Detailed transcript of “Pilot” (episode 1.1)

Dominion Episode 1.1 “Pilot”
Original air date: June 19, 2014

Version 2.1 by Kris (@DominionV5;

Adapted from the closed captioning transcript found at

Edward Riesen (voiceover): 25 years ago, God disappeared. His angels held man responsible, and declared war on humanity. The Archangel Gabriel led this war of extermination, hoping to rid the world of humans and claim dominion over it. Some higher angels refused to take sides, but the lower angels joined Gabriel. These lesser spirits lacked bodies, so their first line of attack was to steal ours. But Michael, the greatest of all archangels, chose to fight for man. With his help, the survivors struck back and built strongholds to defend themselves. Soon, word spread of a baby Michael had saved, a child who would grow up to be mankind’s savior. This chosen one would be known by the markings on his body. Finally, Gabriel and his army retreated, and we were left with the realization that not only are angels, real they are our most hated enemies.

Alex is walking with flashlight through abandoned and ruined casino. He stocks canned goods and supplies into a parked, covered truck. He hears a noise and goes to investigate. There are 3 eightballs playing cards: a female stripper, a man, and a fat woman. The last gestures to Alex with her finger.

Fat Momma: Join us. We have an empty seat.

Alex shoots the stripper in the head, and he runs as the other two chase after him. He drives away in an Army type vehicle. Behind him the male eightball unfurls his wings and begins to fly towards him. Alex tries to radio Vega as he drives down the ruins of the Vegas strip.

Alex: A. Lannon, pass code 2271. Open the gates. A. Lannon, pass code 2271. I’ve got an angel in pursuit.

Cut to inside Vega command center.

Soldier: What have you got?

Alex (on radio):2271, respond!

Female guard: Distress call, sir. One of ours.

We see them tracking Alex on radar.

Alex on radio: Where the hell are you guys? Open the damn gate!

Female guard: Should I let him in, sir?

Cut to outside gates, Alex driving like a bat out of hell.

Alex: Open the gate! 2271 – Open the damn gate!

Male eightball smashes Alex’s window and attacks him. He tries to drive while fighting it off.

Alex: A. Lannon!

Inside command center, an alarm sounds.

Alarm: “Passcode Warning, perimeter breach. Warning, perimeter breach.”

Alex slams on brakes as he approaches still-closed gate and the eightball initially goes flying forward, then flies to top of gate and is killed by artillery gun. Alex enters now opened gate and is met with not so pleased security men.

Alarm: “Now entering security zone five. Now entering security zone five.”

Alex: All right, all right, easy. Yeah, okay.

Soldiers scan him to make sure he is who he says he is.

Automated scanner voice: Possession negative.

A gate officer arrives and is even less pleased.

Gate officer: Lannon! What the hell were you doing outside the city without authorization?

Alex (joking): It was two-for-one buffet at the Flamingo. I just couldn’t miss it.

Officer grabs him in anger.

Alex: What do you think I was doing? You saw the eightball. It wasn’t just one of ’em. There was a whole group of ’em. We need to tell Riesen.

Gate officer: No. Take him to the archangel. He’s one of his men.

Alex: Aw, man.

Gate officer: I’ll report to Riesen.

Cut to the Stratosphere. [Woman singing opera] Scantily clad women are sleeping on a large bed in a candlelit room. One woman – Becca – rises and slowly walks over to a bare-chested Michael, who is staring out over the city.

Becca: You were a naughty boy tonight.

Michael: You shouldn’t indulge me.

Becca: These evenings would be much more enjoyable if you didn’t hate yourself after.

Michael: Any risk, no matter how small, that I might have children is too great.

She puts his shirt over his shoulders.

Becca: Would it be such a bad thing? Vega needs children.

Michael: Not children like that. [He cups her face] This has to stop.

Becca: Then stop.

Michael turns and does a swan dive out the open window. Mid-fall his wings unfurl and he flies off.

Cut to Alex is being driven in an armed vehicle through Vega. We see the crowded city, gaudy neon lighting, restless people.

[Indistinct radio chatter]: Market access is restricted to V-4 and above.

[Indistinct chatter]: Market access is restricted to V-4 and above.

Loudspeaker: A regal Jubilee, only at the Whele Arena. Don’t miss it!

They pass an electronic billboard that says “Our Savior is coming.”

Truck stops. The crowd is getting ugly.

Driver: This city’s going to hell.

Cut to Alex sitting at a table in a darkened room. Sr. Officer John slams a whip on the table.

John: Exiting the city with a vehicle is a realigning offense. You’re gonna get purged down to V-0 for this.
An untouchable.

Alex: It’s better than making a home in Michael’s ass to be a V-3 like you.

John: How’d you do it? You reprogram one of the gates? Crack the surveillance?

Michael arrives and John goes to leave.

Michael: Leave the whip. [He turns to Alex, the whip in his hand] You know the rules and why they exist. Everything in Vega has a purpose. That’s how the city survives. Founding law. “For the protection and good of all, gates are inviolable.”

Alex: We have a right to leave. We all do.

Michael: No, you don’t. Tell me about the angels.

Alex: There were three of ’em, all eightballs. But something about them was different. One of them could change his body. A soldier. He had wings.

Michael: Where were they?

Alex: A couple of miles down the strip.

Michael: What were they doing?

Alex: Playing Texas hold ’em. Not kidding.

Michael: And what were you doing out there? You know the punishment for going outside the walls.

Alex: I’m gonna be purged?

Michael: No, you’re Archangel Corps. But if you ever do anything like this again, I’ll not spare you.Do you understand me? Stand up.

Michael whips Alex three times.

Riesen enters room.

Riesen: I think that’s enough, Michael. He’s learned his lesson. Right, boy? Tell no one about what you saw. Not a word about the eightballs to anyone. Now, go report for duty.

Alex leaves.

Michael: He shouldn’t be outside the walls. The ruins are too dangerous.

Riesen: The boy has been sneaking out since he was a child. He knows Vega better than anyone.

Michael: He needs discipline.

Riesen: Perhaps. But after what he did for Claire, I owe him.

Michael: The eightball came right up to the gate. They’re back.

Cut to Claire Riesen teaching a group of young children.

Claire: In the war, the entire lower rank of angels joined Gabriel, but unlike archangels, Gabriel’s lower angels, the dogs of heaven, they were lesser spirits without a physical form, and they couldn’t visit earth without a body, so they stole ours. Then came whispers of a chosen child who would grow up to lead mankind out of darkness, and his legend quickly spread, giving humanity hope, a reason to fight back, and the angels hated it. Now, it’s said that Michael acted alone, saved the child, and hid him in such a way that not even Michael knows where he is.

Alex quietly arrives to relieve Claire’s guard, Bart

Bart: You’re late.

Alex: Yeah, sorry, I got held up.

Bart: Asshole.

Alex: You’re an asshole.

Bart leaves.

Claire: We continue to hope – no, to believe that the chosen one, our savior, will someday reveal himself to us.

Children are escorted out.

Alex: Is there anything else I can help you with tonight, ma’am?

Claire and Alex embrace and kiss.

Claire: What happened to your head?

Alex: There were eightballs by the truck.

Claire: What?

Alex: Your father told me not to say anything, so you have to keep quiet.

Claire: Alex, they attacked you.

Alex: That’s what they do. I’m fine. [They kiss] You need to speak to your dad.

Claire: I know. I know. I will tonight. I’ve asked to see him. I’ll tell him about us, and I will get his permission to marry. But you still have to do the knee and the ring thing.

Alex: It just so happens I have a knee and a ring.

They kiss. Alex is visibly worried.

Claire: What? Alex, he’ll say yes. Trust me. I know him. You’re my shield. You took a knife for me. There is no me without you.

Alex: We’re different, you and I.

Claire: Yeah, what? You think you know him better than I do.

Alex: I know the system better than you. Claire, the truck is ready. We have enough supplies to easily make it to Delphi. Claire, they don’t have numbers there. Everyone is equal. We could start a new life, but it’s got to be tomorrow night. The city will be busy with the Jubilee, and you could slip out.

Claire: But it won’t come to that. He’ll say yes. But, if he doesn’t, wherever you go, I follow. Okay?

Alex leaves but William Whele stops him

William: What’s your name, soldier?

Alex: Alex Lannon, V-2. The House Riesen, AA Corp.

William: Alex Lannon. It’s against our law for you to be alone with Claire, Alex, so next time make sure you’re accompanied by another guard.

Alex leaves.

Claire [Clears throat]: Principate.

William: Please, Claire, not you. I’m still the same William you played marbles with in this room.

Claire: Yes, and always be.

William: Yeah, maybe you should call me Principate. It does sound much better when it comes from you.

They walk through the Riesen’s luxurious residence.

William: You missed services tonight.

Claire: I was teaching.

William: That’s right. You know, I admire your work with Vega’s less fortunate. You of all people know how important it is that our faith must be nurtured. It must be kept like a promise. It troubles me that so many of Vega’s citizens have forgotten this simple truth.

Williams holds Claire’s hands and it is obvious he has feelings for her.

Claire: Yes.

William: Well, let us pray.

Claire: Yes.

They kneel before statue of newborn baby being held up in its mother’s hands. They make a V shape with their hands as if waiting for a baby to fill them.

Cut to barracks. Alex takes his shirt off revealing injuries from whipping. Bixby sneaks up behind Alex.

Alex: Hey, Bix.

Bixby: What’d you do now?

Alex: I got on the wrong side of the peacock. Riesen stepped in.

Bixby: You should keep out of anything to do with the tops.

Alex. Yeah, they’re no different than us. They just got a better number.

Alex looks at Bixby. She looks hungry and gaunt.

Alex: When’s the last time you ate? Here. [He hands her a small package of what look like nuts] I ate at the palace. You want to know a secret? One day, we’re gonna live somewhere where there aren’t any numbers, where we aren’t told what to do, what to eat, where to sleep, and whom to marry. One day, we’re gonna be free.

Bixby: Promise?

Alex. I promise. Stay close the next day or so. Something big’s gonna happen, and whichever way it goes, you’re coming with me.

David Whele walks into poolside area where Riesen is enjoying a sumptuous feast alone.

Riesen: Consul.

David: General. Oh, lookee here. [he picks up berries] I asked the horticulturist to grow these on the agri-towers. [eats one]

Riesen: I never much cared for berries.

David: There was an angel attack on a soldier outside the walls today.

Riesen: Small group, three angels. Easily destroyed.

David: Not all of ’em. One survived. Don’t worry. It’s been taken care of. But the archangel is concerned, and you should be too.

Riesen: Michael sees evil portent in everything and everyone.

David: [Chuckles]

Riesen: It was an isolated incident, nothing more. No further sightings on our long-range scans. We deployed the drone. All clear. We don’t want it getting out. It could cause panic.

David: Perhaps that wouldn’t be a bad thing. We’ve done our jobs too well. Vega has grown complacent, lazy. So are you looking forward to the announcement at the Jubilee?

Riesen: Yes.

David: Tomorrow, then.

Whele leaves. Riesen looks at him with a worried expression.

Cut to co-ed shower.

Ethan: I’ve been guarding David Whele for six months. I finally saw what he feeds that tiger of his.

Alex: It’s not a tiger. It’s a lion.

Ethan: Is there a difference?

Alex: Yeah, stripes.

Ethan: Whatever. It gets steak for dinner, dry-aged porterhouse. When was the last time you even tasted beef?

Alex: Cat’s one of a kind. We’re a dime a dozen.

Ethan: Speak for yourself.

Noma enters showers

Noma: Hey, boys.

Both: Noma.

Noma: Hey, Ethan, can you weasel your way into a bottle of Scotch for me tonight?

Ethan: “Weasel”? Really?

Alex: She means charm your way.

Noma: Nooo I meant “Weasel”!

Ethan: [Laughs derisively] You know what goes great with Scotch, Noma? Porterhouse steak, and I can get some. My gift to you. Alex, I’ll grab one for you too. We’re gonna eat like tigers tonight.

Alex: Lions.

Ethan: Tigers.

In locker room

Noma: You’ve been logging some serious overtime at House Riesen.

Alex: I go where I’m told.

Noma: So General Riesen’s just decided to tighten security?

Alex: Why wouldn’t he? He’s lord of the city. The man’s concerned about his daughter’s safety.

Noma: Who said anything about his daughter?

Alex: No one. It’s just, you know how he is about Claire.

Noma: Yeah. He cares a lot about her, doesn’t he?

Noma looks at Alex with a wistful expression. She obviously has feelings for him.

Helicopter noise is heard. Alex and Noma go to investigate. Cut to external shot of 2 helicopters flying into Vega. Several soldiers watch helicopter land.

Ethan: Don’t the Wheles ever sleep?

Alex: Not if there’s money to be made.

Alex grabs binoculars and we see a woman being escorted by David and William.

Alex: It’s a delegation from Helena.

Ethan: It’s been a while since you seen anyone from Helena behind in these walls.

We see there is a child in the delegation.

Noma: Have you ever seen one of their kids before?

Alex: They keep ’em hidden. It’s their law.

Ethan: You think that kid’s the one?

Alex: The chosen one’s a myth. That’s something they tell children to give them hope.

David and Arika enter a power plant.

Arika: I don’t understand why you’d have me travel all this way to see another of your factories.

David: Well, this isn’t one of our factories. Has Evelyn considered my proposal?

Arika: She’s not ready to join in a treaty with you which may pit us against New Delphi. Trading, yes. Armaments, a mutual defense pact, not now. Evelyn wished to give you this.

Handmaiden opens a wooden box, revealing a gun.

David: A derringer. One of these killed Abraham Lincoln.

He points it at Arika. Laughs and pretends to blow smoke off the tip of the barrel.

David: A thoughtful gift. You obviously learned a lot about me on your last visit.

Arika: A passion for weapons is hard to forget.

David: I would prefer you remember me for something more inspiring.

David kisses her hand. Arika’s handmaiden looks on with disgust.

Arika: And what would that be?

David: Hope.

Blast doors open and we see it is a nuclear power plant.

David: Gone are the days when darkness is something to fear. With this technology, the lights of Vega will shine as a beacon of hope for a 1,000 years.

Arika: Along with food and our medicines, I can offer 500 brides, all of childbearing age, in exchange for the technology to build our own reactor.

David: There’ll be time to negotiate later. My men will show you the bungalows where you can rest and freshen up after your flight.

Arika: Thank you, David.

David: And tomorrow night, you’ll be my guests at the yearly Jubilee in the Grand Arena. It’s a small gesture the house of Whele makes to inspire and entertain the city. Good night, Arika.

Arika: Good night. [She leaves]

William: I wonder if the brides she was offering would be spies.

David: Possible. We have so much that they don’t. Helena has the only air force in the cradle, a fleet of aircraft they inherited from Hill Air Force Base. The cripple Riesen won’t be an obstacle much longer. Once we have consolidated our position and you’ve been made lord of the city, we’ll want her as an ally.

Cut to outside the gates where a figure is sneaking into the city. Cut to the stratosphere. A shirtless Michael has his back to the camera. He appears to be meditating. He opens his eyes and watches the figure enter his room.

Michael: Jeep.

Michael offers Jeep a glass of wine

Jeep: I see you still like the highest perch.

Michael: It’s been 15 years. I thought you were dead.

Jeep: Hmm. Fourteen and a half, but who’s counting. What does everyone else think?

Michael: The same. David Whele built you a statue in memoriam.

Jeep: That’s creepy.

Michael: It’s not a good likeness. It looks more like Whele than you.

Jeep: [Chuckling] He hasn’t changed.

Michael: We all assumed the tattoos were lost to us.

Jeep raises an arm. It has a series of strange markings on it.

Jeep: No.

Michael: Have you deciphered any of them?

Jeep: It isn’t just a language to decipher. It’s something else. And from what I could find, there’s no historical equivalent. Much of the last 14 years was spent on wild goose chases, looking for the names of prophets I’d misspelled, or tasks I thought I was commanded to carry out. Unfortunately, the tattoos are indecipherable.[Pauses] How is he? What’s he like?

Michael: Undisciplined, strong-willed, passionate, mercurial.

Jeep: Good. Can you bring him to me?

Michael: Yes.

Jeep: Everything’s about to change. War’s coming.

Michael looks visibly concerned.

Cut to Claire entering her father’s chambers. He is looking out over the city.

Riesen: People have lived inside these walls so long they’ve forgotten they’re not prisoners.

Claire: Father, there’s something that I need to tell –

Riesen (interrupting): I’m stepping down from ruling Vega. The city’s strong enough to give power back to the people. Let them make their own way going forward.

Claire: The people are not ready. Vega is not ready. And Senator Whele will never give up power that easily. He won’t allow the people to govern themselves. Father, if you step down in the name of democracy, he will turn this city into a dictatorship.

Riesen: And what do you think it is now?

Claire: You’re a good man.

Riesen: Am I?

Claire: Why now? We have worked so hard to build this city into what it is. You can’t just give up.

Riesen: I’m not giving up. I’m moving forward. So should you. You have the strength of character that Vega desperately needs, Claire. You’ll be important to its survival, and soon, you’ll be called on to protect it. So, what was it you wished to tell me?

Claire: Nothing. It was nothing.

Riesen kisses Claire on the forehead and leaves.

Cut to Arika bathing by candlelight. David walks in and she pulls a gun on him.

David: You’re as paranoid as ever.

Arika: If that were true, you’d be dead.

David: Tell me about the boy. I’ve never seen any of your children before. Why bring him here?

Arika: Roan isn’t one of our children. He’s favored by Evelyn. She dotes on him like an adopted son.
avid: Oh. Why?

Arika: He’s a savant. Knows 20 languages, can play a Bach piano concerto, recites Shakespeare. His knowledge of history is astonishing. He’s amazing, teaching us many things, but he’s painfully shy and needs to be treated gently. Roan wanted to see the great city of Vega, and Evelyn denies him nothing. She believes he’s special, very special.

David: And you?

Whele puts his hand in the water and apparently touches her but she does not respond.

Arika: I’ve never seen a child quite like him.

David (standing): A boy with those gifts could be useful to Vega.

Arika: [Chuckles] He’s not for sale.

David: Everything has a price. [Unties his bathrobe]

Cut to Roan, who awakens from a dream. He gets out of bed and looks at the sunrise. He raises a hand to the glass and the sunrise appears to quicken.

Cut to House Riesen. A guard passes by Alex.

Guard: She wants to see you upstairs. Needs some stuff from the supply center for tonight.

Alex: Yes, ma’am.

Claire: I need these filled by early afternoon.

Alex: Yes, ma’am.
Claire (whispering): Listen. Something is happening with my father that could change everything. I couldn’t bring it up to him. So tonight after the Jubilee, we leave as planned. [in her full voice] That’ll be all. Thank you.

Alex leaves but Michael is at the foot of the stairs.

Michael: Come with me.

Michael and Alex enter the stratosphere and Jeep attacks Alex. They fight until Alex puts a sword to Alex’s throat and Jeep surrenders.

Jeep: Okay, okay, okay. You’ve trained him well, Michael.

Alex: Dad? How did you get here?

Jeep: I came back last night, to see you, to talk.

Alex: I’m not interested in anything you have to say. You gave me up. A scribbled note left in the night made that clear. Do you remember what it said? I do. “You’ll be an orphan now, Alex.”

Jeep: I didn’t think I’d make it back.

Alex: I was 11. You left me alone.

Jeep: You had Michael.

Alex: [Scoffs] He isn’t even human.

Jeep: Human enough to side with us against his own. The only one to fight for us. Without Michael, we would’ve lost the war.

Alex turns to leave.

Jeep: Alex! Nothing’s been done that wasn’t necessary.

Alex: “Necessary”? Do you realize by making me an orphan, you put me in the lowest caste? A 1. If I hadn’t become a soldier, I wouldn’t have had anywhere to sleep or anything to eat. You basically left me to die.

Jeep: It isn’t the life I would have chosen for you. None of it is.

Alex (to Michael): You. You knew this all along.

Jeep: Alex.

Alex: You go back to whatever hole you crawled out of. You don’t have a son.

Alex storms out.

Jeep: We need to bring the council together today before the Jubilee. [pauses] Did I do the right thing for Alex?

Michael: That remains to be seen.

Cut to the Wheles walking with a guard.

William: They found this at the altar.

William hands his father an acolyte’s mask.

David: I don’t understand. The angels took everything from us, and there are idiots who still worship them.

William: I know, but the acolytes are still a small and secretive group. They can’t hide forever.

David: Good.

William: My followers will find them.

David: Keep them searching.

They reach what appears to be a solitary confinement cell. David opens door.

David: Come on inside. (Big Momma is in chains and rushes William) It was caught outside the city walls this morning, trying to find a way inside.

William: You you brought one into the city?

David: People need to be reminded of what we’re up against, and who’s protected them all this time.

Cut to the barracks. Alex is angrily sharpening a sword.

Bixby: You’re sharpening that like you’re gonna kill somebody.

Alex: Yeah, you. You’re late.

Bixby: I was working in the laundry, and they wouldn’t let me go.

Alex: I’m sorry. I had a bad day.

Bixby: You want to talk about it?

Alex: It’s in the past. Bixby, gotta meet me at south entrance of the arena. Access is restricted to V-2 and above. Can you get in?

Bixby: Yeah.

Alex: 10 PM tonight. Do you understand? You can’t be late.

Bixby: What’s going on?

Alex: You’ll see. And, Bixby, you can’t tell anyone. You got it?

Noma loudly loads her weapons.

Bixby: She’s more of a man than you.

Cut to the leaders of Vega entering a small meeting room. The Wheles enter. Riesen and Becca are already there.

David: What’s Michael being so cryptic about?

Door opens and Michael and Jeep enter.

Jeep: Yeah, I’m alive.

David: How?

Jeep: Thick-headedness. I haven’t been able to decipher anything of substance from the tattoos.

Riesen: Can Michael?

Michael: No.

Jeep: But, more importantly, I found Gabriel.

William: What?

Becca: I guess it was wishful thinking that he might have died in the bombings.

Jeep puts a jump drive into the computer and video of Gabriel’s aerie is shown.

Jeep: He built a fortress and an army of the possessed in the mountains outside of Boulder. They seem to have adapted. Gabriel’s massing for another war. It gets worse. A few of the higher angels have joined Gabriel, and they can appear perfectly human.

William: In the same way as Michael and Gabriel?

Michael: Yes. They belong to the second sphere of angels, the Powers. They were born to be warriors to keep the other angels in line, and like Gabriel, some of them have always hated man. The powers are far more dangerous than the angels that possessed mankind during the extermination. I had hoped they would sit out this war. Gabriel’s obviously persuaded some of them to join him.

Close-up of an angel dressed in red armor.

Michael: His name is Furiad.

Becca: We should cancel the Jubilee. Alert the city.

Jeep: Agreed. All of this has convinced me it’s time to reveal the chosen one.

Riesen: You know who it is?

Jeep: Yeah.

Daivid: Who?

Michael: We will tell you soon enough.

David: [Scoffs] I don’t have time for this. There’s no chosen one, no one coming to save us. Never was. We’re the chosen ones, not some imaginary savior.

William: That isn’t true. The savior’s real. The baby lived.

David: That’s your delusion, not mine. So the baby lived. Many babies lived. We lived.

Becca: Hear them out, David. Michael has never misled us.

David: Michael may not be a mystery to you, Madam Consul, but he is to me. [to Michael] What were you planning on doing? Find some random child, and tell us he’s the baby? What proof do we have? How do we measure him, on your word alone?

Michael: You have faith.

David: [Chuckles] Oh, that died a long time ago, Archangel, when your kind laid waste to my planet. And “War Is Coming”? Not news to me. It never ended. We are the angels’ natural enemy. It won’t be over until either they’re extinct or we are. And what we have to do is prepare everyone for that inevitability. Lead them! And we lead them by attending the Jubilee. People need a release from the stress of this city, but more important, they need something to inspire them. So, General, tonight has to go forward. We cannot cancel. After that, I’ll be the first to reconvene here, roll my sleeves up, and do whatever it takes to keep us safe. But don’t ask me to put my faith in some child god. A savior. I’ll never do it again.
Cut to the audience in the Whele arena enjoying circus clowns. Arika and her party are in Whele’s skybox. He puts a hand on her knee and whispers in her ear. Arika’s chief aide is disgusted and leans to talk to Arika privately.

Arika’s Aide: How could you allow it?

Arika: Allow what?

Arika’s aide: Allow him to have you.

Arika: It’s work, nothing more.

Arika’s aide: Evelyn won’t see it that way.

The Riesens, Alex, Jeep, and Michael join a few others in their own skybox. Michael looks over at Becca in another skybox. They share an uneasy glance. Jeep walks over to Alex.

Alex: I’ve got nothing to say to you.

Jeep: Then I’ll do the talking.

Jeep hands Alex a small photo of his mother.

Alex (emotionally): I never knew there were any pictures of my mother.

Jeep: This is the only one. It’s been my good luck charm all these years. Now it’s yours.

Jeep walks to the other side of the box as Alex stares at the photo.

David: Welcome, Vega! [Cheers and applause] Tonight we celebrate our resilience, our fortitude, and our collective courage! [Cheers and applause] Every year we use this, our Jubilee, to be reminded of the past, but also to look forward, and it is in that spirit of looking forward that I have an announcement to make of incredible importance to this, our beloved city, to Vega! [Cheers and applause] Tonight tonight our city will become stronger. It will become unified, because tonight it is my great pleasure to announce the engagement of Claire Riesen [Cheers and applause] to William Whele.

Claire is stunned, as is Alex

David: Come on, son. Come and take a bow.

Riesen (solemnly to Claire, directing her to stand): Come.

David: Come on, Claire. Stand up. (William is uncomfortable next to his father) [Cheers and applause] Through their marriage, we will join Vega’s two greatest houses, the house of Riesen and Whele, thus securing the safety and future of this wondrous city. [Cheers and applause] Now, as is our custom, at the Jubilee, we celebrate the soldiers who stand on our walls, who protect us, keep us safe so that we can enjoy this life, but tonight we have something extra special. Thomas Ford is one of Vega’s greatest champions, a legend for killing 22 eightballs in battle with nothing but his knife.

Thomas is dressed in a gladiator costume in the middle of what looks like a boxing or wrestling ring. He gestures to crowd.

David: Let’s hear it for Thomas.

Cheers and applause. Ridiculously long horns play fanfare.

David: Well, Thomas, it’s time to meet the 23rd.

A wagon comes out to the ring, Big Momma’ exits and her chains are attached to the floor of the ring. Camera cuts briefly to Gabriel sitting on his throne.

Thomas takes out his sword and salutes the crowd. The crowd becomes uneasy.

David: Okay, settle down now. There’s nothing to fear. We are in complete control.

Michael (to Riesen): You allowed him to bring one into the city?

David (in the background): But it’s good. It’s always good –

Riesen: I had no idea.

David: To be reminded of what we face, what is out there waiting for us, the thing that asks nothing but takes all.

Michael: It must be destroyed.

We see Gabriel controlling Big Momma, making her wave and smile at Michael.

Michael: Gabriel.

Big Momma breaks free and kills Thomas. Chaos ensues. The Wheles and guests leave in a hurry.

William (to his father): Let’s go. Come on. Let’s go!

Utter chaos ensues, as people trample each other trying to leave and Bog Momma kills others. Michael swoops down and stabs her in the chest with his two knives. He seems to sense something. Cut to three angels, including Furiad, flying low right into Vega air space. Cut to the radar room of the defense system

Alarm: Warning, security breach.

Security officer: How did they get that close without us knowing?

Alarm: Warning, security breach.

Security officer: Ah, hell. Fire!

Artillery guns fire upon the angels. One is hit. Cut to Becca and Michael exchanging worried looks before she turns to leave the area for a safe room.

Alarm: Code Red. A citywide attack is imminent.

Bixby is walking alone and is visibly scared.

Michael (calls Alex on his earpiece): Get Claire and Riesen to bunker eight. Stay there until I come and get you.

Alex is trying to get the Riesens down crowded stairs.

Alex: Go, go! Bunker eight! Code Red.

Alarm: A citywide attack is imminent.

Alex (sees Bixby about to be trampled): Bixby! Bixby!

Claire: Alex!

Claire is swept away by the crowd, Alex decides he has to go save Bixby so he wades through crowd to her.

Alex: Bixby! Bixby! Bixby!

Cut to panic in the streets.

Alarm: Code Red, Code Red. Report to designated safe area.

Miscellaneous voices: Get back! Get back! [Siren wailing] [People shouting]

Cut to barracks where soldiers are suiting up. Then cut back to chaos in the streets.

Soldiers get the Riesens to the shelter: Let’s go! Move, people, Through this way! Come on!

Alex: Bixby!

Bixby: Alex!

He finally finds her clutching a railing.

Alex: Bixby! [picks her up and hugs her] Come on, come on!

Claire (a distance away): Alex!

Riesen: Claire!

Claire decides to forsake her father and pushes her way to Alex and Bixby. She and Alex kiss.

Claire: I’m so sorry. I didn’t know.

Alex: Listen, we don’t have enough time right now. We gotta get out of here.

Claire goes to turn a corner and Alex grabs her hand.

Alex: No, no, no, no, no! Claire, Claire, this way.  (they run down a corridor)

Cut to two remaining angels flying over city. Cut to safe room. Riesen, Jeep, Becca, and others enter.

Riesen: What am I looking at?

Security officer: Three angels, sir. They breached the city’s defenses. We managed to destroy one of them, but two made it over the wall.

Riesen: Where are they headed?

Security officer: The reactor, sir.

Ground troops confront Furiad.

Soldier: Incoming! Fire! Fire!

Furiad kills some soldiers, lands, and covers self with armored wings. Kills more soldiers. Then he sees Michael standing on corner of building above him. Michael gently flies down to meet Furiad on plaza.

Furiad (in another language): I barely recognize you, Michael. You even smell like them.

Michael (in same language): You are the same. Vanity before intelligence.

They slowly draw their weapons, then begin fighting.

Cut to saferoom. The Wheles and Arika’s party arrive and with the others watch the angels fighting on a security camera. Cut back to live fight.

Cut to outside saferoom. Alex begins to open door but pauses.

Alex: Let’s go. Leave, right now, tonight.

Claire: Leave the city? It’s under attack. This is a Code Red.

Alex: It’s perfect. By the time they begin looking for us, we’ll be half way to Delphi.

Claire: I can’t. Not right now. My father needs me, and Vega needs us. We have to stay and protect the city. We’ll work this out. Nobody is gonna tell me who to marry, Alex.

Alex: What makes you think you’re gonna have a choice, huh? If we go through that door, Claire, we’re staying. We’re never gonna leave.

Claire: Alex, I promise. I promise I will make this right. Trust me. Please, don’t leave me.

They kiss. Alex opens door and the three of them enter. Alex cups Claire’s cheek in his hand before returning to his duties, and the Wheles see this show of obvious affection.

Alex (to Riesen): Sir, what’s – [he sees Michael on camera]

Cut back to live angel fight. Michael knocks away Furiad’s sword and has his blades at the other’s throat, but he hesitates. The third angel attacks the power plant behind them. There is an explosion and the city goes dark. Cut back to saferoom where emergency backup lighting comes on.

Security officer: Sir, every camera in the city is dark.

Alex turns to leave but Jeep grabs him.

Jeep: What are you doing?

Alex: Michael needs my help.

Jeep: Michael can handle himself.

Alex: Get out of my way.

Jeep: If this bunker’s breached, all of Vega’s leaders are within these walls. Claire? She’s your responsibility. You’re needed here.

Alex: I’m needed out there more.

Cameras come back on, and they see what is left of the power plant.

Jeep: You can’t help him now. No one can.

Becca is visibly anxious. Cut to Michael stumbling through the debris of the power plant. Fires are burning in the rubble. He sees an unhelmeted Furiad. Furiad smiles and flies away. Cut back to the saferoom.

David: It won’t take long to restore power to Vega. We’ll soon get our defenses back online.

Arika: I have every confidence in you, David.

Roan looks around and spies ventilation shaft in ceiling.

William (to Claire): I was so worried. Thank the savior you’re all right.

Claire: I am (uncomfortably).

Roan grabs a knife from a cheese and crackers platter and stabs Jeep. He then jumps onto walls and through ventilation shaft as soldiers fire on him. He is an angel.

Riesen: Stop firing!

Soldier: Cease fire!

Jeep falls into Alex’s arms and then onto the floor. He is bleeding from a wound in his abdomen. Alex tries to put pressure on the wound, but Jeep is bleeding too badly.

Alex: I need a med kit!

Jeep (weakly, reaching up a hand to his son’s face): You’re ready. I believe in you. You, you are the chosen one.

Jeep closes his eyes and dies. Alex looks at his bloodsoaked hands.

David: The last words from a dying brain. The man was hallucinating. Ridiculous.

The tattoos fade from Jeep’s skin. Alex unbuttons the arm of his shirt and the tattoos appear. Claire slowly walks towards him and falls to her knees in awe and reverence.

Alex: Get up.

Claire rises.

David (referring to Arika): Arrest her.

Arika: You have to believe me, David. We had no part in this.

David: And round up her entourage.

Arika: I had no idea what Roan was. He was deceiving all of us. What would we have to gain? Please think.

David: I am.

Arika: General, please, you must listen to me.

Soldiers drag her away.

Soldier: Go! Go!

Riesen (to David): I don’t want her hurt. Arresting Arika could spark another war.

David: We’re already at war. They brought that thing into the city, and it killed Jeep.

Riesen: And you unleashed that monstrosity at the Jubilee. How is this any different? You knew what you were doing. It’s not sure that she did.

David: Vega has become unfocused, and so have you. My little demonstration couldn’t have worked any better. Now we’ll all be ready for the battle that’s coming. So, Alex Lannon, show us your arms.

David examines Alex’s now-tattooed arms. William and the others are visibly shocked. David looks around to take stock of all the eye witnesses and spies Bixby.

David: Who’s that?

Alex: Bixby.

David: Designation?

Alex: V-1.

David: V-1? What what is she doing here?

Claire: She’s with me. She’s under my protection. The protection of House Riesen.

David: Well, she better be able to keep a secret, because no one here is gonna breathe a word of this to anyone until we’ve figured out what it all means. Is that understood?

Alex: She’ll be quiet.

Bixby: I promise.

The door opens and a soot-smudged Michael enters. He briefly pauses in front of Becca.

Michael: I’m fine.

Riesen: What happened?

Michael: The reactor was damaged, but containment held [pause] for now.

Michael looks at Jeep’s body, then at Alex. He touches the crumbs on the table from which Roan took the knife.

Michael: The boy was an angel, another member of the powers. That’s why he was able to pass through our scanners. Jeep was right. More than one higher angel has joined Gabriel in his war against us.

Michael briefly kneels in front of Alex, then rises.

Michael: Cover up. Make sure none of the tattoos show. Alex is the baby I saved all those years ago. He’s under my protection.

Cut to the Whele household. David is pouring a drink.

David: I don’t believe this, Alex Lannon is the chosen one, or even that the baby was ever real.

William: You saw the tattoos. You saw what happened.

David: I saw the tattoos transfer from Jeep to Alex, but I’ve seen more extraordinary things happen since this insanity began.

William: The tattoos are a harbinger of what’s to come. They will usher in a period of hope.

David: Save it for your flock, William. Religious theater is one thing. This is politics.

William: My faith is not a theater, nor is it a delusion.

David: I don’t know what it all means, but I’m not bowing to anyone, and you aren’t either. Alex Lannon is now our greatest threat, and Claire Riesen is in love with him, which makes your union that much harder.

William: What? You’re wrong.

David: Oh, William, come on. I’m sorry, but your feelings for Claire have obviously blinded you to what was plain to see in that room, which makes it more imperative than ever that we take full control of Vega.

William: Evelyn isn’t gonna like us holding Arika in prison. Riesen thought she was innocent. She seemed to be speaking the truth when she said she had no idea what Roan was.

David: I don’t care. That city is full of assassins. How do you think Evelyn came to power?

William: You know Arika is Evelyn’s wife, don’t you?

David: Don’t agree with Riesen about anything ever again.

David turns his back on his son to down his drink. William stares at him with disdain.

Cut to Claire lighting candles at the altar in her home. She kneels and prays.

Cut to the stratosphere. Michael and Alex are alone.

Michael: You were never alone.

Alex: What?

Michael: When Jeep left, you were never alone. I watched over you. I made sure you joined the army. I formed the Archangel Corps so that I could stay close to you without arousing suspicion. Everything was done so you could train in secret. No one could know who you were.

Alex: Am I supposed to thank you, thank Jeep for all of this?

Michael: No, it just is. As your father, Jeep held the tattoos on his body for when you were ready. He knew it might mean his death.

Alex: I’m not ready. I’m no savior.

Michael: You are. It’s up to you to decipher the tattoos. I bore them on my body before they were transferred onto Jeep’s, but they were always meant for the chosen one.

Alex: First the tattoos were on you. Then they were on Jeep. Then they’re on me. How do I know they’re not meant for someone else? What are they?

Michael: Our fate. Our hope, written in a language long since forgotten, one even I don’t know. Can you show them to me?

Cut to Alex standing, shirtless, examining his own body.

Michael: Can you read them?

Alex: I can’t.

Michael: You must. This is war, and only one side can win. What’s in those tattoos will guide you through what’s to come. They will lay out the path through which mankind can be redeemed and Gabriel and his legions pushed back, but this path will not be easily traversed. At every step, you must choose which course to take. I believe you are the only one that can end this war.

Alex: I’m just a man, Michael. How can you be sure?

Michael: Nothing is ever certain, but Jeep had hope, Alex. He had faith in you, and so do I. Try. Can you discern anything?

Alex looks at his arm. The tattoos move and in glowing golden letters say “Beware those closest to you.”

Alex: No.

A truck drives up to a building outside Vega. A cloaked figure walks up the stairs as Roan, Furiad and Gabriel, likewise in cloaks, walk down to meet him. William kneels.

Gabriel: My son, William.

William: We found him.



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