] – 148, 149, 150. [He sets up some C-4]

Zoe’s voice on walkie – Jasper, do you read me?

Jasper – Relax, Zoe. I’m here.

David – Zoe, listen up. You got to do exactly as I say. Get the V-1s out of the tunnels, now. Get them to run. Understand?

Zoe – What Why?

David – Because if there are any V-1s left in the tunnels in [to Jasper] How long do we have?

Jasper – Ten minutes.
David – In ten minutes, they’re going to be dead.
Zoe – Jasper, tell me what’s going on.
Jasper – Do it, Zoe. Please.
Zoe – All right. [She is frantic, then runs out of HQ]

[Cut to House Riesen. Gates and Arika are with Claire]
Arika – What can I do? I’m here to help.
Gates – Claire, I’m getting reports that V-1s are moving east out of the tunnels and they’re in a hurry.
Claire – Those tunnels lead all the way across Vega. That’s thousands of people.

[Cut to many screaming V-1s running from tunnels]

[Cut to Claire’s face, then her reaction to an explosion. We see a series of explosions in a straight line, then turning the right into another straight line. Cut to Jasper and David in the truck, David is manning controls of explosions]
David [in awe] – Oh

Jasper -Holy shit.

[An entire tunnel is consumed in flames. We see David chuckle in delight. Cut back to House Riesen]
Gates – The agri-tower’s on the other side. I think David just stole our food.
Claire – He did more than that. He split the city in two. David Whele just started a civil war.

[More tunnels consumed in flames, then cut to black].

The End

A Bitter Truth detailed transcript

Episode 2.04: A Bitter Truth

Original air date: July 30, 2015

Detailed transcript based on the closed captioning found at http://www.springfieldspringfield.co.uk/view_episode_scripts.php?tv-show=dominion-2014&episode=s02e04

Please forgive any and all formatting errors.

Previously on Dominion

Gabriel – You can bring back a souvenir, the head of Claire Riesen.
Claire – The only thing that spared your life is your service to this city.
David – You think you’re gonna get away with this? You won’t get away with this.
Claire – Gates, I need you to find someone for me. Zoe Holloway. She’s a V-1, wants to overthrow my government.
Gates – Give me an hour, and I’ll see what I can do.
Julian – A few days ago an angel stole a key from me, and I’d like you to bring it to me.
Alex – That is General Edward Riesen of Vega, part of the pact between our two cities, which you now owe me.
[Lyrae tossing ax, Julian tossing ax]

Michael – I banish your spirit to the outer sphere.
Lyrae [stabbed] = Aah!

[Julian eight-ball]


[An unconscious Noma comes to. She is strapped to a chair. We get her POV as she tries to get her bearings, then see her look up at the ceiling and start to struggle against her bindings.

Noma – No, no. No! No! Aah! Aah! [We see a glowy angel soul face descending towards her. It bears its teeth as it gets closer]

[Cut to black. White letters read “5 hours earlier”]

[In New Delphi. Julian is taking Alex, Pete, and Noma to a gun merchant. Julian likes one particular rifle]

Julian – Ooh, that’s pretty. Come to daddy. [Julian examines the gun. He clicks gu and holds up to his eye to look through the sight.
Alex – How many?

Julian – A cache of 20. [To the two dealers] 100 credits, find more. See, this is the key, Alex. This is the key to winning this war.
Alex – A few guns won’t stop Gabriel.

Julian – No, no, no. Angels and humans working together will. Look at the big picture, Alex. Huh? [The three of them stroll though the stockpile of armaments] After Gabriel, then what? I mean, there are millions of angels on earth. You’re never gonna kill them all.
Noma – You mean eight-balls living in human bodies they stole.

Alex – There’ll be no future for anyone if we don’t stop Gabriel. And he will come for me. You promised me an alliance, an army. But all I see as I look around is a scared city preparing for a siege.
Julian – Well, Alex, you know, I’m gonna protect my city first.
Alex – What about Vega? You sent my message. Did you hear anything back?

Julian – Oh, it’s gonna take at least a week for our trucks to cross the wasteland.
Alex – When we walked into this city, there were five trucks out front. There are still five there.
Julian – Mm, well, that’s not our only convoy, Alex.

Alex – I did what you asked. I got your key. When are you gonna honor your side of the bargain and give me the alliance? Hell, the army that you promised?

Julian – Now, we will help each other because that’s our way here in New Delphi. Okay? Excuse me. [He walks a way]
Alex [to Noma] – He’s stalling. He’s hiding something. We need to know why.
[In Vega, a bruised and battered David Whele is running]

David – Help me! Please! [He is punched and falls to the ground]

[Female soldier] – Dirty Davey, you banged an eight-ball. We should’ve hanged you.
[Whele keeps running. He is in a daze. Miscellaneous ragged V-1’s stare at him. He imagines he hears their accusations in his head]

Voices – You banged an eight-ball. We should have hanged you. We should have hanged you.
Voice – Here he is. [Whele, thinking they are looking for him, ducks behind a crate] Come on! Go, come on!

William [from behind David] – Oh! Nice and cozy down here, isn’t it?

David – Of course you’re here.
William – Where else would I be? [David gets up and tries to walk away but William follows, mocking him] I mean, after all, Claire and Arika took our tower, froze your assets, hijacked your allies, ruined our family name.
David – Oh, you did enough to that.
William – Admit it, Dad, they got you good.
David – No. You don’t have the blood of a survivor, but I do. If the angels weren’t the death of me, then Claire Riesen certainly won’t be. [Someone puts a burlap bag over Whele’s head]
[Cut to Vega. It is sunrise (or sunset). We hear the buzzer at Gates’ front door. He is throwing baseballs into a batting net while listening to a sports broadcast. He buzzes open the door. Claire walks in.]

Gates – Claire, I wasn’t expecting company today. Or ever, really.
Claire – I’ve been standing out there for five minutes. You could see me. [She points to the security camera view on one of his monitors]
Gates – Yeah, hoping you’d go away. [He points to a baseball game on a tv screen] 2004 ALCS. Red Sox, Yankees. Down three games to zip. At this point, we had a 4. 9% chance to come back and win it all, which is impossible. [ Claire looks around. We see lots of baseball memorabilia and a bottle of prescription pills that Claire also notices] Until a homer turned it all around, thanks to this guy, [picks up a baseball card and shows it to her] “Big Papi.” She got this for me. I was there. My ma took me and we were up in the nosebleeds above Pesky’s pole, and at the end of the game, she elbowed her way down to the field to get this signed. I mean, there was no stopping that woman. It’s one of the last things Ma gave me. [He hands Claire thee card] What does it matter now anyway? They’re all dead. [He throws another ball] You know, I watch this game when I can’t fix a problem, and Zoe is a problem that I can’t solve. I don’t know what is in that crate. I’ve checked the armories. Nothing’s missing.
Claire – Okay, I need a list from you. All the condemned structures in this city, I want soldiers to search them. Rebels have got to be somewhere.
Gates – Okay, well, sure. I’ll get right on it. Things were bad enough with the angels, and now we have an enemy in our own walls.
Claire – I’ll deal with the rebels. If you want to help, great. And if you don’t, well, enjoy the rest of the game. [She puts card on a stool and turns to leave]
Gates [looking up at the security monitor] – Did you bring someone with you?

Claire – No! I followed the protocol you established with my dad. I just snuck right out. That is what you wanted. Nobody knows I’m here.
Gates – Okay, then who is that?

Claire [seeing someone on the monitor] – Shit. It must be one of Zoe’s people. He’s followed me here. [Claire cocks her pistol]
Gates – Oh, that’s really cute. Hold up. I got this. [He hits emergency buttons and blast doors seal them in. They watch on monitor as Briathos walks up]

[Cut to a country road. Janek is lounging in the back seat of a red convertible with the top down, listening to Patsy Cline and drinking booze. Gabriel strolls up and takes Janek’s hat off. He is not amused.]
Gabriel – Enjoying yourself, Janeck, hmm? A little music, a bourbon.
Janeck – Whiskey.
Gabriel – I was waiting at the gates of New Delphi for an army that never arrived, an army my herald was ordered to call. [He tosses the hat into the car and leans in to Janeck’s face] Tell me, Janeck, why was that?

Janek – ‘Cause I never summoned them. You failed with a human. You couldn’t unlock his markings. The aerie was bombed, good soldiers died. And for what? Father hasn’t come back, maybe he never will. [Gabriel grabs him and with one arm tosses him out of the car and onto the ground]. Aagh!
Gabriel – He will, and I’ll be the one to bring him home. But if you doubt me, Janeck, you won’t get to see it.
Janek – Like Uriel? We found her body, Gabriel. She was killed in the bombing.

[Gabriel is visibly shocked. He possesses Janeck whose eyes turn completely white. Like a puppetmaster Gabriel has Janeck walk over to the hood of the car and look at his reflecton in the windshield. But Janeck sees Gabriel’s face reflecting back at him]

Gabriel – Bourbon is whiskey. [Gabriel forces Janeck to slam his own head into the hood of the car over and over and over again] I am still alive.

Janeck – I’ll gather the army. [His wings come out and he flies away]
[Cut to the bowels of Vega where David Whele is being held prisoner. He slowly wakes up to find William is there taunting him]

William – Dad, you don’t want to sleep through your own death. Trust me, that last burst of adrenaline is killer. [laughs] [David manages to get bag off his own head. He is kneeling on floor with hands tied behind his back. We see that there is no one in the chair where William just appeared. Then we see William there again as camera angle switches] Aren’t you excited?

David – Excited about what?

William – To die. You finally get to be face-to-face with your maker. Oh, wait, that’s right, you lost your faith. [laughs] It’s ironic that when angels descend from heaven with concrete proof of God’s existence, you lose your faith.

David – I won’t believe in a God whose angels slaughtered my family.
William – You helped in that slaughter. I must say, I can’t wait to see how it all ends. I don’t think I’ll have to wait long.
David – These people won’t kill me. [We see the hole in the back of William’s head]
William – [laughs] That’s all you have left to offer, Dad. Just your life.
[The door suddenly opens and Zoe and Jasper walk in]

Zoe – Come on, get up. [She forces him into the chair]

David – Wait.
Jasper – Let’s shoot him in the head and throw his body in the streets.
Zoe – No. No, I’m not gonna waste this opportunity.
David – Zoe, right? You’re Zoe. I know all about you. We can make a deal, come on. We could we could come to an agreement.

Jasper – We don’t have time for this. We need to keep moving. They found our safe house, Zoe. We need a new place to hide.
Zoe [a small video camera is in her hands] – This will just take a few minutes. The death of David Whele needs to be recorded. With that and this [she stomps on a box with her boot], the V-1s will be lining up to join us.
David – Please, I can help you. [He is punched]
William [whispering in David’s ear] – Don’t think they’re really in the mood to talk.

[Back in New Delphi. There is activity in the city, but Alex, Noma and Pete are having a private discussion with Edward Riesen]
Pete – Dude’s gotta have more than five trucks in all of New Delphi, Alex.
Alex – Maybe, but I know he’s lying. He never sent that message to Vega.
Pete – But Julian gave you that New Delphi alliance thing.
Alex – No, he gave us a promise.
Riesen – Well, a promise isn’t much help to my daughter, or your baby she’s carrying.
Pete – What? You knocked up his daughter?

Noma – Pete, sit down.
Alex – Now listen, listen, this is our chance to end all of this, but we can’t do it on our own. Julian promised us an army. So where is it?

Noma – Maybe he lied, he doesn’t have one.
Riesen – No. Oh, he may be lying about the message to Vega, but he’s telling the truth about the power of New Delphi. Somehow this city has defied Gabriel for 25 years. Something Vega couldn’t do and we had Michael on our side. He has something formidable enough to keep them safe.
Alex – Then I’m gonna find it. General, I need you to buy me some time with Julian. Noma, you’re coming with me.
Pete – You’re not gonna leave me here, are you?

Alex – You don’t leave this room. We’re lucky we made it this far. But if anyone figures out you were possessed, they’re gonna ask how. No one here can know what I can do. You got it?

Pete – Yeah. [Alex affectionately pats his shoulder and Pete smiles as Alex and Noma leave]

[Meanwhile, back at the gates of Gates’ compound in Vega, Gates and Claire watch the intruder on the security camera]
Claire – It doesn’t seem like Zoe’s style to send someone to do her dirty work. [Gates changes the camera view and they see Vega soldiers approaching]

Gate – Here comes the cavalry.
[As they watch, Briathos moves so quickly that they know he’s not human]

Gates – Shit.

Claire – He’s an angel. [Briathos makes quick work of the soldiers and returns his attention to the door]. Gabriel must still be alive. He is the only one who would send an angel.
Gates – Why? Why here?

Claire – To kill me.

[Briathos punches his fist through a wall. Gates calls security]
Woman -Vega security, go ahead.
Gates- This is an emergency. We need you to send more so – [His call is cut off as Briathos rips out wires and the power goes out except for red emergency lighting]

[Michael lands outside New Delphi where Alex abandoned his truck. He looks inside and finds Alex’s knife. He walks away but stops as he senses Gabriel behind him. Gabriel enters]

Gabriel – Hello, brother. Why are you here?

Michael – Noma called to me. Where’s Alex?

Gabriel – Your friends in Vega bombed my aerie. Noma escaped, but Alex died there. Uriel was there, too. Our little sister, she’s dead.
Michael [shocked] – Uriel. [Gabriel tries to put a hand on his shoulder but Michael knocks his hand away] Don’t. [Pushes Gabriel] You’re lying about Uriel.
Gabriel – I’m not.
Michael [pushing Gabriel again] – And you’re lying about Alex. He’s alive!

Gabriel – Lying? [ Michael pulls out a sword and puts it to Gabriel’s throat] You think a human could survive something that killed one of our own? [Michael pulls the blade away and lets it fall to the ground. Gabriel laughs] Are you really going to do this? [Michael punches Gabriel several times but Gabriel does not fight back] Feeling better? [Michael his has fist raised but changes his mind and releases Gabriel]

[Back in Gates’ lair, he is rummaging around with a flashlight]

He can’t cut this power. The generator’s lines run inside. [He starts a portable generator
Claire – Is that safe?

Gates – No, but in a world filled with abominations, death by immolation seems almost a comfort. [He looks up at the security camera monitors] He didn’t cut the feed. He wants us to watch.
Claire – Is there any other way to reach outside?

Gates – No.
Claire – So tell me, Gates, is this place gonna hold against an angel?

Gates – That’s nine inches of reinforced concrete and steel. Even a higher angel can’t get through that. [Loud and ominous banging as Briathos punches the door]

Claire – You sure about that?

[Cut to elsewhere in Vega, we see the screen of a video camera as Whele is punched repeatedly by Jasper as Zoe voices his charges]

Zoe – You mutilated V-1s, amputated their hands for stealing food, you’re a deviant who kept an eight-ball as a sex toy. You killed our children.
William [behind David] – They know you well, Dad. Murdered one with your bare hands. What was that little girl’s name? Ah, ah, ah [flashback to David killing Bixby] Bixby.
Zoe – All right, Jasper, I know it feels good, but we got enough.

David – Thank God.
William – Seems a little late for that.
Zoe – They’ll sweep this area soon. We gotta go. Shoot him. [She shuts off camera]
David – No. Please please, God, no.
William – Better, but dig deeper, Dad. Can you find a spark of that faith that once burned in your heart?

David – Wait! I can help you! How how long do you think you’re gonna last in a walled city?

Zoe – [laughs softly] Longer than you.
David – No, I can show you a place to hide. You can’t stage a revolution running from tunnel to warehouse. It’s only a matter of time.
Zoes – Hold up, Jasper. You have ten seconds, Whele.
David – I used to be a preacher in a public access station in old Las Vegas. It’s safe, and there’s a generator.
Jasper – Zoe, he’s just spinning.
Zoe – Of course he is. But we can kill him now or in 30 minutes. Either way, he’s still dead. Take us there.
[Back to the Gates and Claire]

Gates – Under the sheetrock, this place is lined floor to ceiling with steel that was scavenged from old casino vaults.
Claire – He’s searching for a seam, looking for a flaw. Are there any?

Gates – Of course there are. Everything has a weakness.
Claire – Well, that’s not helpful, is it?

Gates – Well, it’s reality. And this is reality come to life. You know, you were born inside these walls. You don’t know war. [Gates points on the screen] That’s the basement. He’s headed down there. [The cameras go dark] It’s too dark for the cameras and him.
Claire – The dark’s not gonna slow him down anyway. Angel eyes are more sensitive than ours.
Gates – They are?

Clairee [smiling] – Oh, so there’s something the genius doesn’t know after all.

Gates – I bet I have something to fix those cameras. [Gates rummages around among the electronics bits and pieces and suddenly there is what appears to be an earthquake]
Claire – What the hell is that?

Gates – He’s trying to break through. [Shelving falls over onto him

Claire [running over to him] – Gates!

Gates – Claire!

Claire [grabbing a piece of wood to use as a lever] – Okay, listen, Gates, when I move this, pull your leg out, okay? Fast.
Gates – Okay.
Claire – Go! Go! Get up.

[Gates manages to wiggle free but can’t stand. He has a nasty wound in his leg. Clare cradles his head and looks at the wound]

Claire – Whoa, Gates! Shit.

[Back in New Delphi. Riesen is trying to distract Julian]
Riesen – Julian.
Julian – Hey, General. Or is it Edward now? ‘Cause when you left your post, you left your rank.
Riesen – I did. All these years as leaders of the Cradle, and we’ve never had the pleasure of meeting.
Julian – Well, now you understand why. We don’t share philosophies on the possessed.
Riesen – How well do you know Gabriel?

Julian – Ooh, better than you, I’d wager.
Riesen – I managed to keep him out of Vega for 25 years, as have you. But now, thanks to Alex, he’s coming here. We have to prepare for battle.
Julian – I have defenses in place.

Riesen – You don’t win wars with defense.
Julian – No. You do it with a trap.
Riesen – What trap? Let us help you. Gabriel’s been at the top of the food chain for thousands of years.
Julian – Well, hundreds of thousands.
Riesen – Which is precisely his flaw. He sees us as mites to be swatted. If we want to kill an angel, we had better think like one.
Julian – [laughs] Get General Riesen a drink. Some of the good stuff.
Soldier – Yes, sir.
Julian – Come on, let’s talk.

[Meanwhile Alex and Noma are snooping around by flashlights. They are down in the tunnels somewhere. There are barred gates, like in a prison]

Alex – I saw Julian come down here yesterday. He would want to keep anything important as close as possible.
Noma [looking through the gate at a door locked with chains] – Like that?

Alex – Exactly. [He tries to open the gate but can’t. Noma gently pushes him aside]

Noma – Move. [She easily kicks the door open]
Alex – Nice. [He finds a metal bar and hands it to Noma] Here. You’ll need a little leverage.
Noma – Wait, Alex. Something feels wrong here.

Alex – We need to find what Julian is hiding. [Noma uses the bar to break the thick chain.] Very nice. [They open the metal door labeled 34 and walk inside with a flashlight. They see countless numbers of standing, armed eight-balls in what looks like suspended animation, just standing there]
Noma – Shit. Alex.
[Alex finds a light switch and turns on a bank fo lights, revealing rows upon rows of eight-balls]

Alex – This isn’t a city of merchants. It’s a city of monsters.

[Back to the twins. Gabriel is sitting on the ground, a small metal flash in his hand. Michael is standing.]
Gabriel – Alex is alive.
Michael – And Uriel?

Gabriel – She was at the aerie when the bomb hit.
Michael – You were with her when the bomb hit and you’re alive. Maybe she –

Gabriel – No, no, no. I was closer to the surface. I heard the plane in time. I got out. She didn’t. Michael, we found her body. We’re losing our family.

[Back in Vega, Claire binds Gates’ wound. Briathos can be heard still trying to break in. Gates wakes up, groaning]

Gates – Am I still alive?

Claire – Yes, just.
Gates – Oh.
Claire – Welcome back. [Metal scraping noises. Claire is concerned. She helps Gates to his feet] Okay. Come on.
Gate – Oh!

Claire – You need to see this. [She hands a piece of wood] Here. Use this. [Gates manages to get up as Claire watches on the monitor. Briathos is using his wings to try and break down the door] He’s cutting through the door.
[Back in New Delphi, Noma and Alex return to their accommodations. Riesen is there alone]

Noma – Where’s Pete, huh?
Riesen – I don’t know. He wasn’t here when I got back. What the hell did you see?

Julian [walking in] – Yeah, what did you see, Alex?

Alex – Your army. That’s what that was, wasn’t it? All eight-balls, sleeping.
Julian – Well, no, it’s called stasis, actually. They’re preserving energy. I hope you didn’t disturb them.
Noma – Why did you take Pete?

Julian – Well, Pete was here, you weren’t. You were prying. You broke my trust. [The Uruk hai looking soldier grabs Alex. Noma tries to help him]
Alex – Noma! Noma, don’t.
Julian – Come on, let’s go see Pete. [Noma and Alex are led away. One soldier starts to lead Riesen away] No, not the general. I need his mind. [To Riesen]Take a load off.

[In Vega, outside the walls. An old abandoned tv station. Zoe, Jasper and David enter]
Zoe – Not bad, preacher man. Not bad.
William – You’ve fallen so far, V-1s don’t think you’re a threat. [laughs] Broken-down old man. I see your plan. But is it part of God’s plan?

David – God isn’t here. [He is kneeling by a lectern. He quietly slides open a drawer. There is nothing inside]
William – Neither is your gun.

[Back to Gates’ compound. As Briathos continues to chip away at the metal door, Gates hands Claire two electrical terminals, like jumper cables. We see sparks where they are connected to something]
Gates – What we have here is an amped-up version of a prank we used at MIT, electrifying our dorm doorknobs. Way amped up. This would kill a human twice over who touches that steel door. You’ll be okay, but just do not step off that rubber mat. [Claire looks down at the tiny rubber mat she is standing on. Electricity crackles as Gates hooks up the last terminal] It’s connected.

[Claire stands with a terminal in each hand, looks back at Gates, who nods, and she applies them to the door. We see sparks, and then on the other side Briathos is thrown backwards by the shock. He is unconscious. Claire pulls the terminals away from the door]
Gates – Good. [He nods at Claire, who rushes over to help him stand up and walk]
Claire – Okay?

Gates – Yeah. [They walk over to the bank of monitors. Gates smiles as he sees the prone angel] Claire, we did it. [His smile disappears as they see the angel pop up and walk up to the security camera]
Claire – No. We just pissed him off. [Briathos yanks off camera]

[Back to Wheleland]
Zoe – Thanks for the tip on this place. Love the decor, but it’s a little cramped, so [Jasper grabs Whele and shoves him, then points a gun at Whele’s face]

David – Wait.
Zoe – Did you really think we weren’t gonna kill you?

William – Actually, no. He thought he was gonna find a 35-year-old gun and shoot you both in the face.
David – Shut up! [Zoes looks up in surprise as Jasper grabs Whele by the collar]

Jasper – Who the hell are you talking to?

David – Wait, wait. I can still help you.
Zoe – You are, David. Your life was a waste, but your death will give our people hope, strength.
David – Strength? Starving people can’t fight. But I can get you food. I have the access codes to the storage warehouses. You can slip in and out unnoticed. And if they change my codes, I know all the other V-6s’. You can feed your people, Zoe.
Zoe [considers it, then orders Jasper] – Send someone to check it out.
[Jasper leaves, but Zoe walks up to Whele and puts a gun to his face]
Zoe – You just bought yourself another 30 minutes.
William – The anticipation is killing me.

[Back in New Delphi. Noma and Alex are gagged and bound and brought into a room where Pete is strapped to a chair.]
Julian – See, here’s your Petey. Safe and sound. [Noma and Alex are on their knees and under a guard each. They are gagged and have their hands tied] Early in our occupation of this facility, we were attacked by Rhais, a higher angel, one of Gabriel’s lieutenants. And she would have wiped us out but for a nest of what you call eight-balls hiding in these tunnels. They saved us. And together we founded New Delphi. And what I learned from these angels was something that no one knew. That 25 years ago every lower angel that was powerful enough to possess and inhabit a human, did. But that still left millions of lower angels lost in the darkness. And that’s where they were damned to remain, unless someone helped them find a human home. Rhais was special. Catching her was invaluable because she knew exactly how to use this [gestures to the amphora], the very thing that has made New Delphi great and something that could still make Vega great as well [He shows Alex the round metal “key” he had returned to Julian]. Thanks to you, Alex. Not a sword, or a gun, but an amphora made of empyrean steel was the first weapon of New Delphi. [As Julian goes to put the key onto the lid, Noma tries to lunge forward but is subdued] Ah, ah, ah, ah. [He fits the key into the hole] Now, we had a weak and untrained people, but we needed an army. And Rhais taught us how to create that army by pulling lower angels down from the ether. [One of those glowy light angel faces comes down through the ceiling and enters Pete’s mouth. He turns into an eight-ball again] Welcome, Menathas.
Pete/Menathas [looking at hand and touching face] – Skin.
Julian – Who’s next?

[Back to Gates’s place. The sound of metal scraping. Gates is sitting on the floor as Claire paces around]

Claire – I’m not leaving you here to die while I run to safety. Vega needs both of us, so both of us are gonna figure out a way to survive this.
Gates – Claire.
Claire – No, not negotiable. You listen to me. You need to start using that incredible brain of yours.

[Gates leans over and kisses her. She doesn’t protest]
Gates – Sorry, I don’t know why I did that. Maybe the possibility of dying or something. [laughs as he fingers a baseball] I was holed up like this the day that your dad found me in the library at MIT, I was hiding among a stack of books, living off Coke and Baby Ruths, and I was light years from being qualified for the job that he wanted me to do, but there was no one else.
Claire – And you did it. Because of you, Vega has food and energy.
Gates – All because of me. Yeah, that simple thought keeps me up at night. [More sounds of metal scraping and then ominous thuds] He’s found the air intake. He’s probably gonna set fire to the building with us trapped inside, smoke us out. That’s what I’d do.
Claire [seeming to get an idea] – Gates, you’re a genius.

[Back in New Delphi. Noma and Alex are knocked unconscious and then Noma is strapped to the same chair Pete was. A lower angel descends and tries to enter her mouth. But it is obviously not going as smoothly as it did with Pete]
Noma – Get off me! Aah! Get off me! [screams] Get off! Get off! Aah! Aah! [Noma breaks her bonds and reaches up and punches the lower angel away, then unties her feet and gets out of the chair. Alex knocks out a guard as Noma unfurls her wings and protects herself from gunfire, then knocks out the other soldier with her wing. Noma grabs the amphora and she and Alex run to a closet/warehouse area and brace the door behind them. They run down some stairs

Alex – What about Pete?

Noma – It’s too late, but if we can get to the main gate

Alex – No, this city’s the best chance we have of taking Gabriel out. We need Julian’s help.
Noma – How are we gonna make him do that?

Alex – I don’t know, but I know a place that’s safe until we figure it out.

[Back to the archangels]
Gabriel – I’m not sure how all this ends anymore.
Michael – Not with the extinction of the human race.
Gabriel – Father’s house was infested. When it’s clean, he’ll come back.
Michael – You’re a fool, Gabriel. We are his children, but so are they. Father made that very clear. The Chosen One is human.
Gabriel [getting up off the ground] – No. Father gave the markings to you. You went against his will and gave them to Jeep. Then they went to Alex. You chose Alex. You made him the Chosen One.
Michael – The markings were meant for Alex. That was Father’s will.
Gabriel – You keep saying that, Michael, but Father chose us to leave his final message. [We see that Michael has the flask now] Please, help me bring him home.

Michael [handing the flask back] – Where is Alex?

Gabriel – I’ll tell you, but you’re not going to like the answer.

[Back in the tv studio outside Vega. Jasper has his gun pointed at David]
Zoe [to walkie talkie] – Go ahead.
Man [on walkie talkie] – We’re at the warehouse. We’re in. The code’s good.

Zoe [to walkie talkie] – Grab and dash, don’t get greedy. We can come back.

Man – Yeah, heard you clear.
[David grabs the gun from Jasper]

David – Drop the walkie. And and the gun. [Zoe places her gun on the floor] The TV show I did from this studio was not very good, but some powerful moments that shaped my life happened here. [He walks up to the podium] Every week I had an hour to preach to an audience of maybe 50, all lonely and late-night insomniacs.
[Flashback to a young David’s broadcast. An icon on the screen shows praying hands and the prompt “Begin praying’]

Young David – I want you.
David – Now, we know God didn’t give a damn about my TV audience. He didn’t care about who won the Super Bowl. He didn’t care about any of us. But at the time, I believed he sent that boy to teach me a lesson.
Young David [flashback, trying to dissuade suicidal man who is holding a gun under his chin live in the studio] – Chad, you don’t want to die. Please, let’s pray. [David hugs Chad]
David – He wanted me to think big. So I listened, and I posted that clip of of Chad on the Internet and my audience grew from 50 to millions overnight.

William – Minus one. Chad hung himself when you kicked him out of church.
David – He was weak. A few months ago, I-I dropped my son off in a desert with a gun and six bullets. I’m assuming he killed himself, ’cause like Chad, he was weak.
William – Weak? I broke you. I made you believe in something again.
David – No, William, you distracted me. You made me blind to what Claire was doing behind my back. My love for you allowed it, but now I know what I have to do. [Zoe and Jasper know that something is wrong with Whele.]
William – Wait. Wait! No!

David [turning, he fires at Ghost William, who fades. Zoe and Jasper rush Whele, but he turns around] – I need to think big again.

[In New Delphi, Julian confronts Riesen]
Julian – Where is he, Eddie?

Riesen – How would I know? You took me prisoner first.
Julian – You knew she was an angel.
Riesen – Practically, everyone here is an angel, aren’t they? Noma was a soldier of mine. I wouldn’t tell you if I knew.
Julian – What will they do?

Riesen – Well, knowing Alex, he’ll make a run for it. He’ll leave New Delphi.

Julian – Double the men on the gates. Search everywhere! [Riesen smiles]

[Alex and Noma go back to where Julian’s army is. Just inside the first doorway. Noma is shaking]

Alex – Nomes.
Noma – I could hear that angel whispering at me while she tried to slither inside and take my body. What she tried to do was vile. I’ve never felt so contaminated. They’ve taken Pete’s body. Twice.
Alex – Hey, we’ll find him, and I’ll evict the angel from him.

Noma [gesturing with amphora] – Or I can open this, make them pay. Make Julian pay. Destroy him and his entire city right now.

Alex – What the hell is it?

Noma – Death.

[Back to Whele holding a gun on Zoe and Jasper]
David – Don’t you see, Zoe? I’m that man with a gun. I’m your opportunity right here, right now. I will help you. I will show you the way, but you need to listen.
Zoe – Help me? With more food codes?

David – Codes for everything. I know all this city’s secrets. How many rebels do you have, a hundred? With my help, you will have thousands. Thousands of people to follow you, believe in you. God isn’t here, Zoe, so you need to lead them. [He offers Zoe his gun] Choice is yours. You want to go on thinking small, [she grabs the gun and points it at him] kill me now. ‘Cause you two are dead. And I will be, too.
Jasper – And you, what do you get out of this?

David – A new beginning and a chance to help you destroy Claire Riesen.
[Back to the bowels of New Delphi]

Noma – It’s one of the archangel’s weapons, given to them by our Father. [We see the wall behind Noma has written on it over and over and over again “don’t let it in” ] This is the fifth Amphora, darkness. “And the fifth angel poured out its vial and his kingdom was full of darkness, and they gnawed their tongues for pain.”

Alex – And Julian uses it to possess humans.
Noma – It doesn’t work that way. I think that the lower angels are drawn to it because it’s the last remnants of God’s power. They find it, and Julian guides them into a human body.
Alex [taking it from Noma] – What would happen if I opened it?

Noma – You can’t. Only an angel can unseal one of the seven Amphorae. I still have no idea how Julian uses one of these.
Alex – So what would happen if we just unleashed this whole thing right now?

Noma – It’ll destroy the city and everything around it within 100 miles.
[Back in Vega, smoke is pouring in through the ventilation system in Gates’ quarters, Gates is apparently walking Claire through how to assemble something]

Claire – He’s smoking us out. What now, Gates? [coughs]

Gates – Put it in the tube.
Claire – Shit. Okay, we don’t have a lot of time. When he gets through that door and he’s all blinded and confused, you get out first, okay? I’m gonna be right behind you right after I press that button. Okay? [She lights a fuse]

Gates – All right.
Claire – Shit. [She runs to the big button that opens the blast doors] Okay, ready? [She hits the button and as the door slides open she runs back to Gates. We see that the fuse is burning towards gas tanks. Claire has something in her hand] Where is he?

[Glass shatters and Briathos crashes through a window]

Claire – He’s there! [She throws a small bomb at him. There is a bright flash and Claire helps Gates to the open window. She stops to grab a baseball and hands it to Gates] Game time.
Close that door.
[As Briathos watches, the ball travels across the room, hits the big button, closes the door and slowly closes the window entrance, but not before Claire and Gates get out. The room explodes and the blast pushes Claire and Gates forward. They fall about a storey and hit the ground hard.]

Claire – Gates, are you okay?

Gates – Oh, yeah, golden.
Claire – We did it. Nothing could survive that. Okay, we need to get you medical attention, and I need to alert my soldiers.
Gates – Hold on a second. I just need a moment to process that my life’s possessions have just been consumed by flames.
Claire [reaching into her back pocket, she draws out the baseball card] – Not all of them.
Gates – I don’t know what to say.
Claire – I bet that’s rare.

[Back to the Archangel twins]
Gabriel – New Delphi is a dangerous place for you to go alone, Michael. You’re strong, but [He takes Michael’s blade out of the ground and cleans it off]

Michael – Will you go with me? As my brother?

Gabriel – We want him for very different reasons.
Michael – But we both want him safely out of New Delphi.
Gabriel – Then it’s our methods unlocking those tattoos that’ll differ.
Michael – If you harm him, Gabriel, I will kill you.
Gabriel – Will that also be as my brother? My aerie wasn’t my only stronghold, Michael. I have angels all over the world to help me.

Michael – And a year to gather them.

Gabriel – [laughs] Fine, Michael. If it’ll bring Father back, I’ll do anything, even help you and Alex. Fighting on the same side? Oh, be careful.You might like it.
[Back in New Delphi]

Julian – Your intel was wrong, General. I don’t think they’ve left New Delphi. Have you misled me? ‘Cause everyone lies. But I did hope that you and me –

[Alex walks in holding the amphora]

Alex – Julian.
Julian – Oh, now, come on, Alex. If you know what that is, then you know that you can’t use that.
Alex – No. But she can. [Noma walks up and Alex hands it back to her]
Riesen – Alex, what is that?

Alex – It’s like a nuclear bomb.
Julian – Oh, it’s worse.
Noma – How do you have one of the Amphorae? Where did Rhais get it? Where did Rhais get it?! [

[Julian lunges at her at angel speed but she is quicker to pull away]

Noma – You move again, and I’ll open it! [Julian’s eyes flash black]

Alex – You’re an eight-ball.
Noma – No. He’s a dyad. Half human, half higher angel fused together, living in a single body. I never thought they existed.
Julian – Well, they do. Just be careful with that, Noma.
Alex – Why do you have it?

Julian – You saw it with your own eyes. It allows me to bring down my brothers and sisters from the ether. Fitting that it’s the plague of darkness that helps the lower angels who’ve suffered in darkness in a penal system created by the archangels. But if necessary, I can use it to kill Gabriel and Michael and their whole family.
Alex – Good, then we agree. You promised me a way to kill Gabriel. Well, now it’s time to fulfill that promise. Or Noma will unleash the Amphora, not only on Gabriel, but this entire city. He dies, or we all die. The choice is yours.

“The Narrow Gate” Detailed Transcript

Original airdate 7/23/15

Based in CC transcript found at http://www.springfieldspringfield.co.uk/view_episode_scripts.php?tv-show=dominion-2014&episode=s02e03

Please forgive any formatting glitches.

I so wanted to give Gabriel a hug 🙂


Claire voiceover (show intro) – 25 years ago, God disappeared. The archangel Gabriel decided he must destroy mankind to bring God back, but the archangel Michael stood against his brother and fought on the side of humanity. The war continues.

[Scenes from last week]

Laurel – The Prophet built the fire that protects us. It cannot go out.

Wes – Harper, I cannot let you put everyone else in danger.
[Michael and Laurel hearing Wes shoot Harper]

General Riesen – I’m leaving Vega. [Voiceover – him leaving Vega] I’ve never stood still. I’m not about to start now.
[Zoe trying to stab Claire]
Claire – Guards!

[Guards arrest Zoe]

Guard – Drop your weapon!

Claire [talking to Zoe in jail] – Why try to kill me now?

Zoe – You live in a palace built with their bones.
[In New Delphi, at the door to the asylum]

Julian – There’s something in there that I want back.
Alex –Has anyone ever made it out alive? No, but there’s always a first time. You game?


[It is dark inside the asylum. Woman screams – a light shines to reveal it is an eight-ball. Darkness punctuated with quick shots of eight-balls. Camera shot is outside the heavy metal door of the asylum again]

Alex – What’s in there?

Julian – The possessed. Human body wasn’t built for occupation. Some angels can’t bear its limits. They go mad. And we keep them in here. It’s an asylum and a prison for those who break our laws. So, a few days ago, an angel went mad and stole a key from me, took it in there. I sent some soldiers in to find it.
Good men, but none of them made it back. And I’d like you to bring it to me.
Alex – You want me to go into a madhouse full of insane angels with just a machete and a flashlight?

Julian – Chosen One is destined to become a great general, isn’t he? So prove it to me. Show me your markings are worth my alliance.
Noma – What’s the key for?

Julian – That’s my business. I mean, I’m looking for a powerful weapon, and you walk into my city claiming to be one. I mean, what are the odds?

Man – Julian.
Julian [turns around and then quickly to Alex before leaving] – Let’s see what you’re made of.
Pete – Alex, don’t go in there.
Alex – Listen, you heard him. This is the only way we’re getting an alliance. New Delphi has soldiers and Empyrean steel. It’s the only thing that can kill an archangel.
Noma – I’m going in with you.
Alex – No, Noma.
Noma – Alex, no way.
Alex – Look out for Pete. This city’s dangerous. I need you to keep Vega safe if I don’t make it out of here.
– [muffled demonic screaming]

Alex – I’ll do it. [Julian turns back] But I need you to get a message to Vega. Tell them Gabriel’s alive. The survivors of the human race are gonna need to stick together if we’re gonna kill Gabriel.
Julian – Done. So the angel in question will be wearing the key on a chain around his neck. If you find it, then keep moving. [Julian opens the door. Alex tosses his jacket to Pete, smiles at him, and walks inside] Good luck. [Julian bangs the door closed]

[Back in Vega – aerial view over the prison]

man over loudspeaker – Attention V-1 curfew is now in effect.
[We see a large pool of blood inside the jail. Claire rushes in and gasps at the sight of the blood and two dead soldiers]

Soldier – They were killed by V-1 rebels. Zoe Holloway escaped.
[Claire backs out of the cell]

[In Mallory. Michael marches up to Laurel, who is digging a grave in the outskirts of town.]

Michael – Laurel, Wes murdered that girl.
Laurel – Harper her name was Harper. And we had to do it, okay?

Michael – What? How can you say that?

Laurel – I needed her confession, all her secrets and all her sins. She wouldn’t tell me anything. I tried. Now that she’s dead, we’re safe. Whatever secrets she had died with her. She was the last one. Now I have everyone’s confession. I’m ready for the celebration.
Michael [grabs shovel away from her] – It doesn’t make sense. Why are these secrets so important? Why does everyone have to confess them to you? [She doesn’t answer. Michael has a revelation] After tonight, you’ll be gone. You need their secrets before then because it’s not a celebration. It’s a sacrifice. Isn’t it? Laurel, tell me I’m wrong.
Laurel – We have to do it. Every five years, the Prophet told us to do it, and I volunteered. [She grabs shovel back and continues to dig]
Michael -That grave isn’t for Harper.
Laurel – No. It’s for me.

[Opening credit]

[Alex cautiously makes his way through the asylum. He encounters a number of eight-balls. He finds several dead men with their eyes torn out].

[Cut to outside New Delphi. Gabriel is walking around in the treeline with the angel Janek]

Gabriel – When Vega sees their queen has fallen, they’ll lose hope, make it so much easier to wipe clean this filthy slate.

[An angel flies in to meet Gabriel and Janek]
Gabriel – Ah, Briathos. Could you get into Vega? [Briathos nods] Then go. You deserve a holiday. And you can bring back a souvenir, the head of Claire Riesen. [Briathos flies off] My army will be here by sundown. New Delphi won’t give us Alex. We’ll liberate him. [Janek doesn’t seem too enthusiastic about this plan.] There a problem?

Janek – You want to attack two cities at once? The last time we did that, Michael was at our side.
Gabriel – We don’t need him. I’ve learned a great deal since then. And when I’m done, Father will see who’s always been his most loyal son.

[Flashback to the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Gabriel stands in the desert and walks up to a tent. Inside we see a silent robed woman standing next to a wooden cabinet. Inside are seven (?) double-handled jars with small gold ornaments on top as corks (?). Michael is strategizing using small clay models on a board]
Michael – Here, we strike here first.
Gabriel [walking in] – What, the temple? No. It’s a sanctuary. Spare it. Be merciful, Michael.
Michael – These people don’t deserve their God.
Gabriel – They are still Father’s children.
Michael – And yet he gives us the task of punishment. I will do as I see fit.
Gabriel – Brother, your blood is too hot.
Michael – And yours is too cool.
Gabriel [gesturing to those jars] – We should use the Amphorae. These vessels contain darkness to drive them to madness, brimstone to blind and burn, and blood to drown the survivors. The elements of God’s wrath are swift, clean, honorable.
Michael – Honor is to look one’s enemy in the eye. But you wouldn’t know that. [He slams the wooden cabinet shut] You’ve never killed a human with your bare hands. You send soldiers to battle and use the Amphorae, but it’s not the same. You don’t know the beauty of it. In winter, when blood spills on snow, it steams.

[Back in Mallory. Michael stares at the altar and turns to confront Laurel]

Michael – You’re insane.
Laurel – Michael.

Michael – You think I’m just gonna stand by and watch you kill yourself?

Laurel – I have to. One of us does. One of our leaders wouldn’t do it, and then the fire went out, and the possessed came in. They killed my friends until our leader did what he promised. Then the fire lit again, and we were safe.
Michael – You’re afraid God won’t return. So am I. You’ve let a false prophet take advantage of your fear.
Laurel – But I hear God’s voice. We all do.
Michael [angrily] – But I don’t! And if it were Father, I promise He would have something to say to me! Now I’m one of his children too.
Laurel – Michael, I have a responsibility. That mean anything to you?

Michael – It did, once.
[Back to flashback]

Michael – Father’s wrath must have a face. And that duty is mine. How say you, Lyrae?

Lyrae [ a male angel is sitting in the corner of the tend playing with a battle ax, juggling it]- A death is as glorious as birth. Why else would Father have made them mortal?

Gabriel – Michael, you value a higher angel’s counsel over your own brother’s?

Lyrae – Justice must be done. [Close-up to him tossing and catching the ax]
Gabriel – No, I won’t allow cruelty.

Lyrae – Father’s orders were to cast these sinners out into the darkness. I want them to suffer the limits of their bodies.
Gabriel [to Michael] – Spill blood, but do so with honor.
Michael – Always. [He leaves]

Gabriel [calling after him as Lyrae leaves as well] – Michael [pauses] Farewell, Sodom and Gomorrah.

[In Mallory, Michael is frustrated]

[Back to the asylum, where Alex continues to run into eight-balls. A female eight-ball kicks away his flashlight]

Eight-ball – here, that’s better. Are you afraid of the dark, soldier? Don’t be. It’s lovely in the dark.

[They tussle. Suddenly the flashlight turns on, probably from being kicked just right]

Eight-ball [in distress] – Ah! Turn out the light! Turn out the light!

[Alex takes a large gun from a corpse and uses it to shoot the eight-ball. He checks her neck – no key. Suddenly he hears other eight-balls]

Man’s voice – Over here.
[Alex follows a hooded man to a closed door. The man – Eli – bangs on the door]

Eli – Open up!

[Another hooded man opens the door and Eli and Alex run in]

Eli – You okay, man?

Alex – Yeah.
Eli – Who are you?

Alex – I’m from Vega.
Riesen [turning around and lowering his hood] – Vega?

Alex – General Riesen?

[Cut to Vega. A man in an electronics-laden room is working. His door buzzes. He looks up at security monitors. Claire is at his door. He buzzes her in and gets back to his soldering]

Claire – Wow. [chuckles] I didn’t think it was possible, Gates, but you have managed to turn this place from charming hovel to just hovel.
Gates – Well, hello to you too, Claire Riesen. And all this is the price of genius. A little method, little madness, you know. To what do I owe this honor?

Claire [walks over to a pile of baseballs and grabs one] – I have a favor to ask.
Gates – Oh, straight to the point, just like your pop. Well, I’ll try not to take it personally, but I’m kind of busy, so

Claire – How busy? [She shows him a bottle of liquor. That gets his attention. He shuts off his music and walks over to her]

Gates – Where’d you find that?

Claire – My dad never came empty-handed.
Gates – You are a quick study. Last time the General brought you here, I don’t think you were even old enough to have a drink. It’s been years, right? [He takes the bottle, unstops it and smells]

Claire – Yeah, well, things change. Gates, I need you to find someone for me. Zoe Holloway, she’s a V-1, wants to overthrow my government.
Gates – What, did she say that in a strongly worded letter?

Claire – No, she tried to kill me. She escaped prison, and my soldiers can’t track her. But I bet you can.
Gates – [laughs] Claire, I’d love to help you, but I’m an engineer. I power the city. I build you a bomb here and there, but I don’t play detective.
Claire – Come on, Gates. You and my dad built this city. You know it better than anyone. You could find her. Please, it’s important.
Gates – Yes, it is, but I can’t, not now, sorry. [He tries to get back to his soldering]
Claire – Gates, I’m not asking.
Gates – [chuckles] I thought you said that this was a favor.
Claire – Yeah, well, now it’s an order. Tinker with that thing later.
Gates – You know what? This bad boy is a processing core from a generator that powers three floors in Agri-tower B, all stalks of corn. It went kaboom at 3:00 a.m. So, I don’t fix this, we can kiss those crops good-bye.
Claire – There are rumors of a rebellion, Gates. You know what those grow up into? Civil wars.
Gates [smiles to himself] – It’s the curse of the Bambino. [Claire looks at him with a blank stare. She doesn’t get the reference] The Boston Red Sox traded away Babe Ruth and bought the team 86 years of bad luck. Michael was our Babe Ruth. After he left, everything fell apart. I mean, he was the only angel that gave a damn about us.
Claire – Yeah, well, maybe we never really knew him.
Gates – Look, give me an hour, and I’ll see what I can do, okay?

Claire [handing him the baseball] – Thanks.

[Back in the asylum in New Delphi]
Alex – General Riesen, what the hell are you doing down here?

Eli – “General”? Sam, you know this guy? Why’d he call you Sam?
Alex – Wait. Who the hell are you?

Eli – Eli. I’m a prisoner, like him.
Alex – Wait. W-why is he calling you Sam?

Riesen – That’s my name now. I didn’t want to tell him who I really was. Too dangerous. I’ve been down here for weeks. I am the leader of Vega.
Alex – Why are you a prisoner down here?

Riesen – I killed a monster, an eight-ball. Claire my Claire, is she okay?

Alex – She’s fine. I left to protect her and the baby.
Riesen – My daughter, she’s pregnant? You just left her on her own?

Alex – I told you, I left to keep her safe. I didn’t just run away like you and Michael did. [Riesen looks surprised] There’s something down here I need to get. Some eight-ball has a key around his neck. It’s a round copper disc. But I’m starting to think it’s bullshit, and I was just sent down here to die.
Riesen – No, I’ve seen it, out there. But, no, look, it’s dangerous. So, no, just get us out of here, please.
Alex – No, show me the eight-ball now.

[Outside New Delphi]

Janeck – What’s taking so long?

Gabriel – Never fear. I have the perfect plan of attack in mind.

[Back to flashback. In the distance a battle rages. People scream, a city burns. Gabriel watches from the door of the tent in horror. He turns away and crushes one of the military chess pieces to dust.]

Gabriel – Michael

[He slams what’s left of the figure onto the table. He hears a man’s voice behind him. It is a survivor]

Arif – My lord, my lord! Help me! The angels have come. They’ll slaughter us all.
Gabriel – No, no, no, no, no. You are not safe here, friend. You must go, go now.
Arif – No, no, no, you must come too, or they’ll kill you also! How we’ve angered God, for him to let his angels upon us! Ah! [He backs into the table. He turns around and sees that he has stumbled upon the hq of his enemy. He draws his sword] You’re one of them. Aah! [He attacks Gabriel, who easily avoids the blade. He has no desire to hurt Arif]

Gabriel – Now! Go, friend, go now. I will not hurt you.
Arif – You’re not my friend! Aah! [Asif attacks again and Gabriel pulls his sword in self-defense. Asif charges at him and Gabriel stabs him. Gabriel drops his sword as he looks at the blood on his hands.]

[Back in Mallory, in the stable. Laurel is holding a large knife and staring at it. Michael walks in.

Michael – Are you afraid?

Laurel – No, I am not.

Michael – Is this it? [Takes the knife from her] This is what you’ll use?

Laurel – Why are you here, Michael?

Michael [He gives her back the knife] – I’m leaving, tonight. I know I can’t change your mind, but I won’t watch you die. I can’t.
Laurel – I wouldn’t have asked you to.
Michael – I can’t save you, but there is someone I can. Alex, the boy who’s like a son. He needs me.
Some promises can’t be broken. [He takes Laurel’s hand] You taught me that. Good-bye, Laurel. [He turns and begins to walk away. He stops when she speaks but does not turn around]
Laurel – When you came here, you were lost. I saw in your eyes, you were running. If you go back out there, please promise me you’ll be careful. [He nods then continues to walk away] I know you don’t believe in the things we do, but I hope you find something you can believe in. [He stops and turns back]
Michael – I have. Now I know Father’s still out there. I have faith, because He meant for me to come here to find what I’d lost, to find you. The world ended, but all that was good and beautiful didn’t die with it. [He gently cradles her face in his hands] You are afraid.
Laurel – Yes. [They kiss, pull away briefly to look at each other, and then kiss more passionately

[Back in Vega. Gates walks into House Riesen, holding a map]
Claire – Hey, what’s going on?

Gates – I found your rebels.
Claire – You found Zoe? Where is she?

Gates – – Uh-huh. Some abandoned warehouse behind the Flamingo. I have my eye on every watt in the city. So when V-1s siphon off a little juice to power a lightbulb or a space heater, I let it go, but this time

Claire – Huh, you do that?

Gates [helping himself to Claire’s lunch]- Yeah, why? You want me to stop?

Claire – No, just didn’t know you did it.
Gates – Okay. So this warehouse is just lit up like Times Square. Someone in there just started using massive wattage in there, way more than a lightbulb. It could be computers, radios, communications. If your gal’s trying to start a revolution –

Claire – Yeah, I get it, command central. Now we can get Zoe.
Gates – Jackpot.

[An amazing sunset over Mallory. People gather in the church. Laurel is at the front door greeting people. She is in a simple white dress and boots. Michael watches from the other side of the bonfire]
Man – Thank you so much.
Laurel – Welcome.
man – Here, sit.

Once the last person has entered, Laurel looks at Michael, then turns to enter. Michael turns away and starts to walk, but he hears his own voice in his head…

[Back to the flashback.]
Michael’s voice off screen – Gabriel, I need you.

[Gabriel is inside the tent. Suddenly Lyrae is shoved inside]

Michael [really pissed at the bloody Lyrae, who is on the ground] – You’ll pay for what you’ve done! Savage, barbarian. Unspeakable. Men gutted, hung by their entrails, babes torn limb from limb before their mothers, and he delighted in it! Father asked for their death, not their torture! Gabriel!

[Gabriel silently turns around, his sword in one hand, the other hand covered in blood. He raises his hands. Michael sees the blood and the corpse. He is shocked]

Michael – Gabriel you have killed with your own hands for the first time.
Gabriel – Brother.
[Back to Mallory. Inside the church, Mallory is talking to her people]

Laurel – He warned us never to leave the safety of Mallory, our home [people murmuring] And to rid our community of secret and sin with confession and sacrifice. [Her people look sad. She picks up the knife and faces the altar while preparing to stab herself in the heart] And I, Laurel, have taken those secrets and sins into my heart. As I die, so do they. [She prepares to stab herself, but hesitates. Just then, we hear Michael’s voice from the doorway]
Michael – Stop! [Everyone turns around] I’m here to take your place.

[Back to outside New Delphi. It is a clear night and Gabriel looks up at the stars. He sees the constellation Lyra – or something like Lyra, as there is at least one extra star in it. But I digress]
Michael’s voice [in Gabriel’s memory] – Gabriel, what have you done?

[Back to the flashback]

[Gabriel can’t find the words. Lyrae stands up]

Lyrae – Archangel.
Michael [ backhands Lyrae] – Stay down! For eons, we’ve shed human blood on Father’s command. It’s a terrible task, but it’s ours alone. But the unholy joy you took with your duty shocked me more than any!

Lyrae – Is such joy for archangels alone? For I gleaned it all from you, Michael. Your brutality was a glorious inspiration. You are my muse, Michael!

[Michael pulls out his sword and threatens Lyrae]

Gabriel [a horrified expression on his face] – Brother

Lyrae – No, Michael, you wouldn’t.
Michael [standing behind the kneeling Lyrae with his sword over the other’s back] – Lyrae, you have broken the will of God and must be punished.
Lyrae – No, Michael.
Michael – I cast you down to the lowest sphere of Heaven.
Lyrae – Gabriel. Gabriel, stop him. [Gabriel turns away]
Michael – You will no longer hold the exalted rank of higher angel, thereby your body shall be taken from you.
Lyrae – Stop him, Gabriel.
Michael – I banish your spirit to the cold ether of the outer sphere
Lyrae – Oh, what satire

Michael – Of the myriad disembodied angels

Lyrae – that you should be judge and executioner.
Michael – To the darkness, far from the warmth of Father’s light. [He raises his sword]
Lyrae – Gabriel! [Micahel plunges the blade into Lyrae’s back. Lyrae screams and a golden light emerges from his mouth and flies upward. It has a human face as it disappears through the roof of the tent. Michael pulls his sword out and Lyrae’s lifeless body falls forward onto the ground]

Gabriel [staring at his brother] – Michael

[Back to Mallory]

Michael – You can’t do this. It won’t work.
Wes [standing up and getting in Michael’s face] – Get out of here, you son of a bitch.
Laurel – No, wait. Why won’t it work?
Michael – You have to take the secrets and sins of this town into your heart, all of them. Well, you haven’t taken mine. [He turns around and addresses the community] Am I not part of your town? You gave me shelter, fought the enemy shoulder to shoulder. So, unless she takes my secrets too, then all of this is for nothing.
Wes – You don’t belong here.
Laurel – No, he’s right. He’s one of us. Michael, will you confess your secrets and your sins to me?

Michael – I have killed. No. No, I have slaughtered. Cities so scorched, no life may ever grow again. My fury destroyed the innocent and the guilty, and those I loved. I was the one who passed judgment, but it’s I who must be judged. I have to take your place as sacrifice. You give me the secrets to carry. I’ll take them with me.
Laurel – Michael, you can’t. I won’t let you.
Michael – I’m not the man you think I am, but I can be if you’ll let me.
Wes – You’re crazy. It won’t work.
Laurel [turning to look at the altar. Outside we see the bonfire flare up] – It will work. Father just told me it would.

[Back in the Eight-ball asylum, Alex, Eli and Riesen are looking for the key. There is another corpse with no eyes]
Alex – Why do they take the eyes?

Riesen – They’re jealous of us. I came here once. It was a military defense bunker, big, like NORAD.

Alex – You don’t look so good.
Riesen – I’m sick. It’s my heart.
Alex – Did you know about the eight-balls before you came here, that they live peacefully with humans?

Riesen – Why would you think that?

Alex – Maybe somebody told you.
[They open a cell and find the male eight-ball with the key around his neck. He snarls at Alex and then escapes through a hole in the back of the cell. Alex chases him]

Eight-ball [in Lishepus0] – The key is mine! The key will protect me!

[Alex corners the eight-ball, who pulls key off his neck]

Alex – I’m gonna need that key. [Eight-ball swallows key] Ah, you son of a bi – [the eight-ball charges Alex and the gun goes off. As Riesen and Eli catch up, Alex inserts his hand into the gunshot would and fishes out the key]

Alex – Oh. Oh, God. Damn it.

[He gags as he finally pushes the key up and out the corpse’s mouth. Other eight-balls attack. Eli is killed. An eight-ball attacks Riesen, and without a weapon, Alex does the only thing he can think to do. He grabs the eight-ball from behind and starts an exorcism as the eight-ball struggles]
Alex – Sanctify this vessel. Protect this body and soul.
Riesen – What are you doing?

Alex – Sanctify this vessel. Come into the light. [The eight-ball stops struggling and the tattoos move, as Riesen watches in awe. Alex gets up as the dead eight-ball’s face changes to human]
Riesen – What did you just do? How did you do that?

Alex [to the former eight-ball, who has woken up] – Get up. Come on, get up.

[Back in the Vega control center]
Gates – You all right?

Claire – Yeah. These missions made my dad crazy. He used to hate not being on the ground.
Soldieer – Lady Riesen, they’re approaching target.
Claire – I want Zoe Holloway taken alive, but if she resists, shoot to kill.
Soldier – Ma’am.
Solder – Let’s move. Move.

[Claire and Gates watch the operation unfold on the monitors]
Soldier – Your side, your side.
Soldier – Covered.
Soldier – Come out! Show me your hands! Stand clear. [no one comes out. The soldiers appear to be alone]
Soldier [lowering his gun] – It’s clear. No sign of Holloway.
Claire – What?

Soldier – Here!

Soldier – Go! Move! [There is a ruckus as someone sees something]

Soldier – Movement! [a man runs into a hallway and is shot by a soldier]

Soldier – Get down on the ground! [Several people run from a doorway across the hall toward another doorway. One is Zoe]

Claire – Wait, wait, wait. That’s Zoe.
Zoe – Go, go, go!

[Gunshots are fired but no one is hit and Zoe and the others escape]

Soldier – Move it out!

Claire – Damn it, he had her.
Soldier – Left side! Left side!

[Gates turns away from the screen while Claire stares and sighs]

[Back in Mallory. Laurel and Michael are standing before the altar. Laurel is holding Michael’s hand over a candle flame]

Laurel – Michael, when you came to us, you were a stranger.Now you belong to us. Will you take the secrets and sins of our town into your heart?

Michael – Yes, I will. [ A golden light – like what came out of Lyrae] flows from Laurel to Michael]

Laurel – It should be me.

Michael – Your grace is a light that shines in the darkness. It’s what’s going to lead Father home. [He smiles as Laurel cries] Hey [He gently cups her face]

Laurel – No [She removes his hand]

[Outside the fire dies and eight-balls come over the wall]

Eight-ball [In Lishepus] – The fire is going out

[Inside the church people are getting nervous]

Laurel – It’s happening.
[Michael holds the knife in outstretched hands, aiming at his chest. Meanwhile Gabriel looks like he feels something. His connection to Michael has returned]

Michael – I, Michael, take the secrets and sins of my people into my heart. As I die, so do they.
[We see Gabriel become very agitated. He knows Michael is in danger. Michael plunges knife into his chest and Gabriel gasps as he reaches for his own chest. He feels Michael’s pain. Laurel sobs as Michael collapses in her arns]

Michael – Thank you.

[The congregation is worried as the eight-balls approach outside]
Laurel [cradling Michael’s head] – It’ll work. It has to.

Suddenly the bonfire is rekindled and flaming eight-balls run off. Laurel is sobbing over a dead Michael while Gabriel is in shock]

Gabriel – Michael. [His pain is physical and emotional]
[Cut to the flashback. Gabriel looks at Lyrae’s body]

Michael – Father’s will be done. [He pulls out his sword and offers it to Gabriel]
Gabriel – What are you doing?

Michael [kneeling] – Lyrae spoke the truth. I am Father’s sword. I, too, must be punished.
Gabriel (incredulously) – No.
Michael – Gabriel, please, I beg you.
Gabriel [throws away the sword] – Never. I’ll sooner take my own life. [He grabs Michael into a tight hug]
Michael – Forgive me. I shamed you for your mercy, for the light inside you, a light I covet. Mine has long since gone dim. I fear it will not kindle.
Gabriel [pulls away and cups his brother’s face] – It can, and it will. [As he pulls his hand away they both see the blood]
Michael – No more, brother. I’m done.
Gabriel [looking at his hand] – Perhaps we are never truly done.

[Back in Mallory, Michael is carried to the grave site in a simple wooden box. We can see his face and chest. He looks dead. They put the box into the ground]
Laurel – Thank you. [The townsfolk silently stand in honor of Michael’s sacrifice]

[In Vega, Claire strolls into the command center]
Claire – Sergeant Mills, please, take a seat. [Mills sits] I wanted to thank you for your efforts in tonight’s mission.
Mills [smiling] – Well, thank you, Lady Riesen.
Claire – Sergeant, why did you hesitate when you missed the shot? You could have captured Zoe.
Mills – It was dark. My team was close. I didn’t want to hit anyone else by mistake.
Claire – You don’t make mistakes. Expert marksman, best in your unit, I hear flawless on a 500-yard moving-target test. How far away was Zoe? 50, 60 yards?

Mills – Lady Riesen, I’m sorry I missed. But that’s not a crime, is it?

Claire – No. Not unless you did it on purpose.
Mills – What?

Gates [walking in] – Claire, I’ve got [Claire turns and gives him an icy stare. He presumes too much] I’m sorry, Lady Riesen. It can wait.
Mills – Look, I told you, it was dark. I didn’t want to hit one of my guys.
Claire – You had a clear shot.
Mills – Oh, yeah? What the hell do you know about guns?

Claire [to another soldier] – Corporal, give me your Beretta. [Takes weapon, checks the bullets and readies it] Now I’m no expert or anything, but at that range with a clear shot, even I wouldn’t have missed. Sergeant Mills, how many other traitors are there in my military? [She looks around. No one will meet her gaze]

Mills – Go to hell, you bitch.

[Claire shoots him in the thigh. Mills screams in pain]
Claire – Take him out. [She hads back the gun and walks out past Gates as they take Mills away]

[In New Delphi, Alex, Riesen and the former eight-ball try to escape back to the door]

Alex – Come on, the exit’s up this way. [Riesen is having difficulties] Come on. General, come on!

Riesen – No, I can’t go.
Alex – It’s right here, come on! Come on, General. Come on, you got it. [He pushes Riesen ahead of him and then reaches back for the former eight-ball, who is hunched over on the floor]
Former eight-ball – I can’t make it.
Alex – Come on, buddy.
Former eight-ball – I can’t. I can’t.
Alex – Shit! [Eight-balls overcome the former eight-ball]

[Camera view is now outside the door where Pete and Noma are waiting. They hear a bang and then Alex’s voice]

Alex – Open the door!

Noma – Alex?

Alex – Open the door!

[Noma opens door and Alex and Riesen stumble out]

Noma – Alex, you son of a bitch. I never thought you were coming out of there. [She hugs him]
Alex – Thanks, Noma.
[Noma kisses Alex]

Pete – Uh, who’s this guy?

Noma – Riesen?

Alex – General.

[Back at House Riesen. Claire is sitting at a table]
Soldier – Lady Riesen.

[Claire turns around and sees Gates is there, holding a folder. She waves for the solder to let him in]

Gates – Don’t tell me you’re praying.
Claire – [chuckles] No, I used to, but I don’t find comfort in it anymore. Faith helps little children sleep at night, but it won’t help me protect my city.
Gates – You know what? I did not recognize you before.
Claire – Hmm, I didn’t recognize myself. Curse of the Bambino lasted 86 years, right? Not 87. The Red Sox didn’t give up. Neither will I.
Gates – Well, I’d bet on you. [Claire smiles] You know what? A lot has changed, but not that smile.
Claire – So what did you want?

Gates – Um, surveillance camera caught a shot of your rebels when they escaped, and, uh, that’s one of the crates the Agri-tower guys use to deliver food. [It is a photograph of armed men and women transporting a simple wooden grate]
Claire – I don’t understand. They left behind all their gear and guns, and they took this why? What’s in it?

Gates [shrugging] – I don’t think it’s corn.

[In New Delphi, the painted-face guard leads Alex and company into Julian’s private quarters, where he is entertaining two of his mistresses]
Julian – Hey, my key do you have it?

Alex [holding up the disk] – Yes, I do.
Julian [apparently VERY pleased and surprised to see it] – No one’s made it out of there alive. Orpheus only escaped the underworld because he had a magic lyre. How did you do it?

Alex – Like you said, I’m a powerful weapon. Now I want my alliance.
Julian [seeing Riesen] – Oh, no, that man’s a murderer. He killed an angel in my city. Take him back to the asylum, where he belongs.
Alex – That is General Edward Riesen of Vega [Julian is shocked at that information]. Part of the pact between our two cities, which you now owe me, you’ll pardon all of his crimes.
Julian [nods, then addresses his men] – Find them quarters. You have your alliance. Welcome to New Delphi. All of you. [Everyone but Alex is led away. Alex hands the disk to Julian]
Alex – Let’s talk about Vega.

[Back in Mallory, we see Michael’s grave. There are rocks placed in a cairn on top of it. All of a sudden a black wing breaks through, is retracted, and then a hand pushes through. Michael climbs out. He looks at the knife scar on his chest, which then evaporates. He unfurls his wings and breathes the night air.]

[Wes is sleeping. He is startled awake at the sound of Michael’s voice]
Michael – Sweet dreams. [He is sitting in the window, a sword in his hand]
Wes – Jeez. Please, don’t hurt me.
Michael – Oh, but I will, Wes, much more than just hurt you. It’ll pale in comparison to what you did to Harper. You see, killing was once a specialty of mine. That’s all behind me now. But for you, I’d make an exception. Lay a hand on anyone else, and I’ll destroy you. Speak of this to no one. I’ll be watching. Am I understood?

[Wes nods and Michael jumps out of the window. Wes hurries to the window and sees Michael unfurl his wings and fly off]

[In Julian’s private chamber in New Delphi. He opens a combination safe and we see one of the Amphorae jars. He hesitates and then carefully removes it. Brief flashback to the view of the jars in their cabinet. He very gingerly sets it down and puts the disk on top in a recessed hole. It is apparently the lid. He breathes a sigh of relief – he has prevented the genie from getting out. He turns and behind a tattered American flag we see the battle ax from the flashback. He pulls it out and caresses it. Flashback to Lyrae juggling and flipping the ax, and Julian does the exact same moves. Close-up to Julian’s face and his eyes suddenly become black. Julian is an eight-ball! ]

Mouth of the Damned Detailed Transcript

Mouth of the Damned Episode 2.2

Original air date July 16, 2015

Based on the closed captioning found at http://www.springfieldspringfield.co.uk/view_episode_scripts.php?tv-show=dominion-2014&episode=s02e02

Claire (intro voiceover with past scenes) – 25 years ago, God disappeared. The archangel Gabriel decided he must destroy mankind to bring God back, but the archangel Michael stood against his brother and fought on the side of humanity. The war continues.

(scenes from the last episode)

David – The Lady of the City gave three floors of the Wynn to the V-1s. Make sure those floors are uninhabitable.

Claire – How am I supposed to change this city when he destroys everything I try and do?

William – To cowards, whom we all know die many times before their actual death.

Michael – How does your town exist?

Laurel – The rest of the world may believe he’s gone, but in Mallory, Alabama, God’s very much alive.

Gabriel – And Alex?

Angel – He escaped.

Gabriel – All I need is his skin.

Noma – We should head straight for Vega.

Alex – No, I’m not leading Gabriel back to Claire. New Delphi’s half the distance. We’ll go there.

[Alex, Noma and Pete being captured with electrified nets]

A band of eight-balls and humans from New Delphi collect the trapped trio. Lishepus and English are both heard.

Man – Right over there.

[Alex manages to fire his semi-automatic weapon, killing one of the New Delphians]

Man – Light ’em up! [Portable floodlights are turned on]

[Aerial shot of Vega]

Man on loudspeaker – Your attention, curfew is now in effect for all V-1 and V-2

[House Riesen. Claire is looking at a book. A female soldier, Zoe, is with her]

Zoe – Ma’am.
Claire [turning around to look at her] – Sorry, what’s your name again?

Zoe [looking out a window] – Zoe. I’m new. Just started today.
[Claire goes back to her book. She turns around just as Zoe attempts to stab her.]

Claire – No! [The two women struggle on a couch but Claire gets the upper hand]

Claire – Guards! [Two male guards run in]

Guard – Lady Riesen, are you okay?

Other Guard – Drop your weapon! Drop your weapon! [Zoe drops her knife]

Guard – On your knees. [He kicks the back of her legs so she complies. Zoe gives Claire the look of death. Guard binds Zoe’s hands behind her back]

Guard – Up. Let’s go, move. [The entire time Zoe glares at Claire. Her hatred is palpable.]

Other Guard – We’ll double your security tonight, ma’am.
[Truck drives back to New Delphi. We see a compound at the foot of mountains with radio antennas and a few outside buildings.]

Driver – New Delphi base, this is security vehicle 259 requesting entry into northeast tunnel.
[Eightball with binoculars watches truck approach]

Eightball – New Delphi convoy, we have a visual on you. You’re clear to enter the city.
Driver – We’re bringing ’em in.
[Truck drives down a tunnel. Alex, Noma, and Pete are inside truck, along with several New Delphi security, both human and eight-ball]

Noma – Alex, what the hell is this place?

Pete – Where are you taking us?

[A very large man with a painted face silently glares at him]

Pete – We are so screwed.
Noma – Shut up.
Alex – This doesn’t make any sense. It’s the 8-balls, they’re different. Civilized. I don’t know how it’s possible.
Noma – Some lower angels are more evolved than others, but I’ve never seen them act like this before. They’re so human.
Alex – Hey.

[The truck arrives and some of the soldiers get out of the back. They push the trio out as well)

Man – Let’s go, move. Move!

Man – Get on down there.
[indistinct chatter]

[New Delphi is built into the heart of the mountain. There is electricity, manufacturing, commerce, a colorful mix of people and eight-balls]

Man – That’s good. Come on, come on! [indistinct chatter, machinery whirring]

Man (at a seafood market) – Oysters on the left.
[The trio is brought to Julian. He is holding court in a large open area. He is sitting on a couch with scantily clad women with teased hair and lots of make-up. The area in front of his couch is laid with a number of oriental rugs. Julian is sucking down some noodles using chop stix. He looks up from his meal when the prisoners are brought in.]
Julian – Hey. Welcome. [The dead soldier is tossed into a nearby chair.] So you’ve taken the life of one of mine. I will be needing one of yours in return. See, he’s lost the ability to breathe. He’s very still, because he’s dead, taken by a bullet from your gun. So would you like to exchange your life for his? Or would you prefer to trade one of your friends?

Pete – Why’s he looking at me, man

Noma – Pete, stop talking.
Alex – It’s not a man. It’s an 8-ball.
Julian – No, we don’t use that term, do we?

Julian’s mistress #1 (shaking her head) – Mm-mm.

Julian – You see?

Alex – What I did was acting on instinct. You have to understand that this – humans with 8-balls it’s – it’s not how it is out there.
Julian – See, that’s what makes New Delphi unique, angels and humans living in peace in our underground paradise. [kisses hand of mistress #2]
Alex – Look, we clearly have our differences, but I still believe we can help each other out.
Julian [rising from his couch] – Look, man, as you can see, New Delphi’s built on the foundation of trade. You know, give and take, barter, exchange? Human nature. You owe me a life for the one that you took. So, again, three lives. One of them belongs to me. Make the choice, or I’ll make it for you. [pauses] Okay, that guy [gestures at Pete. Guards grab him].
Pete – No. No. No! Get off of me!

Noma – Hey! Hey!

Alex – W-w-w-wait-wait! Just wait. Just wait

Julian – The decision has been made.
Alex – Gabriel is coming [Julian turns to look at Alex. Clearly that got his attention. The guards let Pete go]. He’ll be here soon. New Delphi may be built on trade, but it’s also built on a hatred of higher angels. Well, guess what. I hate them too, especially Gabriel. And I can help you get him.
[Opening music and Dominon seal with Michael and Gabriel]

[In Mallory Michael walks away from the fire and flies into the countryside. He finds an eight-ball]

Eight-ball [in Lishepus] – er, ah, archangel

Michael – Tell me about the fire.

Eightball [in Lishepus, as he backs away from Michael] – The fire? I don’t know. It a hurts when you get close.
Michael – Explain it to me. How does it hurt?

Eightball [in Lishepus] – It, burns whe, when we get close.
Michael [grabs eight-ball by collar] – On your knees. Lie down on your back.
Eightball [in Lishepus, as he complies] – Please, archangel.
Michael – How close can you get?

Eightball [in Lishepus, as Michael drags him closer to Mallory] – Please, don’t do this! Stop! I’m begging you! Curse you! Don’t take me there, please! [He screams as he bursts into flames. Michael turns and walks away. Cut to Laurel’s kitchen where she is making Michael tea]

Michael – The fire, this town I find it all hard to believe.
Laurel – And you’ve witnessed it, Michael. Our faith in God is the reason for everything. Our Father is here.
Michael – Faith is useless in this world.
Laurel – That’s not our truth. It’s clear you don’t believe in our faith. Perhaps you never will. Maybe you’re just not looking in the right place.
Michael – You don’t know anything about me.
Laurel – I know what I see, what I feel. You’re suffering. Maybe from the horrible things you’ve seen. From the horrible things you’ve done. We don’t judge here. My hope is that you’ll stay, [she puts a hand on his shoulder] and you’ll be able to heal here. But you have to learn to forgive yourself. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter where you are here or anywhere else in the world.
[Back to Vega, the prison. Zoe’s cell is opened and Claire walks inside]

Claire – Who sent you to kill me, Zoe? Five years ago, you were in the archangel corps, but you just disappeared, and no one’s seen or heard from you since. Why do this?

Zoe – Isn’t it pretty obvious?

Claire – Not to me.
Zoe – You’re the Lady of the City, the head of this rotting corpse. The V-1s are starving under your feet, living like rats in the tunnels, and you live in a palace built with their bones. You want to know why I deserted? I couldn’t stand protecting V-6 parasites like you.

Claire – Okay. [She turns and leaves as Zoe sneers, satisfied at having stood up to Claire]
[Cut to House Whele. David is nursing a drink. Claire enters]

Claire – Hey, David. I just thought I’d stop by, let you know your assassination attempt failed.
David – Am I supposed to have some idea what you’re talking about?

Claire – Last night, a V-1 posing as one of my guards attacked me. Naturally, I thought of you.
David – I’m flattered, but, Claire, killing you would be far too destabilizing in an already unstable world.
But, now you mention it, I’ve not been too happy with your leadership the past three months.
And now you’re accusing me of attempted murder instead of the V-1s? They’re the ones who hate you, Claire.
Claire – They don’t hate me.
David – Don’t they?

[Cut to an unknown facility in Vega, perhaps a warehouse. Arika and Claire are walking on a catwalk]

Claire – David’s lying, and it’s time to deal with him.
[A locked door is opened by a soldier]

Eight-ball [off screen, in Lishepus] – Give it to me.

[Claire and Arika walk in. Arika is holding a small box, like a cigar box. A female eight-ball is on the ceiling, chained around her waist].
Arika [Smiles. Eight-ball jumps down to floor. She is very Gollum-like] – Well done. This is exactly what we needed. They have this strange desire for certain items, specifically the belongings of the person they inhabit. The life they’ve stolen.

[Arika takes a necklace out of the box and holds it up. Claire is visibly uneasy with the whole thing.]
Eightball (Rose) – Give that back. Give me that. Give me. Give it to me.[Arika holds up a photo from the box] The photo that’s me. So pretty. Give it to me.
Arika – Patience, dear.
Rose (whimpers) – Give it to me.
Arika – Calm yourself. Or I’ll remove your black eyes myself.
Rose [hisses and turns away. In Lishepus] – Give me the photo.
Arika – I’m confident we can break her down, train her for our purposes.
Claire – I think this is too risky. There’s got to be another way.
Arika – Claire, what do you think David is doing right now? He’s plotting your demise. You said yourself, David needs to be silenced. It can’t be done with accusations. He needs to be branded a traitor. This is the perfect plan. It’s the only plan. And until he’s out of the way, I suggest you keep an eye on his every movement. If you don’t destroy him first, he’ll destroy you. [Arika throws the necklace to Rose, who is overjoyed. Claire is disgusted]

Claire [leaving] – Arika.

[Arika smiles wickedly as she turns to leave]

[Aerial shot of a forest. Cut to a woman walking through the forest. It is the same woman who had seen Michael bathing. She is scare. She jumps at the sound of a bird taking flight. She is attacked by an eight-ball in a mask. They fight.]

[Cut to aerial shot over Mallory. We see three large wind turbines in the foreground. Laurel is taking Michael on a tour. We see graves.]

Laurel – These four graves belong to the town’s previous leaders. They dedicated their lives to save ours. On the first day of the war, our town was passed over. The next morning, the Prophet came. He said he’d received a message from God. If we did what he said, we would be spared. He built the fire that protects us, cannot go out. And my heart tells me that, after the celebration, you’ll feel the same way that I have all these years, a sense of peace, protection from evil.
Michael – You truly believe you hear His words, don’t you?

Laurel [taking Michael’s hand] – Michael, I know that you drove the most important person in your life away because of something you did. Something tragic. [Michael is visibly shocked and pulls away his hand and walks away] It’s not my intuition. It’s our Father’s voice. That’s how I know.

[Suddenly a bell tolls and catches Laurel’s attention. Cut to the bonfire. The woman is crawling on her hands and knees.]

Wes [running toward her] – Harper? What happened to you? Where have you been? [Wes gathers her into his arms as other townsfolk look on. Michael and Laurel arrive] What is it? Come on, talk to me. What happened? Please? What’s wrong? Harper, come on. Look at me. Look at me.
Come on.

[Harper looks at Michael and recognizes him. Wes sees the expression on Harper’s face and is not happy. Gratuitous flashback to Michael bathing in the ocean].

Woman – Hold on there. Harper, we’ll get you help. What is it?

Wes [looking at Harper look at Michael] – Come on, let’s get her inside. Come on. [Scoops her up and carries her away]
Man – She’s going into shock.
Man – Get the doc! Come on! Move! [Townsfolk follow Wes and Harper. Michael stands there, wondering what the hell he is going to do now].

[Arika walks into Rose’s cell holding a gun and the photo]

Rose (snarling) – Give me the photo.
Arika – Tell me your name.
Rose – Give me that.
Arika – Tell me your name.
Rose [looking at the necklace]- Rose.
Arika – Lovely. Rose, do I have any reason to fear you? [Rose looks at the gun] Say the words.
Rose – You have no reason to fear me. [chuckles. She grabs for the picture and scratches Arika badly. Arika doesn’t flinch. Rose knows she screwed up] Oops. I’m sorry. [begins crying]
Arika [calmly] – Rose, turn around and get on your knees.
Rose – Oh, don’t. I’m sorry.

Arika – Turn around and get on your knees.
Rose [complying] – Oh, please don’t! [whimpering]

Arika [puts photo in her back pocket and walks over to Rose]- Quiet now, Rose.
[As Rose shakes and sobs in fear, Arika points the gun at her head, then gently takes the necklace and places it over Rose’s head. Rose is overjoyed, clutching the neckace]

Arika – Rose, you have no reason to fear me either. Understand?

Rose – I understand.
Arika – Oh my, it’s so gorgeous on you. So much prettier than in your photo.
Rose – Oh, thank you. The photo. Can I have it?

Arika – In due time, dear. [Rose smiles]

[Cut to New Delphi, first exterior shot, then inside. Julian and guards are leading the trio further into New Delphi.]

Julian – Right this way, Alex. [He gestures to a private area but Pete and Noma are stopped from entering]

Pete – What? No

Alex – Let them stay with me.
Julian – No, no, no, no. Come on [leads Alex in].
Noma – Alex!

Julian – Let’s have fun. [Noma and Pete are led away].

[Julian’s quarters. An old silent film is being projected on a wall. Julian pushes Alex into a chair]

Julian – Take a seat, dude. Relax. “The General.” Buster Keaton. I must’ve seen this a hundred times. Have you had the pleasure?

Alex – Gabriel is coming. He’ll kill me, then he’ll kill all of you. That’s what he does.
Julian – A young railroad engineer who aspires to be a soldier decides to single-handedly save his beloved train, called –

Alex – The General.
Julian – The General, from cowardly hijackers, the underlying question throughout being, “Is this man brave or is he foolish?” And this next part is, without question, my favorite. The glorious General falling to the river below, never to ride the rails again. Now, the scene itself runs 98 seconds in length from beginning to end, [pulls knife and puts it to Alex’s throat as a guard holds Alex still] and that, adventurer friend, is the time that you have to convince me that you are brave, not foolish.
Alex – I was a prisoner in Gabriel’s aerie for three months. He tortured me. I escaped. As you can imagine, he’s gonna be really pissed. I came here for an alliance with New Delphi to help me defeat Gabriel. I want to unite the two greatest cities in the Cradle something that’s never been done since the beginning of the war.
Julian [chuckles] – Your heart is racing. You know, fear is the common cause, but lying is a close second.
Alex – Why would I lie?

Julian – To save your skin.
Alex – My skin, along with yours, will be in the hands of an archangel if you don’t take what I’m saying seriously.
Julian – You escaped from Gabriel? You can understand why I’m suspicious.
Alex – I had help. Vega dropped a bomb on Gabriel’s aerie [Julian is visibly shocked]. If you want to cut my throat, you go ahead. But I’ll die knowing that the leader of New Delphi wasn’t brave, but the biggest fool I’ve ever met.
Julian [Ponders that for a moment and then pulls away] – That’s good. Shotgun. [Guard releases Alex and goes to get the gun]
Alex – You’re not going to kill Gabriel with a shotgun.
[Julian starts loading the gun. Alex looks at the cartridges]

Alex – Empyrean steel. Impressive. Still not enough to kill an archangel. Let me come with you.
Julian [leaving] – Don’t drink all my brandy.
[Alex watches the movie and sees the train fall into the river]

[Outside New Delphi one of the scouts watches through binoculars. We see his view – it is two of Gabriel’s angels standing there near the entrance as trucks roll in]

Eight-ball Scout – Who are these guys?

Human scout – Whoever they are, they don’t have clearance to be in the security zone. Call it in.
[Gabriel comes up from behind and kills them]

Gabriel [flies over to his two angels] – Ah, New Delphi, I’d prefer to loathe you from afar. I want Alex alive. He’ll die at my hands. Understood? If you find him first, bring him to me. And by all means, once inside, keep your wings hidden. This vile city is infested with the lowest of our kind and, as we very well know, armed with Empyrean steel. [Gabriel walks up to the tunnel]
[Back in Mallory, Laurel is tending to Harper, who is lying down on a couch and unconscious. Wes is there as well]

Michael – Do you know her well?

Laurel – Harper and I grew up together. We’re like sisters. A couple of days back, she ran away.
Michael – Why would anyone want to run away?

Laurel – The Prophet left rules for us to follow. Told us Father wants the people of Mallory to live life with an open heart. We make mistakes, same as anyone, sure, but when we do, we confess. No secrets. [shot of Wes] No sins. As the leader of the town, it’s my job to take the confessions of each and every person. Harper was reluctant to reveal her secrets. I was pressuring her, and she ran away.
Michael – And now that she’s returned?

Laurel – That means she’s ready to confess, and we can all move on.

Wes – The real question is, how do you know Harper?

Michael – I don’t.
Wes – Really? You sure about that? Because she seems to know you.
Michael – I should go.
Wes – What’d you do? You put your hands on her?

Michael – No, I did not.
Wes – Right. I know a lie when I see one. [He points a gun at Michael’s forehead. Michael disarms him]
Laurel – Stop this right now!

Wes – Get off me, you son of a bitch.
Laurel – Michael, please.
[Michael releases Wes, hands the gun to Laurel and leaves]

[Outside New Delphi two scouts come across the corpses]

Scout [on walkie talkie] – New Delphi base, do you copy?

[Inside, Noma and Pete are sitting under guard. Noma sees one of the angels and recognizes him]

Scout – Alert. We’ve got two soldiers killed at their post. I repeat, two soldiers dead.
[Back in Julian’s room]

Voice on walkie talkie – Possible security breach. Two guards found dead on the perimeter. Take necessary precautions. [Alex hears that and looks concerned]
Noma [quietly to Pete] – All hell’s about to break loose. Keep your head down and don’t get involved, okay?

Pete – Get me a weapon. I’ll fight with you.
Alex – Pete.
Pete – Fine. I’ll keep my head down.
Alex – Come on, man. You heard what he said on the radio. Gabriel is here. Just give me a weapon.
Eight-ball guard to radio – Copy that.
Guard on Noma and Pete [to radio] – We’ll move the prisoners to a secure location. [They start to move Noma and Pete]
Pete [to Noma]- Get get me a weapon!

Noma – Shut up.

[One of the angels is looking at merchandise at a stand, then pulls out a knife and kills one of Noma’s guards]
Man – Knife! [Angel unfurls wings and uses them as weapon while people start screaming and running. Guard dog barks. Noma stands still]

Man – Run! It’s a higher angel!

Woman – It’s an angel! Get out of here!

[Angel walks toward Noma, who is positioning herself on higher ground to get the advantage. Angel pulls down his hood so we see his face. He grabs a knife and puts it to Noma’s throat]

Angel – Where’s Alex?

[Noma smirks and they begin fighting. She seems to have the upper hand]

Alex – Come on, man, we’re on the same side! Let’s get out there!

Guard – Shut your mouth.
Alex – You got to give me a weapon. I can help you. Gabriel is here. Come on, man. [He disarms the guard and they begin fighting]

[Back to Noma’s fight. She still has the upper hand. Cut back to Alex’s fight. He breaks the arm of the guard. Neero, the other angel, walks in. Neero kills a guard and then gets the upper hand on Alex, grabbing him by the throat].
Neero – You’re coming with me.

[Alex grabs a large knife and stabs Neero, looks at the blade, realizes it’s Empyrean steel and repeatedly stabs Neero, quite savagely. He sees Noma’s fight on one of the security monitors and leaves to help her]

[Noma is losing the fight. She is barely conscious and the other angel is standing over her, drawing his sword. Julian shoots him in the back and he falls to the ground]

Man [over the sound of an alarm] – Everybody, clear!

[Alex runs out and is relieved to find Noma is ok. Julian walks up to the angel, sees that he is still moving, and shoots him in the back again]

Gabriel [off screen] – Stop! [Julian looks up and sees Gabriel standing there. Alex and Gabriel exchange a glance]

Gabriel – Julian, perhaps we can make a trade. [Julian looks at Gabriel and Alex looks at Julian]
[Cut to Vega. Rose’s cell. The restraint is off. Rose has been cleaned up and looks more human. She is still wearing the necklace]

Arika – One more time please, Rose.
Rose – I don’t want to fight anymore. Don’t treat me this way.
Arika [Smiling at Claire, who is impressed] – Very good. Rose, darling, come over here and say hello to Lady Riesen, please. [Rose slowly walks over. Arika hands Claire a lipstick] Here, hold this. [Rose offers her lips. Claire hesitates] Go on. It’s okay. [Claire applies the lipstick to Rose. She is obviously still a bit creeped out by all this] Ask her.
Rose – How does it look?

Claire – It’s a beautiful color on you. [Rose beams]
Arika – Thank you, Rose.
Rose [turns back]- Okay. Uh, but the photo. You you promised me the photo.
Arika – Soon, Rose. Soon.
Rose – Okay.
Claire – What did you do to her?

Arika – I simply helped her understand that there’s value in cooperation with us. While she desires certain items from the woman she possessed, her main obsession is a photo of this human, a visual of the life she stole. I’ve promised Rose this photo upon her peaceful return to us.
Claire – How do we know she’s not gonna kill him?

Arika – She’ll always be somewhat unpredictable, but that’s the risk, one we have to take. [Rose is still fondling her necklace]

[Back in Mallory, Harper stirs on the couch. Tears are coming from one eye. Laurel is tenderly stroking her head. Laurel flinches at a noise. Michael walks in]

Laurel – Generator kicked out. Happens sometimes. I’ll be right back. [She leaves. Michael unfurls his wings and Harper opens her eyes. She gasps.]
Michael – I’m not here to harm you.
Harper – Who are you?

Michael – I’m the archangel Michael. Harper, it’s best you remain silent. There’s no need to fear me. In the war that rages outside this town, I’m on the side of my Father, the Father you worship. He sent me here secretly, to test the strength of you, your people. You’re very important to me, Harper. You’re meant to know me as I truly am. Father wanted it that way. But he also wishes that this truth remains between us and us alone. The lives of everyone here and the future of this town depends on it. Do you understand?

Harper – Yes.
[Michael nods. The lights come back on and he retracts his wings. Laurel enters and is surprised to see Harper awake]

Michael – I heard her wake up. She appears to be okay.
Laurel – Harper. Is that true? Are you okay? [Harper nods] Tell me. What happened?

Harper [exchanging a look with Michael] – I can’t remember.
Laurel – Harper, I’m going to need the truth at your confession. We’ll make our way to church soon. [Laurel looks back at Michael and smiles. Michael smiles uncomfortably]
[Back at House Whele]

Man on intercom – Security clearance checkpoint now in effect.

[A door opens. We see a bottle of wine and two glasses with wine in them]. It’s David’s bedroom, He walks in, removing his tie and jacket.

[A naked woman walks in. It is Rose in a blonde wig. David is stunned.]

Rose – I don’t want to fight anymore. David, I don’t want to fight anymore.
David – I’m sorry, do do I

Rose – David.
David – Listen, is, I… I

Rose – David. David I want you, David.
David [loosely embracing her]- You’re beautiful. I could eat you up. [He leans in to kiss her and she snarls, baring her teeth. He falls onto the bed] Get out! Get out! [He reaches into his nightstand for a gun and points it at Rose as she escapes via the rooftop patio and over the side of the building. We hear huckling]

William – Well, it seems you’ve underestimated the Lady of the City. [Raises one of the wine glasses in toast] This does not bode well for you. [looks up at the security camera]
David [holding his head] – Shut up! You just shut up!

[Cut to security room. Playback of the scene on the screen. Stops at a close-up of Rose’s smiling but obviously eight-ball face]

Claire – Oh, Consul Whele, how could you?

[Meanwhile, in New Delphi, security has their weapons trained on Gabriel as Julian walks over to him]

Gabriel – Julian, unfortunately, something of mine has made its way into your wretched city, and I want him back. [Julian glances at Alex] I see that you’re upset. That’s clear. Perhaps, in time, you’ll get over yours. I don’t really care. I’m not interested in a war with you, not today, anyway, which is precisely the reason why I left my glorious army of angels outside your gates. [Noma looks worried] So what do you say? Shall we negotiate?

Julian [cocking his shotgun] – I think not.
Gabriel – I see. Well, perhaps we can discuss this another time, when things have settled a bit.
Julian – Things will never settle.
[Gabriel chuckles, but his expression changes when a half-dead Neero stumbles in and collapses. Gabriel goes to him and affectionately holds his shoulder and neck]

Gabriel – Neero. You are a good soldier. I will not leave you here with these monsters. [As Noma looks on horrified Gabriel grabs the Empyrean steel blade and plunges it through Neero’s back, killing him. Pete gasps]
Pete – Dude! [Noma quiets him]

[Gabriel tosses the blade and flies off. Alex has watched this entire tableau with great interest]

[Back in Creepytown, I mean Mallory, we see the bonfire and then the interior of the church. It is just Harper and Laurel in front of the altar. Laurel picks up a lit candle and carries it over to Harper]

Laurel – Harper, the honesty of your confession will spare you any pain.
[Harper nods and holds the palm of her hand directly over the flame]

Harper – I’ve been having an affair with someone in town. A married man. I pursued him, and it’s my fault, and I’m so ashamed. That’s why I ran away.
Laurel – Go on. [Michael is standing in the doorway. Harper doesn’t say anything else] What aren’t you confessing, Harper? [Harper tries to pull her hand away but Laurel keeps it over the flame] You understand the importance of this, don’t you? You know that secrets are sins. [We see smoke coming from Harper’s hand as she whimpers with pain. She finally pulls her hand away and runs out of the church, past a stoic Michael]

[Back at Laurel’s house]

Laurel – I don’t get it. What secret is worth risking the entire town?

Michael – I’m not sure, but she seems to have made up her mind.
Laurel – It doesn’t work that way. The Prophet commanded, every five years the town has to be cleansed of all its sins. If Harper doesn’t confess, the fire will go out, and the possessed will come. I don’t want to lose her again, but I may have no choice. She’ll have to go.
Michael – There must be another way. How can one person’s confession matter so much?

Laurel – We didn’t survive all these years by compromising our beliefs, Michael. You may be struggling with your faith, but we’re not with ours.
Michael – You were right. I ruined a relationship with someone who was like a son to me. I needed him to want what I did, and it brought the worst out in me. I should have let him find his own path, his own truth. I’m sure Harper will do the same. Laurel, your faith is something I admire. It’s what compels me to stay and search for my own. Whatever happens with Harper, I’m here if you need me. [He turns to leave but Laurel grabs his hand. They linger in eye contact until Michael finally pulls away]

[Harper is leaning against a gate with her back to the bonfire. Wes walks up to her]
Wes – The celebration’s tomorrow. I need you to give your confession to Laurel, now, tonight.
Harper [crying] – I’m sorry, I can’t. Please don’t make me leave.
Wes – Harper, I love you, but I cannot let you put everyone else in danger.

[We see a cloud move past the waning gibbous moon and then hear a gunshot. Laurel and Michael walk past Wes, who is on his way to the church]
Laurel – What did you do?

Wes – I did what was necessary for the safety of this town, Laurel. I know I already confessed my sins, but now I have another one. I’ll see you inside. [Laurel and Michael both look devastated]

[Back at New Delphi, in Julian’s quarters]
Julian – I can’t form an alliance with you.
Alex – Are you kidding me? You didn’t just see what happened? He’s coming back, and next time, it’ll be with an army! Why are you doing this?

Julian – Because you are lying to me!

Alex – I’m not.
Julian – Gabriel came into my city. He came here looking for you. Because you escaped? Because you were his prisoner? Is it that simple? One more time. Is it that simple?

Alex [pausing] -No, it’s not. He wants these. [unzips his jacket and lifts off his shirt]
Pete – Nice ink. Is that a bad thing?

Noma – Shut up.
[Vega, the security center. David walks in. Claire is watching the David/Rose scene and pauses it]

David – Have you completely lost your mind?

Claire – Me? I’m not the one who appears to be carrying on a secret relationship with an 8-ball. The tape was delivered anonymously to me, and I have to say, the first time I saw it, David, I couldn’t believe my eyes.
David – This has that whore from Helena all over it.
Claire – Here’s what is going to happen over the next 24 hours. You’re gonna resign as both Minister of Commerce and Consul, and I’m gonna have all your responsibilities handled by someone of my choosing.
David – I’m not gonna let you do this.
Claire – Well, it’s done. The tape sort of speaks for itself.[Two soldiers grab David by the arms] And the entire Senate and V-6 community have seen it. The only thing that spared your life is your service to this city over the past 25 years.
Guard – Let’s go. [They drag David away]
David – You smug little bitch. You think you’re gonna get away with this? You won’t get away with this!

Claire – Bye, David.
David – Bitch!

[Back at Rose’s cell, she takes off the wig and smiles at Arika]

Rose – I did it. Give it to me. Can I have it? Can I have the photo, please? [Arika shoots her in the forehead]

[At Vega jail, Zoe is in her cell. Claire walks up and past the guards]

Claire – No, it’s fine. [walks up to bars] You know what my dad used to say to the people of Vega? Whatever hell they were going through now was only to fulfill the promise of a better tomorrow. He stole that from Churchill.
Zoe – You buy into that crap?

Claire – No. What’s happening now isn’t the promise of anything but more hell, and I can’t live with that.
Zoe – Claire, I was 13 when my family headed to Vega. Miles outside the wall, my mother collapsed. She knew she was dying, so she made me promise that I’d get to Vega, make a home there. And I have always honored that promise fought to turn this city into something that she could be proud of.
Claire – I’m ready to get my hands dirty alongside the V-1s. I want to make Vega a place where families are made and not destroyed.

Zoe – Do you know how ridiculous that sounds?

Claire – I would rather die trying to make Vega a better place than do nothing at all.

Zoe – When’s my execution? You should come with me.
[In New Delphi]

Julian [walking down a corridor] – You want something from me, Alex? Well, I want something from you, and it won’t be easy. Not all the souls in New Delphi are of sound mind, but they are our souls nonetheless. [He bangs on a metal door. Snarling can be heard on the other side] And here is where they reside. Now, there’s something in there that I want back. It’s a key of sorts, an ornate, round copper disc, with a hole dead center. You retrieve it, and we will talk.
Alex -Why are you making me do this? I’ve shown you the markings. Doesn’t mean anything to you?

Julie – I don’t care so much about what’s on the man. I care more about what the man is capable of. Now, if you’re so special, and maybe you are, then you should be able to succeed in this mission.
if you do, then I believe that two cities in the Cradle might finally find their way into an alliance.
Pete – What is this guy, Darth Vader?

Alex – Has anyone ever made it out alive?

Julian – Uh, no. [chuckles] But there’s always a first time. [Alex draws a blade] You game?

“Heirs of Salvation” (Episode 2.1) Detailed Transcript

“Heirs of Salvation” Dominion Episode 2.1 (original airing date 7/9/15)

Based on the closed caption transcript found at http://www.springfieldspringfield.co.uk/view_episode_scripts.php?tv-show=dominion-2014&episode=s02e01

Note: This is a 64 minute original broadcast of  the episode. There are some differences with the 60 minute rebroadcast. A separate transcript of the rebroadcast will be posted in a few days. The 64 minute premiere is missing two lines from the intro – these are noted here.

Enjoy! This was a labor of love.


(It is night and raining heavily. Women and children hurry into an underground storm shelter. They huddle together, crying is heard.)

Daughter – Mommy, I’m scared. (Mother bends down to comfort her. From outside we hear eight-balls speaking Lishepus. Mother stands up and goes to door, which has a small slit that one can look through. She peers through.)

(Eight-balls are attacking a small village. It is pouring rain, and Michael is walking around with his swords drawn)

Mother – So am I.

(Then Michael starts attacking the eight-balls as the mother watches. Suddenly an eight-ball mouth presses against the door slit and the mother backs away)

Daughter – Are we all gonna die?

(Cut to snow-capped mountains. Caption says “Two days earlier.” It’s Gabriel’s aerie. We see many candles lit and hear a constant clacking noise. Camera pans over a Newton’s cradle. Alex is laying on rock steps, dirty, sweaty, shirtless. His arms are widespread as in a crucifixion.)

Gabriel (obviously not pleased) – Again.

Alex (looking at arms) – They haven’t moved since I left Vega. No words, no symbols. Nothing. They stopped communicating.
(We see that on the top of the stairs Noma is being held by the arms by several angels.)

Gabriel – My father had a name for me, one you couldn’t comprehend. I think the closest example would be the Latin equus. It meant his calm one. And of my brothers and sisters, it was true. I was the reasonable one, the patient one. (Alex stands up and faces Gabriel) Michael, we all know about him, don’t we? Tempest in a bottle. Uriel, well, truthfully, she’s crazy. [chuckles] But these last few months with you, Alex, have tested that patience because I know you’re lying. And how many times do I have to tell you? These markings are mine. A message from my father. (We see pages of drawings of the markings hung up on a wall) With those, I’ll bring him back.

Alex – As long as you honor our deal, I’m here.

Gabriel – Maybe the deal was premature. Maybe sparing Claire, Vega, your unborn baby was too much to offer. (Close-up to Noma’s face. It is obvious she had no idea about the baby)

Alex – If you ever threaten them again, you can find someone else to help you with your daddy issues.

Gabriel – Finally, some life in the boy yet.

(Alex is pacing around. He’s tired of this game. Suddenly Alex feels something. His tattoos seem to move. There is one in particular on his right arm. A circular line and a small black circle that seems to follow the trace of the larger curve. Noma and Gabriel both watch with interest. It is Alex’s sanctifying arm. He reaches out the arm and moves toward the drawings.)

Noma – Alex, don’t tell him.

(Alex picks up one of the many lit candles, extinguishes the flame, and uses the wax to draw on a dark surface.)

Gabriel (to one of his angels) – Find Uriel. She should see this.

(Alex draws a smiley face. He turns to Gabriel, smirks and chuckles .)

Alex – Maybe it means your dad is happy right where he is. I can’t read them. But if you so much as look at Vega, you’ll never get a thing from me.

Gabriel – Well, that’s a shame. Pin her wings.

(Two angels drag Noma down the steps)

Noma – No! Let go of me!

Alex (grabbed by another angel) – Hey, come on!

(Two of Gabriel’s thugs drag her to a table and put her down face-first. They take a huge spike and drive it into her shoulder blade with a hammer. She screams in pain)

Alex – Noma!

Gabriel (coldly) – I’m done waiting, Alex.

(Suddenly the sound of a plane overhead. Everyone looks up at the ceiling. The candles start to shake. We see the bomb doors open on Helena’s one remaining B-52. A bomb is dropped (very reminiscent of Dr. Strangelove, but sans Slim Pickens.) We see a night vision view of a fireball coming out of the entrance to the aerie. It is on a screen in the Vega control room. Arika is standing with Claire. Claire looks at the screen and she doesn’t look happy. She knows Alex is there. Applause breaks out)

Arika – You did it, Claire.

(Dominion logo. Picture of spinning earth and a new opening voiceover with various clips from Season 1 in the background)

Claire (voiceover) – 25 years ago, God disappeared. The archangel Gabriel decided he must destroy mankind to bring God back (Pudding massacre). But the archangel Michael stood against his brother and fought on the side of humanity (Michael fighting Furiad, being caressed by Rebecca). The war continues. Some higher angels supported Michael, but the entire lower rank of angels joined Gabriel (Furiad, Gabriel’s orgy). And they couldn’t visit Earth without a body, so they stole ours (Clementine’s eviction). Because of their black eyes we call them eight-balls (Eight-balls from “Pilot” and teacher). Then came whispers of a chosen child (baby in hands statue).

Alex – I’m no savior.

Michael – You are. It’s up to you to decipher the tattoos. (Alex’s tattoos) They will lay out the path through which mankind can be redeemed and Gabriel and his legions pushed back (Gabriel, Furiad, angel hoard leaving aerie).

Claire – The survivors built strongholds, (map with New Delphi and Vega shown) each with their own new social order

(Stratosphere, Welcome to Vega sign). We created the V-system so that everyone had a job to do. But they have no way out.

[There are an additional two lines in the rebroadcast that do not appear in the premiere:

Riesen – Vega has the capability to make a castrophic bomb

Arika – And Helena has the B-52 to drop it on Gabriel’s compound]

Gabriel (water park scene only found in Blu ray) – Come with me, Alex. Together, we’ll bring Father back.

Claire – (Alex standing at entrance to aerie) I am now the Lady of the City. Alex, the Chosen One, has disappeared. (Michael killing Rebecca) And our archangel protector, Michael, turned against mankind and abandoned Vega. (Michael flying)

(Shot of Vega skyline. David enters House Riesen. Claire is sitting on her couch)

David – You bombed Gabriel’s aerie.

Claire – Yes. Morning, David. It was my call.

David – And?

Claire – We’re waiting on a visual confirmation from Arika’s plane, but we believe it was a direct hit.

David – As Consul, I should have been notified.

Claire – With Michael gone, we’re a city without an archangel. That leaves us vulnerable to attack. So when the intel said that Gabriel was in the aerie, I took the shot. It’s that simple.

David – It’s never that simple. Something your father understood. Let me explain. If, for any reason, Gabriel was not killed, you just hit the hornet’s nest, honey. We’ll all pay for it.

Claire – Let me explain something to you. My father isn’t here. I am. So back to running commerce, David. It’s what you’re good at when you’re not interfering with my plans for the city.

David – Oh, like your plans to give away three floors of the Wynn to the V-1s? Genius.

Claire – We need to take care of all the people within this city. Not just the upper Vs like you and your cronies.

David – Your father hated me too, but he knew I was a necessary evil. He had the military. I run the city. Two halves of a whole. You need me too, Claire. You just don’t know it yet.

Claire (with much attitude) – Yeah? Enlighten me.

David – Well, if you’d enlightened me about the bombing, I would have told you I had men watching the aerie. I would have told you that Alex Lannon was in there with Gabriel. When you bombed Gabriel, you killed Alex. (He pulls a picture out of an envelope and hands to Claire. It is of Alex standing at the entrance to the aerie.) Sorry to be the one to tell you, Claire. (He walks away)

Claire (coldly as she pours herself water) – I know. You said it yourself, David. I have the military. All intel comes to me. I’m the daughter of General Riesen. The army is still loyal to me. Not you (she smiles slightly. David pauses, then leaves. After he shuts the door, Claire’s expression turns sad. She looks at the picture and then goes to an old book, in which she has hidden Alex’s letter to their unborn child. She reads it).

Alex (voiceover) – I do this to give you what I never had. A normal life. A family. Happiness. Things in short supply. I love you more than you’ll ever know.

(Claire returns it to the envelope and then places a hand on her stomach. She is heartbroken)

(Meanwhile, the aerie lies in smoking ruins. Inside Alex awakens to find he is under an angel wing – Noma’s one unpinned wing to be exact)

Alex – Nomes, you’re going to be all right. Just lie still. (He pulls out the stake and she grunts in pain)

(Alex walks around and sees the ceiling has come down on many angels. He finds his shirt. He sees Gabriel lying on the floor, groggy. He raises a dagger to stab Gabriel but is tackled by Furiad. Furiad draws his blade but before he can kill Alex we see a blade thrust through his back – Noma’s. Alex tries to attack Gabriel again but Noma stops him. Another angel is threatening them.)

Noma – Alex, no! No! – No! – We gotta go! (she pulls him away)

(Cut to a peaceful isolated beach – except for the airplane half-buried in the sand. Michael is having a bath in the surf, wings unfurled. He is not alone. A woman watches him. Their eyes meet, she then leaves and he continues bathing.)

(Cut to Alex and Noma trudging through the tall grass in the landscape just out of the mountains. We still see smoke pouring out of the aerie. They make it to a forest.)

Alex – That bomb changes everything.

Noma – We should head straight for Vega.

Alex – No, I’m not leading Gabriel back to Claire. New Delphi’s half the distance. We’ll go there.

Noma – New Delphi? Michael told me to stay away.

Alex – That’s why we’re going. If Michael’s nervous about New Delphi, there’s a reason. They have an army. One I can help join Vega against Gabriel.

Noma – Oh, you’re just gonna march in there and demand an army? Who’s going to listen to you?

Alex – Oh, I’ll make them listen. (They come around the corner of a dirt road and we see a well camouflaged truck) There she is.

Noma – This is a bad plan. Michael –

Alex – I don’t give a damn about Michael. (Pulls covers off truck)

Noma – Alex, he watched over you your whole life. Why are you acting like this? I’ll use my wings to call him. We need him.

Alex – Don’t. Hey, don’t. (He tosses her a canteen of water. Gets his own from the truck) Look, I don’t know why these markings were given to me or what they mean. But I can’t wait for them to reveal a master plan because, by then, everyone I care about will be dead. But Gabriel made me realize I have something everybody wants. Maybe the people in New Delphi want it too.

Noma – You can’t find the keys, can you?

Alex (rummaging around) – Yeah, I can find them. I hid them. But I can use that. I can use the fact that I’m the Chosen One to get an army. Claire and Vega need my help, and I’m going to get it for them. (He finds keys and rattles them at Noma) Listen, Michael warned you about New Delphi. I don’t know what that means, so I can’t ask you to do this with me.

Noma – Not a chance in hell I’m not going with you, so don’t even start.

(Alex tries to start the truck but it sputters)

Noma – I bet it won’t start.

(Engine starts)

Alex (smiles at Noma. Raises his hand as if to do a high five) – Give me some.

(She ignores it and walks to the passenger side)

(On the beach, Michael is asleep and having bad dreams of things that, unfortunately, did happen)

Becca (voiceover) – Michael. Michael.

(We see violent scenes – Babylonian Flood Michael, then menacing Gabriel with a sword, killing soldiers in Becca’s lab, killing Louis, whipping Alex, kissing Becca, killing Becca)

Alex (voiceover) – Michael, what have you done? (Michael awakens with a start beside a dying campfire. As he reholsters his swords he hears singing as he looks out over the waves. Cut to him landing and retracting his wings, slowing walking to a farming community – complete with cows – from which the singing appears to be emanating. He sees eight-balls are also watching the community with interest. They are muttering to each other in Lishepus. “Death to the humans. “The humans are close.” “Death to the humans.” Michael walks toward the settlement)

(Back to the Alex and Noma traveling road show; their truck comes to a stop on top of a half-buried skeleton – foreshadowing. The truck does not sound happy)

Alex – It’s the damn radiator. I can rig it. We just need to find some tape in that school. (We see an old bus and a school)

(As Alex and Noma cautiously enter deserted school we see a flashback to what happened there. Young kids are in classroom dutifully watching a teacher write on the board. She is writing over and over again “Don’t let it in.” Her finger bends in an unnatural way. She turns around to the class – she is an eight-ball. The children scream and run away. The now-ruined classroom is an eerie site. The children’s handprints are still on a poster on the wall but desks and chairs are overturned and broken. Alex sees the writing on the chalkboard – literally the writing on the wall of what happened here.)

Alex – Let’s get what we came here for and get out of here.

(In a much happier place, two young girls kicking around a ball as we hear the singing in the background. Michael comes around the corner and another girl at a lemonade stand is alarmed. She runs to her mother)

Girl – Stranger!

(A man on a wagon being drawn by a donkey/mule goes right by Michael)

Girl (running) – Mommy, it’s a stranger!

(We see there is a large bonfire in the center of town with a strange structure in the middle of it. Next door a church bell rings. Michael looks at the structure of the bonfire. It is a human figure with its arms raised up to heaven. A woman – Laurel – and several men (the first of whom is Wes) come out of the church. They are armed and not happy to see Michael).

Man – Grab your weapon.

(Wes walks up to Michael and points a gun in the angel’s face. Michael is calm. Laurel cautiously approaches him and puts a hand on Wes’s raised arm).

Laurel – It’s okay. (Wes lowers his gun)

Michael – What is this place?

Laurel – We’ll talk. (She holds out a hand) Your weapons.

(Wes walks over to Michael. Michael puts out his hands and allows Wes to remove the swords.)

(Back at the school, there is a skull in the hallway as Noma and Alex walk through, and then they turn around as an eight-ball scurries across the ceiling. They enter an office and Alex rummages around in a cabinet)

Noma – I had no idea Claire was pregnant.

Alex – How could you?

Noma – I don’t know. Must have been hard to leave them.

Alex (doesn’t respond. Finds some bandage tape) – This will do. (They hear noises above them) Let’s get out of here.
(Back in the Vega Control Room)

Woman pilot – Vega Control, this is Helena One. We have a visual. It’s confirmed. Target has been destroyed. (We see smoke coming from entrance to aerie. David, Claire, and Arika are looking on)

David – Well I’m impressed, Claire. What can I say?

Pilot – Hold. Movement on the ground. Did you see that? What? Vega Control, we are under attack! (Angels fly up to plane. Screen goes to static. Screams are heard, then nothing. David gives Claire the look of death).

(At school eight-balls are heard in the ventilation ducts in the ceiling and then burst through)

Alex (to Noma) – Get out!

(Many eight-balls attack)

Noma – Go fix the truck.

Alex – I’m not leaving you.

Noma – Alex, no. I got this. (She pushes him out the door)

(As Alex puts tape on the radiator hose, Noma fires at the eight-balls)

Noma (off screen) – Alex! (We see her running for the truck)

Alex (tries to start truck) – Come on, come on.

(He gets it to start and drives over to Noma, but there are eight-balls on her trail, so she steps aside so Alex can run them down. Others come out, many wearing hoodies and masks. Alex runs them down, too. Very graphically. He drives back to pick up Noma)

Alex – Get in. You okay?

Noma – Yeah, yeah, let’s go.

(A hoard of eight-balls is now running toward them. As they drive off, one is clinging to their rear bumper).

(Back in the Vega Control room, David Whele is not amused, and letting Claire know it.)

David – Why else do you dig a hole in a mountain and hide? Because it makes you hard to kill. Of course angels got out.

Claire – Yes, but did Gabriel?

David – Oh, you mean the archangel Gabriel? My money’s on yes.

Arika – You don’t know that, David.

David – Shut it! We are here because of your psychosis. And you will be held responsible.

Claire – I accept that.

David – You silly little girl. You have absolutely no idea what you’ve done, do you? If we ever survive whatever hell you’ve unleashed, I will make damn sure we never suffer any more of your mistakes.

Claire (to a soldier) – Put the wall on alert and make sure we’re watching the desert for any signs of attack.

Soldier – Yes, Lady Riesen.

(Back in the Boondocks, they even have chickens. Several armed men walk Michael up to Laurel’s porch)

Laurel – What’s your name?

Michael – Michael.

Laurel – Where are you from?

Michael – Up north.

Laurel – Well, Michael, you’re making the men with guns nervous. Please, sit.

Michael (sitting) – How does this town exist?

Laurel – What do you mean?

Michael – There are no defenses, untrained sentries exposed at either end of town, a meager security force. Even with your weapons, the fact that you’ve survived out here alone all these years is impossible.

Wes – Hey. We’re asking the questions.

Laurel – Our Father protects us. As long as the fire burns, He keeps us safe. The rest of the world may believe He’s gone, but in Mallory, Alabama, God’s very much alive.

(Michael stands up and the armed men get more nervous)

Laurel – Everyone take it easy.

Michael – I haven’t seen a church like that in a very long time. (Walks past the bonfire and into the church, with Laurel and the armed men in tow

Wes – We don’t know anything about him. Remember your duty. We don’t have time for this.

Laurel – But he’s from the outside world. Something we know so little about. What if he’s a sign that we should know more?

Wes – He’s an omen and a bad one.

Laurel – He’s a man without weapons in God’s house. What harm is there in that?

(Michael walks up to the altar. There are many candles lit and symbols from most world religions, including a menorah, Buddha head, Virgin Mary and a simple painting showing townspeople and the bonfire. He sees the Chosen One baby statue. )

(Back on the road, the truck has overheated.)

Alex – Ugh. We’re gonna have to hike the rest of the way. (Suddenly he is grabbed by the ankles by the eight-ball and dragged to the ground. Noma gets out of the truck but can’t get a clear shot)

Noma – Alex, get out of the way.

Alex – Sanctify this vessel. (He then starts speaking in another language) Protect this body and soul. Sanctify. (Back to English) Sanctify this vessel (The tattoo draws that long line again with the black dot. The ink flows onto the skin of the eight-ball and he dies. Noma and Alex both look in shock at the body)

Noma – What the hell you just do?

Alex – I don’t know. It was an eviction, but that felt different.

Noma – An eviction?

Alex – This marking felt like it made the eviction stronger.

Noma – Okay, how how how did you learn to do evictions?

Alex – Yeah. Okay.

Noma (very unnerved) – Sorry.

Alex – From the Book of Apocrypha.

Noma – I didn’t think it was possible.

Alex – Well, it isn’t. At least it doesn’t always work. Best case, I can drive the angel possession out, but the human body always dies.

Noma – He’s dead, all right. In a world of eight-balls, you just became the most dangerous man alive.

(As Noma and Alex walk away, the eight-ball sits up, gasping for air)

(A view of the village. In the church Michael looks lost. Laurel walks in)

Laurel – You don’t hear our Father’s voice, do you?

Michael – No.

Laurel – Mallory was founded by people of many religious beliefs. All spiritual refugees who felt their flawed faith had driven our Father away. So it was decided we needed a new faith, a new way to communicate with Him. And ours was created: one of singing, service, and sacrifice. That’s when He first spoke to us. These serve as reminders of what was.

Michael – What do you know about that statue? (Chosen one)

Laurel – That? That’s the Chosen One. Story goes that before He disappeared, our Father planted a single seed of hope, a baby in a world ravaged by war. A world where angels would attempt to exterminate man. That baby was the last pure heart. He would grow into a man and be tested. If he could overcome those tests, he would become the healer of angels and mankind. And if he couldn’t, he would become their destroyer. As he is judged, so shall all others.

Michael – I’ve never heard it told quite like that before.

Laurel – You’ve heard the story?

Michael – Oh, yeah. Where did you learn about it?

Laurel – Our Father.

Michael – You say He left. How is He still here?

Laurel – One of the great mysteries. (She walks away)

(Vega – House Whele. Claire and Arika are having a heart-to-heart. Arika is drinking. Claire has water.)

Claire – How far are we willing to go to survive? I just killed Alex to save a city of strangers.

Arika – A city that protects most of what’s left of the human race. You made the right call. None of us will ever be safe until all the angels are dead. Emotions can be dangerous, Claire. So can David Whele. Don’t underestimate him.

Claire – David’s a snake, but he likes his own comfort too much. He’s not going to do anything to jeopardize that.

(Cut to House Whele – a board room. David is holding court with his cronies and a few loyal soldiers)

David (pacing around) – The Lady of the City decides to give a few floors of the Wynn to the V-1s. Then what? MGM? Circus Circus? Bally’s? Everything we have worked for is going to go away if that little bitch and her harpy from Helena have their way. We’ll all end up hanging by our entrails from the Stratosphere or certainly under Gabriel’s heel because of their incompetence. She must be removed. But first things first. Are we all in agreement that information (claps the shoulder of Colonel Drewson) is our most important resource? Hmm? (He steps back and a soldier garrotes Drewson from behind as the others watch in shock).

David – Agreed? Good. Colonel Drewson shared intelligence about Gabriel’s aerie with Claire before he shared it with me.

Woman – There’s word out there that Gabriel’s aerie was bombed. Is that true?

David – Rumor, nothing more. Now I would like you to make sure that, uh, those floors of the Wynn are uninhabitable. (Puts hand on shoulder of another man)

Man – Consider it done.

David – Great. Have a good evening.

(Cronies leave quickly. The body is taken away.)

William (off screen) – Oh, Father.

(David turns around and picks up Drewson’s chair from the floor)

David – One example takes the place of a thousand truths.

William – Colonel Drewson was loyal to you. (We see him sitting in a chair with a fire behind him)

David – Not loyal enough. Claire is stronger than I thought, and bombing Gabriel will make her stronger still if the archangel died in the blast. The time is now. She must be discredited. (Takes out his handkerchief and wipes blood off table) Once the military have turned against her, I will be the clear successor.

William – Careful what you wish for, Daddy. It might bite you in the ass.

(Back in the woods, Noma and Alex come upon the eight-ball again, walking around as a normal human)

Noma – What the hell?

Pete (waving arms to flag them down) – Hey. People. Yeah!

(Noma and Alex run toward him, weapons drawn)

Noma – Hey, get down!

Alex – Hey, get down! Get down!

Pete – Okay, okay. (gets on knees with hands up)

Alex – Turn around.

Pete – Okay, okay. Oh, ow.

Alex – Let me see your eyes. (They are normal) He’s alive.

Pete – Of course I’m alive.

Alex – That’s never happened before.

Noma – He could still change back.

Pete – Change back? What are you talking about, lady?

Alex – Hey, hey, listen. Listen. 25 years ago, there was a war. Angels possessed humans, turned them into monsters that we call eight-balls. Up until a couple of hours ago, you were one of them.

Pete – Eight-balls?

Alex – Kid, what’s your name?

Pete – Uh, Pete. Pete.

Alex – Where are you from?

Pete – Missouri.

Alex – Pete, what’s the last thing you remember?

Pete – I w- I was having a burger after a hell of a day at work on the batteries. My my boss was being a dick. What are you talking about?

Alex – After a burger, you were possessed.

Pete – No, no, God, no. I just I woke up on the road, and I saw you guys.

Noma – You don’t recall him evicting the angel from you?

Pete – I’m human, like you.

Noma – If we leave now, we can make Delphi by sunset, but we have to go now.

Pete – You can’t leave me out here alone. If what you say is true, this is your fault.

Alex – My fault?

Pete – Yeah. An hour ago, at least I was an eight-ball or whatever you call it. If you leave me out here unarmed, no supplies, I won’t make it.

Alex (to Noma) – You said it yourself. It’s a game changer. It’s the first time this has happened. We have to learn more.

Pete – What, I’m an experiment now? No.

Alex – You’re lucky. And you’re important. Come on. (Noma looks worried as Alex leads Pete away. She lags behind and unfurls here wings to send a signal to Michael)

(Cut to the church. Michael senses something – Noma’s wings. He turns back to the altar, seemingly ignoring it)

(At what’s left of the aerie)

Gabriel – How bad?

Angel – Bad. Many of our brothers and sisters were killed. Our force is down 30%.

Gabriel – And my sister?

Angel – Can’t find Uriel’s body. The archangel was last seen in the lower tunnel.

Gabriel – And Alex?

Angel – He escaped with Noma.

Gabriel – I’m going to Vega and assess it for weaknesses. The time has come to burn this city to the ground.

Angel – What about Alex?

Gabriel – Alex can’t read the markings. He’s proven himself worthless to me. All I need is his skin.

(Gabriel flies off)

(Cut to Mallory. We see a good shot at their eternal bonfire.)

(Cut to Michael in the church. He is looking at a painting of the eternal fire. Wes walks in behind him.)

Wes – Where’d you get these? (Has Michael’s swords in his hand)

Michael (doesn’t turn around) – They were a gift.

Wes – From who?

Michael – My brother.

Wes (examining one of the swords) – Well, you ought to take better care of them. They got blood on them. What’d you kill?

Michael (looks over his shoulder, a sneer on his face) – Everything.

(We hear thunder)

Wes (cautiously) – There is something off about you. (Walks toward Michael pointing one of the swords at the angel) Your weird clothes. Your manner. (Looks Michael in the face) Ah. Your eyes. Cold. I don’t like it, and I don’t like you. And what the hell are you doing wandering around out there without any guns, just, just these swords? You’re either stupid, or you’re psychotic. And either one is not good for us. There is a storm coming, and I want you to leave. Now. (He has one sword against the side of Michael’s neck)

Michael (coldly) – You should be careful with those. (He pushes back Wes, who falls to his knees, and grabs both swords and places them in an X formation against Wes’s throat. He could decapitate Wes if he wanted to. But he doesn’t. Instead he pulls them away and we hear the cold slicing sound of steel on steel. With a fancy flourish he holsters his swords. Wes is breathing heavy. It was a threat, and an effective one.)

(The sound of thunder and then a bell ringing. Michael is concerned at the sound of a commotion outside. He goes to investigate, leaving Wes to run a hand along his throat and realize how close he came to dying)

(Outside a bad thunderstorm is raging. )

Man – There’s a big storm coming. Get them to the shelter. Got to keep that fire going.

Michael sees the ominous clouds overhead, and the fire, and the pouring rain. He has a grim expression on his face and slowly walks through the commotion ignoring it. He knows what’s really coming.

[indistinct shouting] Come on, let’s go! [thunder] Come on. Come on, let’s go.

Woman – The fire is going out!

Woman – Let’s get to the shelter.

Laurel – Come on. Get the kids and get to the shelter.

(Cut back to the opening of the episode, people running into the shelter)

(Outside Michael stands firm as an eight-ball climbs over a low wall, snarling. (in Lishepus) “Death”)

(Meanwhile, in Vega… a hotel is on fire. Claire is watching from a balcony, upset. Arika walks in.)

Claire – There’s a fire at the Wynn. Over a dozen people have been hurt, and two kids are critical. The floors I gave to the V-1s have been burned.

Arika – I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

Claire – Of course it’s not a coincidence. It never is. My father worked with David Whele for years, and in just three months, I am being suffocated by him. How am I supposed to change this city when he undermines or destroys everything I try and do?

Arika – Claire, I’ve spent enough time with you to know that I don’t need to answer that question for you.

Claire – No, you’re right. You don’t. How would you do it?

Arika – There might be a way, but it’s a risk. It could ruin you both. We’ll need one of the possessed.

(Back to Mallory. Men are desperately trying to put wood on the fire in the pouring rain.)

Man – Come on, guys. The rain’s putting the fire out.

Man – More wood!

(The same eight-ball stands on the wall and in Lishepus says “Kill them!” then jumps down. There are a number of eight-balls. One says “Kill the humans” while another says “The humans shall be conquered!”

People are running around, one man leads a horse into shelter. The eight-balls attack. Many are wearing masks on their faces. For some it just covers eyes.)

Man – The possessed are coming!

Eight-ball (in Lishepus) – Death to the humans!

(Michael is standing there watching the scene unfold in front of him.)

Laurel (comes up to him) – The fire is out, and the possessed are coming. Either stand with us or get out of the way. (She pumps her shotgun and starts killing eight-balls. General mayhem as hand-to-hand combat between townspeople and eight-balls begins. Shovels and sledge hammers are among the crude but effective weapons used).

(Back in the shelter, women and children are huddled together and crying.)

Daughter – Mommy, I’m scared.

Mother – It’s okay. God’s gonna protect us.

(Cut to Michael in the rain. He’s had enough. He opens up a can of Flood-style whoop-ass on the eight-balls. He is a killing machine. Wes is relegated to punching out eight-balls and gets injured. He falls to the ground, clutching his neck. Laurel watches the massacre in disbelief as Michael keeps decapitating the eight-balls. Suddenly the fire roars back to life and the remaining eight-balls are set on fire. They run away. Michael, Laurel, and the surviving townsfolk are amazed. Michael walks to the church. There are bloodstains all over his face. He looks around the church, especially at the ceiling.)

Michael – Father. Are you here? (Laurel walks in and looks at Michael in wonder)

(Cut to the woods near New Delphi. It is night, and Alex is using the light on his rifle to move safely)

Alex – Keep your eyes open. We’re getting close to New Delphi.

(He, Noma and Pete cautiously move through the woods. They come upon a decapitated angel corpse tied to a tree. The wings are outspread. The bare skull lies at its feet.)

Noma – That’s a higher angel, Alex. We’re hard to kill.

(Lishepus is heard – eight-balls are on the attack! We see several come over a ridge)

Noma – Run! (The three of them run as the eight-balls follow)

(Back to Vega, we see the burning hotel. Cut to House Whele. William is leaning on the balcony railing, watching the fire. David is standing behind him.)

William – I guess “uninhabitable” means “burn them alive” in Whele world. Another bad decision.

David – Acceptable losses. “Weak men wait for opportunities. Strong men make them.” You know who said that?” (pours drinks for he and William)

William – Weak men leave their son in the desert, lacking the guts to pull the trigger themselves.

David –Please don’t ruin my evening, William. (He brings two glasses out to the balcony)

William – Oh, I’m sorry, Father. Did I upset you? Let me try again. Thank you, Father, for leaving me with six bullets and two days worth of food in the middle of nowhere.

David – Why don’t you shut your goddamn mouth and toast with me? (He offers William a glass. William takes his glass)

William – You’re right. A toast. To cowards whom we all know die many times before their actual death.

David – You know, it’s unfortunate that even now you still fail to see why I am uncompromising in my pursuit of Vega. Today was a good day, William, whether you like it or not. So cheers. (David raises his glass and drinks. William turns around and we see a HUGE wound in the back of his head, and then he fades. He is a figment of David’s imagination. David has a vacant look in his eyes.)

(Back to Noma et al. trying to escape the eight-balls. These eight-balls are carrying guns. Guns fire and trap Noma, Alex, and Pete in electrified nets.)

Huge Lishepus speaking Male eight-ball approaches, holding a weapon of some sort [looks like a big old fashioned razor].

The End