Detailed transcript for “Broken Places”

Dominion Episode 1.3 “Broken Places”
Original air date: June 23, 2014

Version 1.1 by Kris (@DominionV5;

Adapted from the closed captioning transcript found at

Voiceover: Previously on Dominion

Gabriel: The humans don’t need you to protect them, Michael. They have the chosen one now.

Michael: Gabriel knows about you.

Alex: What does he know? If I’m the one that’s gonna save the human race, I must be pretty damn powerful, right?

Alex fighting Felicia

Riesen: 25 years and you never told me about this new type of angel. Vega’s not prepared for that.

Michael: The higher order of angels never wanted any part of this war. I didn’t consider them a threat.

Jeep getting stabbed.

Claire: I am not marrying William Whele.

Riesen: Because you’re in love with Alex.

Claire: Yes.

David: The angels took everything from us, and there are idiots who still worship them.

Gabriel: My son.

Arika: I’m still Evelyn’s consort.

Coral: She will not react well to this disgrace.

David: What have you done?

Arika: More importantly, David, what have you done?

Claire: You’re leaving. You need me. I’m coming.

Alex: No, you’re not.

Clementine: I’ve missed you.


Gabriel lands next to a dive of a diner and retracts his wings. He enters and sits down at a table with William Whele.

Gabriel (picking up a menu): What’s good here?

William: Uh, this is my first time.

Gabriel (sees two men at the counter): Oh, they have pudding. I wonder if it comes from a can or if it’s homemade. [Bites his lip]

William: Archangel, I know you’re busy, but –

Gabriel: Ugh, place like this must be canned. I hate food wrapped in a tin. Tastes like metal. (Studies menu while seeming to ignore William)

William: Claire Riesen was badly hurt in the angel attack on Alex Lannon. If I’d have known, I could have prevented her from getting in your way.

Gabriel: Do you think I don’t care about you?

William: Of course not.

Gabriel: I can’t bring my father back without the aid of one loyal man. And of all the men in the world, I chose you. Do you know why? Because when you speak, people listen.

William: Thank you. But Claire, she’s the woman I plan to marry. She didn’t have to suffer like that.

Gabriel: Her pain, it’s difficult for you to stomach, isn’t it?

William: Yes, it is.

Waitress: What can I get you boys?

Gabriel stabs her in the eye with a fork, then unfurls his wings and attacks everyone in the diner while William watches in horror. He rips off someone’s head and holds it by the hair, before leisurely tossing it aside.

Gabriel (his face is bloodstained): Blood and death, men are rendered weak by the sight. It’s a reflex Father gave them to help them behave. But there was a flaw in the design. The sight of blood makes the weak weaker. But the strong, the strong feed off it, become stronger still. You are one of the strong, William. You see blood and death as commonplace.

William: Yes.

Gabriel: Go back to Vega. Strengthen your acolytes. Tell them that the one has been revealed. Their time is near.

William leaves, slipping on blood as he stands up. Gabriel helps himself to the pudding on the counter.

Gabriel: Oh, it’s not bad.

On the road, Alex and Claire driving in Alex’s truck.

Claire: You know the one thing I can’t do, I can’t cook.

Alex: It’s easy. You put a fish on a stick and hold it over a fire.

Claire: [Laughs] I can’t fish either, Alex.

Alex: I’ll teach you.

Claire: You can fish?

Alex: Yeah, I can fish. In New Delphi, the rivers are so full of salmon, you can catch ’em with your bare hands.

Claire: You know what I do really well?

Alex: What’s that?

Claire: Call you on your bullshit.

Alex: [Laughs, then sees Claire looking at him with a sad expression] What?

Claire: No matter how fast you drive, Alex, you can’t run away from your own skin.

Alex looks over at passenger’s seat – it’s empty. He was imagining her.

Cut to the Luxor. Riesen is getting dressed.

Clementine (off screen): You’re doing that thing again.

Riesen: What thing’s that?

We see Clementine is naked, still in bed.

Clementine. Your eyebrows they furrow when you get upset. Like that.

Riesen: Hmm.

Clementine: What’s wrong, Edward?

Riesen: [Sighs] Higher angels disguised as humans. We’ve had two attacks in the last 24 hours.

Clementine: That’s not good.

Riesen: We don’t know how many there are inside the walls. Have you seen any?

Clementine: How could I? [Laughs] I spend my days here. These conversations, our lovemaking, these wonderful luxuries. [eats a very suggesting fingerful of honey] You’ve spoiled me into almost believing I’m human. Now, come here. I’m getting an itch.

Cut to Arika looking at Whele’s lion enclosure.

David: You were told not to roam around unaccompanied.

Arika: I was restless.

David: Oh.

Arika: You take pleasure caging things that were once free.

David: Only beasts that can kill me.

Arika: It must make you feel so masculine, to take a predator from the very top of the food chain and dominate it, lord over it.

David [pouring them both drinks]: I saved that animal from certain death. I’m saving his entire species from extinction. Of course, I don’t expect gratitude from him. [Hands drink to Arika] You, on the other hand, I think you understand the debt you owe me.

Arika: I think you have it backwards.

David: I could’ve had you executed.

Arika: But you didn’t. You need me.

David: I need Helena’s air force. The only chance we have of ridding ourselves of those abominations is by blasting Gabriel’s aerie.

Arika: And what do we get in exchange for our squadron?

David: Six uranium rods, full technical specifications, and the loan of one of our top nuclear scientists. Female, naturally.

Arika: And has the Lord of the City approved these terms?

David: Riesen knows what’s needed.

Arika: I asked you if he sanctioned this deal.

David: I don’t need his approval. The senate –

Arika: The senate? We both know they’re nothing but a rubber stamp for Riesen. I’m beginning to think that I’m negotiating with the wrong man.

David: Riesen can only delay his fall from power for so long. So why don’t you run along back to Evelyn and broker a deal, before I change my mind about you and make his day [gesturing to Samson]?

Cut to Senate chambers. Michael is standing in the center of the circular room, answering questions.

Riesen: You assured me that only you and Gabriel could look perfectly human.

Michael: The corporeal higher angels never wanted any part of Gabriel’s war, nor did the other archangels, Uriel and Raphael. I respected their neutrality. Only the lower angels joined with my brother and possessed human bodies.

Riesen: Yet now, that’s all changed.

Michael: Yes, and it distresses me as much as it does you. Back in our home, all of the angels were aware of each other. Our vision was not dependent upon our eyes nor upon light. But that celestial perspective ended for all of us the moment we came down to Earth. Now we can only see as far as these eyes enable us.

David: Yeah, that is absolutely fascinating. But –

Michael: So to answer your question once again, Consul, No. I had no idea there were higher angels hiding within the city walls.

David: I see. And we’re supposed to simply take your word as faith.

David walks down from his seat and gets in Michael’ face.

Frost: For Savior’s sake, show some respect, Whele.

David: Thank you, Senator Frost.

Michael: I care little about your faith. Whether you take my word or not is not my concern.

David: What exactly is your concern?

Michael: Protecting and advising this city in its war against the angels.

David: Oh, and how many people died in the attack?

Riesen: Consul, Michael is not on trial here. And I think we’ve heard enough from you today.

Becca: I know I have.

David: I would like the senate to consider Michael was a deserter. He was a soldier who turned his back on his own kind.

Frost: Give it a rest, Whele.

David: Who’s to say he won’t turn again? Who’s to say he was ever really on our side?

Michael: Consul Whele makes a good point. What if I were a traitor? What if I slaughtered everyone in this room? [Senators look very uneasy] What if I killed you, David, right now? No one could stop me. Murder is a crime for men. Is it a crime for angels? Good to ponder such questions. It will help you to understand the real danger you face. [Michael leaves].

Cut to Alex on the road. He comes upon an overturned SUV. He grabs his gun and cautiously investigates. He sees human and eightball corpses.

Alex: Damn eightballs.

Alex starts to siphon gas out of the car and a hand falls out. A man inside the wreck is still alive – barely.

Man: My wife. My wife, is she okay? Is she alive?

Alex looks over – she is dead on the road.

Alex: Yeah. Yeah. Just shaken up.

Man: We were making a dash for Vega. Angels came out of nowhere, man. You shouldn’t be out here. No one should. Please, take care of my wife.

Alex: I’ll make sure she’s safe, okay? [Alex puts him out of his misery with a single gunshot]

In Gabriel’s aerie, Gabriel enters his throne room where Furiad and Irin await him. He pours himself a drink.

Furiad: You met with the priest.

Gabriel: As with all evils, necessary. He’s spreading the good word.

Furiad: If you could walk among them unnoticed, why not cross the wall and claim the chosen one for yourself?

Gabriel: Always so anxious, Furiad. If I force him to come, he’ll do nothing but rebel. He needs to come of his own free will.

Furiad: Two of my high guards are in preservation. How many more must be sacrificed while we wait for his arrival?

Gabriel: Well, I hate to quote the humans, but patience is a virtue.

Furiad: Lannon will never join us with your brother sitting on his shoulder.

Gabriel: I have faith that the chosen one’s path will lead him to me. You don’t?

Cut to barracks locker-room. Ethan is dealing contraband cologne from his locker to another soldier.

Ethan: Straight from the personal dressing room of a V-6, a man I guarantee only wears the finest. See that little guy on the horse with the mallet?

Soldier: Yeah.

Ethan: Means it’s the good stuff.

Soldier: Nice. [Pays Ethan and leaves with his cologne]

Ethan: Nomes, I haven’t forgotten your Scotch. I got my eyes on this sweet bottle in House Romero.
She drinks this stuff like it’s water.

Noma: Alex is gone.

Ethan: Ah, another joyride outside the walls.

Noma: Even all of his stuff his duffel, his AR-15 it’s all gone.

Ethan: Maybe he’s finally doing some spring cleaning.

Noma: Ethan, he was a no-show for his security rotation. This isn’t Alex. Something’s wrong.

Ethan: You know, I saw him with Michael after the funeral. Now, I didn’t hear what they were saying, but I’ve never seen Alex look at him that way.

Noma: I don’t think this has anything to do with Michael.

Ethan: I’m gonna go to talk him.

Noma: To an archangel? You really want to do that?

Ethan: My friend disappeared. Got to do something. [He walks out]

Noma: Yeah.

Cut to Vega market. Claire is walking around by herself.

Loudspeaker: You are prohibited from selling merchandise to anyone below a V-3 status.

Claire (to passerby): Good morning.

Flower vendor: Lady Riesen, for you. [hands her a pink carnation]

Claire: Thank you. You’re so sweet.

Flower vendor: Thank you.

William catches up to her.

William: There you are. Where are your guards?

Claire: The attack was on Alex, not me. I’m not gonna hide under my bed.

William: Any news from Alex?

Claire: No. He, um, I don’t think he’s coming back.

William: Maybe not. Maybe his destiny lies outside these walls. That doesn’t mean to say he still can’t save us. Look, Claire. About the jubilee, I had no idea our fathers were gonna make that announcement. If I –

Claire: William. It’s fine, okay?

William: My point is, I never had any friends apart from you, and I don’t want it to break up our friendship.

Claire: William, I’m still your friend.

William: It doesn’t have to stop there.

Claire: I have to go. I’m sorry. I’m sorry, okay? [She walks off]

Elsewhere in market we see a woman buying fruit from Louis. Michael strolls up to Louis’ booth. Louis looks uneasy, but pretends to pay little attention, restocking as Michael browses.

Michael: Louis.

Louis: You have to believe me. I had no idea Felicia was siding with Gabriel. None of us did.

Michael: I’m not accusing you. I need your help to keep an eye out for infiltrators.

Louis: I can’t tell an angel from a human any more than you can.

Michael: Then keep an eye on the ones you do know. I understand you not wanting to go against your fellow angel. You’re refugees from a war you had no part of. That’s why I respected your neutrality. I kept your secret. But times have changed. Tell the others. Stand with me, or leave Vega.

Michael turns to leave but Ethan walks up to him.

Ethan: Archangel?

Michael: Sergeant.

Ethan: Mack.

Michael: I know who you are.

Ethan: Sorry to bother you. I really don’t know why I’m sweating so much. Are you sweating? Do angels sweat? [Pauses] Alex is a good kid. A little hotheaded, sure. But if you sent him away somewhere –

Michael: Why would you think that?

Ethan: He’s been gone for 12 hours, missed his security rotation into Whele, hasn’t even checked on Bix.

Michael: Sergeant Lannon’s left the city? You didn’t know that?

Michael shoots straight up in the air and out of sight.

Cut to a hotel room that has been ransacked.

Claire: Hello? Sophia? Tobias?

Female Soldier: Lady Riesen, the Principate sent us to find –

Claire: Two of my students live here. Look at this place. What the hell is going on?

Female soldier: If the Blues are gonna toss the place, they could at least clean up after themselves.

Claire: The Blues did this? How do you know that? Sergeant, I want to know what happened to my students, and I want to know now.

Female soldier: Anyone who had contact with Felicia Aldreen has been taken in for questioning.

Claire: Who gave these orders?

Cut to House Riesen

Riesen: I will not wait till the next attack to find out who our enemies are.

Claire: So you’re rounding up innocent families, children?

Riesen: Jeep’s assassin was a child.

Claire: Yes, but people are already on edge, scared of their neighbors, not sure who they can trust. Do you really think this helps?

Riesen: Absolutely. It shows that we are taking steps to protect them.

Claire: This isn’t about protection. This is politics. You’re under fire for allowing a higher angel to hide in our home. So to divert attention, you order a massive response. The great General Riesen comes to the rescue again.

Riesen: Those families are back home by now, questioned and released.

Claire: Well, that makes me feel much better.

Riesen: You were within inches of being killed. I will not sit back and –

Claire: No! Don’t you dare use me to justify the detention of innocent V-1s. Don’t you dare!

Riesen: What do you want me to do, Claire?

Claire: I want you to treat them like people, not numbers.

Riesen: If you want to change the way things are done, marry William.

Claire: What is it you’re not telling me? You can fool your friends in the senate, Dad, but you can’t fool me. What is it?

Riesen: I’m sick, Claire.

Back on the road, Michael stands in the middle of the highway, blocking Alex’s way.

Alex: You’ve got to be kidding me. [He guns it, then swerves to avoid Michael and slams on the brakes. He gets out of truck and storms over to Michael.]

Michael: Where are you going?

Alex: I thought I made myself clear. Leave me alone!

Michael: I’ve done that for far too long.

Alex: Michael, I never needed your help. I don’t need it now.

Michael: You don’t have a choice. [He walks over to the truck and opens passenger’s side door]

Alex: What the hell do you think you’re doing?

Michael: Calling shotgun.

Alex (opens the door and puts a pistol to Michael’s temple]: Get out of the car, now.

Michael: That’s not going to happen.

Alex: I’ll ask again.

Michael: Shame for you to lose that hand.

Alex: Is that a threat?

Michael: A warning. I’ve been shot many times. Bullets have a way of doing more damage to the person firing them than they’ve ever been able to do to me.

Alex turns around, and takes a few steps away from the truck, frustrated.

Alex: I’m going to New Delphi, and I’m going alone.

Michael: You have no idea what awaits you there.

Alex: Want to know what awaits me there? A life. My life away from you, away from anyone telling me who I’m supposed to be. So let’s figure it out right now. What’s it gonna take for you to leave me alone?

Michael: One stop.

Alex: One stop where?

Michael: Better you learn when we arrive.

Alex: Okay. I make this stop with you, this one stop, and then you let me go on my way. Alone.

Michael: Deal.

Alex: Deal.

Cut to Senate room

Becca [Gavel banging]: Committee adjourned.

David (speaking to Becca alone): Consul Thorn, I heard your proposal for a subcommittee to review food supply contingencies. Way to go. And, Becca, one more thing. About our friend Michael, I understand he’s not able to I.D. these higher angels. But I was thinking, Michael has the ability to appear perfectly human too. What if we understood the archangel more, his vulnerabilities? It would prepare us better to counter this new threat, don’t you think? As a scientist, I mean.

Becca: Michael’s not gonna put himself under a microscope.

David: Oh.

Becca: But why don’t you ask him yourself? I’m sure he’d love to sit down for coffee.

David: Did you miss the part where he threatened to murder me today?

Becca: No, I caught that.

David: I was actually thinking you could run point. You know, in your position, I figure you might have access to privileged information.

Becca: I’m far too busy for any of this. [Becca turns and walks away]

David: Multitask, you know, during one of your late-night stargazing sessions [Becca stops in her tracks] in the stratosphere.

Becca (takes a breath, then turns to face him): I get it. Michael’s one of Riesen’s greatest allies. Going after Michael weakens him.

David: That’s very perceptive, just like your mother. She too had a penchant for thinking with the wrong part of her anatomy. Sleeping with an angel will make you a pariah. I would like reports on your findings as you receive them. I know they’ll be thorough, just like your usual high standard of work.

Alex drives up to the house where he and Jeep played basketball. We see him remembering playing with Jeep. He enters the deserted, slightly trashed house. Walls are covered with Jeep’s attempts to decode the tattoos. He begins to have visions of Jeep and flinches as the tattoos begin to move on his arm. He has flashes of a manic Jeep, scribbling, reading, looking in the mirror.

Jeep: I just want to read one. Just one!

Vision of Jeep drinking Jack Daniels out of the bottle, and finally playing Russian roulette.

Michael: What did you see?

Alex: He lost his mind. I’m done. [He begins to leave]

Michael: Your father didn’t come back here to hide. This place was his sanctuary.

Alex: Hey! A deal’s a deal.

Michael: This house meant something to Jeep. It’s where your mother died, trying to protect you.

Cut to helicopter flying over desert, a parachuted box jettisoned from it.

Helicopter pilot on radio: Vega Patrol, this is Helena One. Package away, 3 miles southeast of your position.

Knock on Arika’s door. Ethan enters

Ethan: Your transport’s waiting, ma’am.

Arika: You’re from Archangel Corps, yes?

Ethan: Yes.

Arika: You may know a gentleman by the name of Alex Lannon. Last time I was in Vega, he was my guard. Handsome young man. How’s he doing?

Ethan: Let me take your bag for you.

Arika: You prefer the company of men, don’t you? It’s the way you look at me, absent of desire. But you don’t fancy Alex.

Ethan: No, that’d be weird. We’re like brothers.

Arika: Well, please, send him my regards.

Two soldiers enter with large box.

Soldier: This just got delivered downstairs for Arika of Helena.

Ethan: Want me to open it?

Arika: Please.

Ethan opens box. There is a young female body inside.

Ethan: Who is she?

Arika: My sister.

Back at Jeep’s house. Alex is looking at the bathtub.

Michael: I found her here, her body wrapped around you.

Alex: What happened?

Michael: Your mother and Jeep barricaded themselves in here to keep you safe, but the eightballs would stop at nothing to get to you. After I fought them off, Jeep went to bury her body, and I held you in my arms. You wouldn’t stop crying, as if you were mourning her death. And now you were Jeep’s responsibility.

Alex: You know, I used to think he was the greatest dad. He used to take me out here and let me drive his car and teach me to shoot guns. We’d shoot the shit out of that tree out front. [Michael begins to tear up] Little did I know it was all so when he dumped me on the street, I’d have a chance of survival.

Michael: Jeep never wanted to leave you. He fought me, told me it was cruel.

Alex: It was you? You told him to abandon me.

Michael: You had to be on your own, to struggle and fall, so you could rise.

Alex: I needed a father.

Michael: That’s what Jeep said. You were the most important thing in his life. He loved you more than anything, yet he gave you up because he believed in you. I believe in you, Alex, and as I promised Jeep and your mother as she lay dying, I will do anything I must to protect you [Tears roll down his face].

Cut to the road. Furiad and three companions take stock of Alex’s skid marks.

Furiad: They’re headed north. [They take flight]

Back in Arika’s room. The body is lying in state on her bed. Arika burns incense as she prays. David walks in.

Arika: Mother of Life and Mercy, take this soul to your breast. Let her find peace in the hereafter. To the All-Mother I pray, let it be so. [Washes body with a wet cloth]

David: In Vega, we burn our dead.

Arika: So that the angels don’t claim them? Superstitious nonsense.

David: When in Rome. [He tosses a book of matches to Arika]

Arika: You’re a cruel man.

David: Only to those who have outlived their usefulness. [He takes off his jacket and rolls up his sleeves]

Arika: And have I?

David: Your wife delivered your sister dead in a box.

Arika: A warning to keep the secrets of Helena sealed.

David: Something tells me that both the air force and the virgin brides you promised are off the table.

Arika: Her body’s barely cold, and still you pursue this deal.

David: Oh, I’m sorry. Was that insensitive? [He takes a cloth out of the bowl of water and briefly wipes down the corpse]I believed the deal was all there really was between us.

Arika: Where will I go?

David: You’re an exceptionally clever woman. You’ll figure it out. [Puts back on his jacket]

Arika: I have loyalists within Evelyn’s inner circle.

David: A coup?

Arika: As you said, I’m exceptionally clever. If you provide me with amnesty, let me strategize from this safe haven, I assure you, once I’m in power, our deal will be my highest priority.

David: I’ll see to it her body is transported to the ocean. [He leaves, as Arika ponders what just happened]

Cut to Jeep’s house. Michael looks out window as Alex dribbles basketball. He slowly walks out to Alex.

Michael: You’re still here.

Alex: A lot of babies were born that day. You just randomly picked me.

Michael: You weren’t like the others born that day.

Alex: Yes, I was. Flesh and bone. What aren’t you telling me?

Michael senses Furiad approaching and slowly slides out his swords. He looks upward in time to see Furiad and his associates landing over them. Michael kills two eighballs, then fights Furiad. He is distracted by the sight of another eightball attacking Alex, and Furiad stabs him in the abdomen. A piece of the sword breaks off as Furiad withdraws his blade. Alex shoots the eightball. He then shoots at Furiad, but the bullets bounce off the metallic wings that are now wrapped around Furiad’s body.

Furiad [in angelic language]: We will see you again soon. [He flies off]

Alex rushes over to help Michael.

Michael: Don’t remove it. I’ll bleed to death.

Alex: What am I supposed to do? [Michael passes out] Michael, what am I supposed to do?

William hurries down the stairs of his house. His father is sitting by the fireplace.

David: Where are you off to so late?

William: Church business.

David: Services aren’t for another 12 hours. Please tell me that you’re sneaking out in order to romance Claire. How are the plans for the wedding coming along?

William: Now’s not the time. Claire needs me as a friend.

David: A friend. Is that what you are to her?

William: Yeah. Her oldest friend. It’s a good thing.

David: You know I’m breeding Samson.

William: Great, Vega’s in crisis, and you’re concentrating on the mating habits of a lion.

David: Nature calls. We put him in with a lioness in heat in the north enclosure. You should’ve seen Samson, 500 pounds of raw power, as he mated with his Delilah. He knew what he wanted, and he took it. It’s what he does. It’s in his blood, as it was in his father’s before him.

William: Good for Samson, and good for those cubs. Surely they’ll be raised by their mother and not actually know their father. Nature is kind once in a while, isn’t it? [William stalks off]

Cut to acolyte service. William is preaching.

William: Our time of darkness has ended. Hear me, for now, we step into the light. The light of Gabriel.
For it is he who has charged me to share the knowledge that at long last, the chosen one has arrived.
Join me as we prepare our newest member to accept the love of our Father Gabriel. Brother Paul, please, come.

A man steps forward. An assistant wraps a golden sash around Paul’s ribs as the rest of the acolytes put on their blindfold masks.

William: This golden thread represents Gabriel’s promise. Our allegiance may be difficult and painful in its binding, but it is his mark that will save us. [Inserts a fancy stick into the knot in the back of the golden sash. He begins twisting it, tightening the sash] Where one breaks

All: One becomes strong. Where one is strong, we are all strong.

William: We are not the weak! No! For it is this pain that makes us stronger! [Paul collapses as his ribs are heard breaking. Smiling, William yanks out stick and hands back to his assistant.]

Cut to a balcony, Arika takes off her earrings and sets off a beacon. We see a light flashing in the distance in response. She smiles.

Back at House Whele, William is holding his hand too close to the fireplace, proving that he can handle the pain. He is interrupted by Claire entering and yanks his hand back.

Claire: William.

William: Claire, what are you doing here so late?

Claire: I made a deal with my father. He’s gonna stop detaining innocent people and draw up a basic bill of rights for every man, woman, and child in Vega.

William: How did you manage that?

Claire: I agreed to marry you.

Cut to Gabriel’s aerie. He is playing his trumpet when Furiad returns. Irin rushes in.

Furiad: The child will not be influenced by Michael any longer. I left Alex as you requested.

Gabriel: You laid your sword on my brother?

Furiad: It’s what was required. I couldn’t let any more of our angel brethren fall into amber.

Gabriel [obviously disturbed, puts down his trumpet, stands from his throne, and without taking his eyes off Furiad, says]: Irin, come.

Furiad and Irin exchange a worried look, then she slowly obeys Gabriel. He reaches out a hand as if to stroke her face, and, smiling, grabs her by the throat, lifts her off the floor and begins choking her.

Furiad: Gabriel, please. I beg you.

Gabriel: Give me your sword. Hand me your sword! [Furiad obeys and Gabriel stabs Irin, dropping her body to the floor] My brother is not dead! Not by the hand of a wild dog. But if you’d like to try again, my blade will go through you next. [He hands Furiad back his sword and turns away]

Cut to Alex driving as fast as he can back to Vega with an unconscious Michael in the passenger’s seat.

Alex: Hang in there. We’re almost there.



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