Detailed transcript for “Ouroboros” (1.7)

Detailed transcript for Episode 1.7, “Ouroboros.” Initially broadcast on July 31, 2014.

Version 1.1, 10/30/2014

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Note: “GLouis” refers to lines spoken by Louis’s body when Gabriel possesses him, whether the audience sees the POV of outsiders seeing Louis or the audience sees Gabriel himself speaking the lines.

Voiceover: Previously on Dominion

Michael: Our brother’s learned a new trick. He knows how to possess the lower angels.

Gabriel: Does the child know about your colorful past?

Michael: Is that a threat?

Michael: I need your help, Louis. I understand you not wanting to go against your fellow angel.
Stand with me or leave Vega.

David: These angel-worshiping traitors when I find them, I will end them.

William: My acolytes need protecting at all costs.

Claire: As soon as this wedding is over, you’re gonna step down.

Alex: That isn’t just any eightball in there. That’s Claire’s mother. I’ve read the texts. I know about evictions.

Clementine: Shut your mouth!

Alex: Sanctify this vessel.

Clare: Do something!

Alex: Michael!

Michael: I can’t. No one can.

Claire suffocating Clementine


Subtitles: Babylonian Desert, 1900 BC

We see remains of a great battle. Smoke rising, bloody bodies and body parts as far as the eye can see. A massive slaughter has taken place. A young boy wakes up amidst the horror and begins to run. An angel flies overhead and lands. It is Michael, in Babylonian armor. His hair is long and matted. He extends a bloody hand to the boy and speaks in an unknown language.

Michael (subtitled): Don’t be afraid. [He smiles at the boy.]

The boy reaches out his hand to take Michael’s.

Cut to Gabriel’s aerie. Gabriel walks in and pours himself a drink.

Gabriel: Give me the room. [His angels leave as he takes a drink. He takes off his sword, resting it by the side of his chair, and settles into the seat. He loosens up, waving his hand to an unknown music as if conducting an orchestra.] Little pig, little pig

Cut to the Vega market.

Louis: This old V-5 lady, she gives me 100 chip

Customer: for a half-dozen peaches? Must be good peaches.

Louis: Well, she thought it was a 10. When I go to correct her – [cut back to Gabriel’s aerie]

Gabriel: Little pig let me in.

Louis: to rip [Louis stiffens up, as if having a mild seizure, and begins to breathe heavily]

[Gabriel opens his eyes and then we see Louis starting to catch his breath as he looks at his own hand. Gabriel has possessed Louis.]

Customer: Louis? Louis, you okay?

[Glouis picks up a peach and smells it. We see Gabriel there instead of Louis]

GLouis: Never better. I don’t know what came over me.

Customer: You work too hard.

GLouis: Mmm. You’re right. I think I have earned some “Me Time,” haven’t I? [Bites peach]

Cut to outside Vega, what looks like abandoned trailers. Two rotted/mummified corpses are sitting in lawn chairs. They committed suicide long ago. We hear a commotion inside one trailer, like someone is rifling around looking for something. We see it is a male eight-ball. He laughs and emerges with a pack of cigarettes.]

Dirge: I win. [He puts one in his mouth and tosses one of the corpses out of a chair to sit down. He takes out a match and strikes it against the other corpse’s head to light it. He relishes the first drag.]

Michael (off camera): Those things will kill you.

Dirge laughs at Michael.

Cut to the outskirts of Vega, an abandoned building with the sign “Nude & XXX Shop.” Alex has Dirge chained up and locked in a peep show booth inside. Dirge is growling and generally displeased.

Alex: Sanctify this vessel. [Michael sits nearby, holding the Apocrypha]

Dirge: Don’t you know who I am?

Alex: Your name is Jonathan Reese.

Dirge: His name is Jonathan Reese. My name –

Alex: Dirge, we know.

Dirge: Ha ha ha ha!

Alex: Sanctify this vessel.

Michael: Perhaps the Apocrypha. [He offers the book to Alex]

Alex: I don’t need to read the damn book anymore.

Michael: Says who?

Alex: Says the markings.

Michael: You might have told me that. That signifies progress.

Alex: Yeah, and I’m trying to build on that progress. Save human lives. [more softly] Sanctify this vessel.

Dirge (mocking): Sanctify this vessel.

Alex gets frustrated and kicks furniture.

Michael: I applaud your enthusiasm, but overconfidence is a trap.

Alex: I know how this works. I burned the angel out of Claire’s mom.

Michael: Clementine was a unique case. For want of a better word, she was domesticated by the General. It might have had an effect.

Alex: Yeah, well, what about this one? [reaches down into a pile and pulls out a driver’s license and hands to Michael] Florida. Wasn’t anywhere near domesticated. Brought him back to the surface for five minutes.

Michael: Five minutes, and then he went into convulsions and died. And these are the only ones who carried I.D.s. [Grabs another one of the licenses] What about Nevada? I believe I was out when you worked on her.

Alex: Yeah, you don’t want to know about Nevada.

Michael: Yes, I do.

Alex: Snapped her own neck before I could finish.

Michael: Spiritual matters have never been an exact science.

Alex (referring to Dirge): He’s a lost cause, isn’t he? This poor son of a bitch.

Michael: Don’t pity him. Those who knew the body have long since mourned.

Alex (picks up his gun and points it at Dirge): Sorry.

Dirge: Oh, are you?

Alex: Wasn’t talking to you, Dirge. (He shoots the eightball through the glass)

Michael: I agreed to let you hone your skills, but this is becoming a fool’s errand.

Alex: Better a fool who tries and fails than a coward who sits around and does nothing. (he laughs) We’ve been hanging out too much.

Michael: You can’t keep doing this to yourself.

Alex: I can, and I will until I get it right.

Cut to House Whele. David is in bed, nursing his broken rips. William is trying to get his father to eat soup.

William: You have to eat.

David: You’re insane.

William: You need your strength.

David: Worshiping Gabriel, that despicable piece of shit.

William: I’m looking out for myself, okay? Something you taught me from a very young age. And now I’m looking out for you.

David: Don’t patronize me.

William: I’m trying to save you.

David: That’s what I used to tell people on TV, usually accompanied by a 1-800 number.

William opens up David’s shirt, exposing a very red, nasty bruise.

William: Yes, but I’m not you, am I, Father? Because I’m telling the truth. [He begins to rub ointment on the bruise. His father winces in pain] When the end comes there will be humans who are spared, and the ones I care about will be among them.

David: I’m not of your acolytes, and I never will be.

William: I teach one thing. That the chosen one will save us.

David: Oh, please. [He slowly sits up and swings his legs out of bed]

William: But my sheep from the savior church don’t need to know their time is near. They’re comforted by those words. But we wise and fortunate followers of Gabriel know that he will only bring about their end.

David: Will you listen to yourself? You’re delusional.

William starts to spoonfeed the soup but David knocks it away.

William (swinging his father’s legs back into bed as David complains in pain): Says the man who thought building a wall around a city would keep him safe. When all he actually ever needed was Gabriel.

David: You can go on as much as you like about Gabriel. This is about how I mistreated you, isn’t it?

William: Gabriel teaches us where one breaks, one becomes stronger. And you, Father, have given me more strength than I can measure.

David: I never thought you had the balls for revenge.

William: This isn’t about revenge. This is about love.

David weakly laughs as William leaves.

Cut to elsewhere in House Whele. Claire is waiting for William.

William: Claire. I’m so sorry to keep you waiting. Is everything okay? Your father?

Claire: Yes, he’s fine. Actually, I’m here with good news.

William: I was beginning to wonder if there ever was such a thing.

Claire: Mm-hmm, there is. I want to move the wedding forward.

William: That’s, uh. That’s great news.

Claire: Yes, it is. (she hugs him)

William: How soon did you have in mind?

Claire: Next week.

William: Claire, I’m thrilled, but why the rush?

Claire: I’m gonna level with you, William. I fought to keep my father in office when the Senate went after him, and I’m just not sure it was a good idea. I feel if we get married sooner, then I can take the burden of running the city off his shoulders quicker. How’s your father?

William: He’s taken a bit of a turn, actually, with his pneumonia.

Claire: Shouldn’t he be in the infirmary?

William: Yeah, but you know him. He can’t have anyone see him weak, even if it means he suffers.

Claire: Well, tell him his future daughter-in-law – says “Get well soon.”

William: I will. Thank you. (he kisses her on the cheek)

Cut to the barracks locker room. Alex is showering. We see the tattoos in all their glory. Noma comes in, Alex can’t hide his tattoos. She seems to ignore them as she starts showering.

Noma: We missed you at the bar tonight.

Alex: Otherwise occupied.

Noma: Yeah, uh-huh. I made a toast in your honor. If you were there, you would have killed me. About Claire moving up the wedding.

Alex: Old news.

Noma: Then why do you look like someone killed your dog?

Alex: Since when are V-2s allowed dogs, hmm?

Noma: Oh, poor guy.: I’d offer you some Scotch, but someone drank it all.
Alex: It’s been a rough few weeks.

Noma: It’ll be a lot less rough if you loop me in. Or Ethan. Or anyone.

Alex: There’s nothing to be looped in about.

Noma (she turns off the water): Look, if you don’t cheer up, you’re gonna leave me no choice. (she sticks out a hand as if to slap him)

Alex: Nomes –

Noma: Hmm?

Alex: I’m not playing this game. (She slaps him and they both laugh)

Alex: No, don’t, okay? Please (She slaps him again) Ah! – [Both laughing]

(Alex slaps her butt)

Noma: Stop! It’s just your face every time I’m sorry, just it’s sad that I have to hurt you to make you laugh. (she slaps him again, but more gently)

Alex: [Chuckling] Okay, okay.

Noma (seriously): I guess the chosen one can laugh, huh? (She goes to touch him and he puts a hand over his chest to block her touch)

Alex: Ah –

Noma: What? I’m not blind. Jeep passed them on to you, didn’t he? (She begins touching his body all over as she examines the tattoos) Maybe they mean you’re something special. Maybe they don’t mean anything at all. To me, you’ll always be plain old Alex. I’ve known you way too long to be impressed by a couple of tattoos.

Alex: And I’ve known you too long to believe you. (She begins stroking his skin and kisses his back) Things are different now, Nomes.

Noma: Why? Can the chosen one still have a good time?

They kiss. Cut to them pushing their way into a storage closet while kissing passionately. They quickly shed their clothes and get down to business.

Cut to the Infirmary where we see Gabriel walking up to Jeffrey the medic.

GLouis: Brother Jeffrey.

Jeffrey: Louis. You can’t be here. For a million reasons, but mainly because I’m tired of you asking me about this Michael thing. I’m still neutral. Becoming some operative for Michael isn’t in the cards.

GLouis: Then you should align with Gabriel.

Jeffrey: That maniac? I’m not stupid.

GLouis: You know, he’s not such a bad guy, once you get to know him.

Sunrise in Vega. Becca is taking a run through Vega with her bodyguards in tow. She stops for a break.

Becca: Take five.

Bodyguard: You got it, Senator.

As Becca stretches, she sees blood on the sole of one sneaker.

Becca: What the (She sees her bloody footprints. She sees a pool of blood and her bodyguards rejoin her.)

Bodyguard: What is it?

Becca and the bodyguards look upward and see three higher angels strung up from the rafters of a tall building, including Jeffrey. They are all dead.

Becca: Get Riesen on the radio.

Bodyguard: Yes, ma’am. (Into radio) Control, we need General Riesen down here now.

A crowd gathers and soldiers keep order as Michael and Becca (now in her regular clothes) look up at the dead angels.

Becca: Did you know, Michael, that they were higher angels that were living inside our walls?

Michael: A medic, a bank clerk, an engineer. By all accounts these men and women were ordinary citizens of Vega seeking asylum at a dangerous time. No different than you.

Becca: You didn’t answer my question. You stood in front of the Senate, and you told them –

Michael: I told them what they wanted to hear so they wouldn’t go after innocent citizens.

Becca: Like General Riesen’s maid?

Michael: How was I to know she’d side with my brother?

Becca: The people have faith in you, Michael. And you lied to us – all of us.

Michael: You’re right to keep your distance from me.

Becca: Riesen’s blowing the rest of the tunnels and activating the guns. If any more of your kind attempt to leave, they’ll be torn to shreds.

Michael: Then we’ll all be that much safer, won’t we? (He turns and walks away. As he does, Riesen walks up behind Becca.)

Soldier: [Over bullhorn] Return to your homes. Return to your homes.

Riesen: Did he know they were higher angels?

Becca: No. He’s as surprised as we are. Before you burn the remains, I want time with them in the lab.

Riesen: Find out everything you can about them. And work on that poker face. I can always tell when you’re lying. Careful, Becca. (He leaves)

Noma, Alex, and Ethan watch as they lower the dead angels from the rafters.

Noma: That’s awful.

Ethan: Awful? The person who did this should get a big fat reward.

Alex: You think this is a good thing?

Ethan: Angels dying? Yeah, I do.

Alex: All this is gonna do is make people paranoid. Everyone’s gonna be looking at each other differently now.

Ethan: Good. We all need to be on the lookout.

Noma: For what? – These people never hurt anyone.

Ethan: Angels are not people.

Noma: That medic stitched up your face when you totaled the rover, Ethan.

Ethan: Since when have you gone soft on the enemy?

Alex: I don’t like anyone innocent getting killed.

Ethan: Don’t fall for it, Alex. I told you. They’re not people. They just look like it. Trust me. The first ones that came down they were animals. The shit I saw –

Michael: Sergeant Lannon. A word.

Soldier [Over bullhorn]: This is your final warning. You must vacate the premises. Anyone not [Continues indistinctly]

Alex (following Michael into a corridor): Michael. (Michael shoves him into a wall) Hey!

Michael: Did you do this?

Alex: Michael, I had to set Felicia on fire and kick her out of a window just to barely walk away from that fight. These guys all look like they just let someone cut them up. (Michael releases Alex and turns away. He is obviously frustrated, angry) You knew them.

Michael: They were neutrals. I gave them the choice to stay in Vega or leave. I shouldn’t have left them an option.

Alex: There’s more of ’em? Why didn’t you tell me?

Michael: You didn’t need to know. The others need to be warned. They’re in danger.

Alex: Well then what the hell are you talking to me for?

Michael: My presence will only draw attention to them.

Alex: I’ll do it. You’ve been catching eight-balls for me. I owe you a solid.

Michael: Yes, you do. (He writes something on a piece of paper) Go and see a higher named Louis. This address. Tell him to warn the others. Though their true nature can be discerned, they must not attempt to flee or they’ll be gunned down.

Alex: I thought higher angels couldn’t be detected.

Michael: Not without help. (He stalks off)

Cut to House Whele. David is locked in his room. He gets dressed, despite the pain. He takes apart a lampshade, removing a stiff wire, which he uses to pick the lock on his door and open it. He sees one of his house guards.

Lieutenant Halloran: It’s nice to see you on your feet, sir.

David: How much do you know?

Lieutenant Halloran: More than the others.

David: Will you help me?

Lieutenant Halloran: If you promise not to shiv me.

David: [Laughs] Well, don’t give me a reason.

Lieutenant Halloran: This way, sir. (He takes David to an elevator)

David (tying his tie): Once I’m out, have the house secured and have my son arrested and brought down through the streets in handcuffs. None of this back-alley limo stuff.

Lieutenant Halloran: Yes, sir (While David’s back is to him, Halloran pushes a different button on the elevator panel).

David: He may have drugged me, but this sure as hell doesn’t look like the garage.

Lieutenant Halloran (grabbing David): That’s because it’s not. (As they walk we see it is the floor with the lion enclosure)

David: You ungrateful prick. If it wasn’t for me, you’d be down on the island eating bread crusts with the other V-1s.

Lieutenant Halloran: What’s my name, Mr. Whele?

David: Lieutenant Halloran. You’ve been in my employ for six years.

Lieutenant Halloran: What’s my first name? William asked me on Day One. (He shoves David to the ground and walks away. We hear Samson snarling and see him through the bars of his enclosure)

Cut to Uriel’s abode. The place has been ransacked. Everything is smashed. A disheveled Uriel is drinking champagne out of the bottle to drown her sorrows.

Michael: Uriel?

Uriel: Too late. You missed all the fun.

Michael: Is that Champagne?

Uriel: Mm. [Laughs] Special occasion. Getting my ass kicked. It’s a Juglar. Two hundred years at the bottom of the sea. Thought I’d treat myself while my wounds healed. (She shows Michael the painting he had given her – it too is smashed. She tosses it away).

Michael: Gabriel laid hands on you for the ledger.

Uriel: Each and every higher angel’s name and nest. Which, unfortunately for me, only lives up here (She touches the bottle to her head). You said I was being too sentimental. But somebody had to keep track of the family – after the diaspora. Guess the joke’s on me. Brother threatened to cut off my ears so I’d never hear Chopin again. (Turns off the old Victrola that had been playing piano music) Bastard.

Michael: Uriel. How many neutrals did you reveal to Gabriel?

Uriel: Only the ones hidden in Vega. That’s all he wanted. For recruitment, I assume.

Michael: He’s murdering them.

Uriel: How?

Michael: Someone they knew got close enough to them to be able to kill them without a fight.

Uriel: Perhaps he recruited another higher to do his dirty work?

Michael: And what about possession?

Uriel: [Scoffs] With a lower? Absolutely. But a higher angel? He’s not that strong. Did you try summoning him?

Michael: Words are no longer an option.

Cut to Alex at an apartment at Treasure Island in which GLouis is looking at a book.

Alex: Not the best neighborhood to keep your door open, especially after what happened in the marketplace this morning.

GLouis: Tragic. I’m Louis, by the way. But I’m sure you already knew that. And you’re right. I should be more careful. You’re Michael’s boy, right? Mankind’s final savior. Miracle made of flesh and all that. When I saw those bodies, I had a feeling Michael would send you to see me. Beer?

Alex: No. Tell the other angels they cannot flee, or they’ll be shot down.

GLouis : Did Michael send you on this errand and not tell you that we already know about you? [Laughs] Oh, well he’s been keeping secrets for so long, I’m sure even he has a hard time remembering what’s fact and fiction.

Alex: Listen, Michael told me to tell you to stay put and to warn the others. The General’s armed the anti-air guns. You try to go over the wall, you’re gonna get shot down.

GLouis: Well, I appreciate Michael’s concern. He truly has grown as a person.

Alex: What’s that supposed to mean?

GLouis: Ah, you know Michael. Doesn’t like to talk about himself much. I sure wouldn’t if I were him. But he and I go way back. I knew him before he changed.

Alex: Changed from what?

GLouis: How familiar are you with something called The Book of Genesis? (He tosses a Bible to Alex) Or any of the older creation myths?

Alex: Not much of a reader.

GLouis: Most have a common thread. There was a Great Flood that cleansed the Earth of all the sinners and ingrates and hedonists and generally everything worth anything.

Alex: The Noah story. I’ve heard of it.

GLouis: Exactly. Just like with Noah. Except Noah, the real story, he wasn’t saving animals.

Alex: What’s this got to do with Michael?

GLouis: You humans. You can’t wrap your minds around things, so you make up metaphors like giant floods. Then those metaphors stick, and you take them literally. But trust me. It wasn’t an ark Noah built. It was a bunker to protect people.

Alex: Protect people from what?

GLouis: The real question is from whom? (Alex takes the offered beer)

Cut to lion enclosure. David is inside the enclosure area while William is on the balcony above.

William: Ouroboros.

David: Gesundheit.

William: Ancient cultures worshiped the symbol Ouroboros. It’s an image of a snake eating its own tail.
Devouring itself. Compelled by a hunger it can’t control.

David: See, insights like that tempt me to say the money used on your education was well spent. But feed me to my own lion? Really? Use your imagination.

William: You’re the snake, Father. And the only way for you to survive now – is to end your hunger. Check the box. (Camera pans to the box that Arika’s gift gun was in) You need to remove that which you cannot help but pursue and devour David Whele. (The gun is inside. David grabs it and points it up at William) You might want to check the cylinder before you pull that trigger.

David (opening barrel): A single bullet. Quite the dilemma. (Samson is let out of his cage) Come on, this is ludicrous! (Samson walks around David, roaring)

William: Illumination will lead you to elevation, Father. You’re a man who lost everything. Who had to prove to the world that he wasn’t just a survivor, but he could cage the king of the jungle. But then he became your sigil, your brand. Samson is David Whele’s ultimate act of self-deification. You spent your entire life chasing this idea consuming and devouring yourself like Ouroboros.

David: Come on, William. Get me out of here!

William: It’s time to let go, Father. Only then will your soul be open to salvation.

David: I don’t need saving!

William: We all need saving.

David: You can break my ribs, starve me, feed me to the lions, but I will not bow down before any man.
Not to any angel! I’d rather be torn apart and eaten alive! (David starts crying) Your mother would be ashamed.

William: Yes. She would.

We hear a gunshot and no more lion sounds. David begins to sob. We see Samson’s dead body.

Cut to the barracks.

Noma: Hey. Where you been? Finch is on my ass about you. I’m running out of cover stories.

Alex: Running errands for Michael. I’m on shift in 30.

Noma: Okay. Wait. (She grabs the book) The Bible? Was I really that bad that I drove you to religion?

Alex: No.

Noma (seriously): Hey. You know you can always trust me.

Alex: Yeah. You know it’s just something someone said. This guy earlier.

Noma: What?

Alex: Have you ever thought, how well do we really know Michael? I mean, really.

Noma: What do you mean?

Alex (uncovering his wrist): This tattoo. It reads, “Beware those closest to you.” And with everything this guy said –

Female soldier: Noma, we have to go.

Noma: I – Uh –

Alex: Go, go.

Noma: Can we talk about this later?

Alex: Yeah.

Noma: Sorry, Alex. (She leaves)

Cut to Ethan and Alex on duty in the city streets.

Ethan: So, uh, you and Nomes. Like a “Back How It Used to Be” serious thing, or a “Much Needed Romp After Claire” kind of thing?

Alex: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Ethan: I’m talking about those noises coming from the supply closet last night.

Alex’s earpiece beeps

Alex: Lannon

GLouis (over earpiece) : It’s Louis.

Alex: How’d you get this channel?

GLouis: Please. I need you to meet me at the Stratosphere. It’s an emergency. And please come alone.

Ethan: Everything all right?

Cut to the Stratosphere. Alex enters.

Alex: Louis? Louis? What’s the emergency?

GLouis (sitting in a chair,very much making himself at home): I needed to see Michael, but he isn’t here.

Alex: Well, he’ll be back soon, but you shouldn’t be here.

GLouis: Oh, don’t you get it? This is the safest place for me to be.

Alex: Why?

GLouis: Because I know who the killer is.

Noma (walking in): Louis? Louis, you shouldn’t be up here.

Alex: Noma? What are you doing here?

Noma: Alex.

GLouis: I called her. Don’t you see? She’s here to teach you a lesson.

Alex: Teach me a lesson about what?

GLouis: Why none of you should trust Michael.

Noma: Louis. Louis, don’t.

GLouis: I suppose the proof is always in the pudding, isn’t it? (He pushes Noma out the open window)

Alex: No! (He shoots at GLouis. He looks out the window in horror) Noma! (GLouis chucks in the background. We see wings – she’s an angel! Alex sighs in relief).

Cut to Michael sitting in the Stratosphere with Alex and GLouis.

Alex: You told me you’d never lie to me.

Michael: I didn’t lie to you.

Alex: Right. You just neglected to tell me that one of my closest friends, one of the last people I really cared about in this damn place, the one person I really trusted the one person is a higher angel.

Michael: You can still trust her.

Alex: Did your spy know who I was before I did?

Michael: She wasn’t a spy. I simply needed you protected.

Alex: Protected from who?

Michael: Yourself! (GLouis chuckles) You wouldn’t need looking after if you weren’t such a reckless mess.

Alex: I may be a reckless mess, but at least I know who I am! Who the hell are you?

Michael: I’m the one that’s been watching over you your entire life. Waiting for you to step up to the promise that’s been woven into every ounce of your being by divine will. And here we are on the precipice, on the brink of everything we’ve been working for, struggling for, and you question my motives?

GLouis chuckles.

Alex: You shut up! (To Michael) It’s hard not to.

Michael: This isn’t about humans versus angels. This is about what’s right and what’s wrong.

Alex: This is about guilt, isn’t it?

GLouis: Bravo.

Michael (grabs GLouis by the throat): You murdered them.

GLouis: I did.

Michael: They were neutral.

GLouis: Neutrality is a myth propagated by those of thin conviction [purposefully Gabriel’s voice] And even weaker constitution.

Michael: Gabriel.

GLouis: Hello, brother.

Alex: He can possess higher angels now?

GLouis: Well, I’ve been practicing. You’d be surprised at what you’re capable of if you set your mind to it.

Michael: You’ve sunk to a new low, brother.

GLouis: It’s the only way I could tell the chosen one the truth about you. (Michael throws GLouis across the room) Your path should not be led by a misguided archangel, Alex. It should be led by me!

Michael: I’d kill you right now if you weren’t using an innocent body as a shield.

GLouis: Innocence is in the eye of the beholder. This body was happy to sell produce while a war was waged in his behalf.

Michael: You slaughtered them because they were pacifists.

GLouis: They were sacrificed for a greater cause, to finally shake this city’s blind faith in you. (Michael puts a blade to his neck) Yeah, he’s a deceitful bastard, Alex, who’s been hiding you from me.

Alex: Sanctify this vessel. Sanctify this vessel.

GLouis: An eviction? What year is it again?

Alex: Sanctify this vessel.

GLouis: [Laughing] Oh, this is adorable. It truly is.

Alex: Sanctify this vessel.

GLouis: [Breath hitches] – Ha ha –

Alex: Sanctify this vessel. Sanctify this vessel!

GLouis: I love your ambition.

Alex: Sanctify this vessel.

GLouis: But you do know who I am?

Michael: I believe he does.

Alex: Sanctify this vessel! Sanctify. Sanctify. (Louis collapses into Michael’s arms)

Cut to Gabriel’s aerie. He is abruptly forced out of Louis and tumbles out of his chair onto the floor in a quite inelegant faceplant.

Uriel: Back so soon?

Gabriel: It seems Michael has taught the boy how to perform an eviction.

Uriel: So he truly is the chosen one, isn’t he?

Gabriel: Yes.

Uriel: And the dead? Was killing three of our own worth it?

Gabriel: It certainly wound up Michael. Won’t be long until we have another flood on our hands. (Laughs as he takes a drink)

Cut to House Whele. A catatonic, broken, David is finally letting William feed him soup.

Cut to a Vega hanger/warehouse/garage where the bodies of dead angels are laid out under sheets/drop cloths. There are many bloody bodies.

Michael: They knew the guns were trained on them, yet they fled, shot down before they could clear the walls.

Alex: Something tells me Gabriel didn’t deliver your message. Are these all of them?

Michael: With the exception of Noma, yes.

Alex: Michael. Your brother told me things about you. Things about your past. About the Flood. Is it true? Michael. Is it true?

Michael: Don’t listen to my brother. (He stalks off)

Alex: Hey, I’m still talking to you! We’re not done here! You hear me?

Cut to Babylon, where the beginning flashback left off. Michael extending his hand to that boy.

Michael (in foreign language with subtitles): Don’t be afraid.

The boy takes Michael’s hand. Gabriel lands behind them. His hair is longer as well.

Gabriel: Let the boy go!

Michael raises his sword menacingly and the boy cowers. Gabriel attacks Michael and tosses him away from the boy.

Gabriel (in foreign language with subtitles): Run boy, run. (The boy runs)

Gabriel: Father’s Great Flood, sent to cleanse the Earth. Let every nation tremble before his might.

Michael: They’ve begun to worship our kind over Father. He’ll never let that abide.

Gabriel: So you kill them? Every man, woman, and child?

Michael: It’s what he asked me to do. Father always taught us never to leave our chores unfinished.

As they threaten each other with swords, Uriel lands between them, blades raised to both of them.

Uriel: Stop.

Gabriel: Of all the pleasures this world makes available to us, he chooses murder?

Michael: I’m just ensuring the natural order of things. (He walks closer to Uriel’s sword, resting his neck against it as he smiles evilly) And what’s more natural than death?



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