Detailed transcript for Episode 1.2 “Godspeed”

Dominion Episode 1.2 “Godspeed”
Original air date: June 16, 2014

Version 1.1 by Kris (@DominionV5;

Adapted from the closed captioning transcript found at

[voiceover]: Previously on Dominion

Claire: In the war, the entire lower rank of angels joined Gabriel, and they couldn’t visit earth without a body. So they stole ours. Then came whispers of a chosen child.

Alex: You need to speak to your dad.

Claire: I’ll tell him about us, and I will get his permission to marry.

Jeep: Alex?

Alex: Dad? You basically left me to die.

Jeep: Gabriel’s massing for another war.

Michael: And like Gabriel, some of them have always hated man. The powers are far more dangerous than the angels that possessed mankind during the extermination

Scenes from Furiad’s attack

Alex: That’s the delegation from Helena.

Ethan: You think that kid’s the one?

Alex: The chosen one’s a myth.

David: Helena has the only air force in the cradle. The cripple Riesen won’t be an obstacle much longer, once you’ve been made Lord of the City.

David: It is my great pleasure to announce the engagement of Claire Riesen to William Whele.

Scenes from Jeep’s death

Arika: Believe me, David we had no part in this.

David: Round up her entourage.

Jeep: You are the chosen one.

David: No one here is gonna breathe a word of this to anyone until we’ve figured out what it all means.

Michael: Jeep held the tattoos on his body for when you are ready. They will lay out the path through which mankind can be redeemed and Gabriel and his legions pushed back.

Gabriel: My son.

William: We found him.


Flashback to a young Alex playing basketball with Jeep at a house in the countryside.

Jeep: Oh.

Alex: Hey.

Jeep: And he shoots! Next shot wins the game, hotshot.

Alex: I know why you don’t bring me here more.

Jeep: Yeah? Why is that?

Alex: ‘Cause you always lose. Ha!

Jeep [Chuckles]: Oh.

Alex: Yeah!

Jeep; Damn! Nice shot. So what do I owe you?

Alex: The jerky, the fuzzy dice, and your Glock.

Jeep: I’ll give you the jerky, and I’ll give you the Glock, but there’s no way I’m giving you my dice!

Jeep grabs Alex affectionately. They hear crows cawing and Jeep is alarmed. Eightballs are seen scurrying on nearby rooftops.

Jeep: Go inside. Alex! Inside! Now!

Alex runs inside, Jeep draws his guns. He shoots and kills a female eightball. Inside the now-locked house Alex opens a safe and pulls out a large gun. Cut back and forth between Jeep being attacked and Alex listening to attack from inside house. Suddenly there is silence. Alex looks through the peephole and sees a dead eightball.

Jeep’s voice: Alex.

Alex: Dad?

Jeep’s voce: Get the med kit.

Alex opens the door and a male eightball tackles him.

Eightball (in Jeep’s voice): Hello, Alex.

Jeep enters and shoots several bullets into eightball until it dies.

Jeep: You’re okay. You’re okay.

Alex: I thought you left me.

He gathers Alex in his arms and holds him tightly.

Jeep: I’ll never leave you. Promise.

Cut to present-day Alex watching Jeep’s funeral from a doorway. William is officiating.

William: We pray that our Brother Jeep may take safe passage in his journey. We are comforted by the words of our founder. The chosen one is near. His hope will unite us. His faith will bolster us. His strength will bring us our time of peace.

Jeep’s body is burned on a pyre.

Senate chamber is in chaos. A gavel banging quiets them down.

Riesen: Senator Romero, what’s the status of our reactor?

Romero: Using all available resources, I should have the city back to full power within days.

David: Not fast enough. The walls are barely functional. The radar is down. Our first priority should be defense.

Becca: Defense? From the man who brought an eight-ball into our city?

Frost: You have blood on your hands, Consul. Your recklessness put us all in danger.

David: Look, I am the first to admit I had a lapse in judgment, but I was doing it for Vega. Yesterday morning that eightball was discovered inside our city walls. And when my men captured it, my first instinct was to destroy it. But then I decided that we could use the eightball to remind Vega of the enemy we face. Tragically, it backfired, and for that, I am sorry. But I was doing it to strengthen the city, not to endanger it.

Becca: The consul decided to teach us all a lesson in secret.

Frost: I call for an audit of House Whele.

Becca: I second that.

Romero (worried): I oppose. It is a waste of precious time and resources.

Frost: It is not a waste of time! It is necessary!

Riesen (bangs gavel): I agree with Senator Romero. Consul Whele made a mistake for which he has been admonished. Good night, Senators.

Riesen leaves. Becca gives David a knowing look and then leaves. Frost looks downtrodden.

Frost: May the chosen one save us.

In barracks, Alex is drinking. He looks at tattoos in a mirror and tries to scratch them off. He stumbles into House Riesen.

Noma: Alex, what are you doing here?

Alex: I need to see Claire.

Noma: It’s the middle of the night.

Alex: It’s none of your business, Noma.

Noma: It is now. You’re drunk.

Alex: And you’re jealous.

Noma: Go home. Sober up.

Alex: Noma.

Noma puts him in a hold.

Noma: You’re about to end up in the infirmary.

Claire opens door to her bedroom: Noma, it’s fine. Let him in. [Alex enters] Thanks.

[Door closes]

Alex: Let’s go.

Claire: Alex, I looked for you at the funeral.

Alex: Let’s do it. Let’s go right now. Let’s get out of here. Let’s get out of here right now.

Claire : You’ve been drinking.

Alex: We’ll be in New Delphi before you know it, Claire. Let’s just go right now.

Claire: Alex, we can’t leave.

Alex: Yesterday you were dying to get out of here.

Claire: Yesterday I had faith there was a chosen one. Today I have proof walking around in front of me.

Alex: Claire, the tattoos aren’t proof.

Claire: Yes, they are, Alex. I was in that bunker. We both heard what Michael said. You, you are gonna unite all of us and end this war. Vega needs you.

Alex: What about when I needed Vega, huh? When I was a V-1, struggling to survive in the tunnels?

Claire: A V-1 who became a soldier to protect the people.

Alex: I became a soldier so I could get three meals a day! [Pause] You’re afraid. I know it.

Claire: No, Alex. I have never been afraid a day in my life.

Alex: Then come with me, Claire. Let’s go right now.

Claire: No.

Alex: Why?

Claire: Because we have just been attacked. The people are terrified. That’s why, Alex!

Alex: What do you care? You live in a tower! You go down to the island every two weeks and pass out sandwiches. You’re a spoiled princess, Claire.

Claire: And you’re an ugly drunk.

Alex: Yeah. But at least I’m not a hypocrite. I’m not a fake.

Claire: Are you finished?

Alex: Yeah.

Claire: Good. Get out. Get out now, Alex.

Alex leaves and slams door.

Cut to House Whele. David is pouring himself a drink. The door opens and Riesen enters.

Riesen: Quite a performance. We both know that eightball was caught outside the city.

David: The creature’s location was not the salient point.

Riesen: The salient point is that you screwed up. Damn it, David. The only thing bigger than your bank account is your ego.

David: I’ll take that as a compliment, General. By the way, thank you for stepping in this afternoon.

Riesen: I can’t have my slick-haired bureaucrat in jail, can I?

David: No, you can’t, because this bureaucrat keeps every department in the city running, some I’m sure you’ve never even heard of.

Riesen: Yes. You’re very talented.

David [Slurps]: Hmm. [Swallows] What can I do for you, Edward?

Riesen: Vega does not need a religious fervor to break out over the chosen one. The city is too unstable.

David: My thoughts entirely.

Riesen: There were other people in that bunker.

David: Techs.

Riesen: Yes.

David: They’re being spoken to.

Cut to security room. A soldier comes up to one of the aforementioned techs.

Soldier: Consul Whele wants to see you.

Tech: Me?

Soldier: Yeah.

Cut to lion enclosure. Male lion is pacing. Now-dead tech (bullet in forehead) is tossed onto the ground. David watches as lion eats.

Cut to Gabriel’s aerie where a celebratory funeral is taking place. Glasses are raised in toast. Cheers go up. Roan is in background behind Gabriel. Roan is not celebrating.

Gabriel: To our fallen comrades! They sacrificed their lives in the attack on Vega. And Brother Janax, you ballsy son of a bitch! We preserve you in amber until Father returns and the gates reopen! [pours more very viscous amber on body]. We drink!

Gabriel pauses – he senses something.

Furiad (seeing change in Gabriel): Gabriel?

Gabriel (walking out of party): Enjoy your bodies!

Party turns into an orgy as Gabriel leaves.

Cut to sunrise. Michael stands on a small jetty at the ocean shore. His wings are flapping. Gabriel flies to join him.

Gabriel: There’s no shame in surrender, Michael.

Michael: That’s not why I summoned you. Why attack now? You already lost the war.

Gabriel: I only lost a battle. Didn’t Father always teach us not to rest until our work was done?

Michael: He would be ashamed of you.

Gabriel: Well, he’s not here, is he? You know why. Because he realized that this creation of his, his pride and joy, was a failure of epic proportions. He couldn’t stand the sight of them. He just didn’t have the heart to wipe them out himself.

Michael: Are you that jealous of Father’s attention, his love for them over his angels? Over you?

Gabriel (pulls out sword and presses blade close to Michael’s face): I should finish you right now.

Michael (pulls out his own sword and puts blade to Gabriel’s neck): Try.

Gabriel: If the humans knew you were here talking to me, they’d kill you themselves.

Michael puts away his blade.

Gabriel: It doesn’t make you angry? They were given our birthright, gifted a paradise, this earth, these bodies. And what did they do? They turned the planet into a pit. When they’re gone, the last of them a bad memory, maybe then Father will come back.

Michael: You’re still nothing more than a frightened child lashing out. Your quarrel is with a father who left you, not with mankind.

Gabriel: My quarrel is with humans and anyone foolish enough to stand with them.

Michael: I won’t allow you to hurt another soul.

Gabriel: Oh. The humans don’t need you to protect them, Michael. They have the chosen one now.

Michael’s expression becomes serious, and Gabriel flies away, having made his point.

Cut to Vega’s prison. Arika and her party are stripped to their underwear and sharing a single cell.

Coral (Arika’s handmaiden): If you hadn’t acted like a mud woman, letting Whele have your body, maybe you would’ve noticed that Roan was an infiltrator. Maybe we could’ve stopped him before he killed a hero of Vega.

Arika: I’m still Evelyn’s consort. Remember your place, Coral.

Coral: I do, and so should you.

Arika: The boy fooled Evelyn, and she’s not easily fooled.

Coral: She will not react well to this disgrace. They’ve humiliated us.

Arika: Maybe so. They might have taken our haikas. But they’ll never learn the secrets of Helena.

Soldiers come to collect Arika.

Soldier: Arika.

Arika proudly strolls into David’s office in her underwear.

David: The first time I met you, I thought, “Now, there’s a woman who will go far in this world.”

Arika: Really? Why is that?

David: It was back when we still did business with those New Delphi cretins. I was bidding against you for fuel. That Delphi oil man remember him? Truly repulsive human being. I figured you must have slept with him without blinking an eye because you got to go home with the contracts, and I returned empty-handed, but with a newfound respect for your will to do anything to win. Then two weeks later, he was found dead, gutted like a tuna, and I was even more impressed.

Arika: Thank you, though I had nothing to do with that.

David: [Chuckles] I trust you and your handmaidens are being well treated.

Arika: Our haikas were removed. For us, that’s cultural savagery.

David: My apologies, but after what happened with the boy, security is our first priority.

Arika: Roan fooled us. Think of it, David. Gabriel’s responsible for pushing the human race to the brink of extinction. Helena will never side with him.

David: There are black acolytes in this very city who secretly worship Gabriel as a God. Who’s to say that Evelyn is not doing the same thing?

Arika: Evelyn believes in the divine feminine. We have no place for a male deity like Gabriel. But you didn’t bring me here to discuss culture. What do you want?

David: Helena has the only air force left. I need it.

Arika: Evelyn will never enter a new war with Gabriel if Helena isn’t threatened.

David: But I have you. Tell me what she’ll think if her consort is put to death for treason.

Arika: She will mourn me, and then she will bomb Vega into oblivion.

Cut to House Riesen. A cleaned-up Bixby is wolfing down breakfast at Claire’s table.

Claire: Good, huh?

Bixby: Mm-hmm.

Felicia (bringing more pancakes): [Chuckles] Reminds me of you – a bottomless pit.

Claire: Thanks, Felicia.

Bixby pauses, worried that she did something wrong.

Claire: [Chuckles] No, she’s teasing. Eat as much as you want.

Bixby grab more pancakes. Riesen enters.

Riesen: Good morning.

Claire: Felicia, can you take Bixby to get a glass of milk?

Felicia: Of course. [She and Bixby leave]

Riesen: Is that the little girl from the bunker?

Claire: I said she was under our protection, and I meant it. [Pauses] I guess it’s old-fashioned to think a bride should be the first one to know about her own wedding.

Riesen: If I went to you first, you never would’ve entertained the idea.

Claire: Why would I? I don’t love William.

Riesen: In the world we live in, we have to think about more than just ourselves.

Claire: So wanting to marry a man that I have feelings for is selfish?

Riesen: Claire, when these walls went up, the city was in a shambles. Refugees were pouring –

Claire: Pouring in by the thousands. We could barely afford to feed ourselves. Yeah, I know. You’ve told me this story a thousand times. You created the V-system so that everyone had a job to do. But what you did was you trapped people into a life that they had no way out of.

Riesen: You know it was supposed to be temporary. As soon as we were back on our feet, we were gonna transition to a republic.

Claire: So what are you waiting for? You’re Lord of the City. If you want things to change, change them.

Riesen: The senate is stuck on the status quo. You and William, you’d be new blood.

Claire: I’m not a politician, though. I’m a teacher.

Riesen: Well, now that we’ve been attacked, I can’t step down, not now. But eventually you will inherit my seat, and when that happens, David Whele will be on you like a wolf on a lamb.

Claire: I am not marrying William Whele.

Riesen: Because you’re in love with Alex.

Claire: Yes. And I know what you’re thinking. He’s not just a V-2 soldier. He’s the chosen one.

Riesen: I have no idea what that means, nor does anyone. You and William could run this city.

Claire: Oh, stop talking about William.

Riesen: Claire. [She storms out] Claire!

Riesen feels a pain in his chest and sits down, breathing heavily.

Cut to barracks locker room. Noma is changing. Alex is putting things in his locker.

Noma: So how long you been banging Claire Riesen?

Alex: No one knows about this, Noma.

Noma: Hope not.

Alex: Hey. You need to keep it quiet.

Noma: You know you can trust me.

Soldier: Lannon?

Alex: Yeah.

Soldier (handing piece of paper to Alex): New orders.

Noma: What is it?

Alex: Security detail reassignment – House Whele.

Alex leaves barracks. Michael is waiting for him.

Michael: We need to talk.

Alex: I’m done talking.

Michael: You’re in danger. Things have changed.

Alex: For you, maybe, not for me. Leave me alone.

Michael grabs Alex from behind, unfurls his wings, and flies upward with Alex in tow. Michael brings him to the stratosphere.

Michael: Gabriel knows about you.

Alex: What does he know, that I have the tattoos?

Michael: He’s more dangerous than you think. You’re a target, Alex.

Alex: But I’m the chosen one, right? If I’m the one that’s gonna save the human race, I must be pretty damn powerful, right? If I’m gonna unite mankind, I’m gonna have to fight angels like you.

Michael: I’m not your enemy.

Alex: It didn’t feel that way when you were whipping me.

Michael: Things are different now. You’re gonna have to trust me, Alex.

Alex: Trust you? [Chuckles] Why would I ever do that? Everything you ever told me was a lie. I was able to read one of the tattoos last night. You know what it said? “Beware those closest to you.” You stay away from me.

Alex storms out. Cut to House Whele.

Ethan: What are you doing here?

Alex: I just got reassigned.

David: Mr. Lannon, a word.

Ethan: He knows your name? [Ethan leaves room]

David: You know what I did before the war?

Alex: No, sir.

David: I was a televangelist. I sold religion on television. I was very, very good at it. I was a true believer.
The message would differ from preacher to preacher, but the point was always the same. You need me to connect you to him. Since then, I’ve learned the error of my ways. Everything I believed in was wrong.
But what I do know, better than anyone in this city, is the psychology of faith. I have seen firsthand what true believers are capable of. They’ll open up their wallets and bow at your feet. They’ll tear each other apart just to touch you, or they’ll nail you to a cross. But either way you could bring ruin to our society.

Alex: You don’t have to worry. None of this means anything to me. I won’t say a word.

David: Smart man.

Alex: Consul, I’ve been with House Riesen for four years now, and today of all days, I get transferred to House Whele. Why?

David: I didn’t order your transfer. General Riesen did.

William enters, and kneels before Alex with exaggerated flourish.

David: William, please.

William: I’m sorry to intrude.

David: No intrusion. Sergeant Lannon has just been assigned to our detail.

William looks uncomfortable. Cut to he and Alex walking through the markets of Vega.

William: I apologize for my father. He’s a narcissist of the highest order. What did you both talk about?

Alex: He warned me about the pitfalls of fame.

Woman: Principate – Bless you.

William: And you, Sister. Here, take this.

Man: May the savior bless you, sir.

William: And you, Brother. Here.

William (to Alex): Extra rations, medical care for those in need.

Alex: I didn’t know you did that.

William: Well, uh, House Whele isn’t the big bad wolf Lord Riesen makes us out to be.

Alex: Your father’s idea?

William: No. Charity’s not his strong suit. Alex, um. Can I call you Alex?

Alex: Sure.

William: I can only imagine what it must be like to walk in your shoes, the, um the burden that’s been placed upon you. If you ever want to talk to anyone about anything at all, I’m here. And I’ve always been here, waiting to be of service to you.

Cut to House Riesen. He is buttoning his shirt back up. Becca comes back with a glass of water.

Becca: You can’t keep your condition a secret much longer.

Riesen: You are the only one I can trust, Becca.

Becca: You can trust Claire. She’s your daughter, Edward. She deserves to know.

Riesen: So she can worry herself sick?

Becca: So she’ll know why you want her to marry William.

Riesen: I don’t want her thinking that her father’s got one foot in the grave.

Becca: You have congestive heart failure. You could live another ten years.

Riesen: Or die tomorrow.

Becca: Well, keeping secrets isn’t healthy, and I’m not just talking about your heart.

Riesen: What are you talking about?

Becca: Edward, I know you go outside the city walls every few weeks. Why?

Riesen: That will be all, Consul. [Riesen walks away without looking at Becca]

Cut to prison. Arika’s women are scratching their fingernails on the floor, reducing them to a greenish powder

Coral: What will they do to us?

Arika: The sentence will be death. But I know David. He’ll torture first, try to make us confess. All the way down to the nail bed – we need as much poison as possible.

Coral: What will you tell the guards?

Arika: That I’m ready to talk with David Whele.

Coral: It gives me great peace to know that we’ll be the instrument that causes that man to die.

Cut to House Riesen. Alex collides with Felicia, who is carrying a coffee service. Everything crashes to the floor.

Alex: Oh! Sorry.

She bends down to clean up and Alex bends down to help her. She sees his tattoos.
Alex: Are you okay?

Felicia: I’m fine. Um, my apologies.

She leaves for another room, puts the coffee set onto a table and catches her breath. Wings unfurl from her back, and she sneers in Alex’s direction.

Cut to Michael and Riesen looking out over the city from House Riesen.

Voice outside over megaphone: Curfew is now in effect. Curfew is now in effect.

Riesen: You were missed in the senate yesterday.

Michael: I was out surveying the Western cradle, making sure the threat was gone.

Riesen: The threat could be right under our noses. Twenty five years, and you never told me about this new type of angel like Roan. Vega’s not prepared for that.

Michael: The higher order of angels never wanted any part of this war. I didn’t consider them a threat.

Riesen: And Lannon, how does he factor into this war?

Michael: My hope is decisively. He has a destiny, but it’s not etched in stone. There are many paths he could choose, not all of them for the best. He’s in a difficult place. I don’t know how to reach him. Do you?

Riesen: How would I know how to reach him?

Michael: You’ve always had great insight into the ways of your kind. And you’re a parent. You have a child.

Riesen: If I knew how to reach my daughter, maybe I could give you some advice. Sometimes you just have to wish them Godspeed.

Michael: Alex’s decisions have repercussions for everyone on this planet.

Riesen: So do ours.

Cut to Claire’s bedroom. She is writing in her diary. Alex walks in and knocks on the wall.

Alex: You’re not a spoiled princess.

Claire: No, actually, that’s the one thing I am.

Alex: You want to stay in Vega. I get it.

Claire: Really?

Alex: We’ll work it out, together.

Claire: Thank you.

They kiss, and then make love. Afterwards, they lie entwined in bed and she admires his tattoos.

Claire: They are so beautiful. This one looks almost Aramaic. Aren’t you even curious?

Alex: I’d burn ’em off if I could.

Claire: No, you wouldn’t.

Alex: Hell, maybe I can.

Claire: Alex.

Alex: Are you worried about me, or them?

Claire: That’s not fair.

Alex: Fair? You’re not the one with graffiti scribbled all over your body.

Claire: It’s a gift, Alex.

Alex: For who?

Afterwards, Claire is walking Alex to the door and Bixby comes down the hall.

Bixby: Alex!

Alex: Bix! [He picks her up and hugs her] You’re looking good. Beats living life in the tunnels, huh?

Bixby: Any day.

Claire: Bet there’s no bedtime in the tunnels either.

Bixby: Oh.

Claire: Come on, come on.

Bixby: Ah.

Claire: I’ll see you later.

Alex: Yeah.

Claire walks Bixby to her room. Alex walks down the hall and is attacked by Felicia. They fight.

Soldier: Hey!

Another soldier comes to help but Felicia knocks him down easily. Bixby and Claire hear the commotion and come running out.

Claire: Alex.

Felicia lifts Claire by her throat, choking her, then throws her across the room. Bixby is sliced in the stomach by Felicia’s wing and crumples to the floor.

Alex: Claire! No!

Felicia and Alex fall into elevator and continue to fight.

Alarm: Attention security breach. Attention security breach.

They end up in kitchen, Alex pulls out a natural gas line, then lights a lighter, setting Felicia on fire. He kicks her out the window. Cut to Alex watching as Claire and Bixby are attended to.

Cut to Whele and soldier walking down a corridor in the prison.

David: What the hell happened?

Soldier: We’re not sure. She said she’d only talk to you.

They arrive at the cell. All Arika’s women are dead. They have blood coming from their eyes, and green powder on their lips.

David (to solder): Leave us. (to Arika) What have you done?

Arika: More importantly, David, what have you done? Before you answer, consider your options.
You can claim that you had no choice but to kill these women after you interrogated them and found they’re in league with Gabriel. I will be absolved of any involvement and see to it that Evelyn makes no reprisals. Or, after you failed to elicit a confession from Helena’s sacred handmaidens, you flew into a rage and killed them. You will be known as the person who single-handedly started an all-out war with Helena, one that Vega will surely lose. The choice is yours, David.

Arika smiles like the cat that ate the canary.

Cut to barracks. Alex rushes in and starts packing. He looks at the picture of his mother. Claire follows him in.

Claire: Alex. I asked the medics if they treated you, and no one knew where you were. (They hug) I’ve been going out of my mind. I’m so glad you’re okay. Why are you dressed like this? You’re leaving.

Alex: You and Bixby almost died because that thing came after me. It’s not gonna change, Claire. I’m a target now.

Claire: Right. Okay. Okay. So I will be a target with you. I’m coming.

Alex: No, you’re not.

Claire: I am. And it’s not because you’re the chosen one. It’s not even because I love you. It’s – you’ve got a terrible sense of direction. Who else is gonna keep you from getting lost? You need me. (She kisses him)

Alex: I’m sorry.

Claire: I’m not afraid. I can handle this.

Alex: Well, I am. I’m afraid. I need you to stay alive, Claire. Listen to me. If anything ever happened to you, I couldn’t live with myself. I’m going alone.

Claire: So what – this is good-bye?

Alex: For now. (He turns to leave)

Cut to Gabriel’s aerie. Felicia flies in. She’s hurt.

Felicia: William was telling the truth. Alex Lannon is the chosen one.

Gabriel: Were you injured?

Felicia: He was strong, stronger than expected.

Gabriel (affectionately cupping her head): You did well, little one. (To Furiad) Take care of her.

Furiad scoops her up in his arms and carries her out.

Out on the road, Alex is driving and his tattoos start to itch and move. He stares at them.

Cut to Riesen walking up the stairs in the ruins of the Luxor Hotel outside Vega.

He enters a room full of knickknacks, where an old fashioned record player is playing “As Time Goes By.”

Clementine (off stage): Edward?

Riesen: I brought your favorite.

He places a jar of what looks like honey on the table and sits on the bed. A scantily clad woman enters from another room, strolls over and sits in his lap.We see she is an eightball.

Clementine: [Sighs] I’ve missed you. (kisses him passionately)



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