“Heirs of Salvation” (Episode 2.1) Detailed Transcript

“Heirs of Salvation” Dominion Episode 2.1 (original airing date 7/9/15)

Based on the closed caption transcript found at http://www.springfieldspringfield.co.uk/view_episode_scripts.php?tv-show=dominion-2014&episode=s02e01

Note: This is a 64 minute original broadcast of  the episode. There are some differences with the 60 minute rebroadcast. A separate transcript of the rebroadcast will be posted in a few days. The 64 minute premiere is missing two lines from the intro – these are noted here.

Enjoy! This was a labor of love.


(It is night and raining heavily. Women and children hurry into an underground storm shelter. They huddle together, crying is heard.)

Daughter – Mommy, I’m scared. (Mother bends down to comfort her. From outside we hear eight-balls speaking Lishepus. Mother stands up and goes to door, which has a small slit that one can look through. She peers through.)

(Eight-balls are attacking a small village. It is pouring rain, and Michael is walking around with his swords drawn)

Mother – So am I.

(Then Michael starts attacking the eight-balls as the mother watches. Suddenly an eight-ball mouth presses against the door slit and the mother backs away)

Daughter – Are we all gonna die?

(Cut to snow-capped mountains. Caption says “Two days earlier.” It’s Gabriel’s aerie. We see many candles lit and hear a constant clacking noise. Camera pans over a Newton’s cradle. Alex is laying on rock steps, dirty, sweaty, shirtless. His arms are widespread as in a crucifixion.)

Gabriel (obviously not pleased) – Again.

Alex (looking at arms) – They haven’t moved since I left Vega. No words, no symbols. Nothing. They stopped communicating.
(We see that on the top of the stairs Noma is being held by the arms by several angels.)

Gabriel – My father had a name for me, one you couldn’t comprehend. I think the closest example would be the Latin equus. It meant his calm one. And of my brothers and sisters, it was true. I was the reasonable one, the patient one. (Alex stands up and faces Gabriel) Michael, we all know about him, don’t we? Tempest in a bottle. Uriel, well, truthfully, she’s crazy. [chuckles] But these last few months with you, Alex, have tested that patience because I know you’re lying. And how many times do I have to tell you? These markings are mine. A message from my father. (We see pages of drawings of the markings hung up on a wall) With those, I’ll bring him back.

Alex – As long as you honor our deal, I’m here.

Gabriel – Maybe the deal was premature. Maybe sparing Claire, Vega, your unborn baby was too much to offer. (Close-up to Noma’s face. It is obvious she had no idea about the baby)

Alex – If you ever threaten them again, you can find someone else to help you with your daddy issues.

Gabriel – Finally, some life in the boy yet.

(Alex is pacing around. He’s tired of this game. Suddenly Alex feels something. His tattoos seem to move. There is one in particular on his right arm. A circular line and a small black circle that seems to follow the trace of the larger curve. Noma and Gabriel both watch with interest. It is Alex’s sanctifying arm. He reaches out the arm and moves toward the drawings.)

Noma – Alex, don’t tell him.

(Alex picks up one of the many lit candles, extinguishes the flame, and uses the wax to draw on a dark surface.)

Gabriel (to one of his angels) – Find Uriel. She should see this.

(Alex draws a smiley face. He turns to Gabriel, smirks and chuckles .)

Alex – Maybe it means your dad is happy right where he is. I can’t read them. But if you so much as look at Vega, you’ll never get a thing from me.

Gabriel – Well, that’s a shame. Pin her wings.

(Two angels drag Noma down the steps)

Noma – No! Let go of me!

Alex (grabbed by another angel) – Hey, come on!

(Two of Gabriel’s thugs drag her to a table and put her down face-first. They take a huge spike and drive it into her shoulder blade with a hammer. She screams in pain)

Alex – Noma!

Gabriel (coldly) – I’m done waiting, Alex.

(Suddenly the sound of a plane overhead. Everyone looks up at the ceiling. The candles start to shake. We see the bomb doors open on Helena’s one remaining B-52. A bomb is dropped (very reminiscent of Dr. Strangelove, but sans Slim Pickens.) We see a night vision view of a fireball coming out of the entrance to the aerie. It is on a screen in the Vega control room. Arika is standing with Claire. Claire looks at the screen and she doesn’t look happy. She knows Alex is there. Applause breaks out)

Arika – You did it, Claire.

(Dominion logo. Picture of spinning earth and a new opening voiceover with various clips from Season 1 in the background)

Claire (voiceover) – 25 years ago, God disappeared. The archangel Gabriel decided he must destroy mankind to bring God back (Pudding massacre). But the archangel Michael stood against his brother and fought on the side of humanity (Michael fighting Furiad, being caressed by Rebecca). The war continues. Some higher angels supported Michael, but the entire lower rank of angels joined Gabriel (Furiad, Gabriel’s orgy). And they couldn’t visit Earth without a body, so they stole ours (Clementine’s eviction). Because of their black eyes we call them eight-balls (Eight-balls from “Pilot” and teacher). Then came whispers of a chosen child (baby in hands statue).

Alex – I’m no savior.

Michael – You are. It’s up to you to decipher the tattoos. (Alex’s tattoos) They will lay out the path through which mankind can be redeemed and Gabriel and his legions pushed back (Gabriel, Furiad, angel hoard leaving aerie).

Claire – The survivors built strongholds, (map with New Delphi and Vega shown) each with their own new social order

(Stratosphere, Welcome to Vega sign). We created the V-system so that everyone had a job to do. But they have no way out.

[There are an additional two lines in the rebroadcast that do not appear in the premiere:

Riesen – Vega has the capability to make a castrophic bomb

Arika – And Helena has the B-52 to drop it on Gabriel’s compound]

Gabriel (water park scene only found in Blu ray) – Come with me, Alex. Together, we’ll bring Father back.

Claire – (Alex standing at entrance to aerie) I am now the Lady of the City. Alex, the Chosen One, has disappeared. (Michael killing Rebecca) And our archangel protector, Michael, turned against mankind and abandoned Vega. (Michael flying)

(Shot of Vega skyline. David enters House Riesen. Claire is sitting on her couch)

David – You bombed Gabriel’s aerie.

Claire – Yes. Morning, David. It was my call.

David – And?

Claire – We’re waiting on a visual confirmation from Arika’s plane, but we believe it was a direct hit.

David – As Consul, I should have been notified.

Claire – With Michael gone, we’re a city without an archangel. That leaves us vulnerable to attack. So when the intel said that Gabriel was in the aerie, I took the shot. It’s that simple.

David – It’s never that simple. Something your father understood. Let me explain. If, for any reason, Gabriel was not killed, you just hit the hornet’s nest, honey. We’ll all pay for it.

Claire – Let me explain something to you. My father isn’t here. I am. So back to running commerce, David. It’s what you’re good at when you’re not interfering with my plans for the city.

David – Oh, like your plans to give away three floors of the Wynn to the V-1s? Genius.

Claire – We need to take care of all the people within this city. Not just the upper Vs like you and your cronies.

David – Your father hated me too, but he knew I was a necessary evil. He had the military. I run the city. Two halves of a whole. You need me too, Claire. You just don’t know it yet.

Claire (with much attitude) – Yeah? Enlighten me.

David – Well, if you’d enlightened me about the bombing, I would have told you I had men watching the aerie. I would have told you that Alex Lannon was in there with Gabriel. When you bombed Gabriel, you killed Alex. (He pulls a picture out of an envelope and hands to Claire. It is of Alex standing at the entrance to the aerie.) Sorry to be the one to tell you, Claire. (He walks away)

Claire (coldly as she pours herself water) – I know. You said it yourself, David. I have the military. All intel comes to me. I’m the daughter of General Riesen. The army is still loyal to me. Not you (she smiles slightly. David pauses, then leaves. After he shuts the door, Claire’s expression turns sad. She looks at the picture and then goes to an old book, in which she has hidden Alex’s letter to their unborn child. She reads it).

Alex (voiceover) – I do this to give you what I never had. A normal life. A family. Happiness. Things in short supply. I love you more than you’ll ever know.

(Claire returns it to the envelope and then places a hand on her stomach. She is heartbroken)

(Meanwhile, the aerie lies in smoking ruins. Inside Alex awakens to find he is under an angel wing – Noma’s one unpinned wing to be exact)

Alex – Nomes, you’re going to be all right. Just lie still. (He pulls out the stake and she grunts in pain)

(Alex walks around and sees the ceiling has come down on many angels. He finds his shirt. He sees Gabriel lying on the floor, groggy. He raises a dagger to stab Gabriel but is tackled by Furiad. Furiad draws his blade but before he can kill Alex we see a blade thrust through his back – Noma’s. Alex tries to attack Gabriel again but Noma stops him. Another angel is threatening them.)

Noma – Alex, no! No! – No! – We gotta go! (she pulls him away)

(Cut to a peaceful isolated beach – except for the airplane half-buried in the sand. Michael is having a bath in the surf, wings unfurled. He is not alone. A woman watches him. Their eyes meet, she then leaves and he continues bathing.)

(Cut to Alex and Noma trudging through the tall grass in the landscape just out of the mountains. We still see smoke pouring out of the aerie. They make it to a forest.)

Alex – That bomb changes everything.

Noma – We should head straight for Vega.

Alex – No, I’m not leading Gabriel back to Claire. New Delphi’s half the distance. We’ll go there.

Noma – New Delphi? Michael told me to stay away.

Alex – That’s why we’re going. If Michael’s nervous about New Delphi, there’s a reason. They have an army. One I can help join Vega against Gabriel.

Noma – Oh, you’re just gonna march in there and demand an army? Who’s going to listen to you?

Alex – Oh, I’ll make them listen. (They come around the corner of a dirt road and we see a well camouflaged truck) There she is.

Noma – This is a bad plan. Michael –

Alex – I don’t give a damn about Michael. (Pulls covers off truck)

Noma – Alex, he watched over you your whole life. Why are you acting like this? I’ll use my wings to call him. We need him.

Alex – Don’t. Hey, don’t. (He tosses her a canteen of water. Gets his own from the truck) Look, I don’t know why these markings were given to me or what they mean. But I can’t wait for them to reveal a master plan because, by then, everyone I care about will be dead. But Gabriel made me realize I have something everybody wants. Maybe the people in New Delphi want it too.

Noma – You can’t find the keys, can you?

Alex (rummaging around) – Yeah, I can find them. I hid them. But I can use that. I can use the fact that I’m the Chosen One to get an army. Claire and Vega need my help, and I’m going to get it for them. (He finds keys and rattles them at Noma) Listen, Michael warned you about New Delphi. I don’t know what that means, so I can’t ask you to do this with me.

Noma – Not a chance in hell I’m not going with you, so don’t even start.

(Alex tries to start the truck but it sputters)

Noma – I bet it won’t start.

(Engine starts)

Alex (smiles at Noma. Raises his hand as if to do a high five) – Give me some.

(She ignores it and walks to the passenger side)

(On the beach, Michael is asleep and having bad dreams of things that, unfortunately, did happen)

Becca (voiceover) – Michael. Michael.

(We see violent scenes – Babylonian Flood Michael, then menacing Gabriel with a sword, killing soldiers in Becca’s lab, killing Louis, whipping Alex, kissing Becca, killing Becca)

Alex (voiceover) – Michael, what have you done? (Michael awakens with a start beside a dying campfire. As he reholsters his swords he hears singing as he looks out over the waves. Cut to him landing and retracting his wings, slowing walking to a farming community – complete with cows – from which the singing appears to be emanating. He sees eight-balls are also watching the community with interest. They are muttering to each other in Lishepus. “Death to the humans. “The humans are close.” “Death to the humans.” Michael walks toward the settlement)

(Back to the Alex and Noma traveling road show; their truck comes to a stop on top of a half-buried skeleton – foreshadowing. The truck does not sound happy)

Alex – It’s the damn radiator. I can rig it. We just need to find some tape in that school. (We see an old bus and a school)

(As Alex and Noma cautiously enter deserted school we see a flashback to what happened there. Young kids are in classroom dutifully watching a teacher write on the board. She is writing over and over again “Don’t let it in.” Her finger bends in an unnatural way. She turns around to the class – she is an eight-ball. The children scream and run away. The now-ruined classroom is an eerie site. The children’s handprints are still on a poster on the wall but desks and chairs are overturned and broken. Alex sees the writing on the chalkboard – literally the writing on the wall of what happened here.)

Alex – Let’s get what we came here for and get out of here.

(In a much happier place, two young girls kicking around a ball as we hear the singing in the background. Michael comes around the corner and another girl at a lemonade stand is alarmed. She runs to her mother)

Girl – Stranger!

(A man on a wagon being drawn by a donkey/mule goes right by Michael)

Girl (running) – Mommy, it’s a stranger!

(We see there is a large bonfire in the center of town with a strange structure in the middle of it. Next door a church bell rings. Michael looks at the structure of the bonfire. It is a human figure with its arms raised up to heaven. A woman – Laurel – and several men (the first of whom is Wes) come out of the church. They are armed and not happy to see Michael).

Man – Grab your weapon.

(Wes walks up to Michael and points a gun in the angel’s face. Michael is calm. Laurel cautiously approaches him and puts a hand on Wes’s raised arm).

Laurel – It’s okay. (Wes lowers his gun)

Michael – What is this place?

Laurel – We’ll talk. (She holds out a hand) Your weapons.

(Wes walks over to Michael. Michael puts out his hands and allows Wes to remove the swords.)

(Back at the school, there is a skull in the hallway as Noma and Alex walk through, and then they turn around as an eight-ball scurries across the ceiling. They enter an office and Alex rummages around in a cabinet)

Noma – I had no idea Claire was pregnant.

Alex – How could you?

Noma – I don’t know. Must have been hard to leave them.

Alex (doesn’t respond. Finds some bandage tape) – This will do. (They hear noises above them) Let’s get out of here.
(Back in the Vega Control Room)

Woman pilot – Vega Control, this is Helena One. We have a visual. It’s confirmed. Target has been destroyed. (We see smoke coming from entrance to aerie. David, Claire, and Arika are looking on)

David – Well I’m impressed, Claire. What can I say?

Pilot – Hold. Movement on the ground. Did you see that? What? Vega Control, we are under attack! (Angels fly up to plane. Screen goes to static. Screams are heard, then nothing. David gives Claire the look of death).

(At school eight-balls are heard in the ventilation ducts in the ceiling and then burst through)

Alex (to Noma) – Get out!

(Many eight-balls attack)

Noma – Go fix the truck.

Alex – I’m not leaving you.

Noma – Alex, no. I got this. (She pushes him out the door)

(As Alex puts tape on the radiator hose, Noma fires at the eight-balls)

Noma (off screen) – Alex! (We see her running for the truck)

Alex (tries to start truck) – Come on, come on.

(He gets it to start and drives over to Noma, but there are eight-balls on her trail, so she steps aside so Alex can run them down. Others come out, many wearing hoodies and masks. Alex runs them down, too. Very graphically. He drives back to pick up Noma)

Alex – Get in. You okay?

Noma – Yeah, yeah, let’s go.

(A hoard of eight-balls is now running toward them. As they drive off, one is clinging to their rear bumper).

(Back in the Vega Control room, David Whele is not amused, and letting Claire know it.)

David – Why else do you dig a hole in a mountain and hide? Because it makes you hard to kill. Of course angels got out.

Claire – Yes, but did Gabriel?

David – Oh, you mean the archangel Gabriel? My money’s on yes.

Arika – You don’t know that, David.

David – Shut it! We are here because of your psychosis. And you will be held responsible.

Claire – I accept that.

David – You silly little girl. You have absolutely no idea what you’ve done, do you? If we ever survive whatever hell you’ve unleashed, I will make damn sure we never suffer any more of your mistakes.

Claire (to a soldier) – Put the wall on alert and make sure we’re watching the desert for any signs of attack.

Soldier – Yes, Lady Riesen.

(Back in the Boondocks, they even have chickens. Several armed men walk Michael up to Laurel’s porch)

Laurel – What’s your name?

Michael – Michael.

Laurel – Where are you from?

Michael – Up north.

Laurel – Well, Michael, you’re making the men with guns nervous. Please, sit.

Michael (sitting) – How does this town exist?

Laurel – What do you mean?

Michael – There are no defenses, untrained sentries exposed at either end of town, a meager security force. Even with your weapons, the fact that you’ve survived out here alone all these years is impossible.

Wes – Hey. We’re asking the questions.

Laurel – Our Father protects us. As long as the fire burns, He keeps us safe. The rest of the world may believe He’s gone, but in Mallory, Alabama, God’s very much alive.

(Michael stands up and the armed men get more nervous)

Laurel – Everyone take it easy.

Michael – I haven’t seen a church like that in a very long time. (Walks past the bonfire and into the church, with Laurel and the armed men in tow

Wes – We don’t know anything about him. Remember your duty. We don’t have time for this.

Laurel – But he’s from the outside world. Something we know so little about. What if he’s a sign that we should know more?

Wes – He’s an omen and a bad one.

Laurel – He’s a man without weapons in God’s house. What harm is there in that?

(Michael walks up to the altar. There are many candles lit and symbols from most world religions, including a menorah, Buddha head, Virgin Mary and a simple painting showing townspeople and the bonfire. He sees the Chosen One baby statue. )

(Back on the road, the truck has overheated.)

Alex – Ugh. We’re gonna have to hike the rest of the way. (Suddenly he is grabbed by the ankles by the eight-ball and dragged to the ground. Noma gets out of the truck but can’t get a clear shot)

Noma – Alex, get out of the way.

Alex – Sanctify this vessel. (He then starts speaking in another language) Protect this body and soul. Sanctify. (Back to English) Sanctify this vessel (The tattoo draws that long line again with the black dot. The ink flows onto the skin of the eight-ball and he dies. Noma and Alex both look in shock at the body)

Noma – What the hell you just do?

Alex – I don’t know. It was an eviction, but that felt different.

Noma – An eviction?

Alex – This marking felt like it made the eviction stronger.

Noma – Okay, how how how did you learn to do evictions?

Alex – Yeah. Okay.

Noma (very unnerved) – Sorry.

Alex – From the Book of Apocrypha.

Noma – I didn’t think it was possible.

Alex – Well, it isn’t. At least it doesn’t always work. Best case, I can drive the angel possession out, but the human body always dies.

Noma – He’s dead, all right. In a world of eight-balls, you just became the most dangerous man alive.

(As Noma and Alex walk away, the eight-ball sits up, gasping for air)

(A view of the village. In the church Michael looks lost. Laurel walks in)

Laurel – You don’t hear our Father’s voice, do you?

Michael – No.

Laurel – Mallory was founded by people of many religious beliefs. All spiritual refugees who felt their flawed faith had driven our Father away. So it was decided we needed a new faith, a new way to communicate with Him. And ours was created: one of singing, service, and sacrifice. That’s when He first spoke to us. These serve as reminders of what was.

Michael – What do you know about that statue? (Chosen one)

Laurel – That? That’s the Chosen One. Story goes that before He disappeared, our Father planted a single seed of hope, a baby in a world ravaged by war. A world where angels would attempt to exterminate man. That baby was the last pure heart. He would grow into a man and be tested. If he could overcome those tests, he would become the healer of angels and mankind. And if he couldn’t, he would become their destroyer. As he is judged, so shall all others.

Michael – I’ve never heard it told quite like that before.

Laurel – You’ve heard the story?

Michael – Oh, yeah. Where did you learn about it?

Laurel – Our Father.

Michael – You say He left. How is He still here?

Laurel – One of the great mysteries. (She walks away)

(Vega – House Whele. Claire and Arika are having a heart-to-heart. Arika is drinking. Claire has water.)

Claire – How far are we willing to go to survive? I just killed Alex to save a city of strangers.

Arika – A city that protects most of what’s left of the human race. You made the right call. None of us will ever be safe until all the angels are dead. Emotions can be dangerous, Claire. So can David Whele. Don’t underestimate him.

Claire – David’s a snake, but he likes his own comfort too much. He’s not going to do anything to jeopardize that.

(Cut to House Whele – a board room. David is holding court with his cronies and a few loyal soldiers)

David (pacing around) – The Lady of the City decides to give a few floors of the Wynn to the V-1s. Then what? MGM? Circus Circus? Bally’s? Everything we have worked for is going to go away if that little bitch and her harpy from Helena have their way. We’ll all end up hanging by our entrails from the Stratosphere or certainly under Gabriel’s heel because of their incompetence. She must be removed. But first things first. Are we all in agreement that information (claps the shoulder of Colonel Drewson) is our most important resource? Hmm? (He steps back and a soldier garrotes Drewson from behind as the others watch in shock).

David – Agreed? Good. Colonel Drewson shared intelligence about Gabriel’s aerie with Claire before he shared it with me.

Woman – There’s word out there that Gabriel’s aerie was bombed. Is that true?

David – Rumor, nothing more. Now I would like you to make sure that, uh, those floors of the Wynn are uninhabitable. (Puts hand on shoulder of another man)

Man – Consider it done.

David – Great. Have a good evening.

(Cronies leave quickly. The body is taken away.)

William (off screen) – Oh, Father.

(David turns around and picks up Drewson’s chair from the floor)

David – One example takes the place of a thousand truths.

William – Colonel Drewson was loyal to you. (We see him sitting in a chair with a fire behind him)

David – Not loyal enough. Claire is stronger than I thought, and bombing Gabriel will make her stronger still if the archangel died in the blast. The time is now. She must be discredited. (Takes out his handkerchief and wipes blood off table) Once the military have turned against her, I will be the clear successor.

William – Careful what you wish for, Daddy. It might bite you in the ass.

(Back in the woods, Noma and Alex come upon the eight-ball again, walking around as a normal human)

Noma – What the hell?

Pete (waving arms to flag them down) – Hey. People. Yeah!

(Noma and Alex run toward him, weapons drawn)

Noma – Hey, get down!

Alex – Hey, get down! Get down!

Pete – Okay, okay. (gets on knees with hands up)

Alex – Turn around.

Pete – Okay, okay. Oh, ow.

Alex – Let me see your eyes. (They are normal) He’s alive.

Pete – Of course I’m alive.

Alex – That’s never happened before.

Noma – He could still change back.

Pete – Change back? What are you talking about, lady?

Alex – Hey, hey, listen. Listen. 25 years ago, there was a war. Angels possessed humans, turned them into monsters that we call eight-balls. Up until a couple of hours ago, you were one of them.

Pete – Eight-balls?

Alex – Kid, what’s your name?

Pete – Uh, Pete. Pete.

Alex – Where are you from?

Pete – Missouri.

Alex – Pete, what’s the last thing you remember?

Pete – I w- I was having a burger after a hell of a day at work on the batteries. My my boss was being a dick. What are you talking about?

Alex – After a burger, you were possessed.

Pete – No, no, God, no. I just I woke up on the road, and I saw you guys.

Noma – You don’t recall him evicting the angel from you?

Pete – I’m human, like you.

Noma – If we leave now, we can make Delphi by sunset, but we have to go now.

Pete – You can’t leave me out here alone. If what you say is true, this is your fault.

Alex – My fault?

Pete – Yeah. An hour ago, at least I was an eight-ball or whatever you call it. If you leave me out here unarmed, no supplies, I won’t make it.

Alex (to Noma) – You said it yourself. It’s a game changer. It’s the first time this has happened. We have to learn more.

Pete – What, I’m an experiment now? No.

Alex – You’re lucky. And you’re important. Come on. (Noma looks worried as Alex leads Pete away. She lags behind and unfurls here wings to send a signal to Michael)

(Cut to the church. Michael senses something – Noma’s wings. He turns back to the altar, seemingly ignoring it)

(At what’s left of the aerie)

Gabriel – How bad?

Angel – Bad. Many of our brothers and sisters were killed. Our force is down 30%.

Gabriel – And my sister?

Angel – Can’t find Uriel’s body. The archangel was last seen in the lower tunnel.

Gabriel – And Alex?

Angel – He escaped with Noma.

Gabriel – I’m going to Vega and assess it for weaknesses. The time has come to burn this city to the ground.

Angel – What about Alex?

Gabriel – Alex can’t read the markings. He’s proven himself worthless to me. All I need is his skin.

(Gabriel flies off)

(Cut to Mallory. We see a good shot at their eternal bonfire.)

(Cut to Michael in the church. He is looking at a painting of the eternal fire. Wes walks in behind him.)

Wes – Where’d you get these? (Has Michael’s swords in his hand)

Michael (doesn’t turn around) – They were a gift.

Wes – From who?

Michael – My brother.

Wes (examining one of the swords) – Well, you ought to take better care of them. They got blood on them. What’d you kill?

Michael (looks over his shoulder, a sneer on his face) – Everything.

(We hear thunder)

Wes (cautiously) – There is something off about you. (Walks toward Michael pointing one of the swords at the angel) Your weird clothes. Your manner. (Looks Michael in the face) Ah. Your eyes. Cold. I don’t like it, and I don’t like you. And what the hell are you doing wandering around out there without any guns, just, just these swords? You’re either stupid, or you’re psychotic. And either one is not good for us. There is a storm coming, and I want you to leave. Now. (He has one sword against the side of Michael’s neck)

Michael (coldly) – You should be careful with those. (He pushes back Wes, who falls to his knees, and grabs both swords and places them in an X formation against Wes’s throat. He could decapitate Wes if he wanted to. But he doesn’t. Instead he pulls them away and we hear the cold slicing sound of steel on steel. With a fancy flourish he holsters his swords. Wes is breathing heavy. It was a threat, and an effective one.)

(The sound of thunder and then a bell ringing. Michael is concerned at the sound of a commotion outside. He goes to investigate, leaving Wes to run a hand along his throat and realize how close he came to dying)

(Outside a bad thunderstorm is raging. )

Man – There’s a big storm coming. Get them to the shelter. Got to keep that fire going.

Michael sees the ominous clouds overhead, and the fire, and the pouring rain. He has a grim expression on his face and slowly walks through the commotion ignoring it. He knows what’s really coming.

[indistinct shouting] Come on, let’s go! [thunder] Come on. Come on, let’s go.

Woman – The fire is going out!

Woman – Let’s get to the shelter.

Laurel – Come on. Get the kids and get to the shelter.

(Cut back to the opening of the episode, people running into the shelter)

(Outside Michael stands firm as an eight-ball climbs over a low wall, snarling. (in Lishepus) “Death”)

(Meanwhile, in Vega… a hotel is on fire. Claire is watching from a balcony, upset. Arika walks in.)

Claire – There’s a fire at the Wynn. Over a dozen people have been hurt, and two kids are critical. The floors I gave to the V-1s have been burned.

Arika – I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

Claire – Of course it’s not a coincidence. It never is. My father worked with David Whele for years, and in just three months, I am being suffocated by him. How am I supposed to change this city when he undermines or destroys everything I try and do?

Arika – Claire, I’ve spent enough time with you to know that I don’t need to answer that question for you.

Claire – No, you’re right. You don’t. How would you do it?

Arika – There might be a way, but it’s a risk. It could ruin you both. We’ll need one of the possessed.

(Back to Mallory. Men are desperately trying to put wood on the fire in the pouring rain.)

Man – Come on, guys. The rain’s putting the fire out.

Man – More wood!

(The same eight-ball stands on the wall and in Lishepus says “Kill them!” then jumps down. There are a number of eight-balls. One says “Kill the humans” while another says “The humans shall be conquered!”

People are running around, one man leads a horse into shelter. The eight-balls attack. Many are wearing masks on their faces. For some it just covers eyes.)

Man – The possessed are coming!

Eight-ball (in Lishepus) – Death to the humans!

(Michael is standing there watching the scene unfold in front of him.)

Laurel (comes up to him) – The fire is out, and the possessed are coming. Either stand with us or get out of the way. (She pumps her shotgun and starts killing eight-balls. General mayhem as hand-to-hand combat between townspeople and eight-balls begins. Shovels and sledge hammers are among the crude but effective weapons used).

(Back in the shelter, women and children are huddled together and crying.)

Daughter – Mommy, I’m scared.

Mother – It’s okay. God’s gonna protect us.

(Cut to Michael in the rain. He’s had enough. He opens up a can of Flood-style whoop-ass on the eight-balls. He is a killing machine. Wes is relegated to punching out eight-balls and gets injured. He falls to the ground, clutching his neck. Laurel watches the massacre in disbelief as Michael keeps decapitating the eight-balls. Suddenly the fire roars back to life and the remaining eight-balls are set on fire. They run away. Michael, Laurel, and the surviving townsfolk are amazed. Michael walks to the church. There are bloodstains all over his face. He looks around the church, especially at the ceiling.)

Michael – Father. Are you here? (Laurel walks in and looks at Michael in wonder)

(Cut to the woods near New Delphi. It is night, and Alex is using the light on his rifle to move safely)

Alex – Keep your eyes open. We’re getting close to New Delphi.

(He, Noma and Pete cautiously move through the woods. They come upon a decapitated angel corpse tied to a tree. The wings are outspread. The bare skull lies at its feet.)

Noma – That’s a higher angel, Alex. We’re hard to kill.

(Lishepus is heard – eight-balls are on the attack! We see several come over a ridge)

Noma – Run! (The three of them run as the eight-balls follow)

(Back to Vega, we see the burning hotel. Cut to House Whele. William is leaning on the balcony railing, watching the fire. David is standing behind him.)

William – I guess “uninhabitable” means “burn them alive” in Whele world. Another bad decision.

David – Acceptable losses. “Weak men wait for opportunities. Strong men make them.” You know who said that?” (pours drinks for he and William)

William – Weak men leave their son in the desert, lacking the guts to pull the trigger themselves.

David –Please don’t ruin my evening, William. (He brings two glasses out to the balcony)

William – Oh, I’m sorry, Father. Did I upset you? Let me try again. Thank you, Father, for leaving me with six bullets and two days worth of food in the middle of nowhere.

David – Why don’t you shut your goddamn mouth and toast with me? (He offers William a glass. William takes his glass)

William – You’re right. A toast. To cowards whom we all know die many times before their actual death.

David – You know, it’s unfortunate that even now you still fail to see why I am uncompromising in my pursuit of Vega. Today was a good day, William, whether you like it or not. So cheers. (David raises his glass and drinks. William turns around and we see a HUGE wound in the back of his head, and then he fades. He is a figment of David’s imagination. David has a vacant look in his eyes.)

(Back to Noma et al. trying to escape the eight-balls. These eight-balls are carrying guns. Guns fire and trap Noma, Alex, and Pete in electrified nets.)

Huge Lishepus speaking Male eight-ball approaches, holding a weapon of some sort [looks like a big old fashioned razor].

The End


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